Do All Roads Lead to the Gates of Hell?

No, gang. They do not. But all of it — all of it — hinges on what you believe.

Believing something makes it true. For you.

You can believe as hard as you can in something, and it can become the foundation of your life. But if I don’t believe it, it will never be true for me. And vice versa.

And that is what underscores our entire country right now:  Which side are you on?

I get so worn out by it, folks. How long can we simply continue to preach to the choir? (If you are using a translator to read this, it means you talk only to people who already believe what you believe.)

I can come on here and tell you things that I find out through research, day after day, week after week, month after month.  Back in October, I put the brakes on my entire career because it became imperative to get the word out about what is really going on in the world. And yet I know that the chances are, if you keep coming back here, you already agree with me.

We already know that the c o ro na vi rus from late 2019 was a planned event.  It was a bio en gin eered weapon; it came complete with a patent and a fake test to provide worldwide panic. The virus itself sort of fizzled out by the end of last April. Even though they banned hyr dr o   x   y chlor o quine, it became apparent that it could still be cured by easily obtainable  things like chl o r ine d io x ide and high doses of Vitamin   D  3,   zinc, C, qu er ce tin.

At this point,  I’m almost tempted to bet that no one died from it at all — that everyone who died had complications from other co-morbidities, or were killed by the ventilators they were forced onto, or had their death certificates falsely labeled “C* VID.”

The fake pan de mic was not only an opportunity for certain people to get wealthier, but was more importantly targeting an opportunity to chip people through a fake and really dangerous v a x.  (And then other dangerous vaxes got onboard that perhaps aren’t chipping you but are seriously fucking killing you.)

It seems that lots more people, worldwide, are dying now from the fake vaxes than ever died from the co ro na virus.

Depopulation of the world, and control of whoever was left, seems to have been the primary goal here.

Millions of us, the world over, are on that page now.

Millions of others, are still lining up for the death knell and getting the vax. Asking for it. Willingly.  And even if they don’t actually die from it, who the hell knows what atrocities they have opened themselves up for? The nano-particles are allegedly controllable by 5 & 6 G.

I’ve been blogging about this for a long time now. And it is so frustrating to go outside and still see people — even little children, the ones most at risk psychologically from all this m * sk-wearing — sealed up in stupid fucking m*  sks.

And then I go into the health food store and hear these elderly customers so excited because they got their shots. And all I can do is stare at them and think that it was nice knowing them, ever so briefly, you know? Jesus.

And speaking of Jesus… Lots of people are bringing Jesus into this conversation now. The conversation of Dark vs. Light, Good vs. Evil, B* den vs. Tr **p, Ba a l vs. God.

Obviously, being a minister, I believe in the message of Jesus of Nazareth.  But it’s been, and continues to be, sort of a life-long journey trying to learn what his message actually was. Because things like the supposedly well-meaning guy Paul and then the absolutely not well-meaning Vatican, over the course of about 2 thousand years, have made it really, really difficult to easily figure that out.

And even the English Holy Bible (known as the Old Testament to non-Jews), which has  been seemingly free from the heavy-handed re-scripting by the Vatican,  is a translation of a language — Biblical Hebrew — that is notoriously chockful of nuanced verbs that are extremely difficult to translate into any language, let alone modern English. There are all sorts of memorable phrases from the Holy Bible that we repeat all our lives long, which never actually  meant what we think they mean.

Still, we’ve given them meaning in English that means something to us now.

And when it comes to the New Testament. Wow — you know? Really? Do you have any clue how tightly controlled that thing is? Do you have any clue about the awesome stuff they left out?

Do you have any idea how awesome Yeshua/Y’shua/Joshua/ Ἰησοῦς/Iēsous aka “Jesus of Nazareth” actually was??!!

Of course you don’t. None of us do. Because they tried to erase it and replace it with less Hasmonean – (pre-Rabbinical)-Jewish  thought and more Pagan-friendly stuff.

“Controlling the narrative” is not something the main stre am me dia just thought of this past year…

In order to make any headway at all in that area of trying to know what “Jesus Christ” actually taught and believed, you have to turn more to History and turn down the volume on Theology; while keeping in mind that History has its control mechanisms, too.

I’m willing to bet that a lot of  everyday Christians still don’t know that a lot of the writings in the New Testament attributed to Paul — especially the truly moving and inspiring Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians — is not thought to have been written by Paul.  There are only 7 books in the New Testament that are thought to have been written by the actual Paul.

It doesn’t mean that Ephesians is not extraordinary.  I’m only pointing all this stuff out to underscore my point that 100% of your experience of being alive on Earth is scripted by what you believe to be true.

And that is why it is so frustrating to have to belabor how sinister the vaxes are; how horrific the m*sks are; how fake the B* den admin is… we have to free Am er ica and the world  from dangerous beliefs!!

Well, yes, we do.


Would it shock you if I said that they think that as many as 10,000 recent deaths in the U K attributed to the “new variant” of  C * VID are actually deaths from vaxes?  Would it surprise you to know that it looks like Italy is taking a stand and attempting to prosecute A  s  tr a  Z e n e ca for manslaughter? Would it alarm you that the official address of the kind folks in the U K who are bringing you the deadly A- Z vax , also brought you made-to-order shipments of A  d  r e  no c h r ome?

No, no, and no — why? Because you’re reading this blog.  So you know. You know?

It does get frustrating.

The folks who might be shocked and might need to know this stuff are never gonna read this blog. (And sadly, this includes people who used to be my closest colleagues and friends.)

But what else can you really do, right?  Keep at it. Hope it makes a difference. Somehow. Somewhere.

But also… focus on the really awesome stuff that is on our horizon, gang, and let those others who are resisting the calls to wake-up, to just wake-up in their own time.

Because we have amazing things to contemplate now. We truly do. There is so  much to be enthusiastic about. And our enthusiasm in that can help build momentum in that direction. It really can.

Specifically n  e   s a  r a / g e  s a  r a, Q  F  S, quantum healing, quantum energy sources — the m * li tary finally saying, “Hi, we’re here. We’ve been here the whole time. Let’s finally get this show on the road!”

And there’s also this, courtesy of Babylon Bee:

P u t in Challenges B* den to Stair-Climbing Contest:

And along those lines … you probably found out yesterday that now I r  a q and even c  h  * na  (?) are on the Q  F S (joining Switzerland and R  u  s  s  i a and I’m not sure who else). It’s on its way, gang.  Perhaps you have even seen samples of what the new U S  Tre as ury N o t e s will look like? If what I saw was true — man, they are awesome looking.

(Plus, yesterday I saw a school bus filled with little children who were not wearing m* sks!)

To me, it is all getting exciting — Life. I’m starting to wake up, day after day now, feeling really excited about what’s coming, even though I can’t quite put my finger on what it all is.  But that sense of relief is in the air, even while all over the place, are seemingly millions of A  m er  ic ans wearing their telltale m* sks,  still stuck in the tractor beam of the C  a  b  a l.

All right. Well. If I must preach to the choir, I will preach to the choir. You guys are a really great & loyal choir, I must say. I will close this now and get started on my Saturday around here. It is going to be a lovely day. I hope you have the same kind of day underway, wherever you are in the world.  Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Dave S  n e d ek er chats with cir sten w and P * tr iot S t reet f ighter (2 hrs):

Below:  Da v e N * n o R od rig uez  goes nuclear(14 mins):

Below: And We Know.  Awesome. (42 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (22 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (39 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * por t chats with Cl au d io  G r as s (46 mins):

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