Unbelievable Ton of Stuff Dropping

Okay, gang. It’s one of those days where there is almost too much to post, and I’m not sure I can post it in a coherent strand, so I’ll just start posting.

Comms from Phil:

“Eyes on: White House 👀

COMMS {yaKto} brivva/slught.north->infoOUT :;BRICE;lowerP=power? Zill_[]bank

COMMS {SiLpy} forward?10-010-0”noggA/plays:::::>NavahO&brighteon

/end COMMS”


Whiplash347 on Poland:

“Eyes on target. BIG RED ONE 🔴”


Mi ch a el J ackson on U k r aine:

“🔴Ukraine, keep in mind that Joe and Hunter B * den have assets located next to Eastern Europe’s second longest tunnel system through which drugs, weapons, children, people and adrenochrome are trafficked.
Odessa (Ukraine) -> Belarus -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland -> Sweden
Now do you know why B* den Joe has land there?

32,000 miles of D.U.M.B.S.

Now you understand why the Russian bear wants to conquer Europe.”


Whiplash on R E S T A RT:

“The Secrets of #Michael_Jackson – ENGLISH SUBTITLE

  • A summary of Michael’s secrets program
    -Why was he killed?
    -#Michael & #Mysticism
    -The world feared Michael”
  • [9 min video from I r a n RE ST ART, in English subtitles. Must watch!!]

AND: [M ake I r an Great A ga in] [Video of blocked speech at U N at link]

“‼️ A video of the representative of I r an’s terrorist regime at the United Nations Security Council that was omitted from the full video by all the media in the world! – January 2018‼️

Surprisingly, here’s the UN Security Council❗️

📛 This part of the speech by Iran’s representative in the U N Security Council was omitted by all the media in the world, in a united act and at the same time. If it hadn’t happened, R E S TA R T opposition would have been known globally, and Iran’s regime would have been changed by now!
Listen to the shaky voice of the Iranian regime and the fear of R E S TA R T opposition. The video speaks for itself!

✅ The meeting was only held because of R E S TA R T _opposition and the suppression of the uprisings by the regime in I ra n; but in his speech, Ir a n’s representative stated that America wants to change the regime with the help of the R E S TA R T opposition!
Iran’s terrorist regime then demanded the US government to hand Se y e d Mo ha mm ad H os se in i (R E S TA R T leader who lives in California) over to them. #WAR”



Full Version (video) OF RE ST A R T Leader Interview With InfoWars
Whose Movement has a shot of reviving the Persian Empire.

Infowars sat down with the leader of I r a n’s largest populist movement to expose how he wants to free I ra n from the I s l a m * c Republic.

Se y e d Mo ha mm ad H os se in i , the leader of R E S T A R T,
looks to gun rights, love of Jesus Christ, and Tr ** p to explain his mission to bring 1776 to I ra n.

“🔴22 JUNE 2019

🔵13 JUNE 2019






Consider who the Allied nations are ( X i, P u tin, Tr **p, K im, M o d i, al – K a d hi mi…)

From RT News:

“Joint naval drills by the Iranian, Russian, and Chinese navies – dubbed CHIRU-2Q22 – are underway, with the aim of enhancing maritime security in the waters and airspace of the Indian Ocean.”


Image from il don a ldo tr **p o yesterday:


From cod e mon key z:

“If you are a registered voter in Arizona, please sign my digital petition so I can get on the ballot.

You can sign here:”


From M r P o ol, via Whiplash347:

“So you know 11.3 in the Law Of War Manual has been activated/passed on the Inauguration 1 Year Anniversary.
11.4 is the major one in regards to the SHUTDOWN and the very end of C* VID ^^1 9.

Some things that come to mind are they thought it was coming last Friday, 2 days ahead of schedule, Election + 1(i wonder if that is Inauguration + plus 1 week) but the biggest of them all is that POTUS said very frequently that CH Y NA will pay. You know FEBRUARY 1 is Chinese/Lunar New Year and they celebrate that for 2 weeks. Lots of fireworks.

So give it one more week.
But be ready it could go at any moment now.
Now Mr P o o l show SEA OF RED”

“My feeling is this.
Yes at any moment somewhere just before FEB 1 and Chinese/Lunar New Year will be the 10 days of darkness + 3 DAY EVENT and ruin it, but then the Calendar Flip from Gregorian to Julian Calendar so they get to do it at the End anyway.

For newbies we are going to be returning to the Julian Calendar that EARTH used in the 1500’s.
There are 13 days difference between Julian & Gregorian Calendar’s
In 1500s they in one October switched from Julian to Gregorian.


