Just About Human Again

I took the final pill this morning at 5am.

Even though, every time the pills wear off, I can tell I am healed and that the bacterial infection is finally gone, the pills are so toxic to me that just having one in my system makes me truly loopy for at least 8 or 9 hours.

Anyway. I getting there! Finally. By this afternoon, I’m hoping to be back to normal.

However, that still doesn’t mean there’s much news to report. So I don’t think I’ll be resuming the flow of blogging ever day. Only when there’s enough that’s of interest to make note of.

This is old news — from Friday, I think — but I thought it was so cool. From SantaSurfing:

“NEWS about Med Beds 1.11.21 (Botanical Garden Australia)
Sky reports the release of Med Beds
In the 2nd or 3rd week of December 2021.

  • Approach (procedure)
  • Possible outcomes after Med Bed treatment
  • Weight reduction (massive)
  • Awareness and monitoring
  • Required authenticity
  • Everything is treated but not cured (vaccination)
  • Example healing, cleansing from toxins
  • Individual, own decisions- Free will.
  • DNA restoration
  • Addictions/drugs/alcohol/smoking/sugar/habits
  • Blocking unwanted memories
  • Learning foreign languages and how.

Med Bed Centers (City)
Healing Centers (Country)

Different treatment duration (hours days…)
Registration – Next day treatment

It is no longer about what we have learned and achieved (status etc.) but who we are dear divine souls. 💕

What matters is the consciousness of each soul.”


Nancy Drew had several interesting things happen in D C around the “funeral” for Colin Powell (who, if I’m not mistaken, is fertilizer out at gitmo now). One thing she said:

“Just a quick trip in for the Marine One departure that was supposed to be yesterday, but was rescheduled for this morning. Hmmmm…. I,find it interesting, that yesterday, it’s flight time was TBD, after the “funeral”, and they were actually all set up for it, when I got over there, but then it was called off. 🤔 wonder what couldve happened, to cause the flight to be called off, at literally the last second? Even the fire apparatus, were all in place, and left.”

She also had footage of F ir st Lad y (we use that term so loosely it isn’t even funny) “Jill B*den” in the car leaving the funeral and Nancy Drew’s video feed got scrambled — but only on “Jill” :

“I plan to pick this apart. Absolutely nothing adds up about this “funeral”. The White Hats are in complete control, so what exactly were they up to today?🤔 Lemme see if I can figure anything out.”

Just FYI, if you don’t follow this stuff from a [17] perspective — “Tiffany Blue” equals the color of the coat J FK Jr wore at JFK’s funeral. It’s a big deal that “Jill’s ” attire was suddenly scrambled to Tiffany blue.

JFK series: Dave Larsen was in sixth grade when president ...


Also. You likely already know this — from yesterday. However. Proof that there are still a few black hats lurking about:

Iraqi prime minister survives assassination attempt with drones at his home

“Embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi survived an assassination attempt that saw armed drones descend on his Baghdad home on Sunday morning, according to Iraqi officials.

“The attack drastically escalates tensions between al-Kadhimi’s government and Iran-backed Shiite militias, who have refused to accept last month’s parliamentary election results.

“Seven of al-Kadhimi’s security guards were injured when two armed drones attacked in the capital’s heavily defended Green Zone.” [full article here]


This was promising. A “New Idea” no less! An EMS ( emergency broadcast system??) (I call this promising, because all these royals have already been executed, and the rest of us are waiting for them to announce that the “queen” is dead, so that we can finally end this god awful movie). From nich o las ven ia min’s te le gram page:

And this was really jarring.

Even though I almost never report on the v a x and the deaths therefrom, it’s only because you can get that kind of news all over the alternative sources.

