A New Week! A New Reason to Be Excited!

Yesterday morning, there really was no new news.

Even Restored Republic’s update was short and closely resembled the update from Saturday, so I didn’t bother to post anything yesterday.

Today, already, the news is feeling decidedly upbeat.

I mean, the undercurrent of news — not the more obvious news.

An example of obvious news: I’m hearing weird & conflicting things about those horrible tornadoes that hit not far from here in Kentucky. There’s even video footage that is allegedly from Mayfield, Kentucky, which is the town that was named after my ancestors (the Mays). It looked really devastating.

But then! Intel that the footage is “old” and actually shows some sort of tornado damage done in Italy, a few years ago (?). That it’s not footage from Kentucky. And that it is shielding the reality — that the N a tio nal Gu ard is actually in these towns with alleged “tornado damage.”

I have no clue if this is true, gang. I’m just saying what I’m hearing.

But juxtapose this against cir sten w’s update — Bunker fuel from tankers in the ocean is causing these horrific tornadoes, and to expect a terrible cold front to come in next, similar to what hit TX many months ago and caused many deaths:


Only time will tell, I guess, what the truth of it all is.

Meanwhile, Tr **p did a chat with Bill O’ Reilly in FL yesterday that was very well attended and well received.

And the fact that he will be in TX next, has the NEG 4 8 crowd extremely excited. (i.e.: TX = J F K assassination = J F K J R return) So it will be very interesting to see what happens there.

And by next weekend (meaning, Tr***p in TX), the alleged upcoming removal of the fake B * den will have already occurred. (Let’s pray!!)

There is even video footage all over te le gram, showing Tr **p singing along to the song “Hold On, I’m Coming”, either at the start of the interview with O “Reilly or at the end of it. And it is very easy to see that Tr**p is actually singing “Hold on, I’m coming back“.

You can see the quick footage on Pepe Lives Matter on te le e gram here.

Sorry that I don’t know how to embed videos from te le r gr am. But there is also another great video going around this morning, of an M P in the UK, Steve Baker. You really have to watch it and see what he says! It’s extremely uplifting. Even exciting.

It is also on Pepe Lives Matter. HERE.

Nancy Drew” was in D C over the weekend, which is unusual for her — she mostly takes weekends off. She got more Marine 1 footage (it seems like M1 and various Black Hawks are in D C every day now, gang.)

Anyway. She said yesterday:

“Obviously, some sort of big to-do, is gonna happen tonight. Between the M1, and everything we’ve seen. Whoever the people are attending, needed some pretty major security though. Absolutely nothing, on the schedule, though. 🤔 Couldnt catch up with that guy, who snapped pics.🥺 Wonder whats taking place here?

(This was taken directly after my last live) very interesting day”


Before I post the videos, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a new supplement I’ve started taking that is incredible!!

I love the Master Mushrooms, gang, and I’ve been taking a master mushroom blend from OM for well over a year now and I can’t believe how great it is for clarity, mood stability, energy. I add it to my food everyday. (In fact, it was the only supplement I was able to continue taking the entire time I was sick with that awful bacterial infection.)

Well, on Friday, I discovered another Master Mushroom powder from OM — one specifically for clarity and focus. It its primarily Lion’s Mane. You can add it to organic milk, or to water, or even to coffee. (It already has caffeine, so you have to be careful about that). But, wow, the Lion’s Mane goes straight to my brain and it really increases my ability to focus, etc. (I’m preparing to work on a new novel here.)So, check it out if you are into Master Mushrooms (it costs around US $20):

Buy Brain Fuel+ Mushroom Powder Supplement | Om

Okay. That’s it for today! I’m feeling like this week could be a big week, gang. Here in the U S and possibly in the U K, even Au str a lia as well — news from there saying that police stations are now flying the Aussie flag upside down — perhaps joining the protest, finally?? We have to wait and see, of course. But I’m finding the overall vibrational frequencies, worldwide, to be very interesting. The energy of the people does not match what the M S M is trying to say, at all.

So. Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


As promised, Tarot by Janine did another update on December: MID DECEMBER WORLD ZODIAC UPDATE: UPHOLDING THE NARRATIVE? TURNING THE TIDE OF THE INVERSION! (23 mins):

Voice of Reason U K (In Nottingham, they’re still planning to have Christmas!): “Doddy Meets Santa 🎄 I WILL NOT CANCEL CHRISTMAS 2021” (2 mins):

UFO Man: Saturday Night Livestream roundtable. Very interesting. International participants: Rendlesham Revisited – From a New Perspective/UFO Review/Open Roundtable Discussion (1 hr 25 mins):

Binaural Beats: Good Vibes : 1111 Hz Raise your Vibration – Cleanse Hidden Negative Energy – Deep Healing Music (ongoing):

Restored Republic news update — very good! (9 mins):

Ch* rlie W *rd catches up with Steve L: THE FOUNDATION OF THE RV, THE FINAL DRAINING OF THE SWAMP (32 mina):

Real Raw News. G W B ush mi litary tribunal Day 1 (Reminder: GWB & his wife were allegedly already e x e cu ted a while ago) (5 mins):


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