Sure Could Use Some More Sleep!

I have no idea why I am so tired today, gang, but I truly am. I could have easily slept another hour when I dragged myself out of bed at 4am, as always.

I’m not sure how coherent this post will be, but we’ll hope for the best.


This is one we should probably keep an eye on. The original post is gone, and an odd new one has taken it’s place.

RT News:

“❗️Guinea-Bissau President claims he’s ‘fine’ amid apparent military coup

President Umaro Sissoco Embalo has taken to Twitter to assure citizens of his safety, following the reported seizure of the Presidential Palace in the capital. It’s believed the attack has left several injured and dead.

“I thank the population of Guinea-Bissau and all people who worried for my government and me,” he said, adding “Long live the republic.”

Gunshots rang out across Bissau city, as video today showed what appears to be the military staging an uprising.”


This was very interesting. It contains a lot of items we saw on this blog last year, but also contains some interesting new items that we should listen to with a discerning ear.



Methinks Whiplash is trying to tell us that D a v id R ock e feller Jr is already gone and that some actor — oh, I don’t know, let’s say Kurt R us s el l — is taking his place:


“One good Rockefeller.”


OOPS! Got another one:

JUST IN: Steny Hoyer (D) tests positive for breakthrough C*VID ^^1 9 case:

“I am fully vaccinated and already received my booster shot. I’m very grateful to the researchers, scientists, and medical experts who worked hard to develop the C*VID ^^1 9 vaccines.”


Whiplash347 had this to day about S * mon C * we ll:

“You know the new Advert. That is not him. A CGI head placed on a body.
Simon long gone.
Spirit Cooking Journey.
Get Familiar with it”

Simon Cowell is ‘lucky to be alive’ after SECOND terrifying e-bike smash: BGT supremo is rushed to London hospital with broken arm and facial cuts – 18 months after breaking his back in Malibu accident [DailyMail UK]


V a x er s in Bendigo Australia apparently flee the scene!

[This type of thing needs to happen all over Ohio, gang. I tell you, there are so many medical “professionals” who are still giving out v a xe s, thinking they are doing the right thing. It is astounding, the degree of their steadfastness to do NO RESEARCH of their own!]

Also, speaking of Ohio…

No less than 10 planes making criss-crossing “chem trails” in the sky on my way to work yesterday. I had to stop counting, because I was trying to drive on the freeway at the same time.

While many believe that these trails are hydr o x y chlo r o quine, Phil believes these “chem trails” are creating weather conditions (?). Here in the Hinterlands, we are expecting 2 days of rain, followed by sleet, then ice, then more snow — all by Friday!

I think that qualifies as “weather conditions.”


S*mon P * rkes posted this happy tidbit yesterday:

Green Tie…

In tonight’s live broadcast Prime Minister Johnson wore the Green Tie!!!

This was during his conference with Ukrainian deep state puppet Zelensky. What could it mean? Green for go, hurry up Russia and invade Ukraine? Or green for go, I’m getting out of this job as British Prime Minister?

Or something else?”

He posted this, as well:

UK Lorry Convoy…

Later this week a Lorry (Truck) convoy will set off from Scotland down to Parliament.”


And a happy image from il donaldo tr**po:


He also posted this 42-second video from Ontario, which brought tears to my eyes:


Of very curious interest indeed.

From RT News:

Bosphorus Strait: Traffic Surges as Turkey Plots Ambitious New Route

Ship traffic has increased in 2021 through the iconic waterway, giving weight to President Erdogan’s plan to create a $15 billion alternative. (Bloomberg)

38,551 ships traversed the strait in 2021, according to Transport Ministry data published Tuesday.

Erdogan plans to open a 28-mile man-made waterway called Canal Istanbul, in an attempt to divert dangerous cargo away from Istanbul’s center.” [emphasis mine]


And Dr. J u d y M i ko v its reported that Nigeria destroyed over 1 million va cc in es. !!!! You can watch a micro-video of that happening here.


From Whiplash347, by way of 8cueball: more about Mid a z o l am in the U K:

😱Midozolam – Used To Mass Murder Old People in UK
😱UK Gov. Bought Vast Quantities, Spring 2020
😱First Wave Of C* vid: Man Made!
😱Fungal Infections: Patients on VENTILATORS in ICU

Two reasons why older & others died of ‘C*vid’ 👇

Used in process of US executions! Causes respiratory distress! Used to increase number of deaths. Elderly being euthanized! Dosage should not exceed 2.5mg. Guidelines for NHS; 2.5mg – 5mg hourly!!!

Midazolam, the end of life drug..bought in vast qualities by Hancock and the UK government…used in the spring of 2020 .. to murder old people en masse and call it the ‘first wave’ of ‘C*vid’ –

“The most common fungal infections in patients with C*VID ^^1 9 include aspergillosis or invasive candidiasis…usually occurs in patients with severe C*VID ^^1 9 (e.g., patients on ventilators in ICUs)

[links here]


I find this whole thing so disheartening.

Again, from Whiplash347:


And that will have to be it for now, gang, because I am seriously out of time!!

Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Enjoy your upcoming weather conditions!

Thanks for visiting, I love you guys. See ya!

Before I go, here’s this:

This mysterious photo of Nick Cave that I saw online the other day and quickly learned to love:

And I leave you with this. The BeeGees, “If I Can’t Have You”. Enjoy.


Awaken with JP: The Canadian Truckers CAN’T Be Stopped! (11 mins):

Restored Republic news update (13 mins):


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