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Still Looking Like Victory to Me, Gang!

All right, folks.

Welcome the imminent N e s a ra / G e sa ra.

When I went to the drive-thru at my bank yesterday morning to drop off my paycheck, the teller window was strung with white Christmas lights. Never saw that before, least of all in mid-September. And the teller herself was just as chipper as she could be.

I was going to ask her if she had any of those colorful U S Treasury notes yet, but I kept it to myself. It’ll happen when it happens, but it sure feels like it’s happening, doesn’t it, gang??

What is the Rainbow Currency?

2 from s h ar i r aye di gi tal sol dier: incredible world news update! E B S, Tr **p, etc. She also maintains that au str a lia only has about 4-5 days left of the onslaught. (20 mins) & N e s a r a and income tax, etc. (8 mins):

If you are still asleep about this: Do NOT va x your kids, people. Remembering B ra ndy V au gh an, whi stle blow er from m er ck over v a xes, who suddenly (!!) died at age 47. She explained that v a xes are the trigger for diseases to be unleashed in the body. America’s kids are sicker than kids anywhere else in the world. (9 mins):

Below: Woman explains the clinical trials and why some people get really sick from the va x e s while others do not (57 seconds):

P* trio t str eet figh ter roundtable with Scott, J*co, and N*No (1 hr 20 mins):

P* trio t str eet fighter with S e a n S t one (1 hr 25 mins):

Also, if you listened to Ch * r lie W * rd’s update yesterday morning, he says that r o ber t d a vi d s t ee l e is in protective custody and at gitmo to give witness testimony, not as a prisoner (??). Fog of War, gang…. who really knows at this point.

This was on sh a r i r a y’es update. You can visit this web site for documents to claim your common law birth certificate, as well as docs for soldiers who are being forced to m*sk up and get v a x ed. Other crucial info, as well.

I CANNOT link to this sight. You must go their yourself: fortheclaimofthelife.com

So did you hear that the once thought to be dead singer, Aaliyah, is the one playing our beloved k a m a la? Interesting!

Aaliyah: Remembering the singer 20 years after her tragic ...

And also: J am es w oo ds might be playing the fake b * den most of the time, but allegedly, when b*den is seated, he is played by s e a n co nn ery !!(??)

More V A E R S shenanigans at c d c. 726 separate v a x deaths bundled into one ID number. (Come on, people! If your loved one dies from this evil v a x, do you want him or her bundled into a mass grave of de-personalized ID numbers???) (3 mins):

What an actual mass grave looks like without the shield of an “ID number”:

Grandfather of Santa Barbara Shooter was Renowned ...

Well, well, well… T a li ban more awake than most of America? “In k a b ul, T al i ban paints over mural of g e o r ge fl oy d” (3 mins):

Before I forget, gang, Bad Seeds TeeVee is closing down on September 23rd at 6pm BST. On Nick’s birthday, September 22nd, they will do a day-long marathon of fan videos. Make sure to catch them before they’re gone, gang! They were incredible!!

And Sunday night, September 12th, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage in Ipswich, UK, at the Regent Theatre at 8pm. You can buy tickets here.

From last night, in Blackpool, UK:

Okay, that’s it for today, gang. have a terrific Saturday, wherever you are in the world. If you are in D C or NYC today, 20th anniversary of 9 1 1 , stay alert and, if possible, just stay home!

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys! See ya.

Here Comes that Weekend!!

Okay, gang. It is almost here.

The 20th anniversary of 9 1 1 , as well as the expiration of the e x ec t u ti ve order for 9 12.

S *mon P * r kes has sent out a general warning to all of U S :

“Do not attend any outside gatherings or indoor functions where the public are not searched. Particularly on September 11th, but also during the weekend.”

So be safe, gang, if you live State-side.

There has been all kinds of good news worldwide regarding the revaluation of currencies and the Q F S. Here is a terrific news update, in general, but it has other stuff besides market news (37 mins):

Ch*r lie W *r d also had a news roundup this morning (25 mins):

And ni ch o las ven ia min and alan fount ain chatted about the de v o lution end game (35 mins):

Overall, gang, there is still plenty of bad news, if you’re looking for it (v a x, weather, upcoming sa t ani c holidays for child r * pe and sa cr ifice). But I am still standing by my gut feeling that we are in the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Still stay alert and question everything — if things look “unbelievable” then we need to ask ourselves what might be at play underneath that. The fog of war is lifting but there is still a war going on, all over the world. Especially, keep your eye on children and report anything suspicious.

Don’t forget that Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage tonight in Blackpool! 7pm at the Opera House, buy tickets here!

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis is Nottingham

Of course, there are now rumors all over the place that the UK is going into another total l* ck d *wn. As well as an imminent v ax pass port man date. Who knows if this is true. Could be related to oper a tion lon don bridge and finally announcing that queen eliz a beth is dead. We shall see. But I hope nothing happens to disrupt the Carnage tour!!

Neg 4 8 is not only everywhere but is now stepping away (slightly) from being j f k jr. But oddly enough, now his still-alive siblings are all over te le g ram, including the long-thought-dead a r a bella k enne dy.

The timing of all this is just too peculiar, gang, so I’m still kinda thinking he’s j f k jr. But we’ll see. Meanwhile, see what you think of this. It’s interesting — how it’s trying to wake people up to his not being dead, but we still have a legally elected pres i d ent out there:

Also, here’s a roundtable from last night with Neg 4 8, Ch *r lie W *rd, Sabrina, et al. It was extremely interesting. I’m not sure where I stand on the whole Jesus Strand stuff. Readers of this blog know that I ardently follow Jesus, that I went to Divinity School, am an ordained minister, but that I do believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a man, first and foremost. I do believe in the Talpiot Tombs — that it was the resting place of Jesus and his family, including his brothers, his wife, one infant child, and his mother. I believe in the Jesus Dynasty and that Jesus was married to a highly regarded woman named Mariamne — who I believe was Mary Magdalene. And I believe that they had other children that lived.

I also believe Paul was way too connected to the Herodians and the Romans and that he helped shape a Pagan version of Christ’s life that wasn’t actually the life Jesus of Nazareth lived while on Earth.

