Grab It While You cAn, baby!

It was such a gorgeous morning here, gang, that I am actually going to wear a sundress to work today!!

I usually wear either my white Levi’s, or those skinny jeans that are Capri-length, and then I throw on some sort of peasant blouse-thingie and off I go, eternal hippie chick.

But I was laying in bed, as the sun was coming up. I’d had the most incredible dreams just before waking. Wayne (my ex-husband in NYC) and I were driving somewhere. Everything was jsut so nice.

And by the way– it does indeed look like Wayne did not get the actual fake va x, but a placebo!!! I will tell you the whole story on another post, but it blew my fucking mind.

Anyway, I was laying there, feeling so happy on this glorious morning, and it occurred to me — hey, I’m gonna wear a dress today!! And that thought alone got me leaping out of bed with joy.

The sort of sad news is, though, that starting tomorrow, they’re expecting it to rain off and on clear through the holiday weekend… I guess we shall see.

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File early this morning. This one is all about his process of songwriting — inspiration vs. the mechanics of it. As a lot of us already know, he treats it with seriousness — like a job. And even wears a suit to “work.”

I treat my writing like a job, too — although, certain editors overseas who are wondering where the fuck that 2000-word short story is that they ordered from me weeks ago probably don’t think I take my writing seriously at all. But I do. It’s just that for the last year, I have turned my entire life over to fighting for the Constitution — [17] stuff. I have no time left for anything at all.

But even in the best of times, I always wear the baggiest stuff imaginable, and almost all of it is actually clothes for men — baggy t-shirts, lounge pants, etc. Right now, I’m wearing a pair of grey, really short, baggy, cotton gym shorts (with pockets!!!), and a man’s (Hane’s) sleeveless cotton undershirt (also grey)…. However. Clothing aside, as it were; I’m still vain as heck underneath the misleading clothes.

Oh, and a customer at the store yesterday — an older black man — said that I must be taking all the right supplements because I had beautiful skin.

Wow. Thank you! And privately to myself, I was thinking, if he knew the endless list of the amount of insane stuff I do each day to get this beautiful skin, he might, well, think I was unbelievably vain.

Okay, so.

The news is getting weirder and weirder. We are walking a line between things getting really bad (m* li tary build up in at least 30 countries); dire warnings for Ch i ca go, L A, Philly, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle — riots, fires, destruction heading their way all summer; fires in c a n a d a as they torch those awful boarding schools for indigenous First Nations children, where mass graves have been found; more proof that va x ed pilots are actually dying from heart atta cks. Fly the friendly skies, baby…

But then there is also this feeling that everything is getting ready to turn out really great. (They finally passed a law last night, here in Ohio, making it illegal to mandate any experimental v a x, especially for children.) But things, in general, feel like worldwide, the d**p st* te is falling apart. And I believe that Dr. Fuellmich’s Nuremburg 2. O trials for crimes against humanity begin on Friday in Germany. And more and more people are turning off M S M and starting to investigate the truth of all sorts of things.

It just feels really promising, even though we are still being warned to expect some awful shit as soon as the A Z a*dit results are made public.

Anyway. Today is a good day. A sunny day. My energy is great. So I’m going to just do that thing where we take it one day at a time.

All righty. I’m off! Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Tarot by Janine looks at July (22 mins):

Below: Ni ch ol as Ve n iamin chats with T***ptastic — NESARA/GESARA; Q F S definitely in place, it takes less than a minute to wire money more than halfway around the world! (32 mins):

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Below: Frequency download for memory, organ repair, functionality repair, ED, skin, age reversal; Source Directives (14 mins):

Below: Now American pilots forced to follow overseas va x mandates (St e w P et ers) (24 mins):

Below: X *2 R* port (54 mins):

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