Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

Okay, gang. Here we are again. Obfuscation on all sides!

If you have been listening to any of the many videos featuring our beloved ju an o s a vin over the last couple of days, you are probably: a) thoroughly disgusted with everything that’s important to you in this movement; b) 100% certain now that r o be rt d a vi d s te el e was an evil man who was likely taken out by the white hats; and c) really wishing you could listen to Ne g a tive 4 8 all the fucking time!!


So. By yesterday, we had ge ne d e code assuring us RDS was alive. Ch* r lie w * rd assuring us RDS was alive. Even Tarot by Janine weighed in on Beyond Mystic with the cards, which said RDS was alive (and likely under ar r est at gitmo). We have already had several days of p * trio t str eet fighter basically saying nothing — always bringing the storyline back to the recent death of his own father. We have S * sha St *ne being so dismissive it was dumbfounding: “Divine geometry.” We had the true expressions of loss from Sean St *ne, N*no, Nicholas Ven iamin.

And then we had ju an o s a v in yesterday morning (or Tuesday night, really), trying to dismiss it all by adding his convoluted bullshit weirdness about double pneumonia and how intubation will then basically kill the patient and it happens to people all the time… (I am hugely paraphrasing.)

We saw that same thing with j u an and the pancaking apartment, surf side, in Miami, when he said “that kind of structural thing happens to buildings all the time, all over the world.”

Well, um. No.

But when he pipes in with that weird ass stuff, it can only mean the white hats are trying to get you to look in another direction.

So when ju an said that weirdness yesterday about double pneumonia and how basically everybody always dies from that intubation, etc., etc. It was so insane, out of left field and off-point, that it sounded like huge bells & whistles to me. And so I decided that it was likely true that white hats took RDS out in some way.

I didn’t follow RDS so I did not know any of the particulars with his career. What little I knew, did not resonate with me, so I steered clear of him. Although I did feel like those books he published online were incredible, though. For one thing, they really opened my eyes about the V at i c an.


If you listened to ch * rlie w*rd, Pryme Mini ster, Negative 48 and ju an last night, you probably now know the current version of the truth about RDS: that he was a bad guy who changed his tune and did some really good things at the end, re: bringing light to sa t anic child s * x tra ff icking, but that he “found Christ” the other day and then died.

So he’s either on gitmo for the rest of his life, or he’s already been exe c uted for past crimes.

Either way, I think Jesus would feel really warm & cuddly inside, knowing that “finding him” before you die is now synonymous with hidden ar r est s and/or possible e x e cu tions…

But I digress. Back to the aforementioned video…

Ju a n’s comments throughout were so maddening, that honestly, I was on the verge of leaving the movement altogether. So many lies and obfuscations on all sides now. Just mountains of it. Heaps of it. They are just piling it high now.

I realize it’s war and that its the Art of War and that it’s the art of encoding and of secrets and of playing chess. But I’m just really, really tired of it. It feels like any time you get close to something that might be actual news (or intel) right now, another good guy comes by with a huge pile of words to stamp out that train of thought entirely. (Small example: On a video with J*co, cir sten w, and g e ne d e c ode yesterday, cir sten releases some intel about “the 13th – 18th of September” and before she could say another word, J * co piped in with “I’m hearing this will all be done by the end of December. What do you hear, Gene?” And then it was sort of case closed; we never got to hear what cir sten’s intel was. And frankly, I’d rather know that something really interesting was happening in 2 weeks, rather than hearing that all this garbage is gonna drag on until the end of the year.) (I know it’s war; but can’t we get a little peanut now and then just for morale?)

And all of that digression is a round-about way of saying: How come ju an made every conceivable effort imaginable to cut off every single thing Ne g at ive 4 8 was trying to say in that video last night???

Methinks it’s curious, indeed!

For instance, when neg 4 8 was implying m i cha el j* ck son was still alive, ju an jumped in with the most amazing gobbledy-gook from the Bible that you’ve ever heard, and which was in no way related to m i cha el ja ck son at all. Dead or alive.

That happened every time Neg 4 8 tried to speak. So, that, to me spoke volumes and only made me want to hear Neg 4 8 a whole lot more.

And early on in the video, Neg 4 8 said “let’s face it, Joe’s shot,” which can be construed as “B* den’s mind is gone now; he’s played out.” But which probably really says that the real b * den has already been executed by a firing squad. Wouldn’t you rather listen to that then jump into some more weird non sequiturs about the Bible?

I know I would.

And at another point, Ne g 4 8 was once again going into that stuff about j f k, j e s us and a “resurrection” of sorts (meaning: j f k didn’t die in the hospital in Dallas, but was brought out of a coma 4 days later, and went into hiding and is still alive today.) At that point, ju an literally cut him off and jumped in with stuff about time zones and clocks and Big Ben and sundials… etc., etc., etc.

You decide, gang. Does that make any sense to you whatsoever?

I’ll tell you; I was really at that point where I was ready to just walk away from the movement, go back to what life I have left and just let it all play out around me and stop giving a shit. I get so tired of obfuscation and lies, on all sides. But then early this morning, at my kitchen table, I was doing my daily journaling with my Inner Being and the forefathers came through again, unexpectedly, and said, “We are all here. We understand your frustration. Infuse joy into the Message and it will help not only you but ALL .”

And so on we go, gang. On we go!

And here it is an absolutely stunning morning! Cool, sunny, full of hope. So I’m going to get started on the laundry and try to have a really beautiful day. You do the same, wherever you are in the world! (Perhaps minus the laundry part.)

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. Videos are below. See ya!

And don’t forget tonight, gang! Live in Poole, England! Nick Cave & Warren Ellis kick off the Carnage tour!


Below: You might want to listen to this and listen just below the message. A word to the wise is usually sufficient, gang. Does the G O P really respect women? (1 min):

Below: P atr io t str eet f igh ter and nich o las ven ia min (40 mins):

Below: 27 U S Air Force pilots resign over v ax ma nd ates. Awesome! Say goodbye to the d**p st*te a ir for ce… (3 mins):

Below: Ch * rlie W *rd, Juan o sa vin, Prym e Mi ni ster, Negative 48 (1 hr):

Below: J *co, gen e de code, cir sten w (1 hr):

Below: cir sten’s intel (40 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 (actual) news update (22 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” update in D C (5 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine and Jean-Claude; Beyond Mystic livestream (1 hr):

Below: David n * no ro d ri guez, the end of the beginning (36 mins):

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