Whether or not Jesus’s lineage includes Abraham Lincoln and then two of the original Kennedy brothers — I don’t know. We shall see, gang. There are certainly a whole lot of coincidences to consider. Meanwhile (1 hr):

There was also this. Similar to the above chat, but much more in depth (2 hrs):

I also think it’s very interesting that Tom Num bers is suddenly in D C for the 9 11 weekend… especially considering how difficult it is to fly right now between UK and US because of the v a x situation. Is he there to meet up with Neg 4 8?? (The man who is maybe not j f k jr?? Hmmmm….)

Speaking of D C, “Nancy Drew” had footage yesterday of the W H getting really spruced up!!! Fountain on, lawn looking good, surrounding roads fixed and looking great. US Marine guarding the door (4 mins):

And she also said that the Annapolis parking lot was suddenly filled with cars (2 mins):

St ew p e t ers had a chat with gen mich ael flynn (remember, he’s m* litary, gang, so don’t expect him to tell you what’s really going on until this war is over) (42 mins):

Tr **p announces more rallies(3 mins):

Ele c tion in tegrity is law in TX (3 mins):

Some senators are now calling for the arrest of Faux chi. Not sure why they waited this long, since the guy is already under arrest. Maybe even e x e c uted…

And get ready for ho w ard st ern to head to gitmo. Possibly. They are now demonizing him because of his views on the un v a x ed, and this is usually a signal that this “news-casting personality ” is loathsome and we’re supposed to hate him (or her) now. Which usually also means they might already be at gitmo. Or tiera del fuego. Honduras, Etc.

We’ll see.

Sadly, Bob Dylan is now being accused of drugging and raping a 12-year-old girl in 1965. We’ll see how that goes. But his medal of honor from o b am a and his nobel prize are going to seem highly suspect again. Which sucks. We’ll see.

Okay. I gotta scoot, gang. Here is the x 2 2 r e p or t from last night. Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

A Change in the Weather

All right, gang. If you’ve been coming here over the last few days, you’ll note the vibrational shift.

The best way I can explain it is that I have felt the vibrational shift from being in the thick of the war to now being in the light at the end of the tunnel.

Because of that shift, I am now changing focus again (I do this periodically) to news items or videos that I feel point in the direction of what is coming and not where most people “think we are.”

With that in mind, I also wanted to focus again on the importance of a good immunity system right now.

Flu & cold season is still upcoming. This could be a really difficult one, all recent bio we ap on things considered.

I’ve posted this here tons of times, but in case you’re new here:

Basic Ze l en ko protocol is:

  • Vit C 1000 mgs
  • Vit D3 5000 IUs
  • Quer ce tin 500 mgs
  • Zinc 50 mgs

Take those daily. If possible, add:

  • N A C 600 mgs
  • L-Lysine 500 mgs
  • Colloidal silver nasal spray
  • Activated charcoal (powder or capsules)

If you are feeling a cold or flu coming on, immediately take H C Q twice a day (video here for making it at home. It is SUPER easy and incredibly effective.) Also, do a “shot” once a week to maintain health during cold & flu season.

In a pinch, also try green tea extract supplements (aka: EGCG).

If you have been exposed to v a x ed people who are shedding spike proteins, shikimic acid will kill the spike proteins. You can find this compound in:

  • Star anise tea (preferably homemade)
  • Pine needle tea (preferably made at home from white pine)
  • Dandelion leaf extract tea (homemade preferable, but make sure the leaves are pesticide-free)
  • Fennel seed tea (homemade is best)

It is important to note that while making any of these teas, do not boil the water, just use very hot water. Then cover the tea cup for about 8 minutes before drinking.

Elderberry and echinacea are also a powerful combination for killing cold & flu viruses, or to help build immunity during the cold & flu season. Do not take these plant supplements year-round. They will lose their effectiveness.

And I posted a video about this stuff below a couple months back and, of course, immediately made it and found it to be incredible stuff. Now I always have it on hand. I take it 3 times a week because I am constantly surrounded by people are who fully v a x ed and spike proteins seem to just love me!

This gives you a combination of raw zinc, H C Q, and shikimic acid. It is very similar to making HCQ.

  • 3 grapefruits & 3 lemons (preferably organic)
  • 1 can of beans, mashed (any type, preferably organic)
  • A dash of citric acid
  • 10 cups of purified water
  • A bunch of white pine needles, branch and all

In a large stainless steel pot with a glass lid (no steam escape valve), add the mashed beans and citric acid; squeeze the grapefruits & lemons into the pot and then add them to the pot, rinds and all. Add the water, add the pine needles with the branch. Cover and simmer for 5 hours. Cool for several hours. Strain and then keep liquid in tightly sealed jars. Can be stored in freezer.

That stuff is amazing, gang!

And if you do get sick with a coronavirus (bio-engineered or otherwise) and either your doctor won’t prescribe i v er me c tin, or your pharmacist won’t fill the prescription….. each notch equals 50 pounds of body weight. Round it up. Follow with plenty of water and then eat something with heavy fat, like yogurt or peanut butter.

If you’ve already been v a x ed, still do all of the above as soon as you start to feel sick. Most importantly, stay out of the hospital when at all possible.

Also, keep in mind that it is always best to get your vitamins and minerals from actual food when at all possible, gang. Non-GMO, organic.

And also, as we are starting to see more & more: All supplements have vibrational frequencies (along with everything else in the universe. literally). It is probably a good idea to start getting familiar with the power of vibrational frequencies, if you are new to all this.

Body Align Energy Wellness


Source Directives (Healing Sessions)

Good Vibes Binaural Beats

Sound Health Options (Bio Acoustics)

Okay, gang!

A few days ago, S * mon P * rkes sent out his request to all connecting consciousness chapters, worldwide, to start submitting our ideas for community projects — humanitarian projects that will help the communities we live in. So I have been working on my idea and am going to submit it today. (And there is a big zoom meeting tomorrow for many regions at once, which I think is interesting since it’s the eve before the 9 1 1 twentieth anniversary.)

Okay. I’m focusing on just a couple of items today.

If you are following Neg 4 8, he has mentioned that the famous moon landing was actually filmed by Stanley Kubrick on the set of his film, “200l: A Space Odyssey.” If you click this te le g ram link, you can watch the outtakes from that “moon landing.”

