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My Fellow Americans, The Storm is Looking Like it Might Actually be Pretty Close to Being Upon Us!!

Wow! The news is fucking awesome today, gang.

A lot of it is very detailed, involving numbers and such, so please watch the videos posted directly below if you want the complete Q F S, Nes a ra / ge sa ra updates.

It seems that the I r a q i din ar has finally been set — 4.71; Vietnam d o n g coming soon, expected somewhere around 2.00.

6 major corporations already involved in making the Medbeds, not counting the private industries, awaiting complete N e s ar a/ Ge s ar a funding.

Expect mar tial l aw everywhere within the next few weeks (?) but this is only making way for legal Con st i tu t ion and restored rights of people, worldwide.

Please get backup food and water! Although I’m hearing mi li t ary will be providing emergency food, but please plan ahead!

Sh ar i R a ye first update — must listen!! (20 mins):


Re stor ed Re p u blic: tons of info here (30 mins):

Sha ri R aye Second update (36 mins):


Gov. De S an t* s in FL, and other States on East Coast, are inviting all tankers to come to their ports and unload goods. Ships are being re-directed to Gulf & East Coasts.

Fake B*den’s fake E O mandating the fake vax is UP on Oct. 21st! Fake state of emergency will be OVER. No longer can “enforce” the fake v a x. I’m hearing to expect all hell to break loose due to that this week, extending until Nov 11th. (?) Stay safe and be prepared.

I, for one, couldn’t be happier!

I’m hearing that the weird “poison” shit they’re spraying in subways is actually H C Q. (If this makes sense to something going on where you live… ?)

I’m hearing that soldiers and First responders have taken over German hospitals and that doctors and nurses there who enforced the v a x are being arrested. So I’m guessing that all that hell breaking loose in Germany is a smoke screen hiding all of this (?) Ditto Italy (my guess). (And here in US soon, I hope.)

Expect all well-known entertainers and politicians thought to be dead to begin emerging back into the public eye, to help facilitate the TRUTH about the c a b al / d**p st* te finally being publicly revealed.

FYI: C o lin Po we ll was e xe cuted for his part in 9/11. He did not die from c*vid or the v ax. Other rumors are that he committed suicide, but I’m hearing he was taken out by mi li t ary tri bunal.

US citizens: Please visit Convention Of S t ates dot com and sign the petition:

“…bring power back to the states and the people, where it belongs. Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. shouldn’t be allowed to make sweeping decisions that impact millions of Americans. But right now, they do. So it all boils down to one question: Who do you think should decide what’s best for you and your family? You, or the feds? We’d vote for the American people every single time.”


I found this extremely interesting! From RT Intl yesterday afternoon:

“⚡️Russia to suspend work of its NATO mission from November 1 – Russian Foreign Minister

“Sergey Lavrov said the military alliance should turn to the Russian ambassador in Belgium if it wants to reach out for contact from next month onwards.

“The alliance’s information bureau in Moscow will also close down.”


I can’t wait for NA T O to disappear from the planet! Ditto the U N. (Oh, and ditto all the 3 letter agencies worldwide.)

From Gateway Pundit, Sunday. Watch the video interview, if you can stomach any more of this:

Archbishop Vigano: “Vaccine Victims are Sacrificed at the Altar of Moloch”

“Archbishop Vigano: It now seems clear to me that we are facing a siege on both the social and religious front. The so-called emergency pandemic has been utilized as a false pretext to impose the vaccination and Green pass in many nations of the world in a simultaneous and coordinated way… ” [full article & video here]

I’m guessing the Archbishop is a white hat getting the Catholics ready to face the sad facts about the exe c uted p o pe, etc. Maybe even the Rods of God perhaps obliterating the V a t i can. (?)


You can follow g e ne de c ode on te l e gram, where he does zoom Q&A’s worldwide and posts all his current videos.

Follow him here: https://t.me/RealGeneDecode

Some images that caught my eye!

N*no posted this from John DeSouza– the grey States are under tyranny. Notice that OHIO is grey???!!!

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis finish their Carnage tour in Belgium tonight & tomorrow (and after this, I hope they both go home and just stay safe for awhile!!!).

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis in Amsterdam Sunday night.

Oh, also, Cave Things announces a new project from Nick Cave, The Secret Life of Children — a mash-up art project ostensibly about his boyhood (?).

Okay, gang!! I gotta scoot. Please have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Stay safe, stay alert, get prepared. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

And, I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today! Still digging that Lyle Lovett CD from 1986. This time it’s the true zinger, in pure Lyle style: “God Will”. A gem and a classic!! (Keep it in mind when faced with yet another effing cheater who lies right to your effing face!!!!)(Happy happy, gang!) See ya.


“Nancy Drew” was in ecstasy in D C yesterday: BLACK HAWKS were everywhere!! (6 mins):

Binaural beats for God’s own frequency: people get ready!! (ongoing):

This was awesome!! “Al Bielek – The Philadelphia Experiment Detailed… Invisibility, Time Travel and Remote Viewing” (Sound quality is analogue so turn up your volume) (1 hr 19 mins):

Very sad, but it’s best to stay informed, gang: “Sabbatai Zevi, Sabbatean Frankism and Hollywood corruption” (8 mins):

Voice of Reason UK, 10 mins of something fun (10 mins):

Another sad one. Watch and share. Children dying from the v a x; parents uninformed. “THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT BROADCAST – SHARE IT ALL OVER AS THEY HAVE ME BLOCKED ON HERE ~ 19 OCT 2021” (4 mins):

Fully va xed are the ones dying in UK; public health charts explained “UK OFFICIAL DATA SEP 21: ‘INCONVENIENT TRUTH’… DEATHS 2 INJECTION ‘FULLY VAXXED’ 75%, UNVAXXED 20%” ( 2 mins):

R*d P *ll 78 news update: “FULLY VAXXED COLIN POWELL DEAD AT 84 – ANY QUESTIONS?” (20 mins):


We’re Still Here, Gang!

The truly sad news, of course, is that the fake B *den was out and about again, so this means he’s still not dead. Yet.

In better news….

S*mon P*rkes had another quick update yesterday morning. I tried to post it before leaving for work but my Internet was down (??!!) Here it is now, though (31 mins):

He also had two quick posts this morning:

“Facebook to reinstate President Tr** p’s account. Not sure if it will be fully functioning.”

“BBC running end of the world stories, now headlining that the end of the world is coming because the Moon is leaving Earth orbit. At the very end of the article it finally says that this will occur in 1 billion years time. So here in U.K. plenty of time to put that final cup of tea on!”


This was a great chat. It’s from either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Ge ne de c ode says what S * mon P * rkes said re: how and why social media blackout occurred.

But what G en e says about how the cabal mind & emotions work was really fascinating. Listen carefully because it explains why we think of life the way we do, how we got programmed over centuries, and why it is going to get a lot better really, really soon. (43 mins):

Okay. Here are just some quick news updates that I found interesting. All links take you to the news post:

From M c a fee te le g ram:


With that being said I am pleased to Announce that McAfee Intel
have joined Forces with Team Telegram to Protect this Platform at all Costs
Until [[45]] Returns:






John McAfee.”

It was followed by a great little video clip about how online hacking works, especially through porn sites. Maybe you already saw this video, but I thought it was really great. You have to click this link. Cannot embed. Very informative.


