Another Sunday Morning in Spike Pr*tein paradise!

Yes, I’ve still got the little fuckers. I am loaded with them. And even though they appear to be dead, how can they be dead, when I always still have so many of them??

I have no idea.

But Sunday is i v er me c tin day, so I happily had my little dose first thing this morning and on we go. I won’t say that I’ve “given up,” because I am still doing everything possible, 24/7, to keep them from taking over my brain, my ovaries, etc. But I have indeed sort of acquiesced to the idea that they will simply be a part of me for the rest of my time on the lovely blue/green Earth.

And so on we go.

First things first, today.

Amazon is now blocking the publication of the eBook version of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. I am trying to find out why. In the meantime, it is still available in print on Amazon. And as an eBook on

I am not going to give them an argument if they insist on blocking the eBook, because I’m done with all that censorship nonsense. I am hoping it’s just some weird glitch, but who knows.

It’s my “job,” while here on Earth, to write the books & stories. Whether or not they can be sold is not my job anymore. I am just so over so many things now.

Okay! Here I am this morning, gang!! 86 more hours until I turn 61!!

Oui! C’est moi!! No make-up, uncombed hair, summer PJs, chock full of spike proteins and so happy it’s Sunday morning!!

And in other good news!! Guess what??!! My Mexican Sundance Sunflowers are getting ready to bloom! I am astounded by this!! I thought they wouldn’t bloom until late summer. I will keep you posted. (And the hydrangea began blooming on Friday!)


I think we are still in that very unsettling arena where white hats are blasting us, worldwide, with the most insane stuff to try to get everyone, the world over, to fight back against the black hats. And some straggling black hats are still in the game, making life really fucking awful for a lot of people.

Trying to determine what is white hat insanity, and what is actual black hat stuff that we should be sort of alarmed by — that is the really tricky part, gang. Sometimes your guess is simply as good as mine.

L A is allegedly back under a m* sk mandate. But, according to J * co, L A County Sheriffs are refusing to enforce it. (36 mins):

And by the way: since they completely overhauled how you can use w or d p re s s, I have not been able to edit my “About” page. I am going to have to rebuild it from scratch and I don’t have time for that right now. However, Abstract Absurdity Productions is no longer based out of L A; it is now based out of Quebec City in Canada. We are nowhere near “back to work” with any of the film production stuff, but it has officially left L A and I don’t really care if I ever see L A again. But we’ll see…


There is some sort of weird quarantine involving people from Britain going to France (?), because the fully v a x ed are keeping the alleged C * vid cases really high. (This is either people sick & dying from the v a x and not from c* vid, or just plain bullshit on all fronts. Most likely, a whole lot of both.) (3 mins):

Truckers are protesting new l*ck d*wn mandates in Sydney, Australia (26 seconds):

And Ca na dians are also still having it really rough, even though restrictions there were struck down by the court, and a Crimes Against Humanity case has also been filed there (5 mins):

Dublin, Ireland protests (and some other intense stuff) (32 mins):

McAllister TV and Sarge take another look at e x ec utions, starlink, and all those go ver nors who were called to D C (was the much-detested rino Ohio gov one of the ones called? Allegedly 5 govs did not make a return trip home. Word is that the key 5 have been sent to some place like g it mo) (Think: worst States in e * ec t ion fr *ud and those are the govs alleged to be gone now.) (47 mins):


You’ve got to watch these two witnesses give testimony to Dr. Fuellmich for the upcoming Nuremburg 2.0 Crimes Against Humanity trials. One video is from back in March. Still, these people giving testimony are always riveting. The things they are experts at and the things they are doing to fight this tyranny is jaw-dropping:

First, German Concentration Camp survivor and medical activist, Vera Sharav (43 mins):

Next, American Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the few doctors telling it like it is on American TV: “At least 50K dead from fake v a x ” (48 mins):

And just a simple reminder from WWII:

This special X *2 R*port chat has gone viral. Only one weapon can bring down the whole corrupt system (41 mins):

Denise. Mel K, and Madyson chat (1 hr 17 mins):

Meanwhile, N*no is still uncommitted to Madyson’s intel, as well as to cir sten w’s. But he did do another chat with ju an o s av in yesterday (1 hr 20 mins ):

Tarot by Janine took a look at food shortages and Judges & Generals (15 mins):

UFO Man: Someone in Chile had a cool sighting (2 mins 22 secs):

And oddly enough, during last night’s UFO Man livestream, suddenly my Internet went out and I got a text from Spectrum (my carrier) saying that it was “estimated” to be out in my area until 12:02 am. Don’t you think the precise time estimate is really, really weird?? I thought so. (White hat satellite power outages, anyone??)

