Let’s All Just Sit Tight!

It is really starting to look good, gang.

Not just the blocking of the fake B *den v a x mandates, but more importantly the upcoming Supreme Court case of Mike L * n d el l and several state Attorneys General wanting the 20 20 e l e c tion results decertified.

That happens Nov. 23 — Tuesday. And a lot of the events we have been waiting to see unfold are supposed to get triggered from that. (And interestingly, Mi6 is saying that it doesn’t matter if the q u e e n is dead or alive, it’s her legacy that matters… Hmmm.)

Of course the Supreme Court has failed us over and over throughout this entire year, but many people are putting all their hopes on Chief Justice Cl a r en ce Thomas, allegedly the only Supreme Court Judge left who has not been arrested and taken to g i t mo.

We shall see, gang, but it is definitely starting to feel as if the white hats — and Tr **p — know that Americans are beginning to lose hope that this movie will ever end.

I heard that, yesterday, cir sten w reported that the fake B*den is planning to have our beloved fake ka ma l a removed as VP and placed in the Supreme Court. While this is unbelievable lunacy, it does coincide somewhat with what S* mon P * rkes posted last evening (see my post from last night) — that the VP is soon going to be removed.

And white hats do seem to rely on unbelievable lunacy to try to get people to WAKE UP. (Sadly, though, some Americans who can no longer think for themselves do not seem to be fazed in any way by unbelievable lunacy, even when their lives and the lives of their children are at stake.)


In Sh a r i R aye’s video below, she says that many of her listeners wrote to her yesterday saying that indeed the E B S was tested in their areas. This is huge, gang, and very exciting.

The main worldwide banks had a lot of outages yesterday. These (Ro th sch ild) banks are expected to fail worldwide within days. But I’m also hearing that the banks to do not have to fail, and the market does not need to crash, for N e s a r a/ G e sa ra to be ushered in. We have to just wait and see.


Here’s good news! The late Ch el s e a Cl in ton’s husband is now going to face a mi l i t ary tribunal, even though his testimony helped get his wife hanged. (4 mins):

Sha ri R aye’s news update(28 mins):

This update is really jam full of incredible news. Give it a listen! Restored Republic (26 mins):


P * tin is claiming that of course all rumors of R u s s ia preparing to start wars are untrue. What’s left of the C I A are behind all of it. Methinks he likely knows what he’s talking about…

Canadians are being warned to store all their valuables and food items at least 8-12 feet above ground (or in the upper levels of their houses). And all livestock and feed for livestock should be moved to the highest levels in barns, at least 8-12 feet above ground.

Tunnels and D U MB s are in the process of being taken down throughout Canada and more massive flooding is expected in low-lying farming areas, especially. In cities, people are being warned to stay away from manholes and sewers for the same reason (sudden extreme flooding)

In unrelated news…

Iconic rock photographer Mick Rock has died at age 72. He took some of the most memorable photos of rock stars throughout my wee bonny teenage girlhood. His family is not saying why or how he died. I sure hope he did not get the v a x.

Nick Cave sent out an Red Hand File today, announcing the current project he’s been working on, in his downtime between tours. A series of psalms — spoken word, set to music. It includes one called “Such Things Should Never Happen” and it is very sad. But I don’t think that all of them will be sad. You can read the first one here.

Okay, so this was interesting! I really don’t know what to make of all these stories of the Apollo moon landings (especially the first one) that insist the “real” moon landing was nothing like what we saw on television in 1969. Everyone’s stories (mostly from N A S A whistleblowers) are all slightly different but mostly they match up. Anyway, this was thought-provoking. (15 mins):

And I’ll leave you with a couple more videos below and that’s it.

Enjoy your Friday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya.


Put the Woo Down and No One Gets Hurt (45 mins):

Ch*r lie W *rd chats with Me liss a Red Pi ll (50 mins):

X*2 R* port: (55 mins):

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