A Rainy October Saturday in the Hinterlands

I have been awake since 3am here and I spent most of that time just laying in bed, windows open, listening to a really gentle rainfall.

So beautiful.

And these are the things I was thinking about:

A.) Is John Lennon really still alive? If so, today is his 81st birthday. And I wondered if he’s written a bunch of music while he’s been someone else for the last 41 years.

B.) Has Paul McCartney really been dead since 1965? If so, I’d really like to know. I used to love Paul McCartney until I was about 10 years old, then I thought his music in the 1970s & onward totally sucked. I guess we’ll just see, right, gang?

C.) If I have $480 to my name right now and the total of bills due today come to $875, how do I make this work?

Okay. Well, I’m planning to make a big pot of split-pea soup today and also prep some more pine needles to have those ready for tea just in case — since all these va x ed people keep coming into the store and needing help. (I am finally spike-protein-free, after about 9 solid months of battling those fuckers, but who knows how long that will last….)

.And then maybe I’ll just have a nice sort of quiet day. I might even try to write something. Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace???

The “news”, in my opinion, is really just off-the-charts awful. And yet not really different at all. So I don’t have too much to post here. Feel free to check out Bitchute on your own, though, and peruse the onslaught of awfulness in all those videos.

Tonight, there’s a Tr **p rally in I A. You can probably watch it here.

Then tonight at 10pm EST, UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream:

News items that jumped out at me this morning: Huge Lebanon power outage. Missile attack against Saudi Arabia airport.

From S*mon P * rkes last evening:

“The route that looks most possible at this moment is the following; Biden calls a state of National Emergency, as war with China becomes closer, the military take over in America and the “administration” steps down. That is one way out of this situation, however I am aware of two others.”

He doesn’t mention the two others, which I think would be of interest…

Here is an excerpt from Restored Republic news update from October 8th. Good stuff. Listen! (13 mins):

Shari R aye update, Friday October 8th (30 mins):

When is it going to stop? W H O database shows over 2 MILLION adverse reactions to C*Vid fake va x (8 mins):


All righty. Well. That is kind of it for this morning. I hope you’re having a good weekend so far, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys! See ya.

And — Either “Happy Birthday” or “RIP”…

John Lennon A Cruel, Jealous Fiend, Says New Biography ...
John Lennon, October 9, 1940 — ???

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