My Fellow Americans, The Storm is Looking Like it Might Actually be Pretty Close to Being Upon Us!!

Wow! The news is fucking awesome today, gang.

A lot of it is very detailed, involving numbers and such, so please watch the videos posted directly below if you want the complete Q F S, Nes a ra / ge sa ra updates.

It seems that the I r a q i din ar has finally been set — 4.71; Vietnam d o n g coming soon, expected somewhere around 2.00.

6 major corporations already involved in making the Medbeds, not counting the private industries, awaiting complete N e s ar a/ Ge s ar a funding.

Expect mar tial l aw everywhere within the next few weeks (?) but this is only making way for legal Con st i tu t ion and restored rights of people, worldwide.

Please get backup food and water! Although I’m hearing mi li t ary will be providing emergency food, but please plan ahead!

Sh ar i R a ye first update — must listen!! (20 mins):


Re stor ed Re p u blic: tons of info here (30 mins):

Sha ri R aye Second update (36 mins):


Gov. De S an t* s in FL, and other States on East Coast, are inviting all tankers to come to their ports and unload goods. Ships are being re-directed to Gulf & East Coasts.

Fake B*den’s fake E O mandating the fake vax is UP on Oct. 21st! Fake state of emergency will be OVER. No longer can “enforce” the fake v a x. I’m hearing to expect all hell to break loose due to that this week, extending until Nov 11th. (?) Stay safe and be prepared.

I, for one, couldn’t be happier!

I’m hearing that the weird “poison” shit they’re spraying in subways is actually H C Q. (If this makes sense to something going on where you live… ?)

I’m hearing that soldiers and First responders have taken over German hospitals and that doctors and nurses there who enforced the v a x are being arrested. So I’m guessing that all that hell breaking loose in Germany is a smoke screen hiding all of this (?) Ditto Italy (my guess). (And here in US soon, I hope.)

Expect all well-known entertainers and politicians thought to be dead to begin emerging back into the public eye, to help facilitate the TRUTH about the c a b al / d**p st* te finally being publicly revealed.

FYI: C o lin Po we ll was e xe cuted for his part in 9/11. He did not die from c*vid or the v ax. Other rumors are that he committed suicide, but I’m hearing he was taken out by mi li t ary tri bunal.

US citizens: Please visit Convention Of S t ates dot com and sign the petition:

“…bring power back to the states and the people, where it belongs. Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. shouldn’t be allowed to make sweeping decisions that impact millions of Americans. But right now, they do. So it all boils down to one question: Who do you think should decide what’s best for you and your family? You, or the feds? We’d vote for the American people every single time.”


I found this extremely interesting! From RT Intl yesterday afternoon:

“⚡️Russia to suspend work of its NATO mission from November 1 – Russian Foreign Minister

“Sergey Lavrov said the military alliance should turn to the Russian ambassador in Belgium if it wants to reach out for contact from next month onwards.

“The alliance’s information bureau in Moscow will also close down.”


I can’t wait for NA T O to disappear from the planet! Ditto the U N. (Oh, and ditto all the 3 letter agencies worldwide.)

From Gateway Pundit, Sunday. Watch the video interview, if you can stomach any more of this:

Archbishop Vigano: “Vaccine Victims are Sacrificed at the Altar of Moloch”

“Archbishop Vigano: It now seems clear to me that we are facing a siege on both the social and religious front. The so-called emergency pandemic has been utilized as a false pretext to impose the vaccination and Green pass in many nations of the world in a simultaneous and coordinated way… ” [full article & video here]

I’m guessing the Archbishop is a white hat getting the Catholics ready to face the sad facts about the exe c uted p o pe, etc. Maybe even the Rods of God perhaps obliterating the V a t i can. (?)


You can follow g e ne de c ode on te l e gram, where he does zoom Q&A’s worldwide and posts all his current videos.

Follow him here:

Some images that caught my eye!

N*no posted this from John DeSouza– the grey States are under tyranny. Notice that OHIO is grey???!!!

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis finish their Carnage tour in Belgium tonight & tomorrow (and after this, I hope they both go home and just stay safe for awhile!!!).

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis in Amsterdam Sunday night.

Oh, also, Cave Things announces a new project from Nick Cave, The Secret Life of Children — a mash-up art project ostensibly about his boyhood (?).

Okay, gang!! I gotta scoot. Please have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Stay safe, stay alert, get prepared. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

And, I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today! Still digging that Lyle Lovett CD from 1986. This time it’s the true zinger, in pure Lyle style: “God Will”. A gem and a classic!! (Keep it in mind when faced with yet another effing cheater who lies right to your effing face!!!!)(Happy happy, gang!) See ya.


“Nancy Drew” was in ecstasy in D C yesterday: BLACK HAWKS were everywhere!! (6 mins):

Binaural beats for God’s own frequency: people get ready!! (ongoing):

This was awesome!! “Al Bielek – The Philadelphia Experiment Detailed… Invisibility, Time Travel and Remote Viewing” (Sound quality is analogue so turn up your volume) (1 hr 19 mins):

Very sad, but it’s best to stay informed, gang: “Sabbatai Zevi, Sabbatean Frankism and Hollywood corruption” (8 mins):

Voice of Reason UK, 10 mins of something fun (10 mins):

Another sad one. Watch and share. Children dying from the v a x; parents uninformed. “THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT BROADCAST – SHARE IT ALL OVER AS THEY HAVE ME BLOCKED ON HERE ~ 19 OCT 2021” (4 mins):

Fully va xed are the ones dying in UK; public health charts explained “UK OFFICIAL DATA SEP 21: ‘INCONVENIENT TRUTH’… DEATHS 2 INJECTION ‘FULLY VAXXED’ 75%, UNVAXXED 20%” ( 2 mins):

R*d P *ll 78 news update: “FULLY VAXXED COLIN POWELL DEAD AT 84 – ANY QUESTIONS?” (20 mins):


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