Make A Joyful Noise??!

I’m hearing the C A B A L HAS SURRENDERED, GANG.

I was not able to post before work and I just got in, so I need to investigate it more.

“Nancy Drew” saw Tr **p and the Mrs at the W H yesterday (?) (1 min):

Shar i r aye had a great update. She has the details and also what to expect with Q F S this coming week:

I say, get your party hats ready and we will soon find out.

I’m going to withhold the other news I was planning to post today, until I can get a better idea about what is going on out there. But I am hearing that the E B S that was set to go today has been postponed as part of the terms of the su rr e n der.


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis performed at a sold out show in Manchester last night. They will return with the Carnage tour in Scotland on the 20th, at the Playhouse. Buy tickets here. There were so many GREAT photos last night. Here is but one!!

Okay, gang.

Eyes and ears open. And pray! I’ll be back when I know more. Otherwise, I’ll be back with the rest of the news….

Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

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