Many Happy Things, Wherever You Are in the World!

Yes! Happy Boxing Day! Happy St. Stephen’s Day! Happy Day After Christmas! Happy Sunday in late December!

I like to regale everyone with this old-timey song on December 26th: “Good King Wenceslas” as sung by the Irish Rovers!!

Okay. Consider yourself regaled.

The news is quite strange, I have to say. I’m having trouble getting a true grasp on the scope of it.

One item of interest — similar to how a newscaster in the UK recently “accidentally” announced on UK TV that the Queen was dead…. a newscaster on ITV accidentally announced that the Pope was dead. (Sounds like signaling to me, gang. FYI: both of them have been dead already for a couple of years now.)

From RT News:

ITV mistakenly announces death of Pope in Christmas blunder

“The Pope’s festive address focused on his prayers for the pandemic to come to an end. He said vaccines should be made available to those most in need,” ITV News presenter Kylie Pentelow reported on Saturday evening, before adding, “His death was announced… uh, excuse me.”


This next item was fucking bizarre on too many levels.

Again from RT News:

Intentionally contracting C*vid ‘may land you in jail for 5 years’ – Swiss media

Following the news that some v ac ci ne skeptics have been organizing C*vid ^^ 19 parties in order to gain a v ac ci ne passport-like certificate for the naturally infected and recovered, the FOPH warned that intentionally spreading the virus could result in up to five years in jail, according to public broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse.”

The main reasons I find this bizarre:

a.) intentionally creating herd immunity, which is life-saving overall, is apparently illegal

b.) intentionally getting sick is preferable to risking getting the kill shot –so that’s illegal, too

c.) C* VID ^^19 cannot be proven to have ever existed, so what you’re trying to get is a regular old coronavirus — i.e., the cold or the flu, and now that’s illegal, too

Just how fucking bizarre.


Ohio finally does something right!!

From Gunpowder

“This week, the Ohio Senate passed Constitutional Carry legislation that will allow law-abiding Ohioans 21 and older to carry a concealed weapon.

“Currently, Ohioans must undergo a background check and show proof of eight hours of training to acquire a concealed carry license.

“Senate Bill 215 scraps these requirements on top of a “duty to inform” requirement that obligates gun owners “promptly” to inform law enforcement officers that they’re carrying a concealed firearm during a stop.”


This I found really interesting, but only because I’m back to work on my novel Thug Luckless (who is an A I male sex robot):


“Human-like robot’s reaction ‘freaks out’ creators

A machine touted as the world’s most advanced humanoid robot “freaked out” its creators after it reacted with visible irritation and grabbed the hand of a researcher who got into its “personal space.”

[…] The impressively life-like robot, which is being developed by British firm Engineered Arts, has been billed as the “future face of robotics” and “the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction.”

“[…] The “built to last” robot is available for purchase and rental, but is just a stationary model at present. The developers are working on upgrading the machine, which utilizes the firm’s ‘Mesmer’ technology to mimic human emotions and expressions, bone structure and skin texture.”

[full article here]

Plus, I liked this strange photo of P u t in, which was on the same page, so here ya go!! (His expression seems to be saying: I’m going to try to be patient with you but you are obviously a fucking idiot — which is how I feel about most of the world right now, most days!)

NATO, China, anti-vaxxers: Putin wraps up 2021 with a major press-conference

(This seems to be a bit of a Russia-themed blog post, today, doesn’t it?? Unintentional!!)

The Restored Republic news update was only 7 mins today. and was filled with items that make me think that not only is a lot of key stuff going on behind the scenes right now, but also that things are getting ready to change dramatically (and publicly) for the better. Finally. However, at the same time, there are the usual contradictions. But it is worth spending 7 minutes on and deciding for yourself:

This was fun! Voice of Reason UK : 🎄 LIVE @ Lambley @ Christmas Day 2021 🎁 (18 mins):

And this is how I spent my evening last night, watching this amazing movie for, like, the 5th time. (If you have never seen it, you must make time at some point in your life.) Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire, 1987.

I own this movie on video cassette. I love this film. However, last night I decided to see if the full movie was on YouTube, since I wanted to watch it on the flat screen TV in the kitchen while I had my dinner, and not have to deal with hooking up the VCR in the family room, etc. And voila, there it was.

Although I found it sort of soberly amusing that the film starts out with that old FBI warning about how illegally copying it and/or showing it is punishable by something like a $250,000 fine and a minimum of 5 years in prison… so much for that warning.

Anyway. It’s such a beautiful film. And now you can simply watch it for free on YouTube. (English subtitles, though. The film is in German and French.)

So that is kind of it, gang. They seem to be expecting Tr **p back at any moment. (Well, if you consider January 6th to be “any moment.”) And the RV to kick off N e s a ra / G e s ara, like — today. Literally. But I guess we just have to wait and see.

I’m going to get back to work here on the novel. I hope you have a good Sunday wherever you are in the world and however you “celebrate” it.

Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Harry Belafonte singing “Mary’s Boy Child” from 1957. A truly beautiful song, if you have never heard it before. Enjoy!

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