The Hits Just Keep on Coming, Gang!

I will try to resist giving you the exact counts of spike proteins in my tart cherry juice test every morning! It is sufficient to say that they are still there. But fewer…

Most of you who read this blog for news and video updates, don’t seem to be the same readers who buy my books. However, in case you are, I wanted to give you a head’s up.

I can no longer use p a y p a l to do any financial transactions. And since Smashwords, a primary distributor for my self-published older eBooks, gives me the option to use p a y p al and get paid my royalties immediately, or get paid in a traditional paper check, wherein I have to reach a threshold of sales before they will send me my money, I am asking readers to please purchase my eBooks through Amazon whenever possible.

I know that not every one likes Amazon or uses the Kindle reader. And since the eBooks are really old and many times were included in the free giveaway summer sales on Smashwords over the years anyway, I have decided to leave all the old eBooks on Smashwords. And any sales from them – well, I will likely never, ever get paid — unless, of course, there is a sudden monsoon of readers who want to buy my eBooks through Apple or Kobo…

But all new eBooks and print books will be published only on Amazon and from now on.

If you are looking for the new links for where to purchase 1954 Powder Blue Pickup or Half-Moon Bride, they haven’t been uploaded yet! But I’m getting there….

Also, as an aside, a publisher of mine in Europe is not able to pay me right now because I recently switched to using the tiniest, local bank on Earth…

It is quite a conundrum, gang. Because I love to write, and I love to have readers read what I write. And even though, throughout my 30+ year fiction-writing career, I have never shied away from letting readers have access to my work for free, my finances are such right now that it is really killing me that it has become so difficult to get paid.

(But here’s some cool news: I went to LULU to check some admin stuff and discovered that I have some unclaimed royalties in there for sales of The Guitar Hero Goes Home!!! Yay!! Thank you, whoever bought those.) (And now I’m waiting to hear why LULU hasn’t paid me….)

Okay. So. It is getting really, really hard to not get depressed right now, gang. But as we have been told, the spike proteins (aka A.I. nan no bots) feed on low vibrational frequencies, such as fear & depression, by blocking Chromosome 8 (also known as the God gene, which provides the brain with dopamine, serotonin, etc,). So probably my most determined battle right now is to not give in to depression, or even a moment of wanting to just cry and have some sort of stress release. Because I don’t want those bots getting a firm foothold inside me yet again.

I am trying really hard to focus on the (many) things that are actually going right.

For instance, my amazing co-workers at the health food store, all of whom are either married or on Social Security and so have additional sources of income, each gave me some of their weekly hours, indefinitely, so that I could have more hours at work. (The store is still on mandated “C*vid hours” which means it can not be open as many hours as it used to be. So there is no option to work a 40-hour week.)

So that is pretty cool. The women I work with are amazing, gang. Really. And the knowledge they have of how to heal yourself of just about everything imaginable is off the charts. (And they are all devout believers in Jesus Christ, and they all own guns…) (I’m serious.)

Okay. If you are in the U K, S*mon P*rkes announced this morning that you will be getting a test of the new Emergency Alert system there. One on Tuesday, June 22nd, and one on Tuesday June 29th.

If you live in the U K, you can read about Emergency Alerts here.

Also, some seriously disturbing news about those p c r swab tests that are thoroughly rigged and that practically go up into your skull and deposit na n o bots while they test you for “C*vid”– well, it turns out, they are also covered in EO. Ethylene Oxide, which is a carcinogen. Unbelievably toxic to humans (and animals). And what does it primarily do? Does it cause cancer and make you infertile, if you don’t die first??? Hmmm…… Depopulation, anyone? Cassandra S . Dunn is a certified medical investigator and a Registered Nurse. (MUST watch before it gets removed, gang.) (8 mins):

She also recently reported that in Slovakia, the swabs are covered in D a r p a Hy d ro gel, which is a key component in connecting to 5G. Meaning that the na no bots you then get filled with — after getting the p c r swab — are actually nano-antennae.

You can probably guess why I am having a wee bit o’ trouble not getting super depressed about being filled with these na no bots yet again.

Still — I have access to all the antidotes, which are very reasonably priced. Since I refuse to get anywhere near d o c tors or hospitals or urgent care centers, or Minute Clinics. I see these places as murder stations, gang. I really do. If you aren’t filled to the brim with nan no bots before you go in there, you will be before you get out. Most healthcare professionals who are in the medical mafia structure are either compensated for giving c*vid tests and va xes, and/or are brainwashed into thinking that what they are doing to you is “right”.

I’m guessing you saw the whistle-blower pharmacist the other day who allegedly worked for c v s, saying that they were each paid $6500 for every v a x they gave out.

I’m gonna tell you that, because of the C* vid scam, I am now earning & trying to live on less than $1200 a month. I earned twice that when I was only 19 years old and working in a factory — even before all this inflation. If I were paid $6500 even once, let alone for every time I convinced a customer to take anything whatsoever, I’d be living like a fucking (non-Satan-worshipping) king right now. But I’d much rather be basically broke and help people try to heal themselves every day, than ever, ever, ever (mis)lead someone to their own (horrible) death, for any amount of money whatsoever.

B i g ph * r ma and everyone playing along with this plan for gen o c ide, is seriously guilty of crimes against humanity, folks. They really are.

Okay. On that happy note. Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world, okay?? I leave you with something by people who didn’t worship S a t an in anyway whatsoever (I don’t think, anyway). Play it loud and many times in a row!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Update with Ch* r lie W*rd, Sa cha S t one, and pa trio t str eet fighter (25 mins):

Below: Funeral Director whistleblower: “No one is dying from C*VID, just from the vax” (25 mins):

Below: Ni ch no las Ven ia min chats with Nick and Sam: Galactic federation and non-terrestrials (1 hr 18 mins):

Below: MrMBB333: UFO spotted over Ocean and splits in two (10 mins):

Below: I really enjoyed this. Coast to Coast AM, a tour guide to the afterlife (39 mins):

Below: UFO Man interviews Ufologist Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim (1 hr 30 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: I also saw this Michelle Fielding video she talks about here and also found it disturbing (17 mins):

Below: M i ch a el J *co update: expect food shortages, get creative about it (53 mins):

Below: Listen, balance energy, relieve stress, and massage your pineal gland. Binaural beats. Ongoing.

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