let the Games Begin!!

Okay, gang. As near as I can tell, things are at long last beginning to look good!

Watch out for o p er a tion lon d on bridge, but get ready for them to finally announce that q u e e n e liz a beth is dead.

This death will sound like a sudden occurrence but she was allegedly e x e c ut ed quite a while ago. For months now, ch * r lie w * rd has said they would announce the qu e en ‘s death in September, and from intel I’m hearing that is still on track.

And once that is out of the way, make way for the return of d i a n a. (!!) Frankly, it won’t be a moment too soon, in my opinion.

Also, this week tr i bun als for 9 1 1 are supposed to be underway at gitmo. Press has been invited. And on 9 1 1 itself, something momentous is supposed to occur! Something really good. So we shall see!

I’m hearing the return of m * ch a el j * ck son is also imminent, so maybe that will be on 9 1 1 ?? Along, of course, with the announcement that j f k jr is still alive and working with Tr ***p. (And perhaps is now his V P? We shall see!!) And also the return of j f k himself. We shall just have to see, gang!

I am also hearing from several sources (cir sten w and others) that Tr **p was indeed re-instated as p r e s id ent in late August. Behind the scenes, though.

Also from Neg 4 8 (j f k jr) — John Lennon is also still alive. (?)

So this makes, John Lennon, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael. Apparently there are 900 well known political figures and entertainers thought to be dead who are still alive and in protective custody. That will be amazing to see.

And since Pry me M in i ster sent out that video about Neg 48 being j f k jr (along with a couple of other videos Neg 48 did recently where he basically said the same thing — but in the language of Gematria), it sounds like he is now just being very above board about being heavily involved on the Tr ***p train.

(And as an aside: I re-watched that documentary that I re-posted here yesterday: From JFK to 911: A Rich Man’s Trick. And if j f k is still alive, I just don’t see how they managed to save him. It is going to be very, very interesting to see what is revealed if, in fact, they did.) (And if you have not made time to watch that 3-hour documentary, you really, really should. It will open your eyes to everything that was planned and manipulated and carried out against us, from WWI to 9 1 1. You owe it to yourself to try to come to grips with all this. It will enrage you but ultimately empower you, and it will prepare you for the truly glorious days that are finally up ahead.)

S * mon P * rkes sent out announcements through the regional connecting consciousness groups that he is now ready for all of us to submit our suggestions on what could be improved in our areas and benefit the lives of people in our various regions. (Humanitarian projects.)

In my opinion, this is another formidable sign that things are at long last underway and moving forward.

If you have not yet read the document I posted to the blog late yesterday afternoon, please take a moment to read it. It is the starting gun, gang! We are to expect more documents to follow, sometime this week.

This is a very exciting time, gang. Finally.


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will resume their tour of Carnage tonight at 8PM in Stoke-on-Trent at the Regent Theatre, UK. Buy tickets here.

It looks pretty, doesn’t it?

BBC - Stoke & Staffordshire - Places - Photo history of Regent Theatre

And here is another shot from the concert Sunday night:

All righty!

So, there were 250,000 protesters in Amsterdam over the weekend, protesting the v a x pass port man date. Even the police had come over to the protesters side! (World Alternative Media, 49 mins):

This was a fantastic news update from last evening. Shari Raye, Digital Soldier. All you need to know in under half an hour! (25 mins):

And if you haven’t seen this little slip up, it’s very, very telling. It’s been circulating for a few days now. If you think white hats aren’t controlling these people, think again. (59 seconds):

This video below, of course, was fantastic. Please read the document I posted yesterday afternoon. Then this video will make you very excited. The line has been drawn now, so let the games begin! (35 mins):

Nich o l as v en ia min chatted with ge ne de c ode (1 hr):

“Nancy Drew” took a look at the Korean War Memorial in D C and the C a p i tol (both 4 mins):

P* trio t stre e t fighter also chatted with g e ne de code (2 hrs):

We have two more great roundtables with Neg 4 8, Tom Num bers, S*mon P * rk es, M iki k l a n, Pryme M in i ster, br ice, et al. (1 hr 36 mins) and (2 hrs):

X*2 r * port: message received! (44 mins):

Okay, gang. I’m leaving out a ton of stuff about the poisonous v a x es, about af g h a ni sta n and the continuing insane lock downs in a ustra lia (allegedly white hat clean-up ops but the cops have gotten out of control there, so hang in there everyone). And even though I am hearing a lot about the upcoming black swan event, stock market crash, and communications black out, in my opinion the vibrations overriding all of it have absolutely shifted, gang. They truly have. And so eyes on the next wave. It looks like it is finally going to take us out of the darkness.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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