From Whiplash347. All of these people have stepped down:

Exclusive: Collingwood president Mark Korda steps down after rocky stint since replacing Eddie McGuire
Exclusive: Collingwood president steps down as off-field turmoil continues…[…]”

Mathieson Jr steps down as hotel CEO for Endeavour (ASX:EDV)
06 Sep 2021 – The son of investment billionaire Bruce Mathieson has announced he will step down from his role as CEO for Endeavour’s (ASX:EDV) hotel division. The Woolworths-owned alcohol.[…]”

Controversial New York police union head steps down after FBI raid […]”

However, red.pill.pharmacist added this:

“I know this was posted earlier in the day, but wanted to reshare because this dude just got arrested.

Do we really believe it’s a coincidence that a Q supporter in his position is being harassed to no end?


Y’all remember the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association President seen on Fox with a Q Coffee Cup behind him?”

This link shows Ed Mullins on camera with a [Q] coffee cup behind him.


Back to Whiplash347:

“Rais Hussin steps down as MDEC chairman
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 6): Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) chairman Datuk Dr Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff has resigned from his position.”


Here’s some good news!

From disclose.tv:

“JUST IN – First state court in Germany, the Bavarian Administrative Court, declares 2020 pandemic curfews retroactively unconstitutional.”

From RT Intl:

“EVERGRANDE CRISIS: Second Chinese Real Estate Developer DEFAULTS on $206MN Bond

Fresh on the heels of Evergrande’s debt disaster, another Chinese luxury developer has failed to make a massive bond payment, ramping up fears the property crisis could spill out into the global economy.

Fantasia Holdings did not repay the principal amount of $206MN that matured on Monday, it said in a filing to the Hong Kong exchange – while another developer Sinic had its credit score slashed, a sign that a default is imminent.

The real estate sector in China accounts for as much as 15% of the Asian giant’s GDP, according to analyst estimates. (CNBC)”

Also from RT Intl — lots of people found this alarming:

“Google’s AI Unit DeepMind Makes First Ever Profit (Report)

The London-based research firm recorded a profit of almost $60mn in 2020 after posting losses of hundreds of millions for the last several years.

Turnover at the company more than tripled from just £265.5 million in 2019 to £826.2 million in 2020, according to a filing with UK’s Companies House, published Tuesday.

DeepMind, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet, did not provide a specific reason for the revenue jump – the firm doesn’t sell products directly to consumers.”

Also this:

“India’s War on Gaming – Apps BLOCK Access After State BANS Online “Games of Chance” (Report)

India’s Silicon Valley state, Kamataka, has banned online games involving betting and wagering. Blocks have already been imposed to prevent people “risking money” on “unknown events or games of skill.”

The latest ban has spiked fears that regulations could hit the surging gaming sector in India, where foreign companies have pumped in millions of dollars in recent months.

Kamataka follows Telangala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to ban such online games, the states thought to make up 20% of the total gaming business for companies. (Reuters)

The chief executive of the All India Gaming Federation said “the industry will challenge this in court and seek legal recourse.”

And then this (all from RT Intl):

“Entirety of Twitch” LEAKED: Streaming Service Left Wide Open Following Breach (Report)

An anonymous hacker on the 4chan messaging board claims to have leaked the entirety of Twitch online, including its source code and user payout information. (Video Games Chronicle)

The data breach is believed to have been obtained as recently as Monday and has been released as a 125GB torrent labelled as “part one.”

The leak reportedly contains the following:

▪️3 years’ worth of details regarding creator payouts on Twitch
▪️The entirety of twitch.tv – with comment history “going back to its early years”
▪️Source code for the mobile, desktop, and video game console Twitch clients
▪️An unreleased Steam competitor, codenamed Vapor from Amazon Game Studios
▪️Data on other Twitch properties like IGDB and CurseForge
▪️Twitch’s internal security tools”


This was pretty horrible, and it was posted everywhere. But here it is at the Daily Mail UK:

Nuns used crucifixes to rape girls during decades of abuse carried out by clergy in France’s Catholic Church that saw attacks on 330,000 children covered up ‘by a veil of silence’, damning report finds

  • Pope Francis expressed to the victims his ‘great sorrow, for their wounds’ 
  • An estimated 330,000 children were victims of sex abuse in France since 1950
  • Scale of the number of attacks was covered up for decades by a ‘veil of silence’
  • Report was released Tuesday after two-and-a-half-years of investigations  [full article here]


In lighter news…

Cave Things has released a bunch of new stuff for Halloween, including this greeting card! Scary stuff!

And don’t forget that tonight, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis begin a two-night run at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the Carnage tour! There are tickets available for tonight’s show only. You can buy them here.

And that is that for now because I gotta scoot!!!

Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!


On the Fringe: great update (47 mins):

Shari Raye update (27 mins):


cir sten w update (40 mins):


Everything’s Awesome, Gang!

Well, for the most part.

Okay. The bad part about missing a day’s posting to the blog means that all the news articles I have saved for the blog get really backed up. And then it gets overwhelming, trying to post them all with any cohesive comments. Plus, it takes all morning.

Hence, I resort to the willy-nilly approach to blog posting! Meaning, I simply start somewhere, and begin posting. The posts might be out of order — or, sometimes, old news.

First, on a personal note, I want to say something about people in the U S armed forces who are going ahead and getting the v a x because they are too afraid to protest it and stand down.

A.) I’m hoping that by now the v a x es the armed forces are being submitted to are either 10% solutions, or all-out placebos.

B.) For each person who doesn’t take a stand against tyranny and oppression, you draw this war out a lot longer for all of us.

C.) A dishonorable discharge at least means you are alive and healthy and able to join a class-action lawsuit against tyranny, oppression, and violations of the Nuremburg Code.

D.) Not standing up to tyranny and oppression means that you do not have an unshakable faith in God, but an unshakable fear of Man and his Rules and Regulations.

I have found that most people, even those who go to church every Sunday and who claim to believe in God — do not have an unshakable faith in Him. They only give lip-service to having faith and have no clue what it really means.

Most people live in fear — fear of offending; fear of disapproval; fear of standing alone, fear of being openly judged for their convictions.

They will never know the joy that having an unshakable faith in God can truly bring — the miracles that arrive just in time; the Love that sustains and protects us when we allow for the flow of Love that true faith brings. (Not only that, but whenever you are again faced with a “fight or flight” situation, you have memories to draw upon of the many times God has seen you through before.)

Awaken with J P sort of goes along with my idea. It must be in the air! “12 Reasons to Not Speak Up” (8 mins):

Okay! Onward.

So, wasn’t this cool? (Below is the whole image from the header above.) I am apparently late to the table in finding out about this! J F K JR is already V P!! My [17]-following friend at work (a 70-year-old grandmother) said to me yesterday: “Oh yeah, I saw that a while ago.”

Well. Hmmm. Check out that date, gang!! Can it be true??!! Let’s hope so.

I don’t know about you, but I get giddy just thinking about the possibility of it! (FYI: P en ce and his wife (?) went down a while ago for crimes against humanity and high treason…)

A lot of people have been saying for years that S an d y hook was an O b a ma psy-op, in his never-ending attempt to get Americans to give up their guns…

Check out this image from Christmas 2017. “Nobody Died at S a nd y H oo k. It was a F E M A drill for gun control”:

(On a sad note, though: you gotta wonder about the psychological well being of all the children who “participated” in their own fake deaths…)

This just in from the W all S tree t Journal!! ( Sort of. I think it’s a couple days old already.)

