All Systems Go, Apparently!

Oh man, am I tired this morning, gang! But the good news (for me, that is) is that almost all the dead spike proteins are out of my system. Still a few stragglers, so I have to keep doing the cleanse, but now all I have to do is weekly maintenance.

So I can confirm, for sure, that pine needle oil (100% pure) and iv er m ec tin (yes — even that stuff for horses) are antidotes to the spike proteins (this is if va x ed people shed on you). At least, for me, they were!! (For you, however, I’m legally obligated to warn you: they are toxic and can likely kill you.)

Good Lion TV ( a documentary film production company) is allowing everyone free access to watch the doc #freeBritney, in support of the truly horrible stuff Britney Spears is going through right now, and her court case against her monster — oops, I meant father.

The film is only 11 minutes and you really need to watch it and support her right now, gang. Link is here. All you need to do is sign up.

If you want to join the site, it’s only about $4 a month, and then you can watch all of their really cool documentaries. They tend to center around exposing what has been going on with entertainment and the c a b a l/politics, etc. (They are the ones who also have the doc about McCartney and the car crash in 1966.)

You can also follow the Good Lion TV podcast on Y T for similar content.

Okay, so! Yes, the John M c a f ee “suicide” appears to be anything but what they first claimed it was. Naturally, almost everyone is claiming it wasn’t suicide (a single Instagram post: “Q” was made after he allegedly died), and most are claiming he isn’t dead at all and maybe was never even in the jail in Spain, and some are claiming that his “kill switch” was located somewhere inside that s u r f si de condo building and that’s why it got pancaked.

We’re gonna find out, eventually, folks. We just have to wait and see, along with everything else.

And the most promising news of all: Apparently Gesara has officially begun in Mexico and Portugal, and is currently underway in Australia. (Iraq and Russia already switched a while back.) I’m also hearing that June 30th is the big day for Nesara here in the States. (?) (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act; North American Economic Security and Reformation Act) (And as I posted a couple months ago, even my tiny local bank here in Crazeysburg seemed to have switched over to the Q F S — the same weekend that the royal bank in C a n a d a went under…and was bought out by a white hat.)

How incredibly exciting, gang!

However, it also appears to be heating up what’s left of the d**p st * te players — their backs are to the wall? Expect things to get rough, gang.

And even though ju an o s a vin is trying to get us to believe that sur f side was just a structural thing and that “buildings collapse like that, everyday, all over the world” — um, hmmmm. Well. I don’t buy it. I’m guessing he’s just trying to keep people calm. Especially regarding the turn out for the upcoming Tr **p rallies.

And as sad as I am to have to change plans like this, we are definitely not going to the rally up near Cleveland today. Too much stress and we decided to play it safe. We’ll watch the rally online instead.

Okay. So things are at least moving in a positive direction, all things considered. I have an eclectic group of videos to share today. Enjoy your Saturday, folks, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys! See ya!


Below: More c a n a d ian doctors saying stop the v ax!! (8 mins):

Below: VAERS still deleting records and deaths (6 mins):

Below: Good Lion TV Podcast: Mc A f ee, Free Britney, Antarctica, Schumann resonance (3 hrs):

Below: Remote Viewing experiments at Stanford (1hr 23 mins):

Below: UFO Man live stream: disclosure report; abductions (1 hr 36 mins):

Below: D a v id N * no Ro d ri guez: Pay attention to Britney Spears #freeBritney (17 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: Psyops to watch out for (21 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las Ve nia min chats with ju an o s a vin (1hr 43 mins):

Below: Meditation: Eliminate bad energies, binaural beats. This was awesome!! (ongoing):

Below: X *2 R* port: heat is building (36 mins):

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