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Summer On Fire

The U K is on fire, gang. Everyone is being asked to st * rm P ar lia ment on Monday July 19 and hold them accountable (5 mins):

As we speak, they are trying to v a x your kids without your permission (U K ) (56 mins):

Below: In Athens, Greece: thousands protesting July 14 against c * v id v a x mandates for teens (4 mins):

Meanwhile, In France yesterday — Bastille Day– there were protests all over. In Paris, it turned to a tear gas assault on protesters, and in Lyon, the protesters turned and attacked the police.

In Germany & Belgium, severe flooding. Now reporting that at least 60 people are missing, dozens dead, houses are collapsing.

From [17] The Storm Rider yesterday afternoon — more details on that meeting in Idaho. I don’t know how many of these people are actually still alive. I’m under the impression that every single one of them has already been a r es t ed if not already e x e c ut ed. This could be a G 7 type-thing on U S soil, this time. All white hat optics to fuck with everyone’s head?? But maybe not?


“Secret meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho..

C I A > R*thchild>VATICAN>
Rock efel ler>World Bank>Kazarian mafia
G*TES/Z*CKERB*RG/YT Wojcicki/Anderson Cooper/CNN,NBC,ABC,CBS,NPR, <HEADS/G**gle PIchai/c i a f b i <<heads//and around 200 Mainstream media directors from across the world all attended the secret Idaho gathering in Sun valley.

Aside from the daily spirit cooking and sacrifices to honor M* loch The God of Child ren s acri fices in the underground room known as the Light room (an homage onto Luc if erian Light)… The meetings consisteted of the Tech Giants which also included Anthony Faux chi and members from NIAIH CDC NIH WHO .
The main topics were/
; How to hide all the patents that pertain to S A R S/C* VID patents and v a x patents that are public knowledge.. That date back to early 2002_2004. 2007(v ax patent for current C* VID ^^ 1 9)
; Weather modifications and influence of climate change
: Climate Change and influence on Cover-ups of El * ctions
; Climate Change and influence on Covering-up current v a x DEATHS
: Climate Change and influence on current U S & M * itary operations taking place to arrest their world partners & coming seizures of companies and properties and assets (and a plan to avoid the M* litary)
; Climate Change in conjunction with Delta Variant to control population and cause civil unrest.
: Taking complete CONTROL of the internet/phones and creating the Strongest Censorship to label those who oppose the Climate/V ax /C * vid narration as EXTREMIST
And releasing the newest program to Cancel/data mine/effect financial online accounts of EXTREMIST

“Everything happening had to happen.. To catch them all inside the moments of the crime..
What you see across the world.. The riots. Explosions. The pushing of the V a x.. The civil unrest growing.. Is being created by the D ** p S t * te… These are their last moment of desperation to stay out of prison or death squadron executions that are coming in through the Nürnberger code and crimes Against humanity trials… This chaos we are seeing now in the World in July and next week’s is being permitted by the M* litary because all the mistakes are being made now in every country by the d ** p st * te. They are trying to cover their tracks but exposing all their elements and sleepers within their ranks.
The M * litary is positioned in 80% of the World now… Believe me Brother!! The HAMMER is coming!!…”

Summer on 🔥

Stay strong Patriots



In better news: Last evening, here in Ohio, the g o v signed into law the new bill that bans mandatory v a x for school children and university students.

Next, we need to ban mandatory va x es for everyone, state-wide — especially for healthcare workers. That bill is coming…

In unfortunate news: Oops! A second little black book for Ep st ein!! And C h ri s C u o m o’s wife’s name is in it?? There are allegedly 349 people listed in the 2nd black book that are not named in the first one.

The full article, with some of the names, is here.

Okay, some happier stuff, although not actually news:

A new happy t- shirt announced at Cave Things!

And, Nick Cave also sent out a new Red Hand File this morning, wherein he talks about (and quotes) a favorite poem of his by Stevie Smith, about hanging around for people who are in pain, rather than going off in your own direction (sweet oblivion). I’m not actually sure. But I think that’s what he’s saying. I’m guessing this has something to do with the remembrance of his son’s death this week. You can read it here.

And tiny news on my own life; I did indeed correct those minor typos on 1954 Powder Blue Pickup.

And last but not at all least, happy birthday to Val in Brooklyn!! Here she is with her younger brother, Greg, who was murdered by faux chi (meaning he was one of the many we lost to AIDS). All things considered, though, Happy Birthday, Valerie.

Okay, gang. I’m gonna go do laundry, then try to work on some of my own writing around here. Thanks for visiting. hang in there, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: R * d P* l l 7 8 news update; At least 50K dead in U S from v a x ; a u d it updates (17 mins):

Below: Undercover Dad finds proof that they are va x in g your kids ( St e w P e ter s) (22 mins):

Below: Ni ch ol as V en ia min and Jason [17] N C S W I C – BOOM! ( 26 mins):

Below: Super Soldier Talk with James Rink (2 hrs):

Below: UFO Man: airplane and 4 UFOs near miss? (1 min):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at c h * n a and R uss ia (19 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port : No deals, no place to hide (50 mins):

Do Mornings Ever Get This Beautiful?

Wow, it is a gorgeous morning here in Crazeysburg, gang. It truly is. I kinda wish I had nothing at all to do today and could just hang out here and look at how beautiful everything is…

But, onward.

Okay. I spent several hours on the new erotic short story yesterday (the gay-male story for the kind folks in Sweden, which is way past its promised delivery date — it’s titled “Soul Catcher,” btw), and all I managed to have on the page by the time the day was over were 4 extremely short sentences and the protagonist’s name.

I tried really hard to not let this continuing lack of progress depress me, but an undercurrent of frustration, disappointment, & a little despair, kept tagging along with me all evening.

To be fair, though, that a t t a ck on s u r f si d e yesterday really threw the energy of my day into a whole other arena, and then it became sort of clear that I really, really did not want to risk attending that Tr ***p rally up near Cleveland tomorrow. My [17]-following friend who is attending the rally with me disagrees completely and still wants to go. So she and I are still negotiating that.