Which reminds me… Gateway Pundit reported that 19,000 2020 P re sid ential el ec tion ballots were placed in just one of those Z u ck er berg voting drop boxes in GA by only 24 people over Columbus Day weekend 2020.

I had no idea that it was legal for one person to vote 791.6 times!! Wow. Here, I only cast a paltry one vote… (This just proves how dangerous the public educational system was back in the 1960s. They taught us that we were only allowed one legal vote. Whereas, the truth was that we were allowed 791.6!!)

[full article here]

This is curious indeed. The original “10 Days of Darkness”?

Okay. From Tuesday: P f * zer is hard at work creating i v er c ec tin!! Soon, the horse paste we can buy for a lofty $5.99 for about 10 doses, will now cost us about $1240 per dose and will likely be filled with Artificial Intelligence!! (I guess we’ll see.)

“Pfizer Launches Final Study For C* VID Drug That’s Suspiciously Similar To ‘Horse Paste'” [full article here]

This made me so sick. I have always been a huge fan of Russian history and I especially love the Romanovs. From the Sacred Blue Tent tele g r am channel:

“1917 –
The Rockefeller banks, Chicago and New York, had the PRIVATE fortune on deposit of the ROMANOV FAMILY, separate from Nicholas’s government position as Czar of all the Russia’s. This consisted of 400 million dollars in gold, at the then price of 20 dollars per ounce. Declaring the Czar and his family falsely dead enabled the Rockefeller bankers to spread out their empire using the fraudulent bankers’ use of fractional reserves. Through secret accounts, the Rockefellers for decades thereafter rolled over these funds, to their benefit, in violation of state escheat laws providing that bank accounts revert to the State government if not claimed after, in most states, seven years. Of course, corrupt bank regulators in Illinois and New York have condoned this by the Rockefellers’ First National Bank of Chicago and their Chase Bank of New York. By Sherman H. Skolnick”

(I’ll just say again here that I casually knew several of the Rockefellers during the many years that I worked at MoMA in NYC and I always really liked them. I never had a clue what they were really about. Oh, plus, I banked with Chase for about 3 decades.)

The Romanovs and the Russian Revolution
The Romanovs alive
Anniversary of the Romanov Family Executions
The execution room
Melania Trump's First Lady Portrait Is Very Glam
Hmmm… why’s she here??!! I guess we’ll see!

Even though this is a non sequitur, I’ll also say that I had the occasion to interact with Jackie Kennedy O several times while living in NYC, and not just at MoMA, and she was one of the most gracious human beings I’ve ever met.

Okay. Again, from Sacred Blue Tent: The war on Christians.

“This video tells about the truth-about Armenia, about Turkey and Azerbaijan-about terrorism and genocide. Now is not the time to look back, its important to look…”

From the DC Clothesline on Tuesday:

“UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of C* VID deaths are among the vaccinated… C* VID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine wave”

[full article is here]

From the Virginia Star:

“Over 3,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing C* VID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’”

“A “Physicians’ Declaration” produced by an international alliance of physicians and medical scientists strongly condemns the global strategy to treat COVID, accusing policy-makers of potential “crimes against humanity” for preventing physicians from providing life-saving treatments for their patients and suppressing open scientific discussion.

“The document states that “one size fits all” treatment recommendations have resulted in needless illness and death.”

[full article here]

Okay, gang. I’m still hearing they are expecting the markets to start crashing today (September 30th). And in anticipation of that lofty event…

In anticipation of markets crashing in October, Tarot by Janine took a look, yesterday, at the upcoming month of October (20 mins):

Oh, before I forget. This was cool!

Cosmic Disclosure: David Adair explains how time travel machines work (15 mins):

And — non-related– :Russell-Jay: Gould calls out to the imprisoned Stuart Scheller (one of the m*litary veterans who has a backbone) (15 mins):

Okay. Check this out!! M a c a fee is dropping docs like you wouldn’t believe, gang! Just tons of them!! Jump on and start scrolling, folks.



Okay. More people with backbones:

“Dozens of Massachusetts state troopers resign ahead of deadline for state’s mandatory vaccine mandate” [full article here]


“Nearly 50k Medicare patients died soon after getting C* VID shot: whistleblower – ‘They are lying. There is no question they are lying,’ said Attorney Renz. ‘The mantra of ‘safe and effective’ must stop after today’s information.’” [full article here]

From [17] The Storm Rider’s te le g ram channel yesterday:

“A panel commissioned by the World Health Organization identifies more than 80 alleged cases of sex abuse during the U N health agency’s response to an Ebola outbreak in Congo, including allegations implicating 20 WHO staff members.” (Video is at this link)

Oh, guess what? Not only are the UK soldiers finally bringing gasoline to the angry out-of-petrol drivers of the UK…

Now Ch * n a strikes oil!!! Thar’s gold in them thar hills!

(Jed Clampett strikes oil!):


I meant:

From RT International:

“Ch* na makes “LARGE” oil discovery, with 569 barrels per day capacity – amid power shortage!

“Ch * na has apparently found new oil reserves of over 100mn tonnes after an offshore discovery well in its northeastern region of Bohai made a successful find in the Ch * na National Offshore Oil Company’s top field.

“The probing well found 27-meter deep reserves of oil about 1.5km down, which the CNOOC say will yield 569 barrels per day following appraisal well tests.

“Last week the company announced they would start oil production at another offshore field also in Bohai Bay that could reach a peak of 11,000 barrels per day by next year.”

That’s so good that they found that, don’t you think?? And great timing, too!

And here’s my very favorite news of the day!!!

Guess who’s coming back any minute now?? Yes, that’s right. Ju l i an A s s an ge is now on te l e g ram:

Follow: https://t.me/JulianAssangeWikiLeaks/4

All righty.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis played Stockton -on – Tees last night!

Nick in Stockton

And Cave Things announces a new children’s book for sale, created by Nick Cave.

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday, wherein he discussed the impetus behind his beautiful song, “Lavender Fields”, from the album Carnage. You can read it here.

And Nick & Warren continue their tour of Carnage tomorrow, October 1st, at De Montfort Hall in Leicester UK. 7pm. Buy tickets here.

Okay. That is it for today, gang! I’m gonna go downstairs and finish up the laundry. Have a beautiful Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys! See ya!


X * 2 Special R* port: Frank: the war is real (1 hr):

Sh ar i R a ye update (39 mins):

R* d P * l l 7 8 news update (27 mins):

St ew p e t er s update on Sid ney Po we ll lawsuits (15 misn):

In au str alia, former PM Tony A bb ott supports rights of protestors (1 min):



Info Wars: A Z AG officially launches the e le c ti on fr * ud investigation! (16 mins):

The X *2 R * port: Operators are standing by! (48 mins):

Soldiering On!

Okay, so. I think I’m fine now but I’m still moving a little slow here.

Now that the agonizing pain is over, I can finally focus for more than 3 seconds at a time.

