It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

I don’t know, gang. WAY too much stuff is going on that makes it feel like it might actually be a good Christmas. But we really gotta look beyond everything that’s right in our faces in order to see what is going on out there.

Before I forget —

Today starts the Christmas Sale at Smashwords. It runs to January 1st. All 4 of my titles that are still on Smashwords are free to download throughout the sale.

These are old titles: All 3 volumes of The Muse Revisited, and Freak Parade.

(I see that my books are now being categorized by Smashwords as “Taboo Erotica.” Not sure when that happened, but interesting. For the first 30 years, it was just called “erotica.”)

Anyway. Freak Parade, an award-winning novel, has had many really good reviews over the years. Including:

Freak Parade chronicles the slow and sometimes painful resurrection of a previously-famous recording artist, Eugenia Sharpe. Her world is populated by those who are compromised in any number of ways, and that is perhaps the most refreshing part of this novel — nothing is clear cut and very little is as it seems at first blush. Although the novel does feature a happy ever after ending, the road to that conclusion is deliciously fraught and convincingly realistic. The writing is clear and compelling. A very enjoyable read.”

And this:

“[…] As I was reading this novel I thought to myself: this is the real Sex and the City. I felt as if I had lived Genie’s tough days in New York, because the streets and the people were so real and vivid in my senses. I wanted Genie to survive, to pull through and shine like the brightest star again, and she does, but there’s no triumph for Genie without initial hardship.

“Marilyn Jaye Lewis is one of the few writers who can pull off this type of novel. As an author she doesn’t shy away from issues of gender and sexuality, the realities of abuse, racism and poverty. She shows us the seedy underbelly of the city as well as its luxurious and privileged side.

“The book is intensely erotic with scorching sex scenes. It’s shocking and raw in places. It’s also warm and funny and sad and deeply emotional. It’s about destruction and redemption, friendship and desire, love and hate, pain and pleasure. It’s also a powerful romance. All of these things make Freak Parade an unforgettable read.”

Anyway. It’s FREE now, if you haven’t already read it. But it is intended for adults only.


So, “Nancy Drew” has been doing some Gematria! And she also posted some thoughts about how the W H is lit up at night in purple and gold, and sometimes it even has “wings” — like a Phoenix!

“So, for several nights, we watched on the live cam, the WH lit up light purple, and on this particular night, below, we clearly could see the image of wings. I honestly did not know what they represented. I still am not sure, but, I have been decoding all the Gematria, from Il Donaldo, for the past couple of days, working on something else, when it actually showed me something else, that caught my attention. These two, below came up, that made me jump back, to this going on it the WH. JS 🤔🤔

The rising of the Phoenix
And you will see violet light when he is near”

To read her Gematria about H i ll a ry and Tr **p, follow this link and scroll. It extends over several posts and it is very interesting.


All right.

So the most interesting thing I’m reading right now is about N A T O, Moscow, U S, and this draft security agreement they are writing. Read it carefully.

First, from RT News:

❗️Russian Foreign Ministry publishes draft proposals on Russia/US/NATO security guarantees

Moscow has proposed to NATO that an emergency hotline to resolve urgent issues be set up, and that both sides confirm they do not consider each other adversaries in draft security guarantee proposals, which include:

▪️Russia and NATO members only deploying armed forces in other countries with the consent of all parties to the agreement, with no missiles to be deployed within range of members

▪️NATO members committing to excluding Ukraine and other countries from joining the alliance, and to not conducting military activities in Ukraine and ex-Soviet states.

▪️Both sides committing to not establishing military bases in post-Soviet countries or develop military cooperation with them

▪️Nuclear weapons to not be deployed by members outside their territory, with existing nuclear assets to be returned inside their country’s borders”


Whiplash347 had some very interesting things to add, though. I had to read all these posts several times to try to really process this:

“I have shown 7 Presidential Msgs = 7 Trumpets = 7 Kingdoms. Russia are about to take back former Soviet States.
Naturally when they announce the collapse of the Commonwealth/Crown there is need for a new make up to share wealth.
The reversal of the 1871 Act Of England means massive things for the make up of the World.

“Like i mentioned Russia is taking back all Soviet states

“Turkey becomes Turan which are states like Uzbekistan, Kazak, Turkmenistan etc

“Australia & Pacific Islands go to the USA.

“Russia taking back former Soviet States.”

And then Whiplash posted this (you should probably visit the link in order to read everything posted about this):


The other thing that stands out is that there seems to be a lot of stuff going on in the U K– cancelling Christmas, London Tube system shutting down (being called a strike), uptick in Omi c ro n, which is fake, so I find the statistics really curious indeed — I’m guessing they are getting ready for a lot of arrests. White hat m i litary has been in control there for a while.

I guess we will see.

Other than that, everything remains the same: wars & rumors of wars, v a x deaths mounting, governments in key cities worldwide acting like full-on lunatics, more and more pe d o ph iles getting arrested all over the place. I don’t want to tell you to ignore all that, but the “real” news is underneath all that.



In other news…

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ original soundtrack for La Panthère des Neiges is out now. You can stream it through the links here.

About the film:

High up on the Tibetan plateau. Amongst unexplored and inaccessible valleys lies one of the last sanctuaries of the wild world, where rare and undiscovered fauna lives. Vincent Munier, one of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers takes the adventurer and novelist Sylvain Tesson (In the Forest of Siberia) with him on his latest mission. For several weeks, they’ll explore these valleys searching for unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard, one of the rarest and most difficult big cats to approach. The film by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier will be released in the U.S. on December 22.


And that’s it for this fine Friday, gang.

I hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


3 from Voice of Reason U K, each approximately 3 mins:

What A Day Of Bullshitery 🤦‍♂️ It’s Gonna Get Worse Before It Gets Better:

NOW I’M P!SSED OFF 🤬 This Is Ludicrous…

88,376 Infections Is NOT DOUBLE In 2 Days 🤬 Lies, Lies & MORE Scaremongering Lies 🤥


Restored Republic news update (21 mins):

Sha r i R aye news update (44 mins):

Ch * rlie W * rd and S *mon P * rkes chat with Chas and Dallas: BANKRUPT FIAT SYSTEM, MEDIA SILENCE ON KOREA PEACE (40 mins):



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