Very curious, indeed, gang. (I have heard that the reason NASA couldn’t actually film anyone walking on the moon is because there was too much stuff already up there on the moon that they didn’t want us to see.) Anyway, I find all this kind of sad, since that summer of 1969 was os exciting. Oh well.

Here is some really good footage of the D U M Bs and of the technology used in making them. And some stills from the video:

{17} The St orm Rider had an interesting post about whistle blo wer s:

>Very important people are currently being taken into protective custody.. In many countries…>>These important doctors, scientist, Whistleblowers, ect,ect…< Are being taken to secure locations../// WITHIN THE U.S. , Germany, UK. Canada, Italy, Australia///>>
Several inside sources confirm
Something major is happening and White HATS are securing these people from Retributions
The Death of the Queen .. Has opened up chaos in the laws that over see corporation States (U.S. Canada, Germany ect.).//
The Death of the Queen insures the death of these broke Corporation States<<

He also says to “keep eyes on Switzerland.”

I’m also hearing that the market is in the process of crashing, so be vigilant about that, if you’ve got money in the market. (But also expect Q F S to go into full effect once the market actually crashes.)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis played Nottingham last night and there were so many great photos that I cannot possibly post them all here! So here is just one:

They will resume their tour of Carnage tomorrow night (Sept. 10th) in Blackpool at the Opera House at 7PM. Buy tickets here.

Oh, and here was their set list from last night:

All righty. That’s it for today! Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: “Nancy Drew” update from D C: 15th Street gate is getting ready for tourists to return (?) (9 mins):

Below: UFO Man: another sighting over Brazil (2 mins):

Below: Tom Numbers is in DC and has footage of the W H (5 mins):

Below: With Ch* rlie W *rd: learn about common law! It’s important!! (42 mins):

Below: Mel K and Michael L catch up on big ph ar ma (54 mins):

Below: S t e w p e t er s: whistle blower nurse: patients are the v a xed (14 mins):

Below: Salty Cracker: White hat g al, Ro se Mac Gowan, exposes (dead) H i ll ary and (life imprisoned) b i ll. (7 mins):

Below: Mexican troops break up caravan heading to U S border. Hmmm… why didn’t they do this all along! ( 4 mins):

Below: S t e w p e t er s exposes the Mayo Clinic. Must watch!! (11 mins):

Below: Space shot with ju an o sa vin ( 2 hrs):

Below: X * 2 r * port: Think military! (47 mins):

How’s That New Timeline Working Out For You??

I don’t know, gang, is it just me — or do you feel like we’ve jumped onto yet another new timeline??

Everything just feels so fucking different today. And I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. But on we go, right?


The victorious K im j * ng u n tells UNICEF that they can take their effing c*vid va x e s and, well, let’s say “deliver them instead to nations low in supply with surging cases,” because he’s fighting the scam de mic in his own style.


Kremlin says Kim Jong Un will visit Russia this month - POLITICO


Here in the lofty U S for A, the C D C has now declared that anyone who dies within 2 weeks of receiving the va x, has not died from the vax.

After all, they have until December (when the P C R goes bye-bye and they have to start using a test that actually tells you something) to convince us that only the un- va x ed are at risk here. The v a x ed are completely not dying all over the place. So, in order to make that seem even remotely true, they have to constantly — well, lie.

Good luck with that. Here on this new timeline, nobody gets away with anything.

In West Virginia, fully va xe d cases, deaths and hospitalizations are up 26% over the last 8 weeks (1 min):

More allegedly v a x ed pilots are stroking out midair and/or dying, worldwide. Fly the friendly skies, baby (8 mins):

Police in South Kensington U K are off the charts insane this morning; they attempted to barricade thousands of protestors in the underground (subway) station and what do you suppose happened? (1 min):

Hey, nothing like good old-fashioned funny TV (Masonic blood ritual on S N L) (3 mins):

A new song in London and it’s quite catchy (1 min):

In honor of Kool Aid drinkers everywhere: The C* vidian C*lt (5 mins):

Oh, and the P M of Japan stepped down, so that’s good news. How many does this make, worldwide, gang? Too many to count…

Oh, and the aus s ie truckers were successful.:

“Aussie Truckers Victorious: South Australia Drops Mandatory Jab For Interstate Drivers Following Blockade Protest

“Australian truck drivers threatened a strike with a blockade on August 31 and actually engaged in a brief one on the 30th on the Queensland border, along with huge numbers of people protesting the unlawful mandates that truck drivers should get at least one of the unsafe and inefficient C* VID shots.  This is a pretty big victory, as South Australian government has backpeddled on their mandate, which just shows you they are not holding all the cards.  The people are holding them because they truly have the power not only to stop that, but to bring the tyrants trying to mandate such things to justice.” [full article here]

“Nancy Drew” had a strange D C update yesterday: “Something about Sleepy Joe-And German Accent?” (2 mins):

Sadly, champion boxer Oscar de la Hoya gets fully v a x ed and is now hospitalized with c * vid (22 seconds):

Victory: U K bans c * vid va x for children under 16, and E U bans the boosters! (7 mins):

Cuo m o’s tr i bunal has allegedly been scheduled for Sept 20! (2mins):

Ch * r lie W *r d, Jason [17], S * mon P * rkes (50 mins):

Ni ch o las V en ia min and S *ch a St *ne (39 mins):

X * 2 r * port: z e r o day (53 mins):

Well, here in the Hinterlands, I am once again astounded by the people I love. I spend 8 hours a day in a tiny health food/supplements store in the middle of nowhere, trying to help more and more and more v a xed farmers and rural people survive that v a x without going into the murder palaceoops! I meant, hospital. It’s exhausting. I am finally in another time of respite, though, where the spike proteins that invaded my own body are now thoroughly dead (again). That’s exhausting, too, gang — trying to stay on top of that. It took ten weeks of HCQ and i ver mec tin and pine needle tea and dandelion leaf extract because they kept coming back every time v a xed customers kept coming back.