However, after hearing a chat yesterday with M * chael J * co and David N*no ro d ri guez (hey, guess what? I can once again embed r u m b le videos on the blog — white hats to the rescue!!), and hearing J* co explain the similarities between how the tw in t ower s fell on 9 1 1 and how the multi-storied condo building collapsed yesterday in s u r f side (meaning: dire c ted e ne rgy wea pon at tack) — all my many PTSD anxiety thingies got triggered. (I had extreme trauma from that whole 9 1 1 thing and, in those days in general, living & working in NYC for a couple of decades by then, I suffered from an anxiety disorder and had constant panic attacks, with or without monumental towers collapsing around me.)

S u r f s i d e early yesterday morning; this is not simply “faulty architectural design.”

Anyway, those feelings got triggered yesterday and, even while I can understand that now more than ever, we need to publicly support Tr ***p, it is equally valid that both Ge n er al f l yn n and ju an o sa vin stressed just a couple days ago, that very intense stuff is coming to the U S. from June 26th onward, and we need to be vigilant and alert and avoid large gatherings….

They might be false flags, people, but the damage is real. (And this morning, J*co said that “things will now get very intense as the knock-out punch nears”.)

Anyway, so that’s how that is going, and below is that chat. It was really good. (51 mins):

On a cheerier note…

Cave Things announced yesterday that a new set of pencils are for sale! These feature quotes about flowers by Nick Cave!! So in lieu of perhaps having any actual flowers, these pretty pencils could suffice!! (£15.00 plus shipping). They pencils themselves are regular pencils — not colored pencils.

All right. So. The morning is once again flying by, so I gotta scoot!! Have a happy Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. Stay vigilant! I love you guys. See ya!

(Did you say stress release?! Yes I did! Back again, for your listening pleasure!!)


Below: Life in prison for our bonny Bill? Guilty of murder, rape, ped o ph il elia, and — allegedly — erectile dysfunction, which he cured with an addiction to a d r e n o c h r ome (5 mins):

Below: 3-step plan to beat bill # c 10 in C ana da ( 4mins):

Below: M * cha el J * co update: “things will now get very intense as the knock-out punch nears” (1 hr):

Below: This was extremely interesting, gang. Quantum internet, Starlink, Space Force and the near future explained and explored; Big t e ch out, m*litary in. Super Soldier Talk with James Rink (2 hrs):

Below: Psych Club with Tom Numbers, Brice, Tarot by Janine; they look at Tr***p & j f k, d i a na, witness protection. ( 1hr):

Below: Ni ch o las Ve ni amin chats with Alan F oun t ain (31 mins):

Below: X*2 R* port: Stay alert; if you see something, say something, a red line will be crossed (35 mins):

Ever Onward, Gang!

Wow, am I tired today. Just exhausted.

I’ve been hearing from multiple sources that there’s a ton of volatile stuff going on either astrologically or with the sun, or the upcoming eclipse, or with the Ascension stuff, or with the Schumann Resonances, or I’m not really sure what. But we’re supposed to expect huge mood and energy swings right now.

And I have to concur, gang.

And I can attest to the fact that I am also just off the charts exhausted today.

However, I have chores to do around here that must to be done because there are seven feral cats living here who always, always, always promise to keep their fur to themselves and yet I still find cat hair everywhere

And even though they swear that while I’m away at the store, they’re here vacuuming and dusting and just tidying up in general, I always come home and — I don’t know. I hate to be hyper-critical, since they’re just cats, but not only do things kind of look exactly the same as when I left, often it actually looks worse

So anyway. I gotta clean today and do laundry. And at least get some notes on paper for the new erotic short story to write and then turn in this weekend to the kind folks in Sweden.

Another thing I need to do is a little gardening! Digging dirt, moving it around, putting it back. Yes!

The owner of the health food store where I work brought in several Mexican Sundance sunflowers that are ready to be planted in the ground. I got three of them! They are each about a foot tall already, and they are very interactive. Just full of life. The three that came home with me were actually holding my hand at the store so I couldn’t bear to part with them.

At first. my co-workers were laughing at me when I said that the plants were holding my hand. But when my [17]-following co-worker friend tried it — she put the top of her hand under one of the leaves of the plant and the leaf actually curled around her hand and “held” it — she said, “Oh my gosh, this one actually likes me! I’m taking this one home!”

The owner looked at me like I was from Mars, but one thing I feel absolutely certain of, gang: Mars is not where I’m from. (I don’t know where I’m from, I only know that it’s not Mars.) (There are beings out there who are now trying hard to tell my where I’m from, but: a.) I’m not 100% sure that I want to know; b.) I can’t pronounce it anyway; and c.) I can’t spell it, either.)

Anyway, I’m super excited to have these three new living creatures here at my house and they need to be planted in the ground. Today, if possible, but it’s looking like it will rain. We’ll see.

Eventually they will each look like the photo below and will attract lots of butterflies! (Meaning that each of the three plants will expand like this one below.)

Tithonia, Sundance | Gardens | Mexican sunflower, Annual ...

Okay. Melancholy: The Little Book of Lost Gloves is now available for sale over at CaveThings.com. There is a regular book (£45.00) and a special edition book (£145.00) and in all honesty, I do not have a clue how the Special Edition works. It seems to involve geometry, trigonometry, and all sorts of higher math, but the Special Edition involves choosing one Polaroid from 100 Polaroid photos of lost gloves and then somehow it becomes limited to “10”. To ten “what,” I don’t know. I do not understand and I have no idea why that means it costs an additional £100.00. I feel certain I am totally missing the point on how this thing works, but I can’t afford it anyway so it doesn’t matter. However, if you’re good at math and can understand the instructions and want one of the books, the link is here!!

Also, the official Nick Cave site announced today that there are now lyric videos for Carnage on YouTube. I’m guessing this is in preparation for the upcoming release of Carnage on vinyl and on CD, and also the Q & A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis — all happening next Friday, June 18th.

Okay. Before I close this, I will post the following in the event it is of interest to you and you live in America. It comes with an official warning that this stuff could kill you, but there seem to be a lot of people who don’t think so and I’m just the messenger, gang. You are strongly cautioned.

$4.99 plus shipping; limit 100 per customer.

