And Once more We Carry On!

Wow. So, okay. A number of things to feel blessed about over here.

The top 3 things that happened yesterday after I posted to the blog: I got to work and the owner said not to worry about the $77 mistake I had made; that she was just going to delete it. And she didn’t care how it had happened (which was something incredibly weird, which I couldn’t explain, but it had my name on it.) Whew. Yay. That’s $77 I didn’t have and could not easily pay back.

Next: right after I posted, I got on te le gram and CJ Truth had posted something that really helped me a lot. I know that there are many [17] digital warriors out there who are really feeling the intensity of this relentless worldwide summer on fire. It isn’t just that we have to gather news all day long, all night long, but we have to sift through it and find which items we feel best help our specific audiences/readers. But this also means that we are exposed to just a non-stop onslaught of really horrible shit that is going on right now, or has gone on and is now coming to light, and we have basically no personal lives left because this is truly a 24/7 task. And there is no filter for us. I filter so much stuff from you readers here on the blog because I don’t think certain things are going to be of much help to you if you’re going to spend your day too sickened, horrified, or terrified. So I filter a lot of stuff out, but it remains in my own consciousness and it is starting to feel like this whole war is not gonna end anytime soon.

So CJ Truth had posted this and it really helped me get through a few more hours:

“Patriots we have to keep praying and fighting. Many of you are tired and weary. The fruit of all of your labor is coming. You are a part of the greatest spiritual war in our lifetime and you are on the front line by sharing truthful information and becoming active on a local and national level. The flaming arrows are coming at us but we have the whole of the shield of faith. Remember GOD HAS WON! As I have said numerous times, continue to put on the ‘full armor of God’ Ephesians 6.”

It really, really helped.

The third thing: we have little cubby holes at work where we keep any supplements we want to purchase for ourselves, or samples we get from sales reps, etc. And in my cubby hole sat my 2-month supply of raw CBD that I can’t afford to buy until Saturday. And meanwhile, for the first time in 9 months — well, not having raw CBD in my system each day was instantly re-acquainting me with the insane person I am inside when I am wracked with anxiety. I honestly did not know how I was going to make it until Saturday without the raw CBD. I was using GABA and a tiny amount of full spectrum CBD but it was definitely not doing the trick at all.

But then I was told by a co-worker: “You can take the pills from the bottle, you just can’t take the bottle out of your cubby hole and take it home until it’s paid for.”

Wow! Yay! So by mid-afternoon, I had my life back. I was totally back to feeling like myself again.

And when I got home from work, I saw that my Mexican Sundance sunflowers were really just shooting up. I am so relieved that they are firmly past the shock of having been transplanted into the ground. I think they are going to be just gorgeous by late summer.

(And every time it rains and I have to put the bucket under the hole in the bathroom ceiling, I sigh and tell myself that one day there will be money again to fix the roof, and meanwhile, my sunflowers are loving all this rain!!)

In my fog of extreme anxiety yesterday, I forgot to post that my print copy of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup had arrived and I am so happy, gang. There are a couple of minor typos that I will fix and then re-upload to Amazon, but it just thrills me to have this specific book in print. (If you don’t know me as a fiction writer, I have probably 60 or 70 print books from over the last 33 years that I’ve either authored, edited, or contributed to, and sales of all of them combined, in all editions and in all languages, comes to hundreds of thousands of copies of books sold; but for some reason, this little guy makes me super-super happy!!) (And I’m also really happy to see that you guys are already purchasing it!! And the eBook, as well! So thank you!!)

Here is the front and back of it from Monday, as it sat on my kitchen counter, right out of the package:

Also, please remember that this novella is only 107 pages ($7.99 + shipping) and is absolutely for adults only and contains many, many passages of “questionable consent”. You can purchase it here.

Well. okay.

E l o n M* sk is on trial over his Solar City acquisition, and Zero Hedge is keeping an ongoing account of the trial. You can read it here. (There is no indication of whether this is a clone on trial or the actual human man.)

And I forgot to post yesterday that M * ch ael J * c o had a very interesting take on what was going on in Johannesburg and how it related to this ongoing summer on fire. (24 mins):

Other than that, I guess I will close this and post the videos from yesterday. And just move forward, gang.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!

[I leave you with one of my favorite summertime songs. Chad & Jeremy “A Summer Song”, 1964. Enjoy!!]


Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the chat between ju an o savin, gene d e c doe, and Ni ch ol as ven ia min (17 mins):

Below: Always good for a chuckle and a learning experience, too! Awaken with JP: This week’s propaganda and everything you need to be terrified of! (9 mins):

Below: Da vid N * no Ro d r i gu ez on fire! Also giving us hope just when we need it! (36 mins):

Below: UFO Man: Sighting over Lake Michigan (1 min):

Below: Coast to Coast AM: Latest findings in quantum computers and the Universe (29 mins):

Below: S* mon P * rkes chats with Billy Falcon, No Surrender! (33 mins):

Below: Nic h o las chats with Mel K — she is on fire, too! Awesome chat. (51 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news: a u d i t updates and a pep talk! (23 mins):

Below: Falcon’s CAFE: S R A survivor, Jean n e t e Ar ch er, outs P M ( 1 hr):

Below: Sheriff Mack on fire (16 mins):

Below: Both X * 2 R * ports, financial and political (14 mins; 53 mins):

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