Then I woke up at 3am yesterday morning with the profound sense that my mother was fully va x ed now and that I needed to send her the Zel en ko protocol supplements plus N A C, ASAP, only to discover, when I called her at a more reasonable hour in the morning, that it was fucking true. How could my family allow her to get that fucking v ax?

Free will, baby. Free will.

I am just beside myself, gang.

But off to the post office I went with all the supplements (and the recipe to make H C Q), because even though I can’t afford it, she can’t afford it, either.

My beloved birth mom, as a wee bonny lass.

Okay, so now I have to try to take care of my mother as well as myself (and 7 cats) on the smallest amount of $$$ that you can possibly imagine. Most days, I lose the thrill of living, gang. I seriously do. But on we go.

Don’t forget, tonight in Croydon, UK, at 7:30pm, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their Carnage tour. I believe it is already sold out, though.

Okay, gang. I gotta scoot and head out to work!! I am gonna be late.

If you live Stateside, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!! If you live elsewhere, enjoy your Saturday, and thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music!! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Rebels” 1985

All Systems Go, Gang!

Okay, first off, Japan has just suspended use of M o d ern a, due to some sort of possible contamination of 1 million doses.

And now: look at this! From S*mon P*rkes yesterday morning: The new financial system has begun and Z im b ab we is first! (Expecting i r a q to follow, any moment now.)

Next, we’re going to look at n ew z e al and and au st ral ia.

Tuesday, Au gu st 3 1 st 9 AM: to all people there: BOOTS ON THE GROUND! (please watch short video immediately following these instructions for more detailed information about your region, & share ).

The bush t e l e graph system: For Tues Aug 3 1 st 9 AM, Co ordin ated b att le pla ns for all people of aus tr a lia and new zea land: What You Need To Know (15 mins):


As far as I can tell, the agenda I should likely be pushing is: Oh no, the p f * zer v ax has been approved! Vax mandates coming!! We’re helpless!

But I’m still not buying it. Why do some top level research doctors think there were TWO letters, and that there are TWO closely related v ax es? One approved — bio N t ech — that isn’t even in production yet;, and one not so approved, only extended for emergency use — p f * zer — that will put the folks at p f * zer, f d a, in prison for life or worse.

If you’re coming to this blog, you’re already awake. So I say sit back, let the pandemonium play out and wake up more sleepers.

I feel the same way about af gh an ist an. The old corrupt d**p st * te gov ern ment is now OUT, and the c i a and their endless opium war there is now OUT. tr**p-friendly t al i ban is IN.

I can’t speak for anything actually happening on the ground there, or at the k a b *l airport, obviously. But the long view shows me the above-mentioned stuff.

Combine both these things with the fact that the white hats need the American people to topple the fake b*den (boy, Americans sure can SLEEP), and everything simply looks different.

So, in keeping with that outlook:

Below: F D A gaslights the world with fake “approval” (48 mins):

And this next video clip (below) was very informative. Dr. L e e M e r r i tt offers advice to the already-va x ed to add these 2 amino acids to your immunity routine (in addition to N A C, zinc, Vit D3, Vit C):

“DMG (dimethylglycine) is an active amino acid and intermediate metabolite in the one-carbon Choline cycle. Its primary function is to contribute methyl groups for the methylation reactions and provide other essential building blocks. Scientists have been aware of DMG’s potential benefits for over a half-century, and it’s been used to enhance athletic performance for decades.” {full article is here]

Source naturals is my absolute favorite brand for supplements

“Betaine (trimethylglycine) is an active metabolite of Choline in the body and a component of beetroot. It serves a vital role in methylation in the body alongside folate, and is an osmoregulator like Creatine. Betaine is also a possible ergogenic aid.” [more info here]

The m R N A fake- va xes will destroy your immune system, so act right away if you’ve been v a xed. Do not wait until you catch another cold or flu.

Below: Info Wars clip with Dr. L e e M er r i t t from a longer episode: C * vid v ax detox (11 mins):

And on another topic altogether…

I thought this was really interesting, so I signed up. A free webinar on Saturday, Sept 4th at 3PM Eastern Time: I Can Grow Food. (sign up for free at that link)

“How To Grow Lots Of Food In A Grid Down Situation Even If You Have No Experience, Are Older, And Out Of Shape”

“For more than 20 years, Marjory Wildcraft has been the strongest female leader in survival and preparedness. Her passion has been to figure out the best ways to keep your family fed when the trucks have stopped, the stores shut down, and no food is available. She teaches people with no skills how to produce very quickly.”

Another topic…

“Nancy Drew” had a couple of interesting short videos of the W H and 15th & 17th Streets. What’s up over there???!! (Each are about 4 mins):

Okay. So.

Are Bowie, George Michael and Prince really still alive? Sounds like it, gang. This was a really great way to spend an hour and a half. (If you are not into Gematria, stick with it; the video gets seriously interesting the deeper into it you get!) Tarot by Janine, Mikki Klan, Tom Numbers, and Negative 48

And here’s another one from Monday, but with Ch * rlie W *rd and Hammer Girl. Again, the Gematria can get really overwhelming, but stick with it. Incredible information comes out (1hr 12 mins):

I personally think Neg a t ive 48 is connected to some kind of white hat op. He popped up almost out of nowhere and then exploded with P * triot str ee t fighter, Tom Numbers, Ch* rlie Ward, now Tarot by Janine, etc., and he always brings jaw-dropping intel. It’s usually almost more than your brain can process. But you’ve got to wade through all the Gematria, which can simply get overwhelming. To me, anyway.

Below: Part 2 of the interview with John “Smarty” Mendez (aka Sananda Galactic), off-planet founder of Holotech and those Source Directives frequency videos I post here (1 hr):

Below: Mel K chatted with 2 of our favorite warriors: Tom Renz Esq, and Dr. Christiane Northrop (1 hr):

Okay, gang. I’m gonna close and get back to doing the laundry, etc. Things are really reaching peak intensity, the world over, so pick which scenario makes sense to you, from your level of awake or asleep-ness, and keep that in your sites. It will help keep you sane — and maybe even excited about where the future is heading at a rapid pace!

If you are heading out for protests, watch out for tear gas and bullets, rubber or otherwise. Stay alert.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

Below: X * 2 R * port: Fire & fury; OWL (58 mins):

How’s That FDA Approval Working Out for you?

