We’re STILL Winning, Gang!

All righty! Wow, the news is off the charts, isn’t it?

It is hard to wade through all of it. Just so much chaos out there. And in my personal life — meaning, at the supplement/ health food store — more and more of our customers seem to be waking up as people are dying, literally, all around us from the v a x es, and remdesivir & the ventilators (usually all 3).

Honestly, sometimes I don’t know how I am living through this unbelievable reality — and basically all by myself. No one to talk it over with when I come home at night. I eat my strange superfood dinners all alone (“what’s for supper?” “the same: spirulina, moringa, arugala, medicinal mushroom powder, beetroot, raw garlic, ginger root, hemp seeds, etc., etc….”). My “best friends” are the voices of people like Dave at the X 22 Re p or t, or Zak at R*d P *l l 78, or Tarot by Janine, or UFO Man. All of my co-workers go home to large families, friends, loved ones they have lived with for decades. They even go on vacations and stuff. I have no idea what that means anymore. I am literally flat broke, and now my health is in constant flux because of all the customers I am exposed to day in and day out.

I am currently drinking 2 ounces of goldenseal in purified water, every hour, for the next 3 days to fight something else that found me. If you want to drink 2 ounces of the worst tasting stuff imaginable every hour, on the hour, even all night long, than goldenseal would be it!

Anyway. It could be worse and my many rescued feral cats are really healthy.

I truly marvel at the fact that I keep waking up each day (at about 3am now) and I keep just getting back to it. I don’t know how. And I am really looking forward to all this being over.

I have a pretty little wooden sign on my front porch, propped against the feet of my statue of St. Francis. It reads: “The Best is Yet to Come!”

I noticed that sign yesterday and it was like it was the first time I’d ever seen it! “Oh yeah,” I thought to myself. “Something really great is coming after all this horrible shit is finally over…”


As much as I love to watch these alleged tri bu nals from Real Raw News, this one was difficult. Only because I despise this man so much. What this monster got away with is an abomination. Thousands and thousands of New Yorkers needlessly and painfully died during a fake pan dem ic because of him. Even hanging him would not be good enough, but really, what is that saying, when the bottom line is that we can’t play God, no matter which side we’re on? What does that mean, “hanging him isn’t good enough”? He’ll be executed. He’ll go with God. All will be forgiven at that level, and he’ll start over again. Try harder not to be a greedy, murdering fiend the next time around.

Until Hi l l ar y and what she did in Benghazi, I never wanted to harm anyone. At all. But after Benghazi, and then the increasing atrocities she committed that came to light, I not only wanted to harm her, I wanted to bash her head in with a baseball bat, douse her in gasoline and then set her on fire, tie her to the back of some pickup truck and tear off into the sunset… Something like that, right? And usually I am someone who can’t even harm an ant or a spider.

It is so difficult for me emotionally to process hatred and rage, because these are emotions I have never felt, throughout my life, even while pretty horrible things have happened to me.

Earlier this year, when that whistle blower nurse from FL who had been relocated to NYC started to tell us what had really happened in the hospitals in NYC because of Cu o mo, I could not even process it. How a man could be so willfully evil, just for money.

So the one good thing that comes from this video below is that a lot of what C u o mo did is finally being explained to the masses. And allegedly he will hang for it — or already has. (12 mins):

A quick update from Amazing Polly in Can a d a: “Health Canada Punished Their Own Scientists Instead of Protecting the Public” (4 mins):

This kind of stuff is too real and too sad. It is hard to process how many people have been killed trying to find out the truth. But hopefully, it will ultimately not have been in vain.

Okay. Some images I found that I thought were of interest:

This is an idea worth considering–

I see a ton of these things but thought I would share this one:

And just a few more reminders of who your enemies are — oops! I mean were:

Cir sten w had this to say on her te le g ram, and I thought it was worth sharing:

“Artificial shortages to make people panic so they can put pressure on to let them have more money so they aren’t as threatened by Nesara. Cabal does not want to go down without chaos.”

I heard this mentioned on one of the updates last evening. I can’t remember who reported it, but I thought it was very important:

Regular aspirin can help cure you of C*vid and the flu. However, now C N N is urging people over 60 — people who usually take aspirin on a regular basis to avoid heart attacks — not to take aspirin anymore! Unbelievable.

From RT Intl: Some serious shit is going down in Beirut today:

“UPDATE: DEADLY clashes in Beirut WAR ZONE as Lebanese Army tanks deployed

“At least 4 people are dead and 20 more injured in the spiralling lethal violence in Beirut according to AFP amidst the allegedly Shiite Hezbollah-organized protests against the lead port blast investigator.

“The Army have asked citizens to evacuate the streets as they deploy forces and tanks, and explained they will continue to open fire on protesting gunmen.”


From the NY Post (I find this extremely interesting, gang — escape from D C?):

Tr**p organization reportedly close to selling D C hotel for over $370M [full article is here]

I sure hope this is true. I find it impossible to process that this is happening in the U S :

Fed judge calls for Justice Department civil rights probe on Jan 6 detainees’ treatment in DC jail” [full article here]

Again from cir st en w te l e g ram:

“the fifth member of the Alliance: Modi, Tr** p, Pu t i n, Xi : Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf

“He was the Iraqi Information Minister under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, acting as the spokesperson for the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and Saddam’s government.”

Yay!! Here we go!! This update from LauraAboli te le g ram:

Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell sues over Pentagon vaccine mandate
Pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is suing the Department of Defense, seeking to block the Pentagon from enforcing its C*VID ^^ 1 9 va c c ine mandate.” [full article here]

And in a similar vein — from [17] the Storm Rider:



Vaccine mandate: Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not complied as Pentagon deadlines near” [full article here]


And on a personal note — several years ago, when I was in Divinity School, they taught us not to trust Snopes when we were researching anything! Take a look!

CEO of Snopes suspended for plagiarism, lying to readers
The CEO and president of Snopes, the fact-checking website proclaiming itself the “internet’s definitive fact-checking resource,” is under fire for plagiarizing dozens of articles and lying to readers.” [full article here]


All righty, folks. I think I will end it here for today. I need to go downstairs and finish the laundry and try to enjoy the rest of my day!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


Short but very sweet update with Shari R aye: United Airlines Loses!!!! (8 mins):

Tarot by Janine took an interesting look at US, Canada, and Australia (20 mins):

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds released another video for the upcoming Vol.2 of B-Sides & Rarities. Warren & Nick with the Melbourne Symphony, “Push the Sky Away.” It is just beautiful! (5 mins):

And don’t forget, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be in Amsterdam for two nights, October 16th & 17th, at the Koninklijk Theater Carré. Tickets are still available for the 17th. Buy them here!

Nick, Warren, et al, in Paris last night

A great new frequency download from Source Directives: “AS THE SEED OF LIFE BLOOMS” (play near water, then drink the water to absorb the many frequencies) (5 mins):

P atr io t St reet fighter is on fire! Great short chat with Ni cho las Ven iamin (29 mins):



N*no has a great chat with John De Souza, former paranormal investigator for the F B I (52 mins):

On the Fringe: Great pep talk, all is coming to light (1 hr):

X* 2 R * port: Transparency and prosecution (45 MINS):

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