Okay. Have a nice Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Latest update from Simon Parkes. June is looking really good, gang. (38 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J* co update. He concurs: June is looking really good, assuming you’re “awake.” ( 12 mins):

Below: Nuremburg 2.0. If you’ve participated in the scam demic or fake vax, GAME OVER in a big way. (5 mins):

Below: David N * no Rod riguez update (23 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine reveals some uncomfortable stuff about B * t c oin (14 mins):

Below: Super sad. “The joys of being tracked.” Do we have to keep saying it? Don’t get the va x (50 seconds):

Below: Ni ch ol as ven ia min and Jason [17] (43 mins):

Below: Both X *2 R* ports from last night (financial: 19 mins; political: 46 mins):

None of the News that’s Fit to Print!

First, I want to update you on a video that I can’t figure out how to embed here on the blog.

If you follow King John Smarty on t e l e g ram, you already saw it last evening. A young woman is showing the document she just received in the mail, telling her to set up a cancer screening for herself.

She got both of her M o d er na fake vax shots ( m R N A) and now she is being told that more than 1500 women who received both mo d er na shots have developed cervical cancer, so she needs to go get herself checked out.

If you still think (or know anyone who thinks) that g a t e s and f a u ci and the whole mo der na m R NA scheme was not about depopulation, you really, really, really, seriously need to think again, folks.

This is yet another one of the horrific developments from g at e s long-range plan to depopulate the Earth.

And yet another successful c i a operation (aka: main stream media): convincing perfectly safe and healthy young people that they need a “v a c c ine” against a virus that is highly survivable and completely curable (without underlying health issues).

What troubles me most about this is that, even while men are suffering side-effects, too, and some are already finding themselves to be sterile from the vaxes and others have actually died — otherwise healthy young guys, dying from sudden heart attacks. It does seem like this m R N A is seriously going after young women. Fucking with their menstrual cycles and giving them blood clots. Causing pregnant women to miscarry. Or if they’ve already given birth but then get the vax, their breast milk gives their infants horrific things like meningitis, or liver failure, or outright kills their newborns.

And then, of course, sterility. (And now, cervical cancer.)

Ensuring depopulation at its source: Mom.

Are You My Mother? | Dr. Seuss Kids Book Subscription
Memories of childhood, when childhood actually happened, and birth was not immediately followed by death.

You know, people think I overreact to this stuff, or that I’m too sensitive. Um, seriously? In what world is this not an atrocity? Even if it had only happened to one woman before it was determined that the fake vax was “not safe.” But we are talking thousands of brainwashed women, all over the world, who are going through this type of horrific scenario.

We now know that in no way whatsoever are any of these fake vaxes “safe,” yet they are still being pushed onto brainwashed people. They are proudly walking right into the slaughterhouse — some, happily holding their newborns in their arms.

I don’t see any other way to respond but to overreact and be too sensitive.

[You can discover for yourself some of the reported side-effects and deaths that have happened in America from the fake vaxes at the c d c gov site. This link. Unfortunately, there are thousands of reports logged and it will make you sick to read through them, and these are only what gets reported. And it is only the U S.]

On a more empowering note. Last week, we were able to post that video about how to make hy dr o xy chlo ro qu ine at home. And, now, below, is an easy to follow 7 -minute video about how to make your own pine needle tea.

I want to stress that not all trees that we think of as “pine trees” or as “evergreens” are actual pine trees and their needles can be toxic. Use this link to be certain you are gathering pine needles that are safe for human consumption.

You will also need a metal spoon and a tempered glass jar with a lid.

(Don’t you find it interesting that our dearly departed h i l l ar y’s secret service code name was “Evergreen” and that the d **p st * te knew all along that pine needle oil was the antidote to spike proteins??? “Symbols will be their downfall.” hmmm.)

On other promising fronts — From the Gateway Pundit:

IT’S HAPPENING: Boris Ep sh te yn on The W* r Room: “The Freight Train of A* dits is FULL STEAM Across the Country!”

Former Tr*** p Chief Strategist Steve Ba n n on and The W * ar Ro om continue to lead the national news coverage on the 2020 el * ction fr * ud and investigations.

On Wednesday former Special Assistant to President T***p Boris Ep sh tey n told The W* r R oo m audience, “The freight train of a* dits is traveling across the country!”

[…] “this is the biggest political earthquake in the history of the United States of America!..”

[full article plus video is here]

On a Melancholy note:

Cave Things announces the upcoming Special Edition book: Melancholy: The Little Book of Lost Gloves by Nick Cave.

The above link will take you to a description of the book and how it works. You select from existing digital photos of lost gloves taken by Nick Cave (who I think but I am not certain is of Anunnaki heritage). I’m not 100% certain how the book actually works. Visit the link, where there are instructions. The price will be £145.00 (plus shipping).

Speaking of Anunnaki…

I have no idea who these beings are, but I grabbed the photo from te l e g ram yesterday because it, well, caught my eye:

Also. Another interesting photo, in that the statement was written by M * ch a el J * ck son and was posted by j f k jr. Two widely-known-to-be-dead people who don’t seem nearly as dead as they once were:

I also grabbed a pdf from Ni cho las Ven ia min’s te le g ram site last evening:

“Yellow Book The History of Aliens on Earth”

This book was allegedly written by the aliens (non-terrestrials) who have visited Earth, and was given to the U S government in 1964.

You can buy the eBook here, but I think if you hunt around, you can find the pdf for free.

Yellow Book: The History of the Aliens on Earth (Blue Planet Project) by [Gil Carlson]

Okay. I guess that is it for my updates today!! Laundry awaits…

Oh, before I go — here is my first organic herb harvest!! Mint and basil:

All righty, gang. Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world (or beyond). Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Michael J * co and Tarot by Janine do their weekly deep dive! Always fun. (58 mins):

Below: David N * no Rod rig uez: Iran update (26 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: M S M narratives tanking all over the place! (17 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update: More A * dits!! (17 mins):

Below: Nich o las Ven i a min and Kimberly Palm : The Bible and the C a b al. How imagery is used to manipulate us (49 mins):

Below: Mi ch olas Ve ni amin and Kat o clysmic: Portals, pineal gland, and past lives (49 mins):

Below: A super roundtable on M K ul tra mind contr ol with Mel K, Cathy O’ B r **n, and Ch * r lie W *rd (1 hr):

Below: X * 2 R* port (46 mins):

Holy McMoly, Does it Never Stop?

Just when you’re hoping that the end is just maybe, just possibly in sight, here comes more and more news to add to the chaos!

