Gonna Be Brief Today!

Sorry, gang, but I have so much housecleaning to do here today, and, also, the temperature is actually going to get well above freezing today so I am finally going to be able to shovel my car free from all that ice — but that will take at least an hour or more, and be really exhausting.

So I gotta get started on all that over here.

There are only a couple things I wanted to post.

First — am I the sole person in the internet universe who recalls Z u cker stepping down from C N N (or at least announcing he was stepping down?) quite a while ago??

Well, now he has officially been booted out and — lo! and behold — a Tr **p supporter is taking over the reins at C N N.

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t really sound like “news” to me — it only sounds like something the white hats have decided to announce now. But anyway, in case you haven’t seen this yet:

S*mon P*rkes posted:

C N N To Be Owned By Tr **p Supporter…

With the acquisition of Warner Media later in the year by Donald Tr **p ‘s biggest financial supporter, C N N who are part of the Warner group are in for a shock.

What a turnaround!!! C N N to be owned by a Tr ** p Supporter. I promise you, this is all true, and shows just how much is going on behind closed doors”


Also, if you follow Phil, but didn’t catch his livestream last night, the replay is here (1 hr):

And if you want to do the research he suggests on the [Q] clock, this is the web site.


Oh, and this is also from Phil, who is in Me x ico right now, along with lots of mili tary action:

“Hmm.. fugitives captured in Mexico?

You dont say..”

One of FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives Captured in Mexico

A double murder suspect on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list was captured in Mexico last week after 16 years on the lam, authorities said.

Octaviano Juarez-Corro, who was added to the FBI list last September, was busted by law enforcement in Guadalajara Thursday night after authorities received a tip of his whereabouts. [full article here]”


And most importantly, from Dr R e in er F ue ll mich:

The opening statements of the G r and J ury proceedings happened yesterday. These proceedings are eventually going to lead to indictments for Crimes Against Humanity. This is an international court.

(1 hr 25 mins)

If you want to submit a statement about something damaging that happened to you or your business because of the fake plan-demic, or because of the fake vax, you can email it here (international):



Restored Republic news update (12 mins):

And my listening-music right now! Enjoy, gang, and have a great Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

“Georgy Girl” by The Seekers, 1966.

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