I do not know why I suddenly got a UTI. I hadn’t had one in 12 years. Plus, what was also weird — I was drinking pure cranberry juice and doing the “1 tablespoon every hour” of colloidal silver, and not getting better by any stretch of the imagination. Only seeming to get worse. So I looked up other natural cures for UTI’s only to discover that every single thing they recommended was already part of my daily diet…

So I did the high frequency thingie (below) for the jug of water on my bedside table, and while that was going, I meditated to the download. (Source Directives, Mother Nurture, 21 mins):

When I came out of the meditation, I got the impetus to use i v er me c tin.

I know that i ver me c tin is now thought to be curing certain types of cancers, so I checked to see if any studies had been done on using it to fight bacterial infections (it’s usually used to kill parasites, especially for River Blindness in people), and — voila! — the answer was yes! They were having success in using it on MERSA-type bacterial infections. The kinds that are resistant to antibiotics. And the iv er me c tin was working on some of those types of infections.

So I took a dose of i v er m e c tin (this is the horse paste kind that cost me $4.99 — temporarily out of stock now plus it’s gone up $1.00 — and which killed my various spike protein infections). And, I kid you not, in the first hour, much of the pain from the infection was gone and the pain decreased as the hours went on. Within 4 hours, I was able to get out of bed and run an errand; I felt pretty good. And in under 8 hours, the infection seemed to be completely gone. We shall see!

I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV. I don’t even own horses. I’m not giving you medical advice. I’m simply telling you that this stuff — some sort of microbe found in the soil in Japan — is quite a little miracle here at my house.

Keep in mind that the W H O has now proclaimed that i ver mec tin in “animal doses” is not hazardous to humans. And the people I know who are now getting prescriptions of human-dose i ver mec tin, are paying well over $140 to get their prescriptions filled…


The news is weird — as usual these days. If you saw my special update from last evening, you are probably on the verge of celebrating. I know I am!

I am posting below the things that are really leaping out at me now, since I do believe that we are at the very end of the movie.

A ui str a lia is probably front and center on people’s minds, since the horrors going on in Mel b our ne defy any of our expectations. Cops shooting the fleeing protestors in the back. What the fuck is that? The cops are really beyond out of control there.

Well, the news that the A US UK soldiers are now sort of “closing ranks” and becoming one unit… perhaps this is to take out the rogue cops and finally free A u str alia? We shall see.

But lending credence to that idea would be this:

From Whiplash347’s t e le gr am channel (a channel I highly recommend, btw):

Former Liberal Party president and Carlton boss John Elliott has died in hospital aged 79.” [full article here]

Methinks headlines like this are no coincidence…

I believe that a us tr alia is on the verge of being completely and totally liberated. How ’bout that earthquake there yesterday? Another coincidence??

“Melbourne rocked by magnitude 6.0 earthquake : A Chapel Street building has been reduced to rubble after after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Mansfield, about 210 kilometres from Melbourne, on Wednesday” [full article here]

And now, adding to my daily obsession — The Sacred Blue Tent channel on te le g ram. Truth bombs. Non-stop. (It’s [17]-related, and now-un-dead-ken n e dy related. ) Here are but a few:

Lends credence to the suggestion that Nicole Kidman was once a man. Those pedos seem to always change their kids’ sexes.
Looks like John Denver is indeed alive

Here’s some other stuff from this morning:

Jar babies. What the hell, right?
It’s hard to un-see it, right?
just keepin’ it real at the W H O…
Gotta love this one. (It took place in India, I believe….(?))

Some of those pictured above make me sad, gang. I have to say. Although I am hearing that now many of the celebrities who were threatened with death by the c a b al are now coming forward to participate in the white hat redpill extravaganza going on here in the US. (Think N ik i Min aj…) (You cannot convince me that she just now woke up??) I’m guessing, though, that if you made it onto that list above, you’re gone, baby, gone.

Anyway. Some of this is really sad.

Interesting, right?
I’m just now starting to read about this stuff here, so it’s still a mystery to me… But they’re showing more and more elaborate architectural miracles that were out of time & place in their surroundings.

From Whiplash347, of interest, in case this is new to you:

“Bilderberg Group & The Trilateral Commission

“(For the duration of these posts, do not forget that Pfizer is a Rockefeller owned company. It is worth noting that the Rockefeller Empire, in tandem with JP Morgan Chase owns over half of the pharmaceutical interests in the United States. It is the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world. (Research Rockefeller Foundation)).

“Lord Victor Rothschild (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Victor_Rothschild) and Laurance Rockefeller (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Laurance_Rockefeller) hand picked 100 of the world’s elite to form The Bilderberg Group, a policy forming globalist group which has met annually since 1954. The group gave birth to what is now the European Union (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=European_Union) (EU), with the ultimate goal of a one world government [Hatch, Doubleday 1962]. The group also pushed the North American Free Trade Agreement (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=North_American_Free_Trade_Agreement) (NAFTA) and the founding of the World Trade Organization (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=World_Trade_Organization) (WTA).

“Founding members include:

  • General Walter Bedell Smith
    (Director, CIA, US Ambassador to Moscow, and US Secretary of State under Eisenhower)
  • Colin Gubbins
    (Director, British Special Operations Executive)
  • Prince Bernhard of Germany
    (Original chairman)
  • Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
  • Lord Carrington, UK

“Founding Governing Council includes:

  • Stansfield Turner
    (Director, CIA)
  • Henry Kissinger
    (Director of the Special Studies Project for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Rockefeller_Brothers_Fund))
  • Robert Ellsworth
    (Deputy Secretary of Defense, U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Assistant to the President, U.S. Congress Member, Chairman & Founding Director Hamilton BioVentures)
  • Andrew Schoenberg
    (Royal Institute for International Affairs)
  • John Louden, N.M. Rothschild
  • C.L. Sulzberger, New York Times

“The American Delegation for The Bilderberg Group was founded & led by David Rockefeller.

“Spokesman for the American Delegation under David Rockefeller:

“Bilderberg policy is carried out by a 35 member Bilderberg Steering Committee, including an inner circle “Advisory Committee”.

“Committee members have included:

  • David Rockefeller
  • Henry Kissinger
  • James Wolfenson
    (President, World Bank)
  • Jessica Matthews
    (President, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)
  • Jorma Ollia
    (Chairman & CEO, Nokia)

“All American members of the Steering Committee are also members of CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), and most members cross-pollinate The Trilateral Commission, co-founded by David Rockefeller.

“Approximately one third of its members come from the government and political sector while the remaining two thirds represent finance, industry, labor, education and the media.

“The meetings have been hosted by The Rothschild Family, and 1962 and 1973 meetings were hosted by The Wallenberg Family, the most powerful family in Sweden and holders of significant stake in Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.

“Meetings are sealed off from the public and the press, with the exception of an authorized press conference at the conclusion of each meeting. Resorts and hotels where the meetings are held are cleared of residents and all visitors, with security provided by Soldiers, Armed Guards, Secret Service (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Secret_Service), State and local police.”

Also, of interest. Take Down of the C a b al, shortened version. Indispensable (43 mins):

From Ni ch o las v en ia min, the time & place for the news about the A Z audit:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Presentation of the Maricopa County Election Audit

WHAT: Members of the Maricopa County election audit team will present their findings to the Senate President and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This a presentation only and will not include public comment or

Senate President Karen Fann
Judiciary Chair Senator Warren Petersen
Doug Logan, Cyber Ninjas CEO
Ben Cotton, CyFIR Founder
Ken Bennett, Senate Audit Liaison
Randy Pullen, Senate Audit Spokesperson
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

WHEN: Friday, September 24, 1 p.m. Arizona time, 4 p.m. EDT

WHERE: State Senate Chambers
Live streamed: here

And a quick update from [17] the Storm Rider yesterday:

“The [END] of
[DARPA]>is on the horizon
this WAR




IS SURFACING!!!!!!!!!!!!???