I took yesterday off, only because I posted kind of late in the day Sunday, and had caught up on the the news to that point. Well, yesterday was then just a sort of non-stop onslaught of more stuff. None of which made me feel what I would call “happy.”

First , though–

One thing I did find out today that made me feel hopeful — made me feel that a time could still be coming for all of us, wherein the world will sort of be back to normal:


Yes, that is correct! Some of the re-scheduled European shows for the much-cancelled Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds tour were announced early this morning!  For Summer 2022!! You can find ticket information here.

I, personally, cannot imagine ever traveling anywhere again. I am so shell-shocked  from the horrors of this past year — and now, include in that mix these millions of vaxed people out there who could maybe just sort of die horrible deaths all around us at any moment. (The public letter from guitar legend Eric Clapton made me so sad.  For whatever ill-advised reason he took both shots of the fake vax, and suffered “disastrous” side effects, including frightening paralysis — full article is here.)

Anyway, even though I own a whole brand new set of luggage, I get the impression I will never leave Crazeysburg again. And I don’t mean just Europe; I can’t even imagine going back to NYC or to LA, or to anywhere, ever again. It feels like the world outside Crazeysburg is such a horror show, that I can’t imagine trusting anyone, anywhere, ever (not including you, of course, gentle reader!!).

But that’s just me!! Please, feel free to go on with the rest of your lives!!

Okay, so the U S m * lit ar y has indicted the indescribably gracious & graceful l i z c h e ne  y for high crimes and misdemeanors, including tre a s on, involving an attempt to seriously rig the 2 0 20 e l e c tion in  W Y. So that outcome should be interesting to us all.  Next to A  O  C  , that woman has the most obnoxious mouth of anyone formerly at home on the now apparently utterly vacated Capitol Hill.

Next, now that the fake d  r  f a u ci has been utterly outed, it looks like the fake scam dem ic can come to a screeching halt, and that an indictment of premeditated murder could be looming in the fake d r f au  ci’s future (including in those charges of murder, his delightfully thoughtful gift of AIDS that he so selflessly delivered to us all in the 1980s.) (I, however, think he already received an indictment of sorts and is no longer with us, but that is just what I’ve heard from other sources. I was not personally invited to any sort of m * litary tr i bun al, or anything.)

And I’m not even sure that witnessing an e x e c u tion of that man could make me feel anything anymore.  My closest friend and ally, Val in Brooklyn — back in the 1980s, we lost so many friends, family members, colleagues to AIDS back in NYC in a remarkably short period of time.  That was what a true pandemic looked like — where everyone you knew was actually getting horribly ill and then dying.  Real numbers. Real people. Real horror. Every fucking day.

(And oddly enough, I was an anti-masker way back then, too. I volunteered with the Visiting Nurses of NY and since AIDS was brand new and no one understood it yet, we were all supposed to wear masks and gloves around the patients, but I refused to do it. I felt like it was an insult to them, degrading to them. They had already been sent home to die, in hospice care, by the time I would be assigned to them.  To me, it felt insulting to their humanity, to show up with all these contrived barriers against their last days on Earth.)

Anyway, even way back then, I was also a conspiracy theorist! I was certain that somehow the c  i  a or something along those lines,  was behind AIDS. I would read all the underground zines that I could get on the  c  i  a back then to try to figure out what was going on (and those zines actually had plenty to say). In those days, I used to talk to Val about it endlessly — because it didn’t make sense to us. Everyone we knew who was dead or dying from AIDS was a gay male. Why was that? And then, oh —  wait, the blacks in Africa have it now, too!

Really? So, not just millions of gay men all over the world but blacks in Africa have it, too, and basically no one else (yet)?

None of it made any sense. It felt like a targeted genocide.

So, having an answer to that huge awful question mark finally, is the only sense of “comfort” I would have from seeing d  r   f  a  u   c  i  finally go down.

And I’m guessing that if this fake vax horror show isn’t some sort of sick psy-op and can somehow be fixed once the c a  b a  l is truly taken down, then the true pandemic that is coming, from the millions of vaxed folks dying what we have been promised will be horrible deaths — well, I’m not sure I’m up for that. Are you?

So. As the Bishop Larry   G  a  i t er  s has been telling us for a year now — B   L   M practice witchcraft. They are not only dedicated M ar xi st s, but S a t a nists, as well.  (See video down below from We the People News of a different pastor explaining it.)

Also, from We the People News, a very old audio from yet another escapee-survivor child of the S a t a n i c cult. Circa 1970s.  And at one point, he makes mention of returning to “Columbus” and finally discovering what his childhood “witchcraft church” was really about.

Loyal readers of this lofty blog, as well as anyone who knows me at all, knows that I have always detested Columbus.  With every fiber of my being. All of my worst experiences of my life happened there. I do everything I can think of to avoid having to set foot in that city, when/if at all possible.

Well, when I heard the guy say that on the audio recording, it just hit too close to home.

I am still reeling from that interview J * co did with that Cult survivor on Sunday. I had a really hard time overcoming that interview. And she is not the first sex-trafficked, cult survivor I have heard interviewed, but for some reason, her details, her story, upset me profoundly. I can’t really let it go. Mostly, I guess, because she is my age and her childhood was happening when mine was– she should have been experiencing the best years of her life. but what really happened to her and the children around her, was almost too horrific for words. Torture, medical experiments, abuse and rape beyond comprehension. 

But she’d grown up in California, so at least there was that mental barrier against the reality of her childhood. However, this morning, hearing that guy say “Columbus” — it was just too close to home. I just cried. I was living (and growing up) in Columbus at that time. Even though his story had a good outcome, it was just too much for me. [See? I knew Columbus was a dreadful place!! — Ed.]

Well, anyway, the video for that is also below.

Plus, more and more weird stuff about the non-terrestrial agenda, and what is really up with  N A  S  A and the lies they tell. (A good friend of mine has been a geologist for N A  S  A  for a really long time, and I know he has studied the moon rocks. I know “we” have been to the moon, but it does indeed seem, from many accounts, especially g en e d e c ode, that the “initial” landing on the moon in 1969 was staged because there was too much already up there on the moon that they didn’t want us to see (yet). But still. How much of everything is a lie now? Who the fuck knows? And it does seem as though the younger generation of adults have been brainwashed into believing a very, very narrow idea of “scientific facts” and rabidly dispelling all others. Very convenient for them but sad for us.)

