Just When You Thought it Was Safe for Mice to Stop Social-Distancing…

Just when I start to think that the news is easing up a little, and that I can get back to trying to deliver on some of these writing deadlines, another onslaught of atrocities hits the hubs — along with a peppering of hopeful news, as well.

And then it takes a couple of hours to organize all this stuff.

Okay, well, the “hopeful” news is actually just one thing, and here’s hoping it will cause other States in the U  S to take a similar approach:

R* pub  lic an legislators in North Dakota are taking a pro-active – and c* nsti tu tio nal – step to push back against unconstitutional executive orders coming out of the B*  den ad minis tra tion, and they are doing so with the power of the U S C* nsti tu t* on in their corner.

A new bill introduced in the North Dakota State Legislature (HB1164), would instruct the state’s Attorney General to review the constitutionality of each of the executive orders issued by J* e B* den.

Under the proposed law, should the North Dakota Attorney General find that any executive orders are unlawful – or unconstitutional — the executive order would be “nullified,” it would prohibit any state, county, or local agency – or publicly funded organization – from enforcing the order(s).

[full article is here]

So that was, like, the one piece of good news that came in during the night.

In other news… the Netherlands has officially launched its gu la g at USMG Groningen to forcibly detain  anyone they think is infected with C * VID (otherwise known as the flu/common cold virus that was bioengineered to be really contagious although not really dangerous to most healthy people the world over) but who won’t follow the rules.

[official information is here, but it is in Dutch]

This, of course, means that the Netherlands is keeping pace with  g e r ma ny and its ja ils to detain people who refuse to follow l* ck d* wn C* VID rules (g e r man y being of course the epicenter of the r * gged  P ^ C  ^ R test and the crimes against humanity lawsuit…)

To refresh your memory on that, in case you haven’t already watched this 10 million times:

In other atrocious news:

The case in c o lo gne, g   er   ma  ny where nuns sold orphaned children to pr  ie  st s and other sexual pr  e  d a t ors, has hit another barrier — the 560-page report has proven to be too horrific and the Ar ch d i ocese is refusing to allow any journalists to even look at it without signing a disclosure swearing they will not publish what they have read (!); further demoralizing the now-grown victims of the atrocities. But a team of lawyers now has access to the report and is beginning to publish segments of it.

The report is the byproduct of a lawsuit alleging that orphaned boys living in the boarding houses of the Order of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer were sold or loaned for weeks at a time to predatory priests and businessmen in a sick rape trade. The men involved in the lawsuit say as boys they were denied being adopted out or sent to foster families because selling them for rape lined the sisters’ coffers for their “convent of horrors.” Some of the boys were then groomed to be sex slaves to perverts, the report claims.

The alleged abuse went on for years, with one of the males claiming the nuns even frequently visited their college dorms after they had left the convent. He said the nuns often drugged him and delivered him to predators’ apartments. The Order of Sisters of the Divine Redeemer did not answer multiple requests for comment about the allegations. […]

[…] the details of that investigative report were so horrific that Archbishop Reiner Maria Woelki refused to make it public, demanding that any journalists who see it sign confidentiality agreements. Eight German journalists walked out of a press conference in January after being denied access to the church’s investigation unless they agreed not to publish its contents. […]

[the full article is here]

Back to c  h  * n* for more horrors being delivered to the people of h  * ng  k* ng:

H* ng K*  ng Threatens to Knock Down Doors to Force C* VID Tests

H*  ng K*  ng is threatening to knock down the doors of residents who don’t respond to authorities conducting mandatory-testing blitzes […]

During surprise lockdowns in four H * ng K* ng districts Monday evening, roughly 17% of the 680 households that officers visited didn’t answer the door, according to Bloomberg calculations. The government said it found no positive cases after testing almost 1,700 residents. […]

[…]H*  ng K** ng, a densely packed city of 7.5 million people, has been relatively unscathed by the virus compared to other major financial centers. The city has seen less than 10,500 total cases and just 182 deaths since the pan  dem  ic began.

