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Whether or not things will unfold as planned this week, it sure feels like it’s still moving full speed in that direction.

If you haven’t already heard, not only did Phil’s grandmother die, but re m d e s iv ir is what killed her, even though he fought hard to keep her off of it. His livestream last night was heartbreaking, but his intel is saying we are still on course for January. You can watch a replay of the whole thing here [HINT: If you don’t feel well and are over 65, stay OUT of the hospital, you won’t get out alive!] (1 hr 42 mins):

HIs intel also stated that taped con fe ss ions are going on at the W H and that accounts for the flashes in the 2nd-story windows at night and also that hearse exiting the W H someone saw on the live cam.

If you want to watch the W H live cam, you can watch it here. (It’s addicting, though, even though you’re mostly looking at nothing, most of the time):

Tarot by Janine also took a look at the strange goings-on at the W H (18 mins):

If you watch nothing else today, you must watch this. What we have been hearing and or fearing (that the v a x es are more deadly depending on their batch number) is becoming even more true than we had imagined.

From the ongoing Corona Investigative Committee: RE IN ER FU ELL MI CH – PLAYING WITH VACCINE BATCH LOTS FOR THE DEATH BLOW OR TORTURE (20 mins):

And this is a short, empowering interview with Dr. F ue ll mich at his press conference in Brussels yesterday. He describes how the Cr imes A g ainst Hu man ity trials are moving ahead, even with corrupt judiciary systems worldwide. (6 mins):

At Dr. F u e ll mi ch ‘s te le g r am channel, you can access the full press conference:

Brussels Press Conference 23.01.2022

Press conference in Brussels organized by CHD Europe on 23.01.2022

Dr. Rei n er Fu ell mi chs speech begins at 2:11:35
Viviane Fischers speech begins at 2:17:30

To the recording of the press conference


At il d onaldo tr **po’s rumble channel you can watch Ro ber t F K enne dy’s complete speech from yesterday’s “De f e at the Man da t e” Free dom M a r ch in D C (27 mins) :


This just in! More A s s a n g e lunacy (he’s been in protective custody for a while now. He is not in pr i son nor facing ex tr a d tio n):

“⚡️Julian Assange GRANTED permission to appeal to UK Supreme Court (Sky News)”


And yet another reminder from Whiplash347:

“Ventilators = MedBeds
Car Accidents = Child Abductees
Border Wall meters = Gesara Countries signed off.
RV Trip with Melania = Revaluation of All Currencies on EARTH = Level Playing Field
COVFEFE = A Telecommunications Act. You aren’t gonna get fried with 5G. Covefefe Magnets. He made it safe.
We going above and beyond.”


Here’s good news from the Durden Report:

New Hampshire Pharmacies Could Soon Begin Dispensing Iv er mec tin Without Doctor’s Prescription

A bill working its way through the New Hampshire legislature would allow residents to receive iv er me ctin from pharmacies with a prescription of a doctor or an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) for the off-label treatment of C* vid^^ 1 9.” [ full article here]


From GEORGE news on te le g ram:

“⚡️Police in Brussels fired water cannon and clouds of tear gas at over 50,000 protesters demonstrating on Sunday, against C* VID ^^1 9 vaccinations and restrictions.

Some of the protesters came from France, Germany and other countries, shouting “Liberty!” as they marched through the headquarters city of the European Union.

The World has had enough! [news footage at this link]


From il donaldo tr ** po’s t e le g r am channel:



And a little more intel from Whiplash347:

“R1 – Qinghai – Northern Headwaters Yangtze heads SOUTH to>>>
R2 – YUNNAN – First Bend in Yangtze.
(180 degree Turn NORTH to>>
R3 – CHONGQING (👀On) Must be our GO-START. Heads WEST To EAST To>>>
CR = 3GD/Wuhan

CR = Climax Round
The big Kaboom.
Leaving the BTC Data Center to Last.
Big Pharma Labs, Tiananmen Square etc.
Who controls the CCP?
Think UK Royals & Zionist/Khazarian/Bolshevik Israeli Mossad/Govt.


US vs China (Covert) Tech War that Q Save The World shows

Really White Hats vs Khazarian Coins
Pretend to be weak when you are Strong.
Let BTC raise. Let em think they have won. Then Strike like the fastest animal on the planet.
Khazarian coins don’t belong on the Quantum System.
You may see some across to Stellar where are no Gas Fees & it is Green Technology not Cancer causing Electrical set ups.”


And S c a v in o posted another Orange Man Bad comm on t w * ttter and Inst a gram:

“Dan’s 1:41 AM Est timestamp to post 141
17’d Up”


And this also “just in” but it appears to be actual news:

SHOCK: Thousands on Twitter Say They ‘Regret’ Getting the Va c c in e — ‘Side-Effects Worse than C*VID’DailyVeracity
Amid reporting on a variety of studies that find a direct causal relationship between an increase in deaths in countries with higher levels of va cc in a tions, seemingly countless Americans are now expressing regret they ever took the C*VID v ac ci ne.

Thousands of individuals across social media have come out expressing regret over taking the C* VID v ac ci ne. The v ac ci ne s have not stopped the l*ckdowns, they have not stopped people from feeling sick, and they have not stopped the travel restrictions.

The v ac ci ne s, however, have made many people rich, while causing hundreds of thousands of victims to develop incurable va c ci ne-related ailments. [full article here]


And, aside from more and more and MORE rumors of wars, gang, that is it for right now.

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (17 mins):

In case you’re just waking up to this:


Jim C re n sh aw: S a TA NIC CONTRACTS AND SECRET DOCUMENTS. HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED (CAUTION: Discretion advised. You can’t un-see this stuff) (14 mins):


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