And YET!!!

There  is a lot to feel encouraged about, gang. I don’t want anyone to lose hope — we are on the right path here. Every single one of the Tr ****ps is still smiling — the whole family — and that speaks volumes!! (If I may mix some metaphors there.)

Good things are happening all around us.  The dark players are indeed going down, as videos below will point out.  I just think I’m going through one of those moments where all of it is getting to me again. But I will rally.


Cave Things announced more new stuff coming soon… This time, shit stuff for kids!! That will be very interesting, I’m sure!


And on that happy note, I’m outta here!! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya.


Below: We the People News : Cult sur vivor 1970s (45 mins):

Below: We the People News: More on b  l    m and witch c r af t ( 32 mins):

Below: Super Soldier survivors who are harassed by parasitic entities can get help. ( 22 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at N A S A ‘s lies (16 mins):

Below: Non-terrestrials and the human hybrid program –if you think that you’re reality gets dicey, well … ! (1 hr):

Below: An excellent chat between Ni ch o las V e n iamin and David Ma h o  ey (1 hr):

Below: R* d P * ll 7 8 News (30 mins):

Below: Great Monday Morning update with Ch * r lie W * rd and mel K (1 hr):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Another uplifting update! (38 mins):

Sunday in the Promised Land

Okay. I hope you guys had a nice Sunday.

Mine flew by.  It was such a pretty day today that I spent about an hour outside cleaning my car! (This is unheard of, btw. I’m not a car-cleaning kind of gal. But I do love my molten lava Honda Civic, and the bright sunshine was just highlighting how dusty she’d gotten!)

Anyway. My car looks blindingly shiny now.

Other than that, I tried to get caught up on a ton of video podcast thingies.  They are below. 

Please note that the video where M i chael J *co and Carmen St uder interview a survivor of a S at a n ic Cult family — it is extremely disturbing. It makes the Jessie C z e b* tar videos seem tame, by contrast. I honestly mean it. (And I find the Jessie Cz e b * ta r videos hard to take.) So proceed with caution.

The survivor is a 60-year-old woman now, and was taken into the cult at about age 2, her family is one of the royal cult families from Germany, originally. 

What she went through is somewhat reminiscent of a lot of the Super Soldier stories I’ve listened to — the ones who were taken into the Super Soldiers at age 3 or 4. Except that the Super Soldiers were off-planet, and involved n  a   zi s, c  i  a , and certain non-terrestrials, and it seems (from the interviews I’ve listened to) that those children were “somewhat” to  r  tur  ed in order to get their alters to leave their bodies and become sort of like “clones,” which could be used as more and more super soldiers. Not all the soldiers have memories of having been tor   tu  r ed.

The Sa  t  a n  ic cult happened right here on Earth,  in the States, and involved the N a z i s  from Pr o j ec t P a p er clip (and the very late and horrific G Bush SR was part of all this and was one of the worst child-ra   pe  rs of them all — I have heard this in interviews with a couple of survivors of the S a t a  n ic cult based here in the the U S), and the f r **  m &^% s ^^ ons, and certain Ros * c ru cians  and Lutheran churches were also involved. But anyway. The cult differs from the Super Soldiers in a lot of ways, the main one being that the cult was about worshiping S  a  t  an, of course, and about torturing and raping the children, in order to get the alter (if the children survived) available for more rape, for medical  experimentation, for L S D experimentation, for Sa   t a n i c rituals, etc. Just truly horrible stuff. So please listen at your own risk, okay?

The “sort of” good news is that it does seem like the cult (c a  b  al) has for the most part been taken down. For real.

Back in the late 90s, when I first launched Marilyn’s Room Inc. (the production company), I hired a writer to help write a script for an online movie we were producing — he was a journalist from LA originally. And he had written a great book that exposed a lot of unexpected things about the top tier CEOS of the entertainment companies, and it was actually foreshadowing all this stuff that is coming to light right now.  And back then, off the record, he told me this horrible story about w  a  l t  d  is ney being a terrible p e d o phil  e and about how his movies were filled with  p e  d p hil e symbolism, and I just found it so difficult to get my mind around it.  W  a   lt  d  si ney, right?

Now, of course, it’s all coming out to be exactly true and that it was even worse than he’d said.

(And also, back in the 80s, a good friend of mine was the significant other of a famous comedian, and she told me horror stories of things that had happened to girls in the Playboy Mansion in LA at the hands of b  i  l  l c os  by, and I just could not get my mind around that, either. He always seemed to be so politically responsible, so smart, funny, and nice, right? Also, from other friends who were movie actresses — sleaze stories about ha  r   vey w ei n s  t  i  en. So eventually, it all comes out in the wash, you know?)

Anyway. not all the videos today are so harrowing. Although I was a little disappointed in the ju an o  sa vin video that I had been so excited to listen to.  It’s very long, for one thing. And very technical, and very sobering. And not filled with a bunch of intel, like some of his chats have been earlier this year.  But I found that We the People News posted a 30-minute version of the interview with just the highlights, so I’m posting both versions below.

I also am including a very upbeat video from earlier today — tarot by Janine, that will make you feel good about where things are heading.

I personally am just so glad that these fucking m* sk mandates are finally biting the dust. Even though I don’t wear a m* sk, it is really, really stressful watching other people dutifully wear them — and force little children to wear them!!

Oh — and more good news about pine needle tea indeed being an anti-dote to spike proteins. But please be cautious if you plan to make it yourself!!  Some pine needles are toxic. And you must put the pine needles under intense water pressure (i.e., use an espresso machine) in order to get the necessary compounds into the tea. I think it’s much safer to buy pine needle tea from a reputable tea company. But I leave that up to you to decide.

And there is news on all fronts that the fake b* den and the fake k a ma la  will both be taken out soon, so that we can get closer to some semblance of reality at least here in the U S.  A lot still hinges on these State by State  v* te a ud its.

Oh, btw, I still did not do the investigations into the links my friend sent to me re: dogecoin, because I still cannot figure out what color hat that guy e  l on mu sk is wearing, gang! What the fuck side is he on?? And is he even real anymore??

Well, it’s not like we have any actual money to invest. But for now, we are sitting back, watching it all.