Okay, gang, as we saw last night, the D O D , P f * zer, and the fake “B*den Administration” (they will probably go down as my most favorite fake Administration of all time) purposely misled the pubic about the F D A’s stand on E A U.

Pf * zer was not approved. The E A U was extended. There is a 13-page document that you can find here.

It was thrown out there to take attention away from the A Z a* dit results, which were due to be delivered to the A Z Senate yesterday, but only part of it was delivered, due to some c* vid illnesses. But Wednesday is expected to be the day that the rest of the a * dit results will be delivered to the A Z Senate.

Between the A Z a *dit results and the i r a qi d in ar revaluation, expect this to just be a week from hell, news-wise. (False flags, bl ack s wan events & retaliations)

But one great thing coming from all this A f g h an istan chaos is that pretty much the entire world now hates the fake b *den. So we are on schedule, gang. Let’s just try hard not to be distracted by any fake or doctored news — from all sides. For instance, why oh why do we need commercial airliners to rescue stranded Americans from ka bu l? When all other countries got their own people out and have also been assisting getting our people out? ALL OF IT is making b * den look bad…

Also, I just want to remind you that my dad was a Navy S E AL in Vietnam and was there in the helicopters, getting everyone out when Saigon fell. According to him, it was the worst day he had ever seen in his life. And he’d been in and around Vietnam since 1964. The greed, the fear, the selfishness and complete inhumanity of it. The desperation. I’m just not seeing anything reaching that peak right now. Even those guys clinging to the plane as it was taking off — some of those guys running on the runway were smiling and waving at the camera. Literally. Seriously. My gut is still telling me, even if people have been killed over there, we need to be very cautious about what we believe right now. And keep in mind that the goal is to boot the fake b*den out. The American people have to be onboard with that, otherwise it could end up being real chaos and things here in the U S could end up looking like Portland, OR on a massive scale. (And the violent an ti fa/pr ou d boy stuff coming out of Portland upsets me way more than what I see allegedly coming out of k a bu l…)

And now we have our beloved k * mala in Singapore and not coming out… What the heck is up with that??!! Doesn’t she know she’s needed back here, pronto, to become the first female pr e s id ent of the U S as soon as b*den is handed that 25th am mend ment??!! (Even the fake b*den is now saying k* ma la is gonna be pr e s id ent soon…)

Eye on the prize, gang. Eye on the prize. It might be making a hell of a lot of noise, but if it doesn’t quack like a duck, honey, it just ain’t a duck.

Another good thing that came out of yesterday’s false P f * zer agenda: we now know that 50% of all recipients of the P f * zer vax, between Dec. 2020 and March 2021, were indeed receiving saline placebos. This is coming straight from P f * zer P R.

The bad news, though is that P f * zer also stated that the second shot was 10,000 times stronger than the first shot, which is why the 2nd shot is the “kill shot,” gang. Also, this is why they are going so hard promoting the booster. P f * zer is warning that “early recipients are in danger of getting really sick and need the booster.” Which of course means they are trying to get as many of those saline recipients as possible and get another chance at injecting them with the possible “kill shot.”

In the real world, where I actually live, each day, we see more and more customers coming into the store, with more bad reactions to the v ax es. Bell’s Palsy is a big one, gang. It is striking (mostly men) of all ages. And, sadly, a 23 year-old man who worked as a cabinet maker in a store just down the street from us, got his second shot, and within 2 days of receiving it, had a heart attack at the job and then died. He thought he was having a bad asthma attack, so he called his mom to come and take him to the ER. Which she did, but he died before she could get him there.

Every day at the store, more and more awful stories. But more and more people are indeed waking up, saying things like “I got the first shot but no way am I going back for the second.” Or “I’ll quit my job if they mandate this.” Etc. (We, of course, encourage them to stay until they get fired, because it will be better for them in the long run.)

Anyway. We are selling more N A C and quercetin than we can keep in stock. It is literally flying off the shelves. People are driving in from all sorts of small towns, 50 miles away. So many people are waking up now. I honestly don’t know if N A C and zinc and quercetin are going to be able to save people who got both doses of the real thing, but we just keep trying, and we keep praying. When God is in the mix, there is no way of knowing what miracles could happen.

Meanwhile… d r z e l en ko announced that he has cancer again. He is saying that he is grateful for everyone’s prayers, but he is asking people to please take care of their immunity systems, to follow his protocol (zinc, Vit D3, Vit C, quercetin or hy drox ych lor oqu ine) and not to take the va x. (Even if he’s had cancer before, I can’t help but wonder if this new bout is a bio weapon of some kind.)

I also wonder what it’s like at gitmo now, or someplace similar, where all these incarcerated d ** p st * te players know that there are actors playing them back in the States. What the hell does the world like like to them, now? From their POV? Looking at life in prison or a death sentence, and knowing that much of Am erica is still asleep.

Okay. Gotta scoot. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Hang in there and hold the line. According to some interpretations of De v o lution, we could still have several more months of this stuff! All right. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Ch * r lie W * rd, the light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion (1 hr):

Below: Ni ch o las Ven i a min chats about ne s ar / ge s ara, i raq RV, wealth transfer (28 mins):

Below: Short announcement from d r z e len ko; his pleas to everyone (2 mins):

Below: s t ew p e ters, F d a approval is illegal (19 mins):

Below: R * d P * ll 7 8 news update: F D A extends E U A only (12 mins):

Below : x * 2 r * port: shadow players are the deadliest (48 mins):

Still More Boots on the ground, Baby!

Okay. I think this is going to be brief. And it’s also going to be part good, part alarming.

The alarming part first, I guess. S*mon P * rkes sent out an alert last evening to expect a bl a c k s w a n event this week from de**p st*te players — with a white hat retaliation.

This is because g e s a r a has officially arrivded in i r aq, and so let the beautiful ne sa r a/ ge s a ra games begin.

This (good) alert came late last evening from ni ch olas ven ia min:

“The Sovereign Nation State of I r a q is now a settled nation, with 1 currency. K u w a it has had their debts settled, their Agreements settled, under the World Court, in cooperation with the IMF, and the K uw a it dinar rate of $3.85 is the national rate – to start. The rate of I r a q dinar will shoot straight up like a rocket ship. It’s all happened and is now a fait accompli. Congratulations to the Sovereign People of I r a q! This happy news will be announced to the world shortly.”

