Gotta Be Quick Today, Gang!

I’m getting a late start on the blog today! So I’m going to be brief.

The good news is that I did another ionic detox foot bath at work yesterday, and it killed tons of spike proteins. Tons of them, literally, were floating dead in the water. This is the brand we use — AquaChi Pro Detox Foot Spa BioEnergy Machine:

AquaChi Pro Aqua Chi Detox Foot Spa BioEnergy Machine

It was quite a relief to see that, even though the water looked absolutely disgusting after just 30 minutes. My legs felt like limp spaghetti afterwards. But my mood improved dramatically — I felt much lighter inside. I did the tart cherry test when I got home last evening and the spike proteins were almost gone.

The not-so-good news is that by 3am this morning, I was lying awake in bed, and could literally feel them throughout my body again. And when I got out of bed at 4:30am and did another test, the cup was full of spike proteins again.

These fuckers replicate faster than you can believe, folks.

But I’m doing another ionic detox today, and I’m doing 3 cups of pine needle tea/oil a day, and I’m on a 10-week i ver mec tin protocol, so even if all I’m doing is keeping pace with the little fuckers, I am hoping that at least they will not take over. (Spike proteins travel through the blood and gather in the liver, lungs, heart and ovaries, causing blood clots, cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.)

So, I guess I have my work cut out for me.

All righty. Only a small bunch of videos from last night, but they were all really interesting. As far as actual “news,” G A is going to go down in flames, gang, as far as v*t er fr * ud, and I’m hearing that G A alone, without even the onslaught of the A Z multiple fr * uds, will flip the e l * ct ion results. And this is not counting the other States that are now boarding that forensic a u dit train.

Also — it is looking more and more like v a x ed people (and pilots) will be banned from flying due to blood clots caused by the fake va xes. So much for va x ed people being the only ones allowed to fly this summer…

Also– judging from U K m s m headlines, they are red-pilling U K sleepers to try to alert them that Prin cess D i ana was indeed murdered by the Royal Family (specifically implicating Ch * rles). And I’m guessing the news that the (no-longer-with-us) queen’s puppy dying is maybe setting us up for the announcement of her death from a “broken heart” (phil ip plus puppy)??

She is long gone, though, gang. And so is Ch* rles — crimes against humanity, all sources indicate.

Okay. I gotta scoot!!! Have a terrific Tuesday. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

Below: Children protest C* vid tyranny in London on June 19th (1 min):

Below: Ch * r lie W *rd and Mel K update on world politics, arr e st s, is ra el, i ran, fake qu een, and Q F S (33 mins):

Below: St ew P e t ers discusses deaths of va xed airline pilots with Dr J ane R uby. MUST WATCH! (16 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las Ven i amin and Michael j * co chat about F D A, starlink, quantum systems; U K/ U S (55 mins):

Below: R*d P * l l 7 8 news a u d it update (28 mins):

Below: ni ch o las Ven i amin and Tarot by Janine chat Musk, Tr ***p, bank RV; U K/ Canada (46 mins):

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