But H* ng K **ng, which saw cases of the virus early in 2020 as it began its spread across the world, has encountered more waves than many other places, and is now enduring a prolonged round of stop-start social distancing restrictions. Residents and business owners eagerly looking for an end to a recession brought on by months of street protests followed by the pan  dem  ic are now having to endure what Chief Executive Carrie L  * m has called “ambush-style operations.”

H*  ng K*  ng authorities have conducted eight operations and tested about 10,000 people since Jan. 23, but have only uncovered a total of 14 positive coronavirus cases. The latest six mini-lockdowns didn’t discover any positive cases. […]

[full article is here] [I’m curious if maybe they’re not trusting what might be getting injected along with those tests… see yesterday’s article regarding theragrippers.]

This discovery (below) in the  u  k yesterday was pretty horrific. Do you recall those pages and pages of declassed documents a few days ago, showing a veritable menu of captive ch  * l d r*n, their ages, their likelihood to commit suicide, and how much it would cost you to get an order of a  d  r * n * c  hr *me for your weekend festivities (aka “crimes against humanity” and FYI the r a  p e  and to r t ur  e  of c  h  * l d r *n comes with the death penalty here in the U  S)?

Yesterday, in the u  k, someone on c l ou t hub noted that the instructions for taking the A stro- Z  e n* ca C * VID  “va  c  c ine”, came from the very same address where the a d r * n * c h r * me paperwork came from.


This goes beyond appalling, people. This shit is real.

The  v  a c c in  e is not a v a  c c  ine, and too many ch i l d   r  e  n  to count have been t o r tu red and m u r d er ed.  And the same culprits turn up over and over and over and over, all over the fucking world


On a lighter note. Here is an interesting document worth perusing. (Click on it and it gets easier to read.) The fake  B* den is a busy, busy, busy guy…

All righty. Last night, there were some really excellent podcasts. I’ve posted some of them below. Listen, learn, share.

Okay, gang. I’m gonna scoot. I hope you have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! See ya.


Remember, gang. If you visit the r  u  m b  l e  pages for these podcasters, you will get the direct links to their news sources, videos, photos, personal web sites,  etc.

Below: K O: “The Saudi Arabia event happened a LOT like how it happened in My* n m*r. M* l* tary control, ar r * st of former authorities, internet outage, etc. The other thing the 2 events have in common is they lined up exactly with [17] markers that were expected to happen in the U  S. I believe we’re already starting to see proof of this theory and we should continue to see more with ar r * sts of p*dos, traffickers, etc.” (33 mins.)

Below: R * d P * ll 7 8 News: “B* den  ‘s news Secretary of D  e  fense purges scores of Tr*** p loyalists from the p  e  n  t a  g  on  just days after taking power, Jen Ps* k i disses Space Force but in that throwaway statement is some real meat and a clue to the future of the Republic, Ma  ri co pa County Board of Supervisors delay the State Senate yet again and defy their sub  po en  a orders, risking ja  il time, DeSantis tells it like it is regarding Tech c* n  sor  ship and My* n  mar examined a little closer. All is not as it seems..” (30 mins.)

Below: Robert David St  e   e  le, Dr Ch* rlie W* rd, Simon P * rkes, S* cha Stone.  FOUR AMIGOS ON WHAT COULD HAPPEN IN FEBRUARY (30 mins.)

Below:  P  at  r ** t S tre  e t f ighter: 2.3.21 POST ELECTION UPDATE #42: List Of ** Deaths Growing (1 hr)

Below: X * 2 R * po* rt:  “The [**]/MSM overlooked the Space Force. They believe it is not important, it is not a threat. This is exactly what the p* trio  ts wanted. The S F is the command center for cyber warfare. The p*  trio ts have it all, they already have the evidence, they are now building public opinion. Tr** p will make his move when the time is right and it’s almost time.” (32 mins.)

Speak Softly and Carry A Big Peace Treaty!!

