Remain Skeptical For Now, Gang!

All righty. As you know, I have to get into the store early on Saturdays, but there was so much effing news last night and this morning, that I’m gonna try to post here before I scurry off to the next county!

First of all: U S truckers warning they are going to shut things down beginning Aug 31st, so get food, gas in car, maybe some bottled water?

This is in protest of the f d a/ pf * zer scam, mandatory v a xes, etc. Truckers are taking back the sovereignty of the human body and the country. (1 min):

As of yesterday morning, cir sten w was reporting that the “terrorists” in af gh ani stan are the c i a. ( is s is k). She constantly cautions to question the numbers of wounded and dead being released by pen t agon m s m because they cannot be trusted. (Could be more, could be less)

So what we have are t a l i ban — who are neither white nor black hats,. but in the middle. (cirst en w calls them “paid”triots, who are now demanding to get paid and paid and paid from the b * den regime) — taking their country back from d ** st* te c i a opium wars. And what’s left of the d**p st * te C I A is fighting back because they stand to lose everything! (43 mins):

I had been hearing from sources that the S E AL S are in af ghan i stan, so this next news did not really surprise me: retired special fo r ces are in a f ghan istan rescuing people and getting them out. (7 mins):

This was just beautiful. If you have seemingly brainwashed young people (teens & twenties) in your life, this could really help right now. Even if you don’t have them, listen anyway! She really nails it. Amazing Polly (46 mins):

Army doctor reveals that more U S soldiers are dying from the v a x than from C * vid. (2 mins):

Another au ss ie trucker: they’re going to take back their country! (1 min):

Various short updates from Restored Republic (33 mins):

Japanese Medical Association chairman allows use of i ver me c tin on all c * vid patients (English subtitles)(1 min):

Fighting back in Sheffield England: A beautiful noise!! (44 seconds):

All right, gang. Everyone — and I mean everyone — is expecting a serious stock market crash soon and is advising everyone to get their savings in local banks, and into precious metals, also certain cryptocurrencies. So if you’re still heavily invested in the market, consider getting out while the getting is good.

Okay, this next video — I was so excited about it. But when it finally came on, I only lasted 20 minutes before I turned it off and went in search of more intel and more news. I wanted to go back and listen after the show was over, so that I could fast-forward through the stuff that I feel is extremely “questionable.”

Most of you know that I have studied ancient Christianity for decades, and that I went to Divinity School and that I’m an ordained minister but that I was not going to get my own congregation based on my radical views of Jesus Christ.

I did not go to sleep at nights and have miraculous, revelatory dreams about the true nature of Christianity. I studied and studied and studied. So when Brice opened the first 20+ minutes of this chat with alleged secret knowledge of what the re-writing of ancient Christianity was really about and how it happened — well, it’s not a secret at all. The stuff about Constantine, I learned in a public school in Ohio in the 6th grade (1971-72).

Plus, she seemed to be purposely blurring the lines (or maybe she actually believes it) between Paganism and Satanism — which I think is a dangerous line to walk. And she left out HUGE early things like the influence of the Gnostics, and roles of Paul and the Herodians and the Romans, and James the brother of Jesus ( plus all of Jesus’s brothers), and the revolutionary influence of the Essenes within the Jesus Movement, plus everything that is now being uncovered and discussed about the various ossuaries and the Talpiot tombs. She leapt right from Jesus to Constantine (about 3 hundred years). So I had no patience for that. If that was the jumping off point for the next 3 hours of intel… well, hmmm.

Anyway. Here is the broadcast. I intend to listen to it later today, when I can fast-forward through stuff. Because all of the Negative 48 intel usually circles back to J F K, so I find that really, really interesting. (3 hrs):

All right. That said —

This was awesome! Negative 48, Miki Klann, Tom Nu m bers (1 hr 12 mins):

UFO Man Friday night livestream; the weekly update with a great announcement! (1 hr 28 mins):

X*2 r* port: something good will happen to this country (44 mins):

So that’s it for now, gang. S*mon P *rkes said yesterday that we need to expect more black swan events like what happened in A f g h ani st an. So just stay alert. Question everything. Try not to panic. Truth is coming to light all over the place. Prepare with food, gas, water, cash. And have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world!

I leave you with this. Play it loud, remember the joy of the past and get ready for the best that is coming and rejoice!! I love you guys. See ya!

Neil Diamond, “Beautiful Noise” (1976):

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