So this is really great news, but likely to bring on the bl a ck sw an event. So stay alert, gang. All over the world.

Truckers in a u str a lia announce they are shutting down the country! Be prepared and have at least a week’s worth of food and supplies on hand — get that today. (If today is still today over there; I get the au str a lia n time zone difference screwed up all the time.) It’s ON!! Watch! (1 min):

And here’s a tip that one of my customers gave me on Saturday at the store. (I work in a health food store/vitamin supplement shop). I don’t usually buy powdered mixes because I prefer real food, but he told me that he keeps one of the large containers of protein powder on hand in the event of a food shortage. Each serving is a meal, and if things get bad, you can at least have one of those a day. The organic, non-GMO ones are actually loaded with amazing ingredients.

I am not endorsing SUNWARRIOR, but it is our most popular organic brand:

Sun Warrior Blend Vanilla Powder, a natural raw protein mix

Okay. Sadly, co d e mon key z posted this on tel egram today:

“The Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued W H O Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin. […]

“Specific charges included the running of a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin and issuing statements in social and mainstream media to wrongfully influence the public against the use of Ivermectin despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data showing its profound effectiveness in both prevention and treatment of C* VID ^^ 1 9.” […]

[full article is here]

If you follow the De v o lu tion , chapter 9 has been posted and X 2 2 r e po rt goes into detail about that on last night’s video (below).

It is not happy stuff, gang. Several of the people I follow, including p * trio t str ee t fighter, are expecting the madness in this country to continue to build throughout September, and up until October 1st, when there will likely be a 60-70 point crash in the stock market and another stock market panic (to then usher in Ne sa ra). Everyone is strongly advising to get your savings out of the market and into gold and silver as soon as possible, folks. (They have been stressing this for a few months already.)

I am really hoping we don’t have another two months of this garbage to go through just to “wake people up.” V a x es, m *sks, a f ghan istan, b*den/h ar r is/pelosi charade. I am just so over it!!!

The video from Tarot by Janine (below) indicates that gitmo is indeed full. And I also saw some photos of an enormous (alleged) prison ship that is supposedly going to be permanently anchored off the coast of Florida because gitmo is so full. (We also have a prison in Honduras, and allegedly in Tiera del Fuego, and also on Diego Garcia. Lots of a r r es ts have been made, gang.)

Here in Ohio there was good news last night: the State Central Committee has decided not to endorse our g o v er nor for another term. Apparently this has never happened to an incumbent go v er nor here in Ohio before.

The next win we are seeking here is HB 248, making v a x ma nd ates for medical personnel illegal. (We already won for children and college students.)

Okay. That’s it, gang. Hang in there. I think this week is going to be kind of crazy. Again. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: J * co quick update (6 mins):

Below: UFO Man; UFO sighting over London (2 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at how to stay calm and grounded right now (22 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” revisits the flooding manhole in D C (3m ins):

Below: This was so cool!!! Coast to Coast AM chats with author whose 4-year-old son has vivid recall of building the railroad in Wyoming in 1800s, and being on the Titanic when it sank in 1912 (15 mins):

Below: UFO Man Saturday night livestream chats with Kerry Cassidy! A good way to learn the background of UFO Man and Tommy Highway and what they believe (1 hr 22 mins):

Below: Judge issues gag order after investigating 28 pedo philes in a us tr alian parlia ment (4 mins):

Below: Advice to aussie truckers on how to keep your truck from being moved or towed away! (34 secs):

Below: A look at Leicester U K this morning! (3 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: D ev o lu tion part 9 (1 hr):

A Breakthrough!

All right, gang. There is much going on now.

Things got really ugly with the police in Melbourne yesterday. A couple of short “recap” videos are down below.

It is interesting to note Tarot by Janine’s take on it (also below), since this is what I have been feeling, as well. Harsh as it is. Because it makes no sense whatsoever any other way. I guess it takes a whole lot to get any of the long-time “U K-influenced” people to really wake up to the situation (i.e., the monarchy is gone, commonwealth is over, everything they’ve ever been told is a lie, etc.).

The same way I feel that a f gh an istan is to wake up people in the U S who have refused to let go of their belief that b * den beats tr ***p.

Look at it logically. Why go to such boisterous extremes to blame the t a l i ban for overtaking the d**p st * te government of their own country on a criminal who has already been arr ested and e x ec uted? The man pretending to be b*den is sometimes c g i, often an actual actor. A pr e s id ent has not been living in the w hi te house since the morning tr **p left it on Jan 20.

So none of this makes any actual sense if it is not to wake more sleeping people up in the U S.

Also, by the way: British and French troops went in to escort the stranded Am er icans out of there.

(And once again, please do research on any videos or photos you are being shown and be certain you know when and from where these images are coming.)

This a f g h ani st an debacle seems to have done the trick, btw, as more and more A m er ic ans (including our troops) are finally realizing b*den is “dangerous.” (Or the actor playing out the script is showing you a “fake” version of how dangerous b*den is, because the real b* den was actually much more dangerous and much more destructive. And not just to Americans but to innocent men, women, and children all over the world.)

(And I am honestly one of those people who believes that the late H un t er b * den purposely left his laptop in a pawn shop because he finally wanted to bring that “big guy” monster down. Why else would someone like H un t er b *den be stupid enough to leave an “explosive” laptop in a pawn shop? He was ready for the torture to stop.)

Yesterday, I had to be brief because I had to get to work and I wanted to focus on a u str a lia, since it was “blowing up”, as it were. A very VERY interesting thing happened on Friday, though. The m s m and the f b i flipped their script! FINALLY. And they are hanging this new public dialogue on “b*den’s” fall from grace with the Am er ic an people because of a f g h an i st an. ( f b i publicly declaring that Jan 6 was “not planned”. Well, they have yet to point out specifically that it was not planned by the P * trio t s, but it was indeed planned by the f b i , p e lo si, and other d**p st* te players in c*n gress.)

Even though the f b i and the m s m still have a long way to go to land on something that resembles the full truth, it is the beginning, I think. It is turning around. Finally.

