One Day Closer!

I have no idea when all this insanity is going to end, gang. However, I can say with certainty that today we are one day closer to it!

How’s that for putting a positive spin on it?

As has been happening for a couple weeks now, there is basically a blackout of intel worldwide. Allegedly, this is to keep any remaining D **p S t * te players in chaos.

It is certainly helping to make the entire world seem as if it is in chaos. All we can do is sit back, stay safe and alert, and wait and see.

Remember what I posted the other day — how, especially when it comes to U k r a ine and all things N A T O, R us s ia is determined to return U k r a ine to its rightful powers and remove it from the control of N A TO.

Maneuvers like this are allegedly happening all over the world, even though it is being made to look like W W III.

At all times, there are 3 layers to the “news” : 1.) as it is reported (or not) by M S M fake news — which is all lies from start to finish; 2.) the white hat spin on the news, in order to shake the sleepers awake, get them angry enough to demand that fake governments be removed, as well as to keep the D **p St * te scrambling to find out what is really going on; and layer 3.) the m i litary and what is actually going on.

It’s that 3rd layer that is getting harder to get every day, but I believe that this is a good sign.

Okay, so Rittenhouse walks. Will there be riots?

Steve B an non walks, Judge says no need for bail. (Boy, will the Dems regret that move.)

Fake B*den is now asking to be removed by m i lit ary, so hopefully this won’t drag on too much longer.

Courts are stopping the fake B*den v a x mandates. (I think this is partly because white hats are seeing that some parents are more than willing to get their children v a x ed and children all over are now dying from the va xes. There are a number of sources saying that these parents will be held accountable for the murder of their children. We will see.)

Nancy Drew” was in DC all day yesterday. It was a cold and cloudy day. She posts photos from the fake B*den’s alleged signing of that ridiculously fake budget and points out that he could not have been doing that in DC, since the photos show a mild and sunny day:

“Im pretty sure, what you watched today, was not Washington DC, possibly Georgia. This is NOT what I saw today. Compare the roof, trees, flag colors on each side, WH lamps, and ain’t no way in heck, the sky even looked close to that today!!! The entire sky was cloaked in DC all day. And, WHERES THE TENT ON THE TOP OF THE ROOF????🤔🤣 Dont believe the BS!! “

There are only two videos today, as is becoming the norm. You should watch them if you can because they do give very promising updates on what is actually happening out there in the world — especially regarding RV, banking and money updates.

Before I close — Cave Things has plenty of cool stuff for Christmas! All of it designed & created by Nick Cave. You can find it all here.

”The Little Thing’ is a story I wrote for my three-year-old neighbour, Esme. I drew the pictures too, in case you’re wondering. It is the tale of a little thing that goes on an epic adventure to discover the true nature of its identity. “What am I?” asks The Little Thing.
Along the way it meets a cast of diverse characters—including a tomato, a toilet roll, a showerhead, a cupcake, and a corn on the cob, that guide The Little Thing toward its final joyous realisation.’
Nick Cave

Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!

Sha r i Ra ye update (31 mins):

Restored Republic update (18 mins):

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