Getting Way Too Dark in this Tunnel!! Light or no light…

There is a lot to post about today, gang. I want to divide it between the U K and the U S. I’ll start with the U K because I think it is the most dire.

I’m not entirely sure which scenarios are which, but I know two things for certain. 1.) Folks in the U K are getting redpilled beyond belief. Can it be possible that anyone in the U K is still asleep? It would be like sleeping through, well, let’s say a condo building suddenly pancaking in s u r f s ide at 3am; and: 2.) some of this shit is real and it’s black hat.

I’ll start with the most alarming: The upcoming food shortage in supermarkets there. Apparently it has already begun. Sunday Express (UK) headline:

Supermarkets ‘weeks away from gap in shelves’ as supply chains fail ‘It’s at crisis point’ [full article here — but minus any “facts”]

Below: At the pro t est in London, Kate Shem ir ani (a naturopathic nurse) talks with a farmer from India, who warns that the farmers produce plenty of food, but that the d **p st* te is letting it rot in warehouses, in order to starve people. (3 mins):

And this next piece, is a tough call. Is it a redpill, meant to cause absolute panic and scare the shit out of you so that you finally wake up and fight back? Or is it an actual warning (which will scare the shit out of you and hopefully wake you up and make you fight back)? Here is the page of the document — U K headed for permanent l* ckd *wn in three weeks, with mandatory va xes — refusing to be va x ed equals having your children permanently removed from your home, and having the deed to your home confiscated. Plus much more. It is followed by a video of the document being read aloud, in case you can’t read this too well.

photo courtesy Ni ch o las Ven ia min te le gr am page

Below: video of same document, but read aloud:

I’m sure you know by now that M * t t Han co ck resigned yesterday because of inappropriate C*VID behavior (however, had it happened during a non-scam d emic, it would have been totally suitable).

My best guess, is that this is indeed redpill, white hat maneuvering. That Han cock has likely been taken out (or perhaps was a long time ago; I don’t know). And this headline below is definitely redpill (and it would be laughable if it weren’t also being used as a distraction to present U K with another l* ck d*wn…):

And this could also be redpill, but, regardless, it is seriously BAD NEWS. H an cock has already been replaced by S a j id J * vid — former Home Secretary, with former ties to one of the most compromised banks in the world: D eu ts che, and long-time R* th s child pawn, J P Mor gan.

On a positive note, though, there was a massive freedom march in London yesterday. The city was overwhelmed by the turnout of marchers. Here are 4 minutes, showing the size of the crowd:

All righty. On the U S front:

I’m glad we didn’t go to the rally yesterday because we would likely have had to stand about a mile away from the stage! Hundreds of people camped out overnight to be the first to get in, and thousands of people were there by the time the gates opened at 2pm, with more and more and more people arriving up until he went on at about 8pm. (Tr ***p is that teeny tiny dot on the raised platform in the middle.) (But isn’t Ohio beautiful on a summer night??)

I watched the rally primarily on his new r u m b le channel. which indicates that over half a million viewers also watched it on r u m b le. But I also watched parts of it on the R S B N app and their YT channel, until the Y T channel got hopelessly fucked up by black hat satellite interference (over 2 million people watched it on the Y T channel, and hundreds of thousands watched it on the app).

The bad-player interference was constant throughout the rally, on all platforms. Meaning, constant loss of video feed and/or sound. It was discouraging but I stuck it out and I know that a ton of other people did, too.

They are trying really hard to make this pre s i d ent disappear, gang, and it is only going to get worse real soon. All indications are that they will finally have Tr **p arrested (NY) and issued with a gag order to keep him from being able to speak to the Am er ic an people, or continue with his rallies.

This kind of shit, gang. It just gets to me sometimes. He won the fucking e l * c t ion. And the closer it gets to revealing the A Z and G A a * dits (and the other States getting onboard), the more viciously they are pushing back. For instance, S ur f si de and all those innocent people killed over alleged Mc a f ee s er ver in building (?) . (And if for some reason, that document out of the U K is real — that is exactly what they have already done in ch ****n *** and is worse than n a z i ger many.)

It was one of those mornings that I woke up crying, because I can see that we are in the very middle of the darkness in this tunnel of war. Even though I know for certain there is a light at the end of it.