Ch * r lie W * rd had some very interesting things to allude to first thing this morning. The next 7 days are going to bring big changes. (Good ones!) In terms of the Q F S. And he also warns people to do the research on the m * sks and c *v id — and, consequently, the alleged need for a dangerous “v a x”.

Apparently, time is up on that, gang, and we must now move forward.

But speaking of c *v id and the spike pro t eins in the v a x. This is extremely interesting.

Remember how they have been telling us that the spike proteins are nanobots connected to artificial intelligence? And that if we get invaded by the spike proteins, it is imperative to keep our frequencies as high as possible, to focus on the best possible thoughts that we can manage right now because — we were told — the nanobots are programmed to feed on our negative frequencies. A thing I am totally willing to believe but never fully understood. (I am continuing to be plagued by spike pro teins, gang — and these are coming from others who have been v a xed, since I am an extreme anti-va x er nowadays.)

Well, check this out. It is from bluewater (video is below).

“the spike proteins attach themselves to the nano in the graphene oxide and triton and jump….Nano jumps from person to person and perhaps from person to thing to thing as well… in essence travels, ‘flies'” […] (quoting Kerry Cassidy)


“AI nano can ‘jump’ from a car engine onto a military base from anything that is electrical…a toaster a computer etc many years ago before c* vid was ever talked about” […] (quoting Mark Richards)


“they never needed everyone to take the VAX…just a critical mass…

“Nano… and AI…this is all about the human race coming to terms with dealing with the advent of nano and AI in our lives…. So learning to deal with it is major. Basically the sum of it is this: we are Telepathic and so is Nano!
Nano takes direction not just from the AI but also from US… so if the infected learn to communicate with their bodies consciously and direct the nano NOT TO CREATE INFLAMMATION OR RESPIRATORY OR OTHER ISSUES… it should obey! Assuming you keep your body away from 5G and other wireless levels including TVs… that are preprogrammed now to carry instructions to give everyone ‘c*vid’ making people receptive… prior to contact

“these people who are dying are programmed to accept and not fight the nano/spike protein combo

“they think they are ‘helpless’ and only the doctors can help them…doctors who believe in ‘viruses’ old school germ theory

“they must change their beliefs to get well”

Is that not really fascinating, gang??

So it isn’t just that we need to keep our frequencies high because the AI is pre-programmed to feed off of negative thoughts and emotions and direct the nanobots to these negative outcomes. We are also communicating our own thoughts to the nanobots telepathically.

By keeping our thought frequencies high, we are actually directing the nanobots to engage in positive outcomes.

This is like really incredible, right?

Since I am one of those people who already believes that our cells respond to our thoughts and emotions, and when left to their own intelligence, will guide us to cure all diseases naturally, without pharmaceuticals — well — there is so much to contemplate here regarding artificial intelligence getting inside of us and how to manage it.

It points to this growing belief that the “Medbeds” and the “frequency wands” will cure the v a xed (and all other diseases, but I’m primarily focusing on the va x ed right now) through the use of vibrational frequencies and not pharmaceuticals.

I’m guessing that Medbeds and wands assist the natural abilities of our cells to respond positively to high vibrational frequencies and heal (or change the vibration of) the perceived problem.

I find this extremely exciting.

Okay. In other news…

Tr **p’s rally in Ala ba ma last night was off the charts. The crowd was HUGE. I honestly could not believe how many people were there.

Photo from RSBN

I watched from the beginning, to hear all the speakers. Since this was Al a ba ma, which is deep south conservative, I don’t resonate with some of their views, but the crowd really exploded when one of the speakers suggested that everyone get onboard the elections for “2022 and 2024”. The crowd was having none of it. They wanted change NOW. Fix 20 20 !! (Which I agree with. I want the pre s i d ent who actually won 20 20 to be the pres id ent, here & now. If you don’t fix 20 20 now, then 22, 24, and anything else after that, is meaningless.)

If you missed Tr **p’s speech, you can watch it on his r um ble channel (96,674 views so far):

All right, gang. I guess that’s it for now. I’m going to enjoy my Sunday. I hope you’re doing the same, wherever you are in the world. Big changes are coming, gang. We are in the midst of them as I type!!

Okay, thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: 2 recaps of a u str a lia from yesterday: Vi c to ria police need to be held responsible; Me l bou rne police tactics (6 mins & 8 mins):

Below: 3 short updates from Ch * rlie w *rd (2 mins, 4 mins, & 3 mins):

Below: From Friday: Ch * r lie W *r d chats with Jason [17] (54 mins):

Below: If you didn’t already see this, it was so weird. From a us tr alian news show the other day, sudden sat an ic ritual pops up and no one acknowledges it. If this isn’t a white hat op, what is? ( 38 seconds):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at who is in control in au stra lia (29 mins):

Below: UFO Man livestream from Friday night (55 mins):

Below: Meditation, Binaural tones: 15 trillion HZ for happiness (1 hr):

Pray, Baby, Pray!

I don’t usually post on Saturday mornings because I need to get to the store early and open it up. (The store is 25 miles away.)

However, things are reaching a fevered pitch in a u str alia today so I wanted to get on early and update you.

Melbourne: Protestors break police lines (19 secs):

Brisbane: protestors outside govt buildings (30 secs):

Melbourne: Protesters clash with police (12 sec):

Melbourne: Police resort to mace and rubber bullets (23 secs & 1 min):

Basically, just check in with this bitchute channel because the videos are coming too fast to keep up: Free Speech Warrior

In more sad a u str ali an news: a 3rd child died from that stadium fiasco where 24,000 children were herded in and forced to get va x ed without any parental protection.

Below: S t e w p e t ers spoke with R o y al Au stra l ian Air Force Veteran, Alan Hennessy, and found out just how horrible the situation is now in a u s tr a lia (30 mins):

Below: Insane tunnel flooding last evening near wh ite house with “Nancy Drew” (8 mins):

Below: Whistleblower RN : “This is medical tyranny”. She claims the medical establishment now are mostly the “zombie apocalypse”. Must listen (U S) (28 mins):

Below: Am azing Po lly has keen insights into a f g ah ni stan and the dots she connects will blow you away (18 mins):

Below: R* d p*ll 78 Friday Night livestream : escaping Cas t o r’s c u b a (2 hrs):

Below: David N * no rod ri gu ez: Agenda is falling apart! (38 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: the shot herar dround the world (53 mins):

Okay, that’s it for now, gang. have a good Saturday and just pray. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

(My highway driving music from yesterday, going 90 MPH and just having a mini breakdown… Tom Petty, 1982, “Keeping Me Alive”)

Let’s Take this into Our Own Hands!