I’m guessing you know by now that Tr ***p and some of his admin have been nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes because of their efforts to bring peace to the m   i  d   e a s t.

Ditto, of course, b  l  m.

No, they didn’t bring peace to the m  i d  e as t; but they did bring peace everywhere else they went!!

Black Lives Matter: Ferguson protests in Oakland, New York ...

That’s pretty cool, right? If you can’t look at a thing like this and know for sure that you’re either a.) sound asleep; or b.) thoroughly awake — then what can you look at?

So many of us are getting really really impatient with those Americans who are still refusing the red pill (since that seems to be what is keeping the m  * l i tary from coming out into the open and completing the ar  r * sts and begin a new and fair el  * c  t * on) .

Others, who have sort of taken the red pill but who still have a serious inability to have faith, and/or are still sort of caught up in the flow of p  r  o  j e c t  m o c k in g bird, are whining that “nothing is happening!”

(And, yes, I use that word “whining” to imply the most annoying meaning of that word possible. Because it is fucking required right now to have faith.  And the people who don’t have faith are like 2 people in the ocean when one starts drowning and clinging to the other’s legs… Down we all go, baby.)

Okay. Almost too much is happening, gang.  But you have to keep alert to it. The main stream  m * d ia is not simply going to tell you about it because that would only undo all the hard work that went into brainwashing you in the first place! Use common sense, for chrissakes…

Some things that are happening! (Curtesy of w  e  t  h e  p e o p l e on t e le  g r am):

234,409 Sealed Indictments (just waiting to be unsealed)

D  C  under fenced ARMED military lock down.

B* den has not been on AF1 on or after 20 January 2017.

B* den does NOT have the Football (and the P * ntag on won’t speak to him.)

Evidence of El* cti on fr* ud & Foreign Interference (C* up d’ét at / In  su  rr  ec  tion)

Evidence of Global Medical Fr*  ud and mass murder.

 Evidence of Stock Market insider trading.

>14,940 Human Tr  af  fic  king arrests

>12459 Human Tr af fic king rescues

GITMO capacity expanded. (By a lot!!)

H* n ter B* den Lap  top contents leaked. (Complete with full-color p * do photos.)

Ant hon y We  iner Lap top content.

M*x  well/Ep  ste* n court documents unsealed.

And some really interesting lists to ponder:

World wide resignations of  CEOs, for eign  m in ist ers, chairmen, sec r e t  a r  y of state — just in the last two days, gang. Including B * z o s! Come on, people. It’s not just some coincidence. (List is here.)

And notable deaths in the past year are kind of shocking.  (581 notable deaths, from  67 countries.) When you look at what these people were involved in, it just gets the little wheels in the brain turning, folks. (List is here.) (This is a different list than the one I posted the other day.)

You can’t say that nothing is happening.

Just the sheer fact that the W  H is still blacked out, day and night, a good indication that no one is living there; and our beloved  k  *  m *  l * still hasn’t moved into the v  p  residence yet–

Come on, people; when has this ever happened before, EVER??!!

So when you’re feeling like “nothing is happening,” step back, take a deep breath and just fucking look at this shit — okay???

On a more truly distressing note…

I didn’t bring this up here before because it made me sick and you could read about it everywhere else, so I didn’t need to post it, however…

This new indescribably invasive C * VID test going on in  c  h * n * — the anal swab.  Well, now it is being given to children there. Children. An alleged C* VID test, anally. Why?

And there are videos on the hubs showing that the children “walk like penguins” after the test has been administered.

Some are claiming the boys are getting circumcised, and not tested for C * VID. But I’m thinking a whole heck of a lot of tell-tale screaming would be going on if that were the case — and is it only boys getting tested? I don’t know.

But this truly horrific news article could maybe shed some light on all this. Again, I don’t know.

PCR test swabs may contain “star-shaped microdevices” that are secretly vaccinating the “vaccine hesitant”

“Back in November, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) published a study that suggests W* h*n c * r* na virus (C* VID-1 ^^9) testing swabs may be laced with “tiny, star-shaped microdevices” capable of delivering vaccines to people without their knowledge or consent.

