Updates From Wonderland

Okay, gang, it is another glorious day here today!

As soon as I finish up the laundry, then run the vacuum cleaner for three seconds, I am going to get to work on that new erotic short story that is way, way, way past its deadline…

I am finally able to focus again. Solstice over, full strawberry moon upon us, Mercury has gone direct — all these things, I think, are helping me feel human again. (Or at the very least, a human hybrid of some kind.)

Oh, and regarding the na no bots – which I believe are, in fact, dead now… my [17]-following friend at work suggested that I do another tart cherry test and if they do seem to be dead, I should try putting some alfalfa into the cup and see if the bots wake up and move toward it. (I was starting to wonder if the bots were smart enough to know I was staring at them and so they were refusing to move, sort of like in particle physics, wherein you get the result you think you’re going to get when you’re looking at the particles.) (Yes, I do tend to fixate…)

Well, I tried it. I waited for the dead bots in the cup to move and when they didn’t, I placed some alfalfa into the cup with them and watched for several minutes and — nothing. All I had in my cup was tart cherry juice, lifeless na no bots and a piece of floating alfalfa.

A real relief, gang. So now, on we go.

Okay, I have decided once again to enroll all my old eBooks on Smashwords into their Summer Sale, which begins July 1st. I think it goes for a whole month but I don’t remember. But beginning on the 1st of July, all my titles on Smashwords will be free. (If you are new to my fiction writing world, please note that all those eBooks are several years old now. Some, are decades old…)

All right, regarding the actual news– the item of the most interest to me from yesterday was that John M c Afe e was allegedly found dead in his prison cell in Spain, an apparent suicide, just prior to extradition to the U S. [article is here] There are quite a few little red flags throughout the article, gang. Words such as suicide, crypto-currencies, his lawyer gives info to NPR (a compromised news outlet), he will always be remembered as a “deeply controversial figure.”

Plus, he was an extremely wealthy visionary. And the extradition was allegedly for “tax evasion.” (He was already being held in prison, so why commit suicide over some thing like that? Especially when the I R S seems to be defunct now.)

It will be interesting to see where that news ends up leading.

That was the only thing that truly jumped out at me yesterday, however, there were still several interesting videos, which are posted below.

All righty, I’m gonna close. Enjoy this lovely Thursday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. Se ya!


Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the unveiling of Di an a’s statue (15 mins):

Below: UFO Man – Harry Reid talks about Area 51 (4 mins):

Below: Restore healing power; binaural beats (2 mins):

Below: Coast to Coast AM: UFO full disclosure and interdimensional beings ( 29 mins):

Below: Doctor warns woman not to get the 2nd p f * zer jab (Stew P e t er s — very sad story, gang) (16 mins):

Below: Sy dn ey P * we l l tells War Ro o m that govt and corporations have mandate to murder people with j a b (6 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las Ve ni a min chats with Jason [17] – this will take you down a real rabbit hole (1 hr):

Below: X * 2 R * port (52 mins):

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