Oh! I forgot to mention the other day, that Cave Things announced that more of those dread tiles are coming soon!! I really want them!! They are cute, but I don’t see them yet on the web site. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, here is one of the new ones that was pictured in the email announcement:

Okay, gang. Enjoy your Sunday evening. I’m gonna go do some yoga now.

Try to stay encouraged. We are all going to get through this somehow. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: M i cha el J * co, Ca r men S t uder interview c  u  lt survivor. Caution is advised. (1 hr 23 mins):

Below: We the People News: J u an O  s a  vin highlights (31 mins):

below: Full interview nicho las ven i a min and ju an o s a vin. Not bad news, just sobering. (2 hrs 27 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: The current state of affairs. Good news. (22 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Good news, the tide is turning (49 mins):

Skyward, Christian Soldiers!!

Well, I won’t complain too much, because I’ve been blogging in my crazy code now for nearly one year, and just yesterday was my first day being s  h a  d  o w  b a  n  n  e d.

I’m hoping that, now that I’ve deleted the video that triggered it, my time in purgatory will be brief.

Yesterday was rough, gang. And today is getting off to an even worse start. But I’m planning to go take my revitalizing alfalfa bath the moment I post this to the blog!!

No, it is not revitalizing in any way. It is actually kind of creepy. But since I have no clue how to build my own electronic  ionizer capacitator to crash the A I operating system in the na no bot s,  and since I won’t go anywhere near any sort of medical facility whatsoever for any sort of assistance right now (not until the war is over),  I am sticking with the alfalfa.

If you’ve read my post about my bath on Sunday, you’ll know that it was truly creepy (I forgot to post about how both my hands immediately turned indigo blue the minute I put them in the bath water but then they instantly cleared up, but nowhere else on my body turned blue — what the fuck was that, right?).  And now, when  a stranger mentions to me that they’re “fully va  x  ed ” it’s all I can do to not want to immediately move six feet away from them.

I do not want to do that — I don’t want to become part of the “us vs. them” scenario, springing up all over the world now; between the fully v a x ed, with their dangerous little na no bots, eagerly seeking more and more body heat to burrow into,  and the un v a xed, of which I am one and plan to remain so.

And I refuse to stay barricaded in my house or anything, because that is exactly what they want this to lead to — no one out on the street. No one communicating. No one being alive anymore.

But I can see now that it is going to require a heck of a lot of alfalfa and then those ionic detox footbaths, too.  (And this is not counting all the internal protocols I’m taking, as well.) This is fucking insane.

Right now, I am also relying, sort of blindly, on the power of the Christ Consciousness Grid to create a sort of protective anti-spike-protein shield around me, whenever I come into contact with strangers  (which is always, when I’m at the store).

I have absolutely no clue if it works — I’m thinking it probably does not, or at the very least, it’s foolhardy — but frankly it is all I’ve got. 

Sometimes I feel this has gotten more sinister than I have the strength for. Yesterday, a woman was very upset, wanting advice on how to help her daughter.  The daughter had had a migraine for several days that wouldn’t quit. And it was accompanied by other bad things —  the emergency squad had to take her daughter to the hospital. 

I knew the daughter had not been v  a x ed, but I asked the woman if her daughter had been spending any  close time around someone who is fully v ax ed, and the  woman said, “Yes — why??

And then my whole body wants to give way. Because I know the hospital is not going to be able – or willing — to really help her daughter. 

When are they going to publicly admit that not only are the v a  x  es  killing people and causing horrific side effects, but they are also causing horrific side effects in un  v a  x  ed  young women, as well?

It is such an invisible demon — this spike pro tein. It’s not as though we can all walk around in the dark, with black lights attached to us, to try to find these little fuckers…

Anyway. I’m in a bad place today, but I’m working on it. I hope the day gets better.

Meanwhile, Cave Things has a new pocket angel available for pre-ordering. (£100 plus shipping.)

And Nick Cave also sent out a Red Hand File yesterday about the various ways you can handle  suffering. 

Okay. I’m outta here, folks. Here’s hoping you will be alerted that this rather dismal entry has been posted. Below are the videos from last night.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: M* ch a el J * co news update, more and more adverse vax reactions (45 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port (44 mins):

Below: Nich o las V en i amin and Jason [17] (41 mins):

Below: Dark Outpost: Is there a va x anti-dote? (1 hr):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News Brief (14 mins):

Below: We the People News update (38 mins):

Below: M * chael J * co and t ar ot by J an ine (Canada) G a t e s is dead (54 mins):

All the Fancies of Spring!!

Yeah, well. At least it’s sunny today and not snowing anymore, but it’s still a really chilly day here today.

Don’t forget — the fan-made videos over at Bad Seed TeeVee are still streaming live! There are some really amazing videos, gang. Be sure to stop over and check it out from time to time. They will make you happy. Make you feel quizzical. Break your heart. Make you smile.

And Nick cave sent out a lovely Red Hand File yesterday, in support of the 48-hour birthday event for Bad Seed Tee Vee. You can read it here.

And, as if that weren’t enough excitement — Cave Things today announced a new Warren Ellis-exploitation item that is now for sale! Yes, for only £22 plus shipping, you can purchase one fine bone china egg cup with a  simple drawing (by Nick Cave) of Warren’s face on it. (In American money, this is slightly over $30, plus shipping.) I feel this item has achieved it’s purpose of being purely exploitative (with a tiny bit of actual, functional use)!!


All righty.

Well, there are wars and rumors of wars all over the place today (i.e., r us s i a, uk r aine, U S). I’m not 100% sure that I’m too concerned. I know people are indeed dying all over the place — mostly here in America, it seems; from lone shooters and allegedly crazed cops.

In fact, Ohio got hit with one again yesterday. This time a cop allegedly shot and killed a 15 year-old girl.

This is all being done to try to persuade Americans to give up their 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. However, what I think it’s actually doing is making more and more Americans buy guns, and making us absolutely immune to feeling any emotions over these continuing shooting deaths.

A news item will suddenly pop up in the middle of the day: “Oh no, another shooting.” And every one will say, “Man, this is more shootings than in O b * m a ‘s a d min istr ation.”

It seems to be “backfiring”– no pun intended.

