Sorry, But It’s Still Looking Good, Gang!


So according to Ch * rlie W *r d and s *mon p * rkes, the world was full of dirty nuclear suitcase b o m bs, brought to us with kind regards by the d **p st * te, which have now all finally been collected and disarmed, the world over. And apparently that “white hat clean-up op” in a u str alia has been all about that –keeping people off the streets while finding those suitcase b o m b s. Which have now all been found. (?)

But in the meantime, their police force went almost entirely rogue, so I’m not sure how they’re going to clean that up. But the “permanent l* ck d*wn” being declared there probably has something to do with that: keep the people safe and off the streets and clear out the d**p st * te police force.

Before I forget — in case you didn’t catch it yesterday, Ne g 4 8 is also saying that John Denver is still alive. (I’d actually been wondering about that, lately — how he was all alone and flew his plane into a mountainside, etc, etc. Hmmm…)

I for one will be super happy about this, if he is still alive!!

And in that same Neg 4 8 roundtable (from my post yesterday), they discuss the different historical calendars. The Julian calendar that society used to use, and the Gregorian calendar in use today. And because of that difference, “9 1 1” can also be considered to be “9 2 4.”

This means that any great things we might be expecting to happen this Saturday, on 9 1 1, might not happen until 9 2 4… we shall see.

I still think that this Saturday is going to be a big day, gang, if only because 9 11 tri bu nals are happening at gitmo this week, and this Saturday is the 20th anniversary of when the B* sh and Cl * nton families blew up the twin towers and blamed it on “Muslim extremists” , stole all the gold and then enacted the Patriot Act to remove all our civil liberties.

N a z i game plan, anyone?!!

Learn the difference! (Oh wait!! There isn’t one!!):

Most Famous Leaders - List of Famous Leaders in History
George Bush
Former US president George Bush rushed to hospital over health fears - Daily Star
Adolph Hitler

All righty.

Another point of interest:

Brazil was off the charts yesterday with the largest protest that country has ever seen! (59 seconds):

B o l s a n o ro is absolutely loved by the people of Brazil! If you want to feel really good about something, you gotta watch this one, gang (4 mins):

And also… This went viral, so you likely already saw this, but in case you didn’t: a WI college football game on Saturday. Really joyful young people, no social distancing and not a m* sk in sight!! (2 mins):

It is SO GOOD to see so many happy people again. It’s been a while…


And my new favorite digital w arr io r to listen to while I drive, sh ar i ra y e. A really great, quick news update (20 mins):

The worldwide rally for freedom is Sept 18th: watch and find your time & location (2 mins):

Awaken with J P took on the m s m and how it tried to demonize j o e ro gan for getting cured from c * vid by use of i ver mec tin (10 mins):

And tonight, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be in Nottingham, at the Royal Concert Hall there, continuing their tour of Carnage. The doors open at 7:30pm, and you can buy tickets here.

Meanwhile, some photos from last night’s show in Stoke-on-Trent:

“Nancy Drew” took a quick look at the fe d er al re ser ve in D C (and in case you’re late to the table, the fed reserve was absorbed into the U S Tr eas ury, along with the I R S last year — it’s all smoke & mirrors, gang; it’s all a movie) (4 mins):

P * trio t str ee t fi gh t er chatted with the Medical Rebel, Dr. Lee m er r itt last night (apparently there is a scam dem ic going on…) (1 hr):

Day 4 of b*l l g * tes’ alleged tri bu nal continued (6 mins):

Ro se m ac g o wan admits having s e x with b * l l cl *n ton and perhaps getting pregnant (?) (4 mins):

World Alternative News: v a x p ass narrative is collapsing worldwide (30 mins):

X * 2 r * port: The tide has turned (48 mins):

Okay, gang. Thanks for visiting. Have a really great day, wherever you are in the world! I love you guys. See ya.

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