Because more than half of America is “vaccine hesitant,” meaning most people want nothing to do with c  h * n * s* v irus  jabs, “science” apparently came up with a hidden injection technology to secretly vaccinate people through the nasal or anal P C  R test swabs that are jammed into their orifices. […]

[…]“David Gr*  cias, a professor in the Whiting School of Engineering, and gastroenterologist Florin M. Se la  ru, director of the Johns Hopkins Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, led a team of researchers and biomedical engineers that designed and tested shape-changing microdevices that mimic the way the parasitic hookworm affixes itself to an organism’s intestines,” Smith wrote.

Known as “theragrippers,” these microdevice chips made of metal and “thin, shape-changing film” are coated in heat-sensitive paraffin wax that is sent into the body unnoticed. Each of these chips is no larger than a speck of dust […]

[…] Once inside the body, the star-shaped devices respond to heat by closing up and affixing themselves onto the intestinal wall with little prongs. The centers of these now-closed stars are then able to deliver whatever drug was implanted inside of them, in this case microscopic W* h*n  c o r * n* virus (C* VID-1 ^^9) v a  c  c  i  ne  chemicals.

“The claim is that the dust-sized ‘theragrippers’ can be implanted in the tips of P  C   R  test swabs and be delivered to the innocent ‘victim,’” writes John O’Sullivan for Principia Scientific International. “It may be utterly immoral – and likely illegal – but it is certainly feasible …”

“Thousands of these sinister miniature theragrippers can be deployed in the GI tract via a simple, innocent swab given as part of the C*  VID-1^^9 test already taken by millions worldwide.” […]

[full article is here including photos and diagrams] [Article © Ethan Huff, 2/1/21]

Okay, so, like — add to this idea, the constantly repeated claim that the “va  c  c i ne ” is a “device” that makes people “trackable” by 5 G…

Add to that, these defenseless children now “walking like penguins” after the invasive anal swab…

Okay, this is conjecture on my part, gang. This is just my mind working, working working; trying to piece together the things that make no sense at all until you add in that variable of “needing to control” people. Well, fuck. Then things begin to make a little more sense.

Occam’s razor, and all that. [ Definition: The problem-solving principle that the simplest explanation is usually the right one.]

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But when you consider that doctor’s believe this fake ” v a c  c i ne” renders young people infertile — the crimes against humanity are adding up quick, folks. Seriously. We’ve got to stop this shit. Children are defenseless and what is happening to them, worldwide, is evil.  (On a Ch * r l*e W * rd podcast yesterday, he said that, according to F * r  be  s, I nc., 150 children go missing in the u  k every day. WTF, people??!!)

All right. I’ve gotta scoot.  Sorry to end so abruptly!!  I hope you have a good day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Accordin’ to Jordan; J * d an S * ther news update: ATJ #24: More on My *n mar, Mitch Mansplains Marjorie & The Stonks Dip [2.2.21] (17 mins.)

Below: R  * d P * l l 7 8 news: “f  b  i  takes a hit in the fight to release all docs related to S* th and A * ron R  i  c ^ h, it looks like someone is forging J* e B * den ‘s  signature, Tr **p has officially responded to C* ng  re  ss’s attempts to im  peach him after the fact, B*  den taps a former colleague of H* n  ter’s defense lawyer, the B* rma C**P has thrown the B* den W  H into chaos and the new S  t a t e Dept. Spot has zero clues.” (33 mins.)

Below: M * n k* y W *rx m * l * tary flight patterns from 2/2/21.  (22 mins.)

Below: P  * t r * ot S tree f *ghter:  More a  r  * s ts in D  C?? Looks like it. Also, more on the e c on * mic and m * r ket collapse. (1 hr.)