This video is so cool, but I can not embed it. It was from :Russel-Jay:Gould’s tele gram channel:


This is absolutely EPIC.. Romanian government has closed all vaccine centres because 70% of the citizens won’t get the jab. Coercion did not work.


(Click on the link to watch the very short clip. It is awesome to see.)

A new update from Restored Republic . Very interesting indeed! (21 mins):

Hmmmm. “Nancy Drew” finds a Heads- of- State meeting at the D C capitol Awesome!! (Very choppy but stick with it!) (6 mins):

This was nauseating! The next whistle blower vi deo from pro j ec t ver itas. This guy is too creepy. Guessing his career is totally over now. F D A exposed!! (12 mins):

Over at Cave Things, a new single was announced. Nick & Warren put “Shyness” to music (from an earlier Red Hand Files letter). Purchase it here.

Nick Cave - Cave Things - SHYNESS SINGLE

And don’t forget!! Nick & Warren continue their tour for Carnage tonight in Sheffield, UK!! It will be at Sheffield City Hall and starts at 8PM. Buy tickets here.

This was really cool. Coast to Coast AM. US Air Force and UFO abductions. (1 hr 16 mins):

Tarot by Janine had more good news (18 mins):

Amazing Polly has more on how the hospitals are killing people (28 mins):

X * 2 r * port: Swamp fights back (47 mins):

Okay, gang!! Thanks for visiting. Have a great day, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!

And the insanity COntinues…

All right, gang.

This will probably be a strange post because I am trying to wade through what seems to be “mockingbird me di a” in reverse now.

The white hat agenda being: the Americans have to wake up and demand that the B* den/ H * rris admin be removed for gross incompetency, so that everything can finally be revealed.

In the meantime, it’s looking like Americans still refuse to wake-up. And then last night, on F *x, we have p re s id ent Tr **p giving a speech that sounds & looks like a speech a sitting pre si dent would make to his country; and then we have our alleged pres i dent, the fake B*den, just doing his usual bumbling weird ass shit.

(I have to wonder what the heck that actor(s) who plays b * den thinks to himself privately about Americans. Honestly. I mean, seriously. Who is buying this crap? And it’s been 8 months now.)

Here is a short video clip below of c ir sten w from a few days ago, maintaining that Tr **p will indeed be back (or did come back?) on Aug 22nd, but it is all behind the scenes. he’s sure acting like he’s back. (She is primarily addressing the issue in new z ea land here, but she talks about arr e st s and Tr **p, as well.) (8 mins):

So let’s just keep that in mind.

If this isn’t all staged — even a f gh ani stan — then Tr **p is one heck of a psychic individual, since he predicts everything, right on schedule. (i.e., “wait until the killings start” and then, voila, af g h ani stan…)

Then you have another perfect set up with the fake f d a “approval” and Tr ***p saying yesterday morning, up front & out loud, that P f * zer is running the f d a.

From Ni ch ol as ven iamin’s telegram post:

“I do think that Pf *zer, I will say this, the F D A is bureaucratically run, would have taken five years to get it approved, would have never even had it if it weren’t for me. And I learned things. The F D A is virtually controlled by Pf * zer. Pf * zer has control, not Johnson and Johnson, not Mod * rna, but Pf * zer has control over the FDA. It’s not a good thing.” (Gosh, he’s subtle.)

Hello. Wake up. It’s a sting. It’s a fake approval. There were two letters — where’d that other one go?

It doesn’t actually matter anymore, because it’s ALL m o c king bird me dia now, on all sides. Who knows what the actual news is? it is so hard to wade through it.

Then this popped up last evening. “K* bul airport: Do you Believe the News Reports? Question Everything? Your Thoughts? ” Why is it up there? Over 5000 people have seen it already:

The only person who doesn’t seem to be towing the white hat mo cking bird me dia line right now, is P * trio t str eet fighter, saying that this seems staged, like everything else right now:

(And don’t miss P a trio t street fighter tonight at 6 pm ET! He will have Nega tive 48 back on! As usual, it will probably blow our minds. It will be at this link on YT. Don’t miss!!)

So, as much as I love M ar jo rie T ay lor Gr eene, she has now brought 3 Articles of Impeachment against an actor and some cgi… what’s up with that?

(Oh, this is off topic, but allegedly, Ghi s laine ma x well, tried to barricade herself in the prison conference room, by blocking the door with the cart of legal documents…guessing those legal documents weigh a fucking ton now.)

Also, another D H S whistle blo w er at pr o ject ver itas:

Oh, and this was cool! Moments after I posted that happy update yesterday afternoon — about Germany’s government resigning and now Germany is banning the c vid vaxes for dangerous side-effects, and (if you listen to the German carefully, and not the English translator) Dr. Fuellmich is at the head of the coming health decisions for Germany right now. (If that doesn’t reinforce my belief in my own judgment all these months, nothing will!) [I am talking about yesterday afternoon’s post here]

Anyway, right after I posted that, I watched the video below by Tarot by Janine, where she goes into the situation with Germany and Denmark and calls it “dominoes falling” (!!) — what a confirmation that we’re all sharing One Mind — when we want to access it , that is. (15 mins):

Okay, switching topics.

This was really cool! Coast to Coast AM, The Bosnian Pyramids; 12,000 years old and taller than the ones in Egypt. (41 mins):

And this was cool! Over at Cave Things, Nick Cave, a man who doesn’t necessarily “believe in God,” gifts us with some God pencils! Just in time!!!

And then this was also cool. The first video from the upcoming B-Sides & Rarities Pt. 2 by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds; the song “Vortex” (and don’t forget that the U K tour for Carnage kicks off on Sept. 2nd. You can buy tickets here, but you also have to follow strict C*vid guidelines at each venue.)

Okay, so that’s kind of it, gang. As far as I can tell, the news is still good. Zimbabwe launches the new financial system, i r aq is still expected to follow any day now; the German govt resigns and bans c*vid vaxes; Denmark getting ready to ban c*vid vaxes, as well. The f d a approval of P f* zer is a sting. The A Z audit report is ready to go public soon.

But since we are still asleep — S*mon P * rkes is warning of more black swan events, right around the corner. (And ju an o s av in is still saying we won’t be out of this sleepiness until Oct. 15th, when the market crashes big time…) (Don’t tell me people care more about their (basically worthless now) money??? Go figure!!)

Hang in there, gang. And maybe try setting a bunch of really loud alarm clocks, all over the world!

Have a nice Friday. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Info Wars: F D A approval of v ax was a scam (47 mins):

Below: France — restaurants demand vax pass, they eat in the streets! (28 seconds):

Below: Mel k chats with Michael L: lies, approvals, mandates (52 mins):

Below: Nich o las ven iamin chats with Alan foun tain (29 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: De v o lu tion! (52 mins):

Okay, GanG, here We Go!

