What the heck Was That?!

Wow, okay. So, last night, I re-listened to the video playback of P * triot street fighter’s Friday night chat with Negative 48, et al, and was able to fast-forward through some of the stuff I wasn’t that interested in the night before (a 3 hour chat, so I only have time for just so much, gang).

As I was anticipating, Negative 48 unleashed a sort of mesmerizing cavalcade of Gematria and phrases — over and over and over. Sort of hypnotic and it feels like it’s done on purpose, you know? To sort of drill it in and make the message get permanently imprinted in your brain.

The stuff about Jesus and J F K was unbelievable, gang. Basically, the whole second half of the chat was off the charts. And P a tr io t street fighter has now uploaded the video into 2 convenient parts. This is the part I’m talking about here (this stuff makes more sense if you are a [17] follower and a Tr **p supporter) (1 hr 38 mins):

Also, yesterday, Tarot by Janine focused on a really interesting part of one of the many things Negative 48 has to say: specifically that Tr **p is the biological son of G en e ral P att o n (Patton and his wife were both murdered by the C I A at the end of WWII). Tr **p was only a few months old when this happened and he was then adopted by the Tr **p family, and a lot of key things were put into place the moment this adoption occurred. (This would certainly explain that strange clip from the 1970 movie Patton, which Tr **p showed at the beginning of his rally in Alabama last Saturday — ironically, one day before he allegedly returned to power behind the scenes here in the U S, according to c ir st en w…) (17 mins):

Listen and decide for yourselves, gang, but I really, seriously believe something AMAZING is going on here, behind the scenes. More than we can even grasp right now. (And I am starting to actually believe that not only is J F K jr not dead, but neither is J F K.)

Okay, here in the U S Hurricane Ida is shaping up to be pretty powerful. You can follow live updates here:

And just for fun: This video killed me. I think I watched it 3 times. Awaken with JP, “America’s Favorite Left-Wing Coffee Company” (“de-caffeinate the police-blend”) (3 mins):

Also, just for fun. I used to LOVE this cartoon!! My older brother and I used to watch this “religiously”, back in the early 1960s in Cleveland. They did a remake of this in the 1990s (?), but all of its quirky charm was removed from it. WARNING: this little theme song will get stuck in your brain for HOURS (or a lifetime, as the case may be!!!) (1 min):

And in a sort of similar vein, UFO Man Saturday night livestream was extremely interesting. They chatted with Whitley Strieber, author of Communion and a well-known alien abduction experiencer. (1 hr 35 mins):

Okay. So here is some awesome footage of protesters in Milan, Italy, taking things into their own hands. World Alternative Media (11 mins):

And in the U K, British people take over their first public building using common law!! (It’s coming, gang! Brush up on common law if you want to have your eyes fully opened!) (15 mins):

Proud Boys go after an ti f a in C A (1 min) :

A look at how pink hair and the unbelievably sad state of public education in this country seem to go hand in hand (2 mins):

Another freedom rally in London yesterday (30 seconds):

Another freedom rally in Paris yesterday (25 seconds):

I also want to mention that those horrific photos from h i ll ar y’s emails are trending again, all over the place. If you haven’t seen them, please be cautioned: they are of babies and young girls tortured to death. The photos are taken during and after the torture. Your heart & brain will never un-see them. I won’t post them here. But you can search for h i l l ar y fr a z z l e drip on bitchute and you will find them.

It is horrible to look at these photos. But it is probably prudent to see for yourself what a monster she was. (Multiply her times o b a m a, big m ik e, po de st a, the royals, etc. — this is what we’re fighting for: To protect the children and infants, the world over, from this ever happening again.)

Okay, I’m going to quote from [17] The Storm Rider’s telegram page for a quick update on the important events, worldwide:

“NEWS: Quick reads
By [17]TSR

Massive internet outages reported in major cities across Russia this morning, – reason unknown. _Hurricane Ida: Preparations are underway along the Northern Gulf Coast ahead of landfall _Commanders inform B* den that an attack (in Afg ha nis tan) is highly likely in the next 24-36 hours.” _2 explosions being reported in K * bul could be a controlled explosion by US forces destroying equipment _Missouri: 47-victims-rescued-102-arrested-in-multi-state-human-trafficking-operation _Turkey and Qatar will jointly operate the #K * bul airport _15-million-mail-ballots-unaccounted-for-2020 El * cti on _Water along the Three Gorges Dam continues to rise at drastic rate the past 8 days _Hurricane #Ida is on the verge of strengthening to CATEGORY 5 as NOAA’s Hurricane Hunter aircraft just measured winds in excess of 150 mph. _Canada, population 37 million, only order 293 million c *vid va x doses? _Dr. Bryan Ardis exposes the truth behind C *VID ^^ 1 9 protocols – Brighteon.TV _Soldiers sue Pentagon over C* VID ^^ 1 9 v a x mandates _Australian town council sparks outrage after killing rescue dogs to prevent C *VID spread _Second D H S Whistle blo wer Says ‘Cultural War’ Taking Place Within Agency, Officials Incentivized To Admit As Many Migrants As Possible _Azorean Tatum: 16-year-old Tennessee kid collapses at school, dies days later after receiving Pf * zer m R N A… _Kelly Higgins: 31-year-old Ohio woman talked into Mo der na injection by her doctor, develops blood clots, myocarditis… _New Virus Attacks WhatsApp Users _The world is witnessing the collapsing Liberal Utilitarian paradigm – LifeSite _NY priest: ‘You’re under no obligation’ to receive abortion-tainted C* VID ^^^ 1 9 vaccinations “Socialist” Denmark Experiments With Freedom, Announces Removal of All C* vid ^^ 1 9 Restrictions”

He also adds that right now (Sunday, 9 AM), rockets have apparently hit a residential building in k a bu l.



S * mon P * rkes just released his Caribbean & South American update. It’s from a few days ago (1 hr 29 mins):

Episode 2 from Our Lives Matter: updates on adverse events & deaths from v a x es, worldwide (11 mins):

Unbelievable bill is pushed through in Australia on Wednesday: “Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021” -surveillance legislation amendment (5 mins):

Eric Clapton music video “This Has Gotta Stop” (Eric Clapton got his va x es and then had adverse reactions and went public about it in the U K) (4 mins):

And I will end with this happy and informative video from India: Indoor Plants that Produce Oxygen 24/7! (4 mins)

Meanwhile, enjoy your Sunday wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang! As always, stay alert, try not to panic, question everything. I love you guys. See ya!

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