Warning: Do Not Get Out of bed Today!

All right, gang. Could the news be worse? (Yes, of course it could! In fact, just when you think it’s getting better, the news, indeed, gets worse…)

It’s official! Along with Springsteen, now the Foo Fighters suck. (Honestly, if you’re giving any of your money to any of these American musicians who are demanding you get v a x ed before you can see them in concert, you are out of your fucking mind) (30 secs):

Pray for these dead pilots, their families, the pilots who are still alive — and listen to what S t e w P e t er s has to say at the end, about “pilotless” aircraft and the agenda to wipe out pilots entirely. 5 more pilots dead, now it’s JetBlue’s turn (17 mins):

Okay. I do not know what the fuck “Nancy Drew” managed to get on video at the U S Ca pitol on Weds., but I’d sure like to know. What the fuck is this?? Watch the whole 9 mins. (9 mins):

Digital Warriors: The world is at its breaking point, the people push back (42 mins): (For whatever reason, I cannot embed this, click link)


Iran joins the revolution (1 min):

More people fight back in France, cops get attacked (1 min): (They won’t let me embed this one, either)


Here comes another l* ck d* wn in U K. More v a x es , please, we’ve got c * vid here!! (4 mins):

Oh, and just in case you forgot: here’s what c * vid looks like; yes! a computer sequence:

Just one of many c o ro na virus U S patents

Update with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (19 mins):

Interesting intel, watch it before it gets banned: J * co, p a trio t str eet fighter, cir sten w chat (1 hr):

UFO Man: Middle East; Wow, what was that? 3 fast UFOs as man videos strange lightning in sky ( 2 mins):

Tarot by Janine with Ashley: deep dive: is Robin Williams still alive? (16 mins):

Very interesting regarding pineal gland in humans and animals, also help with lucid dreaming (16 mins):

Awful shit is coming to U S. J * co (33 mins) and N*no (43 mins):

X *2 R*port: What happens when the public finds out the truth? Change is coming. (48 mins):

Okay, that is it for now, gang. I honestly got out of bed feeling chipper today — that was 7 hours ago…

Let’s still try to make it a good weekend, whatever comes our way, okay? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

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