Wow, gang. I don’t know about you, but I am really feeling like great things are happening out there and all of it is right in front of our eyes. We just have to know in which direction to look.

(And by “great” I mean, starting to see the end of this war. And the outcome is still looking really good.)

I’ve been telling you for the last few days that I couldn’t get an accurate feel on this t a l i ban thing — it seemed rigged, or like it was solely a set up to make the fake b * den look like an incompetent (fake) pr e s i d ent so that the sleepers here in the U S would finally say enough is enough and bring on the 25 th amm en d ment.

We have to remember (if you’re old enough to, that is) that a f g h an i st an was never a U S “war”. It was only the c i a wanting to make “a killing”, as it were, off of their opium. So what are we really losing if they just want their country back? (Especially since Tr **p was on the cusp of doing just that.)

And here is a direct quote from C N N, of all places: “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time.”

So what’s really up with that? Obviously, I have no idea if people are really being killed there right now, or falling to their deaths because they were clinging to airplane wings in their desperation to get out. I’m guessing they are panicking, for sure. But the chaos could just be part of the “make it look like Saigon” smoke screen. Push everyone’s buttons.

This chat yesterday among Mel K, S * mon P * rkes, and Ch * rlie W* rd basically tells us all we need to know about the t a l i ba n. You wanna feel good, gang? Then listen to this! Truth bombs galore (43 mins):

And as long as we’re talking about truth bombs — check this out. The real point of the L * n dell sy m p sium. If this doesn’t excite you, gang, then nothing will: it wasn’t just a way to get lawmakers in all 50 States to finally wake up to the f r * ud (which they finally DID), but it was primarily a sting to catch the hackers who hacked the sy m p s ium, because they were also the hackers who hacked the e l * c tion. Gotcha! (15 mins):

I can’t guarantee the authenticity of these details below, gang, but I am so glad to FINALLY SEE some of the true atrocities that c u o mo is guilty of, coming to light! Not just the “surface” stuff about the nursing home deaths and the sex harassment stuff. But the depth and scope of how many thousands of New Yorkers he murdered, or had a hand in murdering, in the name of the fake c * vid plan demic, and all for MONEY.

Below: M * litary employs stealth in the ar r e st of an d rew c u o mo (4 mins):

So, it’s interesting that Aug 15th (Sunday) was allegedly the day that the U S would finally be free and clear from crooks and scoundrels in order to switch to the gold- backed Q F S… and this morning (Tuesday), most of the functions of my bank (online) ARE NOT WORKING…. a notice keeps popping up: WARNING: System failure. (And this on the heels of them having to replace my bank card, yet again, because it was “hacked”.)


And while this is also the day that I say goodbye to my final credit card — the late fees are so insurmountable on it now that I cannot afford to pay it in my wildest dreams; I also got a letter from my mortgage company saying that if I want to continue my moratorium (!!), I need to send them 2 more documents immediately.

Whoa, indeed! I had recently gotten a letter from them, with the new amount I was to start paying in September, and it was indescribably reasonable. And I mean, like, seriously reasonable. And yet, now, I still might not have to pay anything at all?

Either way, gang, this is just such a relief, and such an amazing development, that I am just so grateful to whoever is behind all of this.

In more good news!

Cave Things announces a new signed print by Nick Cave. This time it is of his all-time hero, Pastor Bob Joyce!! Oops! I mean, Elvis Presley!! Along with lyrics from Cave’s legendary song, “Tupelo.”

All right, folks. In many parts of the country and the world, the m*sk mandates are still looming large, v ax mandates are still looming large, and even martial law seems to be taking over (hardest hit seeming to be a u stra li a and now new zeal and). But this also seems to be that final hurdle of the war. It really does.

I am seeing a really bright horizon, gang. And it is so bright (to me, anyway), that it is obliterating any long-term veracity of any of this other stuff. Now, more than ever, we have to just hang in there as the sleepers all around us start to wake up and fight back. There are seriously some really good vibes in the air today, and I think we are only beginning to reap the rewards of L * n dell’s sym po siu m and all that it actually means. (It means “we caught them.” And it also means that if you were one of the culprits who has yet to be ar r e st ed, somewhere deep in the middle of the night, they are coming for you.)

Most Dangerous Special Forces Of The World. See How Your ...

Have a terrific Tuesday! I love you guys. Thanks for visiting. See ya!

[Theme from “The Sting,” 1974]


Below: “Nancy Drew” in D C. Marine definitely at the West Wing of W H and everything is looking good!! (3 mins):

Below: Tarot By Janine looks at Dr. J *l l ‘s fancy boot and f ox news stating Aug 22nd — on my phone, most of this video was blacked-out but I still got the audio (17 mins):

Below: Awaken with JP and learn about obedience: “If Authoritarians Taught Self-Help” (6 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: A Z a u di t ready to drop! Forget the ta l i ban for now, EYES ON AZ (43 mins):

A New Way of Looking at the HUmanity of it All!

The Br i ght e on podcast yesterday made an unfortunate comparison.

It is estimated that the atomic bomb killed 140,000 people (mostly women and children) in h i r o sh ima at the end of WWII.

And the fake vax has now killed way more people than that worldwide. The estimated death total in the U S alone is 50,000, and that is said to be only about 10% of the actual number, since it is next to impossible for doctors and health professionals to get their data posted on the c d c.

<a href="http://" data-type="URL" data-id="<iframe src='https://www.brighteon.com/embed/19d99bd7-27e3-4518-b489-803c92d022f6&#039; width='560' height='315' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen>You can listen to the broadcast here.

And in terms of the deeply humanitarian c d c ‘s new “Shie ld ing Ap pro ach” and “Gre en Zo ne s,” which are internment camps for the un v a xed and the elderly and the seriously ill (the good news, though, is that we’re going to be given cleaning supplies to keep our little latrines cleaned. You can read it all here if you’re feeling skeptical), the B r igh t e on podcast also points out:

“The internment of Japanese Americans in U.S.-based concentration camps is yet another crime against people of Japanese descent, and it proves again that the United States government is ready and willing to throw its own citizens into concentration camps in order to achieve its own strategic aims.”

If you aren’t aware of what the US (De mo c r at-led) government did to Japanese Americans during WWII, you can go research it on duckduckgo and then come back here and continue reading…

On another auspicious note: Suddenly the NY Times is willing to throw c u om a under the bus! Too bad it’s coming too late to save thousands and thousands of lives — and that’s just in NYC alone.

Yesterday on te le g ram, G en f l y nn shared a link for a free movie online about the r i gg ed 20 20 el ec tion. You can watch it here.

In celebration of the horror and carnage all over the world right now, Cave Things announces the sale of a very cool looking t-shirt in support of the album Carnage. It comes in white or black, and it comes with a pricey price tag: £295.00 plus shipping. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool looking!

Okay, so overall, the news is sort of good –ish. M s m is losing its narrative, as more and more people in the U S tune it out and finally at least begin to wake up to the lies about the massive e l e c tio n fr * ud and the fake c*vid l* ck d* wn nonsense. (Once again: this is not flu season. The folks who are getting seriously ill from a c* vid like virus are the fully va xed — and anyone near the fully va xed who manage to get the sp ike prot eins the v a x ed are shedding.)