Okay. So. The news was kind of haphazard yesterday. The best of it being this:

From the Ga te way Pu nd it:

Jo van Pu lit zer: A Z A* dit Report Will be Delivered to Senate on Friday, Results Will Be Earth-Shattering

[full article is here]

This does not mean we will see those results today, but the A Z Senate will. They are saying that we will see the results by Aug. 22, but I don’t know if that is accurate or not.

There were some f a l s e fl ag bomb scares in NYC and D C yesterday. the only thing that saddens me about all that is that guy in his van who allegedly had bombs in D C. He seemed totally mind controlled, as usual. Sent out into the worlds to cause chaos without having a clue what he was really doing. And his first name was “Floyd.” Coincidence? Methinks not.

Which, btw, reminds me that I never reported on those lightning strikes the other day. Washington Monument got hit, W T C in NYC, and then also a statute of g e or ge fl oyd got hit and sort of exploded.

I do not think, for a moment, that these were prophetic Acts of God, gang. Come on, let’s be reasonable. What a great aim!


So, what is coming more & more to the forefront is that the flu season is rapidly approaching. Well, for those who were va xed, that season is already here and not likely to ever leave. For the rest of us, it is approaching, and everyone seems to be promoting dr. z e le nko’s protocol, which is what I’ve been posting here for a long time, so if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you are probably already following ze len ko’s protocol:

Take this daily:

  • 50 mg of zinc
  • 1000 mgs Vitamin C
  • 5000 iu Vitamin D3
  • 500 mg Querectin OR hy dro xych loro quine

Also, however, a new focus is on the va x ed and how to help them stave off catching another co ro na virus or even a cold. If they can keep from catching the first one, they can hopefully keep their immune system from spiraling out of control. (And then, hopefully, some sort of reversal of the whole M R NA v ax will be developed and spread around the world.)

For those already v a xed, the focus is on drinking pine needle tea, taking at least 600mgs of N A C (preferably 750 mgs., but that dose is hard to find), along with 50 mgs of zinc.

The claims are that this combination, taken daily, will demagnetize the gr a ph ene o xide. (And also N A C will protect your lungs like crazy, and — for guys — help maintain their virility.)

Well, I saw this video this morning and found it really exciting. He explains to you how to make a homemade medicine that will help demagnetize the gra ph ene oxide and also kill the spike pro teins.

It combines the compounds from the pine needles, the compounds that create hy drox ychl oro qui ne, and also provides natural raw zinc!

I personally love it when you can get your supplements from your kitchen, rather than relying on store-bought supplements, even though selling store supplements is how I earn my living right now. When you can get your nutrients from real food, it is always better for you, gang.

So here is the recipe, and down below is the short video:

  • 1 can of any type of beans
  • Mash with citric acid
  • cut up a couple grapefruits and lemons; add rinds and all to the mashed beans
  • Add a handful of (white) pine needles — dried is okay
  • Add water
  • Simmer for 5 hours and let it cool
  • Strain

The remaining liquid is the medicine. You take a shot a day, or every few days to maintain.

In the video, he also mentions that star anise and fennel seeds also contain the needed compound found in the pine needles.

In case you’ve never used citric acid before, it is sold in bottles and plastic sacks:

NOW Foods Citric Acid Powder | BuyWell.com | BuyWell.com ...

I don’t know about you guys, gang, but I love knowing that I can just make all sorts of beneficial things right in my kitchen.

And oddly enough, J*co’s video yesterday, focused on the z e l en ko protocol and he said that “raw zinc” is better than the processed supplement type, and lo & behold, you can get it from a can of beans…

Okay. So. Some truly awful shit is going on in au str a lia now. And new zeal and, as well, but au str alia is off the charts. As far as a kind of mar tial law there, severe l*ck downs, violent clashes with p*lice, mass v a cc in at ions of children (and I mean massive! Try 24,000 in one swoop, with 2 children dead already).

Watch the s t e w p et er s clip below, if you can stomach it. And after he talks about the children corralled in the stadium, they talk about what is once again happening in hospitals: killing patients who allegedly have c * vid by putting them on ventilators, refusing to give the patients zinc, or even Vitamin C, etc.

They go on to say: “Why would you even trust a hospital now? They are going to kill you. Hospitals are a murder cult.” (Keep in mind that money matters here; greed is rampant in the hospitals. The good doctors & nurses are getting the word out.)

Also refer to this: Great Bar r ing ton De c lara tion

It almost seems like it’s better to just stay home and try to get well on the nutrients God has provided for you. (I got over c*vid last March with just apple cider vinegar, homemade “Vick’s VapoRub,” large doses of Vitamin D3 — and a ton of sleep.)

Okay. There are not a whole lot of videos today. Yesterday was just really sort of strange. Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys See ya!


Below: Homemade cure to demagnetize you and kill spike proteins (11 mins):

Below: Hugo Talks: 23-year-old healthy football star in Ireland killed by v ax, news won’t report it truthfully (5 mins):

Below: s t e w p e t ers, in au stra lia, 2 kids dead after 24,000 kids herded into stadium to get v a x; also hospitals are murder cults (10 mins):

Below: J* co update: protocol for how to defeat the v a x (1 hr):

Below: shop owner in au str alia trying to fight back police (2 mins):

Below: WORLD WIDE! Fight for au st a lia on Aug 21st!! (8 mins):

Below: Tr **-p says boosters are $$$ making scheme for p f * =zer (22 mins):

Below: R *d p * l l 78 news update: fake patriot terr or ist in D C (25 mins):

Below: Ch * rlie W *r d update: the truth about the stock photos from af ghan i stan: do your research! (28 mins):

Below: X *2 r* port: War games (52 mins):