But I turned off the phone and just sort of laid there in bed in the dark. It was a cool and lovely, peaceful night, after a really rough day yesterday. (However! Today is the 3rd anniversary of when I met a man I really loved who changed my life completely and then died 2 months later… But he does still communicate with me from wherever he is now, so that’s comforting. And last night was no different. He was just suddenly “there,” and he was the one who reminded me — telepathically, in spirit — that we had met 3 years ago today. So I drifted off to sleep, listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Nobody’s Children, an album that he had once made me promise I would never listen to with anybody else…)

Anyway. UFO Man’s livestream from last night: Near death experiences, UFOs, ET contact with Barbara Jean Lindsey (1 hr):

And this was cool. Linked from code mon key z’s te le gr am channel. Hayo Pira Pyramid in Japan. Close encounters. I really want to see more footage from this! (8 mins):

And last but by no means least…

You know, sometimes when I’m doing my Inner Being Journaling in the very early morning at my kitchen table, some of the “Founding Fathers” come through, along with men who fought in the Revolutionary War. I do not get specific names, or even faces. It is just the telepathic voices, in a group, that start to fill my little notebook with encouraging words. They come through when I am feeling extremely exhausted (from this last year and a half specifically). (Not counting my years of hating the b * shes and despising o b a ma…)

When I am feeling at my lowest, both energy-wise and along with that feeling of despair, these voices come through and remind me that they had had it worse than I do and that they didn’t give up. Even though a lot of them were left with absolutely nothing by the end of the war. No family– children disbursed, wives dead; no money, fortunes ransacked; houses burned to the ground — nothing left. But they won, and we got our Independence and our Constitution.

Most of you know that my dedication to the [17] movement, and to this information gathering/chronicling, and to the fight to preserve the Constitution has cost me relationships with most of my family, and most of my professional colleagues, and most of my extremely Liberal friends. And the C * vid scam has left me, for now, in almost complete poverty. It has been an exhausting challenge, but the Constitution is, in my opinion, indescribably important. I could not have had the career I had if it weren’t for the Constitution, specifically that First Amendment.

Even though that career is sort of nebulous now and sort of “over,” the Constitution is still imperative for future generations. And I don’t really mind spending what’s left of my time on the blue/green Earth, winning this fight. (Although I hope this war is over before my actual life is…)

But, here is a cool book! From Coast to Coast AM, Suzanne Munson talks about channeling Thomas Jefferson for her popular new book, The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson. It was a really cool chat. (35 mins):

And with that, I am going to try to enjoy this beautiful Sunday!!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy your Sunday, too — wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

(From Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Nobody’s Children, “Waiting for Tonight.”)

Waiting for Tonight

I went walking down the Boulevard
Past the skateboards and the beggars
I was out looking in the windows
Just out walking, letting my mind roam
If she hung around too much I might take her for granted
But when I was away, she seemed an angel
The only one who really cared about me
The only one without an angle
For so long I’ve been lonely
Now I’m too weak to fight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

Yes and I had a little time to kill
As I crossed the parking lot
And I was feeling lucky to have a place to go
Yeah my nerves were feeling shot
For so long I’ve been weary
There was no end in sight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

Oh I’ve been waiting ’round
For a night like this
Yeah I felt it coming down
Since her first kiss

(Good night my love)

Yeah and I’m wrestling with my overcoat
Yeah I’m fighting with my thoughts
I’m gonna trust my intuition
I’m gonna hope I don’t get lost
For some time I’ve been lonely
I’ve been too weak to fight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

c – Tom Petty 1988

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