G e ne de co de explains the real flu season fully, in the very informative (and encouraging) video below (40 mins):

In is r ael, the news is still really bad, gang. Not exactly sure how that country is supposed to survive this. They are now onto their 3rd “shots” — those “boosters” that are coming for the U S v a x ed (12 mins):

This went viral yesterday. C*v id fake-science hoax completely explained by — guess who? — an immunologist. Listen!! (6 mins):

I’m not sure if I want to add to the many voices continuing to say that you need to stock up on food, water, essentials, and prepare for a very long communications black-out. There are definitely other scenarios creeping up on the horizon — the main one being that the M s M might be gearing up for admitting that they “made a mistake” and were “lied to”. Sort of like what B i l d did in Germany. “Oops! We’re sorry. We perpetuated a very dangerous hoax and helped harm society, especially the children.”

If the M S M does not do that, then it’s looking like a full-on communications black out– no Internet, no TV, no radio. Just EBS blaring for 72 hours straight.

We shall see.

in addition to A Z au dit revealing enough fr*ud to give Tr **p a victory, P A , W I, and GA also have unearthed enough fr * ud to flip the win to Tr ***p. So, some folks are reporting that the m * litary will announce him the legal winner between late August and early October. With not much bloodshed except for the truly horrifying an ti fa attacks. (Still going full-scale in Portland OR. Why anyone continues to live there — or in C A, for that matter — is beyond me. All of my friends and colleagues have moved out of CA, by the way. The New Yorkers are hanging tough, though.)

Warning: violent content (17 mins):

Resistance builds in U K: open your eyes and see what’s coming (2 mins):

A call to all nurses and health workers in Australia: are you helping humanity by staying silent? (2 mins):

Voice of Reason U K update (3 mins):

Mon key W *r x with more flight tracking: who’s going to git mo and points south? (33 mins):

Tarot by Janine looks at m s m narratives falling apart (18 mins):

Very cool look at a portal releasing an orb over NYC: UFO Man (2 mins):

And my most favorite topic of all, since I live in an area filled with sacred burial mounds that revealed skeletons of giants that the Smithsonian swooped in and gathered up and then made “disappear”! Beyond Belief chats with Jim Vieira about the uncovered bones of the lost giants of the ancient earth (25 mins):

X*2 R* port: Where’s Dur h am? He’s coming! (1 hr 15 mins):

And that is it for today, gang!! Thanks for visiting! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are on the world! I love you guys. See ya!

(“White Elephant” from Carnage, by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis):

Summer On Fire

The U K is on fire, gang. Everyone is being asked to st * rm P ar lia ment on Monday July 19 and hold them accountable (5 mins):

As we speak, they are trying to v a x your kids without your permission (U K ) (56 mins):

Below: In Athens, Greece: thousands protesting July 14 against c * v id v a x mandates for teens (4 mins):

Meanwhile, In France yesterday — Bastille Day– there were protests all over. In Paris, it turned to a tear gas assault on protesters, and in Lyon, the protesters turned and attacked the police.

In Germany & Belgium, severe flooding. Now reporting that at least 60 people are missing, dozens dead, houses are collapsing.

From [17] The Storm Rider yesterday afternoon — more details on that meeting in Idaho. I don’t know how many of these people are actually still alive. I’m under the impression that every single one of them has already been a r es t ed if not already e x e c ut ed. This could be a G 7 type-thing on U S soil, this time. All white hat optics to fuck with everyone’s head?? But maybe not?


“Secret meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho..

C I A > R*thchild>VATICAN>
Rock efel ler>World Bank>Kazarian mafia
G*TES/Z*CKERB*RG/YT Wojcicki/Anderson Cooper/CNN,NBC,ABC,CBS,NPR, <HEADS/G**gle PIchai/c i a f b i <<heads//and around 200 Mainstream media directors from across the world all attended the secret Idaho gathering in Sun valley.

Aside from the daily spirit cooking and sacrifices to honor M* loch The God of Child ren s acri fices in the underground room known as the Light room (an homage onto Luc if erian Light)… The meetings consisteted of the Tech Giants which also included Anthony Faux chi and members from NIAIH CDC NIH WHO .
The main topics were/
; How to hide all the patents that pertain to S A R S/C* VID patents and v a x patents that are public knowledge.. That date back to early 2002_2004. 2007(v ax patent for current C* VID ^^ 1 9)
; Weather modifications and influence of climate change
: Climate Change and influence on Cover-ups of El * ctions
; Climate Change and influence on Covering-up current v a x DEATHS
: Climate Change and influence on current U S & M * itary operations taking place to arrest their world partners & coming seizures of companies and properties and assets (and a plan to avoid the M* litary)
; Climate Change in conjunction with Delta Variant to control population and cause civil unrest.
: Taking complete CONTROL of the internet/phones and creating the Strongest Censorship to label those who oppose the Climate/V ax /C * vid narration as EXTREMIST
And releasing the newest program to Cancel/data mine/effect financial online accounts of EXTREMIST

“Everything happening had to happen.. To catch them all inside the moments of the crime..
What you see across the world.. The riots. Explosions. The pushing of the V a x.. The civil unrest growing.. Is being created by the D ** p S t * te… These are their last moment of desperation to stay out of prison or death squadron executions that are coming in through the Nürnberger code and crimes Against humanity trials… This chaos we are seeing now in the World in July and next week’s is being permitted by the M* litary because all the mistakes are being made now in every country by the d ** p st * te. They are trying to cover their tracks but exposing all their elements and sleepers within their ranks.
The M * litary is positioned in 80% of the World now… Believe me Brother!! The HAMMER is coming!!…”

Summer on 🔥

Stay strong Patriots



In better news: Last evening, here in Ohio, the g o v signed into law the new bill that bans mandatory v a x for school children and university students.

Next, we need to ban mandatory va x es for everyone, state-wide — especially for healthcare workers. That bill is coming…

In unfortunate news: Oops! A second little black book for Ep st ein!! And C h ri s C u o m o’s wife’s name is in it?? There are allegedly 349 people listed in the 2nd black book that are not named in the first one.

The full article, with some of the names, is here.

Okay, some happier stuff, although not actually news:

A new happy t- shirt announced at Cave Things!

And, Nick Cave also sent out a new Red Hand File this morning, wherein he talks about (and quotes) a favorite poem of his by Stevie Smith, about hanging around for people who are in pain, rather than going off in your own direction (sweet oblivion). I’m not actually sure. But I think that’s what he’s saying. I’m guessing this has something to do with the remembrance of his son’s death this week. You can read it here.

And tiny news on my own life; I did indeed correct those minor typos on 1954 Powder Blue Pickup.

And last but not at all least, happy birthday to Val in Brooklyn!! Here she is with her younger brother, Greg, who was murdered by faux chi (meaning he was one of the many we lost to AIDS). All things considered, though, Happy Birthday, Valerie.

Okay, gang. I’m gonna go do laundry, then try to work on some of my own writing around here. Thanks for visiting. hang in there, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: R * d P* l l 7 8 news update; At least 50K dead in U S from v a x ; a u d it updates (17 mins):

Below: Undercover Dad finds proof that they are va x in g your kids ( St e w P e ter s) (22 mins):

Below: Ni ch ol as V en ia min and Jason [17] N C S W I C – BOOM! ( 26 mins):

Below: Super Soldier Talk with James Rink (2 hrs):

Below: UFO Man: airplane and 4 UFOs near miss? (1 min):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at c h * n a and R uss ia (19 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port : No deals, no place to hide (50 mins):

Do Mornings Ever Get This Beautiful?

