What in the World Is It?

Wow, so many dead Ken n ed ys, gang, and so little time!

Honestly, what is up with all this? Clearly it’s some sort of [17]-related plan. When you follow these sights on t e l e g ram, they are so carefully managed and controlled. I just love it. So much more interesting than the rest of all the (usually bad) news I have to absorb all day, every day.

You can follow a r a be ll a k en ne dy here: @A ra be lla Ke nn edy Q (last night, she posted this: “The Ken ne dy’s are back. We will bring the power back. The enormity of what is coming will shock the world.”)

You can follow j f k jr , too. https://t.me/JFK_Q

You can also follow di an a, she’s part of it: @Prin ces sDia naQ 17

You can follow carol yn bes set t e k en ne dy: @CarolynKennedyQ

You can follow p a tr ikc k en ne dy: @Pat rick Ke nn ed y777

Of course, you can follow ne g 4 8: https://t.me/Negative48channel

I even saw a living K en ne dy referenced on one of their posts today: Caroline posted a photo of her parents on their wedding day ( j ack ie and j f k).

If this isn’t some sort of agenda, gang, I don’t know what is. But it’s all [17]-related, gematria-related, and Tr **p-related, that is for certain.

And Tom Num bers is still in NYC. He has some footage of the T es la Science Center on Long Island, but also mentions that the New Yorker Hotel is a time machine!! (6 mins):

Ironically, the one and only time I was ever in the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, it was in 1981 and I was having an old-fashioned “assignation” in the afternoon with an Israeli I was dating back then, an extremely charming member of Mossad. (Yes, my past is often more colorful than even I can imagine! In my very early years in NYC, I found myself involved with Israeli spies, Soviet spies, and Chinese spies, Iranian dissidents and a Mafia hitman. And then I met and married my first husband, a very dignified man from Singapore…and then I turned 21!!)

Anyway. It would not surprise me a bit at this point if the New Yorker Hotel is, indeed, a time machine.

NYC ♥ NYC: The New Yorker Hotel

Okay, some sad news, but in a similar vein: a key witness in the Ne t an y a ho trial, and his wife, were killed in a plane crash in Greece…

“Former Israeli Communications Ministry deputy general H ai m Ge ron – a key witness in the corruption trial of Ben ja m* n Ne tan y ah u – and his wife have died after the plane he was flying crashed in Greece.

“Greek media claim a technical fault is the most likely cause for the single-engine aircraft’s disaster near the island of Samos, which didn’t claim any other victims.

“Ger on gave evidence in the former PM’s trial involving a multi-million dollar communications contract Ne tan ya h u allegedly illicitly facilitated in exchange for favorable media coverage.”

By the way, you can also follow the English te l e g ram channel for Dr. R ein er Fu ell mi ch: t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish

On another note, but one that feels very encouraging, suddenly s * mon p * rkes is communicating a lot with the regional connecting consciousness groups. It seems like there is a lot of “movement” going on with that. And all of the sudden, I’m seeing a mailing address for WV, and not the one in Hereford UK. Just interesting…

Okay, so after Tarot by Janine said that she would be stepping back from doing so many videos, I found her on three new ones yesterday! The one she did with ni ch o las ven i am in was my favorite. They discussed that recent dark web T r **p call.

What I found most interesting, is that apparently while the A Z au dit results were keeping the d **p st * te pre-occupied, all 50 States had their 20 20 vo tes audited and the results are in!! (Yes, Tr **p won.) So interesting, right? That maybe when the A Z results are finally announced, the other 49 States will be announced right along with it?? I guess we’ll see!!

She also has some very interesting things to say about when they will announce that the U K Royals are all dead. (27 mins):

Ni ch ol as also spoke with J * co about similar things (42 mins):

And I like this guy’s channel because he always thinks every successful female model or movie star is a man — and he has some really interesting physical points to make. Gets the wheels turning. This time, it’s Cindy Crawford (8 mins):

Okay, here’s that great video of Ro se mac G owan’s speech! I couldn’t embed it yesterday, but I found it somewhere else. You’ve gotta watch this! (10 mins):

Switzerland is protesting the v a x p ass (12 mins):

S t e w p e t er s and dr. j ane r u by warn you to STAY OUT of the hospitals! They are the new N a z i ovens! (17 mins):

Please, gang, stay home and take hy dro xy chloro quine (make it yourself!), i v er mec tin (here — each notch equals 50 pounds, round up!), N A C, Vitamin D3, zinc, pine needle tea!! Stay away from rem des iv ir and ventilators — they KILL. Hospital gets PAID.

Okay, on a personal note…

Some strange and happy stuff is going on with my mortgage, gang. They recently reamortized it, and it went down to a very, very friendly amount with something like 1% interest.

Then they said I might still be on a moratorium for my payments. I had to submit more documents.

Then I heard nothing else and I was getting concerned. So I called them yesterday and, oddly, they could find no trace of my mortgage. Nothing. At All. After 3 1/2 years of having it.

Then I got a letter from them in the mail yesterday, stating that I would be contacted soon, and that I would begin paying small monthly payments toward my property taxes and my home insurance, and that my mortgage was being reamortized. (Which they already did back in August.)

I will keep you posted, gang. But it is looking rather interesting, indeed!

Don’t forget! Tonight, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis will be in Oxford at the New Theatre, 8pm. Buy tickets here!!

Nick & Warren in Ipswich Sunday night

Okay. I gotta scoot!! Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy your Tuesday, wherever you re in the world! I love you guys. See ya!

X*2 R * port: lies about to be revealed (44 mins):

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