But I cried through breakfast. I just felt overwhelmed. And not just by what the d **p st* te keeps doing to stop Tr **p, but the fact that so many people still have no clue we are at war adn that they have not only been lied to, but that they are willingly in line for their own mass ac re. That’s how successful they are at mind control.

As luck would have it (not luck, ,but guided by voices), the first thing I turned to on t e le g ram this morning was a post from [17] The Storm Rider. I’ve pasted it verbatim below:

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page You must remember.. Also the d** p st * te is getting ready to play their last cards [they] been saving>>[hope LOST]>>>>>

White HATS will emphasise on those major movements coming and people won’t understand the MOMENT (PAIN, HOPE LOST FOR ANONS P*TRIOTS)>>> Stay Strong!!!!! That moment WILL PASS!!!!….. THE MOMENT WILL BE USED WISELY BY GREATER GOOD WHs…//)..

I gave this ⚠️ WARNING many times!!! For a reason!!!!..>>
So you will be prepared in the weeks coming!!!..




It helped to immediately center me and get me back on track. Even though I did notice that the NY Times headlines had nary a mention of Tr **p’s rally last night (!!), however, Richard Citizen Journalist on t e le g r am posted photos of the headlines from 3 Ohio newspapers this morning, with photos from T r **p’s rally all over them.

So, on we go, right? Expect the push back to get severe, gang. But keep in mind, wherever you live in the world, there is NO c* vid variant from India or anywhere else. It does not exist. Anywhere. It is only hay fever. There is no reason to panic and get a v a x. Even while some of those va x es are clearly placebos, the ones that aren’t are deadly. Plain & (not so ) simple: they will kill you.

And please check periodically if you have been exposed to spike proteins. It is simple to do and there are an ti dot es that work. (Take a swig of tart cherry juice, swish it in your mouth for 1-2 seconds, and spit it into a white cup or bowl. You will know instantly if they are in you: tiny black squiggly hair-like things will fill the cherry juice. The an ti dot es are pi ne n ee dle oil (must be 100% pure; 1-2 drops in a tall glass of purified water, 3 times a day) and i v er me c tin (dirt cheap and available on line).

There is no conclusive research yet if the spike proteins eventually stop replicating. But while they are active inside you, they replicate so fast it is unbelievable. And women — they love your ovaries and intend to make you sterile. And they are half-biological, half-A.I. They will track you.


Sadly, this meme sort of describes me these days!! (Honestly, when I see mothers come into the store now with their kids wearing Lion King t-shirts or Tinkerbell garbage, I really really want to alert them all that W D was a rabid pe do p h ile… but I bite my tongue.)

And on a lighter note….

Carnage, by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, which came out last week on vinyl and CD, is #1 on several UK and Australian album charts!! Yay!!

I saw the news posted on Warren Ellis’s Instagram account yesterday, but when I tried to search for these actual charts to link to them, what I found instead was that pre-recorded video chat Nick Cave & Warren Ellis did back on June 18th, to promote the Carnage release!

And while I was really, really hoping this would happen — that the pre-recorded video would eventually be posted to You Tube so that anyone who might have been at work that day could watch it anyway — well, you know, after Nick Cave did that deconstruct of the song “Carnage” on his Red Hand Files last week, and forever changed how I respond to that specific song (i.e., I can’t actually listen to it anymore — but maybe someday that will change). Well, I became worried that if I watched that whole video chat about the making of the whole album, I would suddenly develop an aversion to the whole album. So I’ve decided not to watch the video.

However, here it is for your viewing pleasure, because I’m guessing you are nowhere near as weird about this stuff as I am!!

All righty! So that is that. Please just stay alert and try to discern for yourselves which events around you are redpills, and which are seriously awful shit that you need to pay attention to. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Your govt is trying to kill you. Watch this weird fucking shit about the actual va x es. It will blow your mind. (52 mins):

Below: More really bad news about the va x es. Magnetic equals mind control. Astr o Z in U K contains the most. (please, gang – it is VITAL that you remove spike proteins from your system ASAP) (22 mins):

Below: Digital Warriors warn U K, they will use football match crowds to start another l* ck d*wn. (40 mins) :

Below: This is very sad, but I post it in honor of her parents. Don’t let your kids get the va x!! Their lives could be over in a “heartbeat”. School is not worth it. Travel is not worth it. Sports and concerts are not worth it!! (3 mins):

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