And something to be on the lookout for are the current photos of “m a x in e W at ers.” Compare them with what she used to look like and ask yourself if maybe she’s really on g i t mo now… I repeat, the r i ot s are real, but the entire G e o r ge Fl oy d thing was a psy op from start to finish, folks.

Do not cry for those guys; just don’t.

Also, what’s very curious, is that the person now playing M a x in e W a ter s in the press looks just like the current Al S h ar p ton, in a wig.

It is weirdly uncanny, gang. I guess all we can do now is check to see how often ma x ine and A l are out & about together… (If it weren’t so repugnant, it could be a hit TV sitcom from the 1960s.)

So, even though the fake A ng e la M er k * l (aka daughter of you know who — or sometimes known as “everything you always wanted to know about H it ler but were afraid to ask”) is trying to be friendly with r u ss ia and the pipe line; it sounds like the non-fake (but probably also fake) Ger ma ny has passed some sort of mandatory vax law that now unleashes the N ur em burg C o d e on the world. “Forced medical experiments” are crimes against humanity.

The fake but extremely dangerous vaxes are ex perimental medicine…

We will see where this all is heading, but I think we have a good idea.

Oh, and g ** gle was down this morning!! That makes t w * tt * r, g m ail, now g ** gle — having blackouts in the space of 2 days.

Also — REMEMBER!!! Be on guard against fake alien invasions!! Yes, apparently there are evil ETs out there. However, all intel indicates that ETs here are benevolent. The threat of invasion is D **p S t * t* garbage to frighten you. According to David N *no Ro driguez, even the KAR DA SH IANS are now seeing U F O s (!!). (I don’t have TV, so I am basing this on what he says below.) (10 mins.)

Okay. Enough. I’m gonna scoot and get down to some writing here today, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with the (unlikely) song that was in my head when I awoke at 3am this morning — from 1971, the theme from the legendary tear-jerker TV movie, Brian’s Song, “The Hands of Time.” As sung by Johnny Mathis. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!!

Brian’s Song (The Hands of Time)

If the hands of time
Were hands that I could hold
I’d keep them warm

And in my hands
They ‘d not turn cold

Hand in hand
We’d choose
The moments that should last

Timeless moments
That have no future
And no past

The summer
From the top of a swing
The comfort
In the sound of a lullaby

The innocence
Of leaves in the spring
But most of all
The moment when love first touched me

All the happy days
Would never learn to fly
Until the hands of time
Would choose to wave goodbye

© 1971 – Michel Legrand, Marilyn & Alan Bergman


Below: P a trio t str eet fighter Pt. 2 with B i shop L arry Ga iters. Off the charts once again!! Do not miss!! G e or ge f l oy d revealed and a ton of other stuff!! It moves to r umble do t com when it leaves YT ( 2 hrs 22 mins):

Below: Nich olas V en ia min chats with Jason [17]: More optics on fake flo yd trial and more (55 mins):

Below: Round table with several heavy hitters! Ch * rlie W *rd, Mel K, Daivd N *no Rodriguez, Simon P * r k* s (58 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News ( 15 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (42 mins):

A Foggy Tuesday Morning In Tomorow Land

I’m going to be brief today, gang. I have a lot to do before I leave. And I have to leave early because I got one of those dreaded notices from the post office yesterday: They tried to deliver a certified letter to me that requires a signature.

Obviously, somebody somewhere wants money from me….

Anyway. The news continues to be dire, all over. And yet the feeling of happiness and joy here persists. I know better things are coming, gang. I hope you feel it, too.

Yesterday morning, for some inexplicable reason, I suddenly decided to make my bed for the first time in about 16 months. Meaning that I got out the chenille bedspread and the throw pillows.  I had spent a good part of the weekend, dusting and also moving furniture and vacuuming under stuff for the first time since Christmas.  So maybe that is what prompted me to finally make my bed!

Regardless of what is really going on here, I am just feeling very, very happy and hopeful about Life. In spite of all things that point to the contrary.

The other day, with one of my unexpected  royalty checks (!!), I bought a pair of high frequency earrings from Holotech.biz. The kind I bought are now out of stock, but they are the gold ones in this photo:

The frequencies they contain are supposed to help with all sorts of brain functioning. Including:

Enhanced manifestation *Limitless neural-net ULTIMATE processing *Ginkgo biloba: short-term memory *Frequencies to merge brain hemisphere’s *DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), two types of omega-3 fatty acids. *Resveratrol: improve memory and brain function. *Phosphatidylserine: for preserving brain health, improve your thinking skills and memory. *Acetyl-L-carnitine: helpful for treating a loss of brain function in the elderly *Creatine: help’s improve memory and thinking skills in people who don’t eat meat.

I could not believe how beautiful these earrings are in real life.  They sparkle like crazy.  And they are just so well made. I can’t attest to the frequencies yet, but I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a really, really long time. It was sort of amazing.

(Holotech is run by an ET, King John Smarty. I follow him on t  e  l e  g ram and find the whole thing strange and amazing.  You don’t have to purchase jewelry to get the frequency benefits. He has tons of free downloadable holographs. And there are simply tons of extremely positive testimonies from people who use his holographs or who buy the various types of jewelry he offers.)

So this is my first step into the world of ETs on Earth, as far as I know.

Okay. Cave Things sent out an announcement this morning about a 7″ vinyl single  now for sale (£20, plus shipping). Nick Cave and Warren Ellis set to music a letter from Cynthia to the Red Hand Files back in 2018.

I remember her letter very well. It is not as sad as the title would make it seem. I’m guessing the song they’ve created about it is quite moving and beautiful. Obviously, I haven’t bought it so I don’t actually know. And my record player no longer works!! However, you can purchase it here. And then let me know what you think!!

Okay. I gotta scoot!!! Have a terrific Tuesday, gang, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: M ichael J * co chats about all things Venus. Don’t miss!! (1 hr 34 mins):

Below: P a trio t street f ighter . This moves to rumble dot com when it is removed from YT. (44 mins):

Below: R * d P * ll 7 8 News Shorts (2 below) (12 mins and 13 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (47 mins):

Wow! Another Happy Saturday is Upon Us!

Another glorious morning here in Crazeysburg! Birds are singing like mad and the sun is shining, the windows are open. The cats are HAPPY!!

