Lots of Activity in D C!

Okay, gang. You need to actually visit “Nancy Drew’s” te le g ram channel to get the full impact of all that is going on there in D C.

Yesterday, 7 flyovers of bl ac k haw ks within 10 minutes, including Ma r ine 1 and also a type of helicopter she’d never seen before.

Also this curious thing:

So perhaps all this activity has something to do with Mike L*n del l’s upcoming Supreme Court lawsuit to have the 20 20 elec tion results decertified?

L * nde l l also had an interview with Tr ***p on F r ank sp e e ch yesterday evening, but I could only access 2 minutes of it. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong. But, regardless, L * ndell does seem to be hard at work, once again, regarding exposing the massive el e c tion fr *ud.

We can only pray that this time the Su pre me C ou rt will actually listen. Since, allegedly, every Chief Justice except Clarence Thomas has been arr e sted and taken to gitmo, maybe we stand a chance of being heard now? We’re gonna find out — really soon.

Okay, well — more good news! Ex-CA gov, G a v in New som, is at gitmo, awaiting his tribunal! He’s blaming everything on P e l o si! (0ther sources are reporting that Ne w som committed suicide, and also that he is Pe l o si’s nephew.) From Real Raw News (4 mins):

UFO Man: “Three Witnesses that came forward to verify Calvin Parker’s Alien Encounter Claims on Oct. 11th 1973” (12 mins):

Ch * r lie Ward: KEEP CALM NOT IN FEAR (3 mins):

Okay. The news:

Another very interesting news update from Restored Republic. It hits all the high spots (once again mentions Hawaii returning to its sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii) (14 mins):

And Sh ar i Ra ye’s update from last night (46 mins):

Try to watch at least those 2 video updates every day, gang. I can’t post here all the various things they talk about because it would take me all day. But between these two channels everyday, and then “Nancy Drew”, you can get a real good feel for what appears to be happening behind the scenes — underneath the “news” that both M S M puts out, as well as the white hats. (Remember: the white hats, including Tr **p, put a really heavy spin on everything. You’ve got to dig deeper.)


In a surprising move — yesterday, Nick Cave announced North American tour dates for Spring 2022. This will be Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, bringing the Carnage tour to the US and Canada.

Tickets go on sale Friday, November 19th. You can see the schedule and buy tickets here.

And I leave you with that. Once again, just the weirdest news going on, the world over (including: the actress playing the fake Q U E EN is getting tired of playing the role and wants out (?!!). Apparently, at least one of the actors playing the fake B*den is wanting the same thing!). It is hard to discern the truth about any of it. I still believe the most important thing right now is L * ndel l’s Supreme Court case next week. We’ll see.

Enjoy your Wednesday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya!



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