An Odd Little Monday Morning

Well, it is raining like crazy here today, gang. Which means my downstairs roof is leaking… in the kitchen, in the downstairs bathroom. This has been going on for a year already and it is something that triggers true depression in me. Because it brings home with a vengeance how decimated my finances have gotten because of the whole fake C * vid scamdemic… I still can’t afford yet to get the roof fixed.

However, I am convinced that, economically, things will improve in 2022, so I am trying to re-direct my thoughts to happier things here this morning, though it is a bit of a struggle, as I try to avoid tripping over well-placed buckets.

But. Anyway.

The primary news seems to be this idea that the Pope is dead; the Vatican was dark, there was no Christmas message, something or other. Actually, he’s been dead for a while, but it seems like they are at last preparing people psychologically so that they can finally, officially, kill him off by the end of this year.

[As an aside let me just say that I really used to like Pope Francis. Before I knew how unbelievably evil the man was. And he was shrewd enough, of course, to choose the name of one of my favorite Saints– I pray to St. Francis every single day, because of my love for animals, mostly. But now, I have trouble even saying his name because the Pope of the same name was so unbelievably evil. Honestly. When I pray to him, I say stuff, like, “you know who you are” and “this is so unfortunate that I can no longer say your name.” Stuff like that — words that shouldn’t be going on while you’re praying, right?]

Anyway. Close on the heels of the Pope dying, seems to be the announcement of the death of the Queen — who has also been dead for a couple of years already. In her case, based on various recent weird news stories, it seems that they are preparing the public for her death to be “wild” —

From Whiplash347:

“MSM Queen articles.
Killed by Wolves
Terrified of Helicopters
Now killed by Crossbow

They are so preparing you for a Wild Death.”

And on a similar note, this was posted yesterday, regarding the Queen’s recent Christmas message on UK TV:

And on a somewhat similar topic, but one that indicates so many people still think the Queen is alive:

Voice of Reason UK: 🎄 Ratings Disaster 😯 GAME OVER MSM 😯 BBC & ITV 📺 Christmas Day Mega FAIL 👑 Queen #1 BY A MILE (4 mins):

Which brings me to another topic.

I really love watching Voice of Reason, even though I can’t always tell the difference between what he might actually believe and what he says he believes in order to keep his YouTube channel from being banned.

Nowadays, I literally do not have time to listen to channels that are still in that space where they think that the B*den admin is real, and they don’t admit to the many arrests and ex ec uti ons happening worldwide, etc.

I only want intel, which is really hard to come by these days. But it’s why I still love Shari Raye, Restored Republic, Tarot by Janine, and of course, Ch*rlie W*rd and S*mon P*rkes. Although, even S*mon occasionally gives lip service to the fake white hat news when he’s a guest on other channels (and when I see where that’s going, I turn even those interviews off). (Even X22 Report has fallen in line over the last few months, and now he rarely admits that the whole B*den admin is fake — I think he has made this switch to keep his audience of Patriots growing, and a whole lot of Patriots are oddly still asleep about a lot of things.)

But I do love Voice of Reason, because, mainly I really like Alex, but I also like to get a feel for where the UK, in general, might really be at.

Oh, and this is something I find weird — Whiplash347 has been saying that “he” is not an American (I don’t actually know if Whiplash is a he or a she), and that “his” boss is J F K Jr. This has been posted a number of times recently.

Okay. So

Il Donaldo Trumpo‘s rumble channel posted several brief clips of the anti- v ax protests still going on in the world. Particularly Austria, Germany, Belgium, Israel, and Spain. You can watch them here.

Restored Republic news update (9 mins):


Ch * rlie W *r d chats with David Ian Rogers (1 hr):

Tarot by Janine looks at some interesting intel & videos (14 mins):

This is one of the videos she mentions above: “Pervywood 6: JFK’s Royal Flush” Good Lion does great documentaries. (Unfortunately, they often change how you look at the whole world!) (1 hr 49 mins):

I also liked this one from earlier this year, but it totally fucked with my wee bonny head! “Faul of the Cabal: The Paul is Dead Film” (50 mins):

And, sorry! Forgot to post this one! UFO Man Saturday Night livestream: Billy Meier – An In Depth Look Featuring Jax/Paranormal Underworld/UFO MAN and Tommy Highway (1 hr 12 mins):

And that is it for now, gang.

I hope you have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

Getting ready for a splendid New year!

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