First of all, did you guys happen to see that insane sunset the other evening? The one where it was a bright red ball sinking in the sky?? What was that?? I’ve never seen the sun so totally and brilliantly round, huge, and red. Awesome.

And last evening, we had a quick sprinkle of rain and then the most magnificent rainbow I’ve ever seen. Just like out of a movie, or something. The perfect rainbow. Perfect arch, perfect colors. It was so cool.

Okay!! So!!

A huge, great big THANK YOU to everyone who bought my new taboo erotica over at Black Lotus Books this first quarter!! My first royalty check with them came yesterday and I was really thrilled.  I really, really appreciate it, gang.

So far, there has only been one review posted on their online bookstore — for 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. And so I was feeling like no one was buying the new stuff at all. But I was — happily — completely wrong.

Very soon, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup will also be available in bookstores and in adult toy stores as a traditional paperback book. 

By the way, if you are willing to review either the novella 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and/or the (long) short story Half-Moon Bride, get in touch with me and I will get you complimentary review copies in eBook format. (But please be aware that these stories are “taboo erotica” — meaning that they push all sorts of boundaries and while they have my usual “happily ever after” endings, they are not for the faint of heart.) (If you visit the links there for the sale point for each book, you can read the brief synopses as well as excerpts.)

All righty.

So, I have been assured, even though I obviously can’t prove it because I’m just a gal in the Hinterlands of Ohio, but I have been assured by several sources that p  r  i n ce p h i lip was indeed exe c  tu ed last year for crimes against humanity, and that this idea that he died “peacefully in his sleep” is to make the whole thing more palatable for those who are still soundly and blissfully asleep.

So I’m really, really curious to see what eventually gets said about the q u e e n.  I have not heard that she was taken out, but I have been hearing for a long time now that she was at the very least ar  r e s ted. That all the n a z i – related mon archs are in fact gone now.

We shall see.

If you haven’t watched the documentary The Fall of the Cabal, which I finally remembered to post here last Monday morning, you seriously need to watch it. It is not only really well done, but it is easy to follow and to understand. The filmmaker included a short video clip from Y** T*be, which maybe you already saw, but it was taken by a tourist with her phone a couple summers ago, and it shows a naked young boy escaping by way of a bed sheet from out of a window on the top floor of Buckingham Palace. The boy eventually fell. And then there was narry a peep about it from the police, from the palace guards, etc. Nothing.  When questioned about it, when the tourists tried to get someone to help that boy, it turned out that the boy “didn’t exist.”

The documentary covers a lot of inter-related things that you need to know about, if you don’t already, but it does go into some sickening details about how certain European ro y als are directly connected to na z is and the horrific things they have done to ch ild ren in current times.

On a different note, I mentioned here the other day that on Tuesday nights now the P * trio t street fighter will be focusing on teaching us about the U S C on st itution. At some point, they stopped teaching the kids about the C on st itution in school, so there are these huge chunks of young Americans who have no clue what their rights really are, or how great this country really is — when it’s not being systematically deconstructed by Le  ft  ists. 

Well, now he has added something new to teach us about and I have to say I was completely bewildered by it: Canadian, Christ o ph er James, discussed the unlawful court systems of North America that are based on maritime law, or the law of the seas, and how true common law can defeat it.

The depths to which the d ** p st * te has removed our true liberties never ceases to amaze me, gang.  What they discussed on the video last night was just really unbelievable. Please check it out below. (And remember that it will eventually move to rum  b le dot com.)

Oh, I also thought I would share my own strategy for going m*sk-less in the event you are wanting to remove your m*sk but are still feeling intimidated.  You can try my method, but I don’t know that it will work in areas that are truly off-the-charts psychotic about wearing m*sks. I don’t live in that kind of place. Only a small percentage of people here have gotten psychotic about it (and most of them live in my beloved Granville, 25 miles from here, to where I will likely never return.  They are off the charts Kool Aid drinkers over there.)

Anyway. Here in Crazeysburg, m* sks are not a big issue. But in the next county over, where I shop, the stores are much more crowded. What I do when I go into a store that clearly says you have to wear a m*sk to shop there, is that I carry  my mask. I have it clearly in my hand, in plain sight at all times, so that if people notice it, they will think I either forgot and will put it on at any moment, or I am preoccupied and will put it on at any moment. Then, if I see that anyone near me is getting into derange-o m* sk mode, I begin muttering aloud to myself and I act sort of intense, so that I seem seriously unapproachable. And, voila, no one who is dutifully wearing a m*sk approaches me because they then think that I’m the one who’s a psychopath.

So far, it works.  It could work for you, too! Of course, I live somewhere where you’re not likely to get attacked or ar r ested or anything like that for not wearing a m* sk; you’re just going to get socially shunned, which is really different.

But we have got to stop wearing the m*aks, gang. We simply have to stop. So if it is at all frightening to you to be in public without one, try that approach or come up with something similar on your own.

What I do, personally, is I remind myself that for every m*sk-wearing man or woman who sees me without a m*sk — well, in spirit, I am helping another poor terrified Jew in n  a  z  i   g er  ma ny   who could not find the courage to not sew the fucking yellow star onto their own clothes.

The m*sks equal the yellow stars, gang. They really, really do. M*sk-wearers are heading to their own doom, so stop wearing one!!

I realize that na z i ger am ny is nearly a hundred years ago. But I believe that timelines can be fluid and that every positive action and positive thought can help shift the energy across past, present and future.

Whether or not you agree, you still have got to stop wearing the m*sk.  FEMA camps and concentration camps are not too far apart. If we don’t take a stand, eventually they will be coming for us.

On a lighter note! I forgot to mention this new Polaroid available for £100 (plus shipping) from Cave Things! It is appropriately titled “GOD”:

Okay. So. I gotta scoot. Enjoy your fantastic Saturday, wherever you are in the world, gang!! Thanks for visiting.  I love you guys. See ya!


Below: P * trio t street fighter and Chri st o pher James discuss common law (1 hr 46 mins):

Below: More super soldier, secret space program reveals with Michael J * co (1 hr 14 mins):

Below: Ni ch ol as V en ia min and Reece Oswald discuss some really amazing miracles (UK and Australia) (40 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Jason [17] connect the d **p st * te dots in the su e z c anal, princ e ph i lip, etc. (45 mins):