However. From LauraAboli’s te l e g r am channel:

“Lots Of Young Fit Healthy Athletes Collapsing, isn’t that odd?! I wonder why?
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 🤔
MSM will soon try to
convince us that it’s very normal for healthy young people to collapse! 🤮

Avi Barot, 29, Saurashtra Cricketer Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Passes Away 🔗 Source

Abou Ali, 22, Professional Footballer Collapses on Pitch During Game 🔗 Source

Fabrice Nsakala, 31, Besiktas Defender Collapses on Pitch During Game 🔗 Source

Jens De Smet, 27, Footballer Collapses on Field, Passes Away of Heart Attack 🔗 Source

Jente Van Genechten, 25, Footballer Collapses on Field Due to Heart Attack 🔗 Source

Frederic Lartillot, French Footballer Collapses in Changing Room, Passes Away Due to Heart Attack After Game 🔗 Source (https://www.leprogres.fr/culture-loisirs/2021/09/11/deces-d-un-joueur-de-foot-apres-un-match-ses-coequipiers-ont-tout-tente-pour-le-sauver)

Benjamin Taft, 31, German Footballer Collapses After Game, Passes Away Due to Heart Attack 🔗 Source

Rune Coghe, 18, Belgian Footballer Suffers Cardiac Arrest on Pitch 🔗 Source

Helen Edwards, Referee Taken Off Court During World Cup Qualifier Due to Heart Issues 🔗 Source

Dimitri Lienard, 33, Fc Strasbourg Midfielder Collapses During Game 🔗 Source

Sergio Aguero, 33, Barcelona Star Striker Admitted to Hospital for Cardiac Exam After Match 🔗 Source

Emil Palsson, 28, Sognal Midfielder Collapses Due to Cardiac Arrest During Game 🔗 Source

Antoine Méchin, 31, French Triathlete Suffers Pulmonary Embolism Following Moderna 🔗 Source

Luis Ojeda, 20, Argentine Football Player Unexpectedly Passes Away 🔗 Source

Greg Luyssen, 22, Belgian Pro Cyclist Ends Career Due to Heart Issues 🔗 Source

Pedro Obiang, 29, Ex-west Ham Star Suffers Myocarditis Post Vaccine 🔗 Source

Cienna Knowles, 19, Equestrian Star Hospitalized Due to Blood Clots 🔗 Source

Soccer Star Christian Eriksen 29 Collapses on Field 🔗 Source


And regarding the Travis Scott Astroworld deaths and chaotic awfulness — the word going around the non M S M, is that those deaths should be considered ritual human sa cr ifi ces because that is allegedly what they were (Security guard felt pricked in the neck with a needle, as he was trying to pull people apart, to help them, etc.).

Just so sick. But I guess we’ll see, gang.

Okay. That’s really it for the news items today. Just so you know, I have seriously weeded out who I’m following on tel el g ram, bitchute and rumble. To try to simplify things and get right to the news every day. And then I can have more free time (FINALLY!!) to just relax and sit and think and gradually begin to get my life back.

I’ve heard twice on Tarot by Janine that truthers are arguing among themselves right now and turning against each other (?). I don’t actually know what she means because I’ve stopped following most of the truthers I’ve followed for the last year and a half. Only because I did notice that while in this blackout of intel, worldwide, people are still churning out just as many videos, seemingly to try to keep viewers riled up.

I think that’s a shame. This is simply a great opportunity to finally step back and look at everything that’s gone down since the rig g ed el e cti on of 20 20, this time last year. See what we’ve learned and what the white hats accomplished, and what kind of amazing things we want to do with our incredibly beautiful future.

Okay. Enjoy your Sunday, gang. Wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


This was a good Restored Re pub lic update. It also includes details of the Pr ay ing Me dic’s trip to the jail in D C to check on the American citizens being held there without charges since the Ca p i t ol “riot”. They are getting no medical attention, inadequate food, being forced into isolating lockdowns and forced to be “re-educated” . (35 mins):

UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream (they are back to only doing one livestream each week) (1 hr):

Great video. Some things you could be doing with your mind right now, rather than getting all caught up in the awfulness! “Dr. Steven Greer – The Science of Consciousness beyond CLASSIFIED Advanced Technologies” (25 mins):

Also, if you’re interested, here is Dr. Greer’s documentary, mentioned in the segment above. “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind” (2 hrs):

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