Sorry, Another Quick One!

I’m having trouble with the Internet connection again, so I have now run out of time to post here this morning.

I wanted to mention something I thought was interesting, though. On the j u an o sa vin chat with N * no, he mentioned that the te l e g ram channel for m c a fee was legit. I will go ahead and post the link here, in case you aren’t already following it. After tomorrow, it will become password protected:

Official Mc a fee

I was really surprised that ju an said the channel was legit. It is one of those channels that is connected to all the “dead kennedys” and to di ana a nd mi ch ael j a ck son and neg 4 8, so I never really think of those channels as “legit.” I do think they are somehow being scripted by [17] so I always read them.

Anyway. Something big is coming, gang. I sure don’t know what, but I’m guessing you can feel it, too. The news is oddly bad and yet not “news” at all. So it might not be a bad idea to follow yet another dead man on te l e g ram.


N*n o and j u an: something big is coming (1 hr):

Here, I am still sick. That makes either 8 days for the current weirdness going on in my ear canals and sinuses, but 7 months, if you’re counting how long I’ve been battling this garbage, in general.

I’m guessing that when the day comes that I am no longer surrounded by va xed people all day long, who are now starting to get really sick, I will no longer be fighting all this stuff.

Overall, though, I feel sort of fine. It just gets tiring. But boots to the ground, right? It is really rewarding to be able to help so many people all day long, that I don’t really mind it once I’m there.


In case you were curious, there is now a FIFTH erotic eBook on Amazon that has my name on it as the author but which is not written by me. And Amazon no longer even bothers to answer my emails, even though I am always professional and polite.

So Methinks something is surely up with that. But on we go.

I did receive the proof copy yesterday for the new print edition of The Guitar Hero Goes Home, from LULU. And they did a really great job. You can buy it direct from LULU, but I don’t think it’s available globally yet.

It is also available there as an eBook. ($2.99)

Tarot by Janine did an interesting reading on the global medical tyranny. (23 mins):

And Mike Adams did an interesting piece on a potential “hidden holocaust.” Although you also have to consider that the shortage of the work force could also be because the government is still paying people a whole lot of money to stay home. (But that is supposedly ending soon.) (1 hr 13 mins):

I thought this was really interesting & educational. It’s mirrored from Info wars ( 9 mins):

And of course Du r ham has finally released another indictment — this one for S u ss man. This makes 2 indictments in about the last 250 years… But one we go, gang.

Meanwhile, here is the X 2 2 r e po r t. D ur ham & A Z a u d it. (55 mins):

And don’t forget that Nick & Warren will be in Manchester UK tonight, but the show is sold out. (They have added 2 Paris shows for October 12 & 13, but the 12th is sold out, too.)

Anyway. I gotta scoot. And I have a zoom call tonight for the regional S * mon P * rkes thing again tonight. Hopefully it will be less political than it was last week. They were nitpicking the first GOD doc, and also Ch * r lie W * rd, so I removed myself from the call after 45 mins. I don’t have anytime for anything at all like that. My life is absolutely too damn full for negativity right now.

Okay. I will try to be more coherent tomorrow. Have a great Friday, gang, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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