Off the Charts Insane

All right, gang. The world is truly off-the-charts today.

I can’t really tell what is actually real right now. By that I mean — is it really this evil out there, or is this mostly extreme optics?

Especially in Sydney, Australia. What the fuck is going on over there? They are basically under some weird martial law now:

“Australia today used helicopters and the army to enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown, as thousands of police flooded Sydney city centre to enforce the rules and hand out $500 fines for those not wearing a mask. 

Sirens blared across the city and a draconian message was broadcast from the skies, as millions were told: ‘This is public health order —do not break rules —you will be found and fines issued.’ “

[full article is here] Plus both of these 8 minute videos:

Meanwhile, X 2 2 re port’s chat with Dr. McCullough explains in detail why any sort of “delta” variant would be the weakest virus of all, and exactly why m* sks don’t work (33 mins):

France seems to be making more progress than any country fighting out there. Ni ch olas ven iamin posted to his telelgram account:

“French hospital workers in Nice have decided to not give the vaccine any longer. The powder keg is about to blow worldwide. You can sense it.”

Also 18 seconds of protests earlier today in France:

Meanwhile, at work today, more than a few incredibly misguided customers were back to wearing m*sks again!! Even though:

“A precedent-setting study on natural immunity was published in Cell on July 14, 2021. The study finds that natural immunity to S* RS-C* V-2, the virus responsible for C* VID ^^ 1 9, is comprehensive and durable, with persisting antibody responses, robust memory B cell recognition and T cell immunity. ” [full article is here]

From co d e mon ke y z on te le gr am last evening:

“On August 11th, the US Govt is going to test its EBS system.

Julian Assange’s next court date is on August 11th.
The US Govt’s star witness against Assange recently admitted to fabricating his key accusation in exchange for immunity from pedophilia charges.
If Julian wins in court on the 11th, it is likely he will be released.

Events scheduled for Mid-August:

  • Maricopa Audit Results
  • Julian Assange court date where he could potentially be released
  • Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium
  • EBS System Test
  • Rumored “delta variant” lockdowns

Now do you understand the ramp-up in covid fear mongering?

Do not continue to focus on the covid fear mongering.
It is meant to distract you from the real events which are all converging on mid-August.”

I think that is great advice, gang. Wherever you live in the world, this focus on c* vid fear is trying to distract you from something else, something that is much more important.

On the home front — Q F S underway? A couple of my creditors are now telling me that they can remove all of my interest fees and late fees to try to help me pay back my credit card debt.

I still can’t afford it because the moratorium on my mortgage is now over and I have to start paying on my house again. However. It’s really interesting, don’t you think?

In other interesting news on the home front: Amazon has now informed me that “Half-Moon Bride” also violates their content policies and, after nearly one month of selling it, they have now banned it from their site. You can still buy it as an eBook on

It’s frustrating, gang, but I’m just trying to move forward and stay one step ahead of censorship.

All right.

So this was good! J * co and Mel K had a chat (59 mins):

Tarot by Janine and Ashely had a deep dive Friday on the weird AF Olympics (15 mins):

Awaken with JP hits all the social insanity right on the head (8 mins0:

Monkey W e r x tacks more and more and MORE planes doing nefarious stuff and/or heading to to g i tmo (31 mins):

UFO Man: 5 UFOs spotted over Louisville, Kentucky (not really that far from here!!) (2 mins):

And just a little while ago: J * co chatted with Laura E i s en h o wer (great intel! Don’t miss!) (1 hr):

I am looking forward to taking it easy tonight. It is just beautiful here and I have tomorrow off. I can’t wait to just chill later, turn off the lights, listen to the crickets AND the UFO Man Saturday night livestream!!! Tonight at 9 PM EST:

Okay, gang. Enjoy your Saturday — what’s left of it! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys . See ya!

2 thoughts on “Off the Charts Insane”

  1. Yeah, over here in Malaysia, I hear choppers flying overhead every day too. The only difference is that our cases are up to 17k daily. Ugh. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Be cautious about who you believe regarding “cases”. The tests are rigged and the vaccines are mostly infecting those who are already vaxed. Be sure to always do your own non mainstream research! It could save your life! 🙏❤️🙏

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