To Poison, Harm & Kill

Yes, that’s how a former employee of p f * z er describes the purpose of the g r a ph en e- oxide-loaded bio we a p on, also lovingly referred to as “the v a c c in e”, to S t e w P e t ers. Watch this, folks, even though it will unnerve you. (25 mins):

The above video is mirrored from the S t e w P e t er s channel on r u mb le, which you can find here. I prefer embedding the mirrored version only because it’s easier for you guys to see at a glance what the video is about. Usually, embedding from r u m b le only gives a picture with no description. But please feel free to follow St e w P e t e rs directly on his r u m b le channel.

And here’s a handy update on that p f * z er m R N A that has permanently injured or outright killed hundreds of thousands of people in America alone. reported on t e l e g ram yesterday :

“JUST IN – Pf* zer now sees $33.5 billion in 2021 v a c c in e sales, up from $26 billion, and says a third dose of its C* VID ^^ 1 9 shot “strongly” boosts protection against the Delta variant.”

Yeah, well. I’m thinking not

But remember the recent German research study that concluded that dandelion leaf extract keeps the spike proteins from being able to adhere to ACE2 receptors? (This means they cannot adhere to your vital organs and begin causing damage.)

If you’re new to this blog, dandelion leaf extract is simple to make. Gather dandelion leaves from your yard, then dry them out in your oven, using the lowest oven setting. It takes about 15 minutes, depending on your oven. From that, you can make a tea. I keep the dried leaves in an airtight tin, lined with wax paper.

However, you can ONLY do this if you do not use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers on your yard.

From everything I’m hearing and seeing, gang, even when the rightful Ad mini str a tion is back, we are still going to have a terrible problem on our hands regarding this deadly v a x & spike proteins, not just for those people who have already gotten it and could likely die soon (including many children now and very young adults). But I’m speaking specifically about those of us who, for some weird convoluted reason, have a desire to not only keep living, but to also live a healthy life and did not get the v a x.

Anyway. All indications, worldwide, are that the va x ed are releasing within themselves the c * vid virus. They’re calling this the Delta variant. The v a x ed are generating it. And the very nature of a virus is that it is contagious. So between the coming flu season and the spike proteins being shed all around us, I would suggest gathering those dandelion leaves now, while they are still readily available, and have a good bunch of the dried extract on hand to last you through the flu season.

(You can, of course, buy dandelion leaf extract tea or tinctures! I’m just speaking from the POV of having a huge yard full of the leaves. Literally God-given, as it were. So it is effortless for me to make it at home.)

I’m not compensated by promoting this, but this is a really great organic tea company. Also keep in mind — you want dandelion leaf and not root.

I have no knowledge of this company at all, I’m just showing you what a tincture looks like, in case you don’t know what it is. You add it by the dropperful to water, juice, etc:

Also, on Wednesday, another research journal announced that natto, the fermented soybean dish from Japan, can also inhibit the C virus from infecting healthy cells. [The full article is here.]

Okay. Onward to an extremely important question: Who is this man??!!

Louis Sockalexis

Yes!! It’s Louis Sockalexis!

And why will we never remember his name again for as long as we live??

Because he was the first Native American to play professional baseball. And he played for the Cleveland Spiders. He played his last professional game in 1899. In 1901, the Cleveland team took on the name the Cleveland Indians, in honor of having had the first Native American pro-ball player on their team. (Wikipedia will tell you that this is now “disputed,” but Wikipedia will tell you a ton of stupid shit. )

Okay, here comes that pesky math stuff: 1901 to 2021 equals how many years?

Wow, that’s right!! 120 years! (and just by coincidence, that’s how old my house is!!).

Anyway, after 120 years of being known as the Cleveland Indians, the Leftists in my hometown have now decided it is racist to honor Native American baseball players, and so the name has been changed to the Cleveland Guardians…

Yeah, well, um — I guess we’ll just see.

And just for fun… who the hell are THESE guys??!!