Wow, it is a gorgeous morning here in Crazeysburg, gang. It truly is. I kinda wish I had nothing at all to do today and could just hang out here and look at how beautiful everything is…

But, onward.

Okay. I spent several hours on the new erotic short story yesterday (the gay-male story for the kind folks in Sweden, which is way past its promised delivery date — it’s titled “Soul Catcher,” btw), and all I managed to have on the page by the time the day was over were 4 extremely short sentences and the protagonist’s name.

I tried really hard to not let this continuing lack of progress depress me, but an undercurrent of frustration, disappointment, & a little despair, kept tagging along with me all evening.

To be fair, though, that a t t a ck on s u r f si d e yesterday really threw the energy of my day into a whole other arena, and then it became sort of clear that I really, really did not want to risk attending that Tr ***p rally up near Cleveland tomorrow. My [17]-following friend who is attending the rally with me disagrees completely and still wants to go. So she and I are still negotiating that.

However, after hearing a chat yesterday with M * chael J * co and David N*no ro d ri guez (hey, guess what? I can once again embed r u m b le videos on the blog — white hats to the rescue!!), and hearing J* co explain the similarities between how the tw in t ower s fell on 9 1 1 and how the multi-storied condo building collapsed yesterday in s u r f side (meaning: dire c ted e ne rgy wea pon at tack) — all my many PTSD anxiety thingies got triggered. (I had extreme trauma from that whole 9 1 1 thing and, in those days in general, living & working in NYC for a couple of decades by then, I suffered from an anxiety disorder and had constant panic attacks, with or without monumental towers collapsing around me.)

S u r f s i d e early yesterday morning; this is not simply “faulty architectural design.”

Anyway, those feelings got triggered yesterday and, even while I can understand that now more than ever, we need to publicly support Tr ***p, it is equally valid that both Ge n er al f l yn n and ju an o sa vin stressed just a couple days ago, that very intense stuff is coming to the U S. from June 26th onward, and we need to be vigilant and alert and avoid large gatherings….

They might be false flags, people, but the damage is real. (And this morning, J*co said that “things will now get very intense as the knock-out punch nears”.)

Anyway, so that’s how that is going, and below is that chat. It was really good. (51 mins):

On a cheerier note…

Cave Things announced yesterday that a new set of pencils are for sale! These feature quotes about flowers by Nick Cave!! So in lieu of perhaps having any actual flowers, these pretty pencils could suffice!! (£15.00 plus shipping). They pencils themselves are regular pencils — not colored pencils.

All right. So. The morning is once again flying by, so I gotta scoot!! Have a happy Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. Stay vigilant! I love you guys. See ya!

(Did you say stress release?! Yes I did! Back again, for your listening pleasure!!)


Below: Life in prison for our bonny Bill? Guilty of murder, rape, ped o ph il elia, and — allegedly — erectile dysfunction, which he cured with an addiction to a d r e n o c h r ome (5 mins):

Below: 3-step plan to beat bill # c 10 in C ana da ( 4mins):

Below: M * cha el J * co update: “things will now get very intense as the knock-out punch nears” (1 hr):

Below: This was extremely interesting, gang. Quantum internet, Starlink, Space Force and the near future explained and explored; Big t e ch out, m*litary in. Super Soldier Talk with James Rink (2 hrs):

Below: Psych Club with Tom Numbers, Brice, Tarot by Janine; they look at Tr***p & j f k, d i a na, witness protection. ( 1hr):

Below: Ni ch o las Ve ni amin chats with Alan F oun t ain (31 mins):

Below: X*2 R* port: Stay alert; if you see something, say something, a red line will be crossed (35 mins):

Ever Onward, Gang!

Wow, am I tired today. Just exhausted.

I’ve been hearing from multiple sources that there’s a ton of volatile stuff going on either astrologically or with the sun, or the upcoming eclipse, or with the Ascension stuff, or with the Schumann Resonances, or I’m not really sure what. But we’re supposed to expect huge mood and energy swings right now.

And I have to concur, gang.

And I can attest to the fact that I am also just off the charts exhausted today.

However, I have chores to do around here that must to be done because there are seven feral cats living here who always, always, always promise to keep their fur to themselves and yet I still find cat hair everywhere

And even though they swear that while I’m away at the store, they’re here vacuuming and dusting and just tidying up in general, I always come home and — I don’t know. I hate to be hyper-critical, since they’re just cats, but not only do things kind of look exactly the same as when I left, often it actually looks worse

So anyway. I gotta clean today and do laundry. And at least get some notes on paper for the new erotic short story to write and then turn in this weekend to the kind folks in Sweden.

Another thing I need to do is a little gardening! Digging dirt, moving it around, putting it back. Yes!

The owner of the health food store where I work brought in several Mexican Sundance sunflowers that are ready to be planted in the ground. I got three of them! They are each about a foot tall already, and they are very interactive. Just full of life. The three that came home with me were actually holding my hand at the store so I couldn’t bear to part with them.

At first. my co-workers were laughing at me when I said that the plants were holding my hand. But when my [17]-following co-worker friend tried it — she put the top of her hand under one of the leaves of the plant and the leaf actually curled around her hand and “held” it — she said, “Oh my gosh, this one actually likes me! I’m taking this one home!”

The owner looked at me like I was from Mars, but one thing I feel absolutely certain of, gang: Mars is not where I’m from. (I don’t know where I’m from, I only know that it’s not Mars.) (There are beings out there who are now trying hard to tell my where I’m from, but: a.) I’m not 100% sure that I want to know; b.) I can’t pronounce it anyway; and c.) I can’t spell it, either.)

Anyway, I’m super excited to have these three new living creatures here at my house and they need to be planted in the ground. Today, if possible, but it’s looking like it will rain. We’ll see.

Eventually they will each look like the photo below and will attract lots of butterflies! (Meaning that each of the three plants will expand like this one below.)

Tithonia, Sundance | Gardens | Mexican sunflower, Annual ...

Okay. Melancholy: The Little Book of Lost Gloves is now available for sale over at CaveThings.com. There is a regular book (£45.00) and a special edition book (£145.00) and in all honesty, I do not have a clue how the Special Edition works. It seems to involve geometry, trigonometry, and all sorts of higher math, but the Special Edition involves choosing one Polaroid from 100 Polaroid photos of lost gloves and then somehow it becomes limited to “10”. To ten “what,” I don’t know. I do not understand and I have no idea why that means it costs an additional £100.00. I feel certain I am totally missing the point on how this thing works, but I can’t afford it anyway so it doesn’t matter. However, if you’re good at math and can understand the instructions and want one of the books, the link is here!!

Also, the official Nick Cave site announced today that there are now lyric videos for Carnage on YouTube. I’m guessing this is in preparation for the upcoming release of Carnage on vinyl and on CD, and also the Q & A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis — all happening next Friday, June 18th.

Okay. Before I close this, I will post the following in the event it is of interest to you and you live in America. It comes with an official warning that this stuff could kill you, but there seem to be a lot of people who don’t think so and I’m just the messenger, gang. You are strongly cautioned.

$4.99 plus shipping; limit 100 per customer.

Okay. Have a nice Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya!


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