The Journey Continues

I’m having a little bit of a rough morning here, gang. Just information overload, I guess.

First and foremost, Nich o las  V en ia min is not dead. He did not commit suicide last night. That is fake and really cruel news. So ignore it.

Before I forget,  that gay male erotic short story I wrote last summer, “Score,” that won the Volonte writing contest in Sweden,  was published four months ago.  I had no idea. I’ve been seriously on some other Universe.

You can read it here, if you’d like. It’s free and in English. I love the illustration from it:

score gay erotica story
“Score” by Marilyn Jaye Lewis at blog, Sweden.

And then 3 months ago, they published my gay male erotic short story, “Code.”  You can read it here for free, and in English. And here is their cool illustration for that one:

code gay erotic story
“Code” by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, at the blog, Sweden.

I stress that these stories are for adults and not suitable for children.

Btw in case you are living in a cave, a couple of the huge free porn video sites are now under prosecution for allegedly “allowing” c h i l d s * x tr a f f   icking to happen on their sites.

I’m thinking that “allowing” is a really dangerous and loaded word.  But regardless, I have no affiliation with any of those kinds of sites, but there is still a huge pushback against all porn right now because of the c a b a l  ch il  d R S A.

The hugest pushback is from p* t riot-Christians.

I find this really alarming. And very witchhunt-y-ish. To lump all “porn” under one umbrella, insisting that all of it is a weapon of the Left to  destroy chil d ren and to annihilate our culture.

A similar thing is happening to gays and lesbians. Since the t  r  a  ns  issue has become weaponized by both the Lef t and the Right, p * triot s are coming dangerously close to going back to the Dark Ages regarding human sexuality among adults.

It’s extremely disturbing to me.

Also, this horrific practice of aborting living fetuses to harvest their organs for money, is being used as a way to eradicate women’s rights to have sovereignty over their own bodies.

Apparently, women can now have legal abortions up to 8 and half months these days, which I hope is obviously barbaric to everyone. But to focus solely on making all abortions illegal (Texas even has a bill out there which would mandate the death penalty to any woman who has an abortion.) There is something really extreme underway here.

But there is no talk anywhere about safe birth control, or actual sexual education that helps young people understand how their bodies work and how they procreate. That is really different than teaching them “how to have sex.”

I’m even seeing plenty of p * tr iot  C hristians online wasting their time taking serious issue with words like “fuck”.

It gets fucking ridiculous.

And the hardcore conservatism of some of the well-respected podcasters out there, in my opinion, pushes the lines of extremism in the other direction.

For instance, a podcaster I really admire, mentioned yesterday what the laws were like in the country where this podcaster grew up. Well, my first husband grew up in that same country, and it was repressive and sometimes all-out anti-human there. So my knee-jerk reaction to that podcaster wanting the laws in America to reflect the repressive laws in that other country is: If it was so great there, why are you living here?

Surely, after all this awful s a t a n ic, p e d o, a d ren o c hr o me culture is finally eradicated from the world, America will still be striving for tolerance, correct?

Sometimes I’m not so sure…

In fact, it kind of keeps me up nights — wondering where we are ultimately heading here.

And then, someone I really care about out in LA … I don’t know, gang.  They make remarks that he’s been arrested. They make remarks that his a d r e no c h r ome supply dried up. That he’s on Gi t mo.

I’m willing to believe that I’m in denial, that maybe he is a  body double now, too. I don’t speak to him anymore because his behavior became very erratic — several years ago. But I am finding this so hard to believe.  In spite of his emotional difficulties, he loved animals, he loved children, he fought the established order of things. He was not on the arrest list for E p st  e in’s  I sla nd. He was not on the flight logs for the L  o l i t a E x press. He was not in E p st ein’s private address book. (Although, sadly, I found the names of a few people I thought that I knew and respected on those lists.)

However, a lot of the people he was friends with and that his career was surrounded by, were apparently deeply in that c a ba l – sat a ni c – pe do cult. They’ve been ar r es ted. Some of them ex ec uted already for c r im es ag ainst h u m an ity. So was he really drinking a d re no chr ome?

I have no way of knowing what’s really going on. Is he some sort of body double now? These types of questions are inching me in the direction of madness.

And then add to it the mere fact that this s a t a n ic -c a b al actually does exist.

And p o p e s wear those horrific red shoes… human skin. Sometimes, I cannot get my mind around all this evil.

And the F o ur th R e i ch, alive and well for decades and decades.

That, and the evil of the s e c r et s p ace p r og ram coming to light now, too.  And finding out a few weeks ago that they actually murdered someone I really, really cared about.

Fuck, you know? This is all too intense sometimes. It gets so hard to find my footing in this world.

And don’t tell me Jesus would have an issue with my saying the word “fuck.” Jesus is just glad I’m still keeping myself alive.

Personally, I still think he has more of an issue with people not trying to do the research on what he actually taught and believed, and finding out that it’s nearly impossible to know.  And why is that?  That’s more important than using the word “fuck.” Although it’s super easy to know what Paul taught and believed, although he never even knew Jesus.  In fact the men who did know Jesus, and knew what he taught and believed — meaning Jesus’ own brothers: James, Joses, Jude, and Simon — were systematically eradicated, one by one, by the Herodians, of whom Paul was affiliated his whole life…. Well, hmmm. (See my post from yesterday.)

Yes, I’m sorry, gang. I am in a mood here today.

The good news is that there were anti-lock d  o w n demonstrations all over the world yesterday.  In England, the Netherlands, Japan, Serbia, Finland, Denmark, Italy, and Germany. As far as I can tell, the only one that didn’t go well was the one in Germany.

[UPDATE: I’m now hearing that over 40 countries participated in the peaceful protests.}

The bad news, of course, is that M a g u f u li appears to have been assassinated — in a sort of repeat of why they took out G a  d  d  a  f  i. Primarily: thinking for oneself. Making sound decisions for his own people. Giving them actual lives.

And in other bad news —  the University of Mar se ille, in France,  is also calling what’s going on in I s r a  el regarding the p f *  z er v ax the “new holo c a us t.”  (Or perhaps they’re just quoting me. You never really know.) Allegedly, though, 53% of all I s  r a eli’s have now been vaxed. With death rates from C * VID a hundred times higher after than the vax than before it.

These are some interesting figures, too. UK: 26.9% va x  ed, U  S 13.5%,  Germany 4.1%, and  Australia only 0.1%.

All right. On that cheery note, gang. I’m sorry but I guess I will close this.

P * triot stree t fighter (who does use the f-word on occasion, thank you very much) and c ir st en w will have their Sunday morning chat at 1 pm EST, and the link is here:

Get on early, though, because sometimes the start time is not accurate and the server often seems to crash from too much traffic getting on at once.

Okay.  Thanks for visiting, gang. It is another lovely spring day here today, so here’s hoping I can pull myself out of this unwieldy frame of mind. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: S e an S  t one chats with J ess ie Czeb o tar about her childhood in the C   a b al (1 hr 23 mins):

Below: Michael J * c o checks in from the secret s pace pr ogram conference, going on in Las Vegas (9 mins):

Below:  More fighting the c a ba l with Jessie C z e bo tar: “Unleashing the Power of God” ( 1 hr  48 mins):

6 thoughts on “The Journey Continues”

  1. Jesus never told about a Pope or about a Church. Jesus talked only about Love, real Love fir every kind of people. The Pope and the Church aren’t following Jesus’ words. Love is the only way, free Love. Everyone is worth of love and I support Lgtbq community because I believe in Love. I live in Italy and I know everythibg that Pope says but it’s wrong. They don’t follow real Jesus. They only want hate and wars. 😟

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