Wow, right again!! (You guys are really good guessers today.) While we don’t know their actual names, we do know that they are some of my amazing ancestors, from the Blackfoot Indian Tribal Nation.

I sure hope that no one, anywhere, EVER, honors them in any way with anything whatsoever… not even a beloved baseball team in the city where I grew up, or anything like that.


Good Lion TV announces Part Two of the Murder of I s a a c K a p py. You can watch it on their site for a small fee.

And speaking of T o m h a nk s (in case you didn’t know who had K a p p y murdered, I just gave it away…K a p p y blew the whistle on H an k s and many other Hollywood bigwigs for being s a t a ni c pe do ph iles) T * m h a n ks has apparently been ex ec uted for Crimes Against Humanity at Diego Garcia. Okay, so, this conflicts with other stories — H an ks and his wife were both ex e c uted shortly after their alleged battle with c * vid in Australia last year; h an ks was awaiting mi l i t ary tribunal on Tiera Del Fuego. Now, he was allegedly arrested in Greece while out having dinner with Peter Scolari. Regardless, I think it is safe to say that the guy was unapologetically horrific and now he is dead. (4 mins):

Yesterday, Ch * r lie W * rd shared some of the reasons why it is so difficult to get M S M to cover the outcomes of the v * te a u d it findings regarding v * t e f r aud in 2 0 2 0 — it reveals that several foreign countries are guilty of Acts of War against the U S:

“Realise what’s happening.

The Globalist Governments of UK, Italy, France, Germany, NZ, Australia & Canada are on the brink of being exposed for acts of War against the United States.
[spying on sitting US President]
[falsifying Russian collusion]

How would a regime behave if they were about to be exposed, removed & prosecuted for extreme crimes against humanity?

Expect a desperate attempt to cover what is about to become public.
[watch the audit]
[fake terrorism]
US Military is the only way. ♣️

Apparently, in France, M a c ron’s own mi li t ary protection has quit and joined older Generals with power in the overall mi li tary there. (You know the Fr ench, gang. If that m a c r on does n’t give up soon & quit, the people will go in there and drag him out… won’t be pretty.)

This was Italy in WWII, but just sayin’…. remember this?? Mussolini and his mistress. Gone, baby, gone:

Benito Mussolini timeline | Timetoast timelines
The Man of the People

And still unbelievable floods and food shortages and really just awful crises in c h * na, gang. Just keep praying. Lots of people are dying there.

S * mon P * rkes is warning the U K that the p i ng de mic is forcing the food shortage in U K grocery stores. No one can leave home and go to work because their phones are pinging and telling them to self-isolate…

And still hearing: watch for st o ck mark et to crash….but I guess a new one will return swiftly in its place (?)

All righty. I guess that’s enough for now. Gonna do laundry. Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

Below: Monkey w e r x had some more very interesting movements to report yesterday (including an apparent a r r est that happened in Co lum bus, Ohio, and went to gitmo. We can only hope it’s our go v er nor.). Monkey w e r x is overloaded with air traffic tracking info now, gang. Must watch.(34 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at fake o b a m a birthday party (16 mins):

Below: Sad situation. V a x ed couple describe new perception of reality as gr a phene o xi de breaks their neural synapses and settles into their brains; SPAIN (2 mins):

Below: Again, sad situation. Two young v a x ed girls who now have permanent tremors find each other and become friends (54 seconds):

Below: Documented proof that f d a and c d c are knowingly murdering thousands of children. Must listen. (both are 7 mins; 2 parts of same interview):

Below: While police in Austria, France, and Italy are joining sides with protesters now, apparently that’s not happening yet in U K (53 secs):

Below: Young man discovers body of dead friend in real-time, after friend gets second j ab. Video rolls until firemen tell him to turn phone off (4 mins):

Below: A look at just about everything; very entertaining and informative. J * co and Tarot by Janine (58 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: prepare for zero day (56 mins):

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