IBM is at the Top of the QFS.
Now go and find IBM Africa, Japan, Thailand, Anabatic IBM Indonesia(Asian IBM awards) activities that i have posted.
Go and see if you can find more.

In GESARA 3rd World Nations go 1st.

IRAQ starts the RV (Revaluations of All Currencies on PLANET EARTH. IRAQI Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and the “AA” 2008 Trillion dollar Zimbabwean Dollar Note.”

And then in gets intense:

A movie about a plot to crash a plane at a SUPER BOWL event.

2 yr Delta’s show a State Funeral & What Storm Mr President?
You’ll See

“Is Mr P o o l showing an attack on Boston Naval Base?
Battle Of Bunker Hill?
Old Ironsides
USS “Constitution”
Paul Revere’s Ride
Old North Church
Naval Ship Crashes
Bigger than you know”

MR. P O O L – THE LAUNCH OF THE SHIP [E B S video at this link]

The audio message is an EBS:
“This is not a test, the emergency alarm system has been activated, the telephone lines must be kept closed. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Washington DC “

A list of cities, all with ports or military naval bases, the first two:

  • Boston Navy Yard: It was one of the oldest shipbuilding structures of the United States Navy.
  • Chicago: Naval Station Great Lakes is the home of the United States Navy’s only training camp, located near North Chicago Naval Station Great Lakes – https://en.qaz.wiki/wiki/Naval_Station_Great_Lakes
  • Pennsylvania = Philadelphia, there is a shipyard on Delaware …

1/1 follows

1/2 continues

The rest of the cities on both the east and west coasts, departure points for the China Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Last mentioned Washington DC, a Fincantieri headquarters. Why does Pool warn us of already official naval military operations ?!”

Old Ironsides: A vessel to remember
One hundred ninety-nine years ago today, the USS Constitution defeated a British warship, HMS Java, off the coast of Brazil. As a result of Old Ironsides’ victory, the British admiralty forbade any vessel…” [link]

“Think about the reversal of 1871 Act of England & Balfour Declaration.

Think about the importance of the Battle Of Bunker Hill.
U.S.S Constitution
To this whole entire thing.
American Revolution”

“How about the Masked RESIDENT declaring WAR on ENGLAND, ISRAEL & CCP?

Remember Israel attack on USS Liberty in the 60s.

ACT OF ENGLAND 1871 Reversal
No more CROWN/Maritime Law/Commonwealth
Reversal of Balfour Declaration

Title 4 Flag Captured at the Vatican






Think Ship Crashes
Bigger Than You Know
We Are Active
Israeli Intelligence Stand- down

Also US Cyber TaskForce
Jeff S e s s ions – Rising?”

“The Ending Israel is last has so many meanings. Read the Israel, Mossad, Israeli Intelligence, MSM drops.
Honey Pot Operations
Satellites knocked down, MSM, Libel Laws, Big Tech, Big Pharma etc

Remember the USS Liberty being hit by Israel in the 60’s”



Kind of interesting, right?

Today is a [Q] Delta, so we’ll have to see.


From P e p e Lives Matter last night. I really loved this:

“Anons care deeply about witnessing justice…they’ve been tested tremendously in their faith. Think back through the last few years of being awake and experiencing the mental pressure of knowing the dangers our world faces yet holding the line.
I can practically guarantee that almost all of you have taken leaps and bounds in many ways.
Your faith? Hardened.
Your love for freedom? Amplified.
Your dependence on God? Magnified.
When you walk through a valley with God it changes you.
Changed, transformed, and molded through trials.
It’s important to be grateful for your cross.
The work it does in you is worth its weight in gold.”

[For newbies: [Q] and “Anons” are not one thing. They are separate. There is no “[Q]Anon”.]


In today’s Restored Republic news update below, truly sad news — among all the D U MB S that are being successfully taken out, with thousands of children having been rescued –the mi li t ary found one D U MB that went down 18 stories and found the bodies of over one thousand children who had been tortured to death.

It is so disturbing when this type of thing comes once more to light. But it does feel like we are getting close to the end of all these evil tunnels. (Think earthquakes, gang — the world over– and thank God for that.)

And that is going to have to be it for today because the news just keeps on coming.

Have a blessed Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys See ya!



P * trio t St r e e f ighter, J *co, N*no roundtable : DEVOLUTION/LAW OF WAR (1 hr 21 mins):

Restored Republic news updates. #1 from today (14 mins); #2 from Saturday (22 mins):

THE TRUTH REACHES THE EU PARLIAMENT; English subtitles (1 min):

UFO Man Saturday night livestream: “Interview of Wes G. Roberts – Author/Alien Abduction Experiencer/Professor in Toronto” (1 hr 18 mins):

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