Below: X * 2 R * por t:  “The [**]/MSM are using everything they have to get Tr*** p. Tr*** p responded to the im  peach  ment charges and will use the c o n   s t i t u ti on to counter the entire tr*al. Messages are being sent and they are received. The p* triots are moving forward with the plan. B*r  ma was not by accident, P* m p* o mentioned it right after the U S el*  ct *  ons. The [**] has been warned.” (30 mins.)

Get Out there and Effing FIGHT

Okay, gang.

On t e l e g ram yesterday, theTrueGreatAwakening dumped literally a thousand de-classified pdf docs. Including, but in no way limited to, a pdf on the p o p  e and his affiliations with the roc k e fellers, the r o ths ch i lds,  the f or d foundation, and others for a program that would not be very good for no less than the entire world.

I am beginning to think that the recent rumors of the p  o p e’s  arr * st and the gold retrieved from deep beneath the v a t i can are NOT  greatly exaggerated, folks. We’ll have to wait and see. But it distresses me. I really thought that p o p e f r an cis was one of the rare few who was an honest  p o p  e…. Starting to look like it couldn’t be further from the truth.

All righty. Much came to light yesterday re: m y * n m * r, the r * gged e l* ct*on, her connections to not only our beloved h i  l l  ary and O b * m*, but also to S * r o s, to genocide and to  fucking gh*  sla  ine max we l ‘s family! Jesus fucking Christ. Is there no end to human s* x tr * f  f  i ck ing????!!

They’re now pretending that c h * n* is preparing to invade m y * n m* r and release her, but I’m guessing that is only optics and really more about the Formosa Plan — you know, how t  a * w * n and the U  S, with the help of the now-white-h* t  X  i, will move in on an increasingly unprotected ma i n land and well — etc., etc. Problem solved. Worldwide. Watch the K O video below for a diagram showing where our N* val fleets are right now and then ask yourself what is really up over there.

(HINT: It’s all good, gang. It’s all good.)

Unfortunately, what is NOT all good, is the ever-growing catastrophe re: the fake “v a c c i ne.” The video directly below is from about 2 weeks ago, but it will further blow open your mind about the audacity of these criminals.

Then peruse the videos at that r u m b l e  channel, if you have time: FactSeekers202-2021. You will learn everything you need to know to be completely enraged by this scam-demic and those who are getting rich off of it, while helpless people the world over are becoming disabled and/or dying.

Okay. Below: The “vaccine” is actually an Experimental Gene Therapy Technology, similar to chemotherapy. It is hiding behind the liability shield of “vaccine” in order to protect it from legal ramifications.

Personally, I took some time out this morning to write to my State Senator and you should take some time, too, gang. We are never going to move past these fucking stupid useless m * sks, and get the world to stop taking the incredibly dangerous fake “v a c c in  e” if we don’t personally get in the fight and demand CHANGE and accountability at our local levels.

It is easy to contact any and all of your elected reps through email addresses that you can find on the Internet.

Okay, I gotta scoot, folks. Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with the best song about snow, ever!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,, “Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow.” (We have a ton of snow here!!!) All right I love you guys, see ya.


Below: J*dan S * ther news update : “ATJ #23: The MY* N M*R El* cti on C o  up – L*n coln Project – Fraud Fa ** ci – More Vax Effects [2.1.21] – (18 mins.):

Below: K O update: The My* nm*r situation is MUCH Bigger than it appears. (23 mins)

Below: X *2 R* port: “The patriots are now ready and prepared to go after the [**]/MSM. In My*n m*r the m* litary decided to take over because of el* c t* on fr* ud. Is this projection on el * ct *on fr* ud here in the U S?  Tr*** p and the p* triots are ready to inject el * c t * on fr^ ud, tr e a s o n , and crimes against humanity facts into the upcoming im peach   ment trial. Panic in D  C, they don’t know the plan of the p* triots.”  (29 mins)

Below: Da n n y K * r ma (Netherlands) and Ch a  r  li e W*rd (Spain) discuss the current events worldwide that are affected by Tr **p and the p* triots. (The world is indeed watching, gang.). (28 mins)