Yes, But How Was the Play, Mrs. Lincoln?

I don’t think any of us expected the U  S  S  u p  r e me c  o u r t to actually do anything yesterday but put on full display how c o r  r  up t and compromised by black m ail they are. So in that regard, they did a truly stellar job!

Since I wasn’t really expecting more than this, I’m kind of excited by what happened, if only because this brings us closer to bringing the covert m * li rtary control in this country out into the open.

Although, the P * triot S tr eetfighter report from last evening was kind of sobering, in terms of what the m* l i tary has been contending with these past couple months, in this nearly invisible war.

I guess terrifying is a better word than ‘sobering.’

If you follow the m * litary flight  patterns of Monkey W * rx, and the weather warfare channel, and Keyboard Operator’s posts about where the Naval carriers have been stationed, where the power outages have happened worldwide, and where the “earthquakes” have happened — you know that we are indeed at war.  But it’s happening practically underneath our consciousness’.

So when we finally hear about one or two of the truly scary things that have been intercepted by the U S m * li tary (including Space Force), it can really just rattle you. (Video is below– regular P * trio t Str  ee  t fighter live stream from last night.)

And the X  2  2  R e port from last night gives us a very good idea of what still remains to unfold regarding all the evidence of e l* c t ion f r * ud, so I wouldn’t worry too much, gang. Just try to hang in there and let this stuff unfold.

They are now saying that the fake C * VID pan d e mi c is scheduled to disappear in April. Just like that. (At least here in A  m er  i c a.)  So, hopefully we only have to deal with this garbage for a few more weeks. (And then spend the next couple years, sending these guys & gals to either prison or the sweet hereafter for their crimes against humanity.)

They’re also saying that nothing will happen publicly regarding rolling out the new c  o n st  i  tu tion and the new ad ministration and  new economic system until after C* VID folds. So let’s pray that they really are ushering this C * VID scam out by Spring.

And Spring, of course, reminds me of Easter, which naturally makes me think of Jesus of Nazareth (also known by many, the world over, as Jesus the “Christ”) (there’s that pesky Pauline Christianity again!!). Anyway. Yesterday, Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File wherein he finally explained something that his fans have been curious about for decades: What exactly does “Christ” mean to Nick Cave? It was quite an intriguing read. You can read it for yourself right here.

Meanwhile, no, I am not quite done with the new short story. However, I am really, really pleased with how it’s turning out. At this point, though , it probably won’t be completed until Thursday because my schedule is now totally full.

To earn money, I’ve been working 5 days a week in the health food store as a “wellness” practitioner, fully engaged in that truly sacred task of helping people heal themselves. It is something I’ve done on the side for decades, starting with my shaman studies back in the mid-1980s, with the Lakota Sioux Medicine Man, Red Eagle; then eventually rolling it into my ministry. But now it is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of psychically connecting with total strangers — reading their eyes, listening to the words they choose to say but more importantly, tuning into what they aren’t saying and then guiding them toward what they believe in so that they can believe that I am the one advising them about what to do to “get healed”, when in fact, I am only embodying what they are trying to tell themselves.

It is a full time job — mentally and emotionally — and a really, really rewarding one. Really joyful. But the absolute moment I’m not there, I am catching up on all the podcasters and all the news, and then waking up at 3am to begin it all again, and to then turn it all over to you.

Life. For right now. It is exhausting. I am eagerly awaiting the New Dawn, where maybe I can go back to focusing on writing, 24/7. I know it is coming.

All right. I’m gonna close. Please have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: P*  t  r  io t S treetfi gh ter on Re v o lu tion R a dio. This is audio ONLY.  It is in-your-face upfront news about what is happening right now. This will eventually move to r u m bl e and you can then watch it here. ( 2hrs):

Below: The regular P*  t  r  io t S treetfi gh ter show from last night in Vegas.  This will eventually move to r u m bl e and you can watch it here. (56 mins):

Below: This was uploaded yesterday, but I do not know when this originally streamed because these guys were in Vegas over the weekend. But these are two of my favorites, as far as m* li tary intel and incredible minds. Mike J * co and J  u an O  S a v  in (1 hr):

Below: R* d  P * l l 7  8 News ( 30 mins):

Below: And We Know (33 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port ( 36 mins):

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