Okay. Onward, baby!

I am once again exhausted. Just so tired. This time, because I was up way past my wee bonny bedtime last night, listening to Phil’s 3-hour (!!) livestream. (Well, nearly 3 hours.)

I am so tired of being tired, gang. But if I don’t listen for 3-hours the night before, then, when I get up at 4am to start catching up on what came in during the night, I will still have a 3-hour replay to listen to — and nothing beats waking up at 4am, knowing you’re already 3 hours behind schedule….

So, in a nutshell: I’m tired. And when I get this tired, I start getting a wee bit depressed. But we shall see if we can just move forward.

Okay. In case you missed Phil’s nearly 3-hour livestream last night about SCOTUS, POTUS, and Tr**p’s possible PEAD… well, here is the replay. It was extremely interesting:

And here is the link to the Pipeline article that Phil deconstructs:


Okay. This next piece was posted to Phil’s te le g ram, but it came by way of Beach Life. It’s a real “uh-oh” kind of moment:

Dominion’s Parent Company Arranges $400 Million Placement 1 Month Before Election: SEC Filing [full article at Epoch Times]

“Why is the information regarding Dominion Voting being blocked from the public?
Maybe we should ask our dear friend Mary Fanning (aka – Mary Cunningham Fanning Kirchhoefer).
As in married to Gregg Kirchhoefer – Partner Technology & IP Transactions Kirkland & Ellis – the law firm that oversaw the acquisition of Dominion Voting for Staple Street Capital.
Shock anyone to learn Mary was the executive producer of Mike Lindell’s “ABSOLUTE PROOF”.
Let’s talk about Kirkland & Ellis for a moment – Law Firm; oversaw the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems; Former Employer of William “Bill” Barr, that’s right, Attorney General for USA.

What did Bill Barr know about Dominion Voting Systems? I mean, he would have all the access to information regarding Dominion to give his client Staple Street Capital advice. What did he take from that to the White House?

We should ask Mary Fanning (aka – Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer, wife to Gregg Kirchhoefer, lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis). Did she disclose to Mike Lindell, who paid her as executive director for “Absolute Proof”, of her close ties to Kirkland & Ellis?

My guess is no. What do you think?”


A great meme at il donaldo tr**po yesterday:


From Dr R ein er F ue ll mich yesterday:

Session 91: ‘Initial Reasons

Topic excerpt:
▫️Report of an emergency physician
▫️Psychiatrization of Covid critics
▫️”The test is the plague” – learning to see the forest for the trees again
▫️The little-known people behind the scenes who have a decisive influence on the development of the “Corona crisis”.
▫️Parallel structures: New medical association in the Czech Republic and a new bar association in the USA”

[replay on Odyssey]


From RT News:

Libya has two PMs as political crisis further deepens

The turmoil in the Northern African country continues to deepen as the country’s parliament appointed a new prime minister, but the old one refused to step down. (The Guardian)

A parliament spox said it had chosen former Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha by acclamation after the other candidate withdrew.

However, current PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah rejected the move saying he will only hand power over after a national election.”


“❗️Australia’s Freedom Convoy closes in on the capital Canberra ahead of the weekend, with mass protests expected against C*vid mandates


From Whiplash347 yesterday:

BREAKING: Sen. Wendy Rogers unveils letter signed by 41 state legislators from across the country calling for forensic audits in each state, and urging their states to decertify the 2020 election if their audit results mirror those in Arizona.” (That’s nearly all 50 States, gang!)


Okay, so. A bit about the upcoming Super Bowl:

From Whiplash347:

“A hologram? 😏

Super Bowl half-time show set to feature Tupac Shakur hologram with Dre & Snoop
THE Super Bowl 2022 half-time show is set to bring Tupac Shakur back to life in the form of a hologram…

[Tupac is allegedly in witness protection and still alive]


Remember last year’s Super Bowl, and all the dog comms and the puppy bowl and the sex trafficking, etc? Well check out this year’s:

From Whiplash:

“Super Bowl > Puppy Show – Q


Todays news

Snoop Dog
Sexual Assault
Super Bowl”


And speaking of comms…

An early morning comm from D an S c a vino and Mr Po o l:

“when the ride ends, what would happen if the markets crashed?”


I thought this was amusing. We really know our way around prostitution here in Ohio.

From RT News:

Ice Fishing a Slippery Slope to… Prostitution – Ohio Mayor says it’s a fishy business

Even fellow council members weren’t hooked by Hudson mayor Craig Shubert’s argument – who angled an ice fishing debate and connected it to the fishy knock-on-threat of prostitution.

“Does someone come back and say I want an ice shanty? And if you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem: prostitution,” Shubert said.

Better put your poles away.”


Also from RT News:

“⚡️Denmark plans to allow US troops on its soil AFP


A nice new meme from P ep e Lives Matter:


What’s up with all those Dems dropping their m*sk mandates so suddenly?

From RT News:

Democrats Dropping Mask Mandates Faster than the ‘Science Changed’?

The states of New jersey, New York, California, Oregon, Connecticut and Delaware are all set to ditch mask mandates, claiming their decision is based on science – but Republicans aren’t buying it. (Daily Mail TV video)

‘I’d love to see whatever internal polling went around the Democrat Party last week – it’s certainly no coincidence that Democrat-run states are dropping mandates as fast as they can!” said Rep. Kevin Hern.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky insisted that their guidance hasn’t changed despite nationwide cases dropping 47% in the past week – or CNN’s medical analyst Dr Leana Wen claiming “the science has changed.”

Having a midterm crisis?”

And just to sort of make it completely clear:

CNN’s Leana Wen talking straight up, clear Covid advice (Daily Caller compilation)

Science is changeable. Ready?

Wear a mask, not that mask, this mask. We don’t need masks. Wear a mask.

I don’t want my children vaccinated. I can’t wait till kids can be vaccinated. Kids should wear masks, but maybe they shouldn’t.

Got it?”



Also from RT News:

Antarctica Soil Linked to Wuhan Outbreak: Prototype C*vid Variant Grown in Chinese Lab?

An apparent lab-grown C*vid ^^1 9 variant has been found in samples from a Chinese biotech firm. The claim has come after Hungarian researchers accidentally discovered it in soil collected from Antarctica in late 2018 and early 2019.

The bioinformatics experts say there was unknown strain of the virus being sent to Shanghai for sequencing. It had mutations allegedly connecting the bat coronavirus and the first Wuhan strain, as well as DNA from Chinese hamsters and African green monkeys – both said to be commonly used for lab testing.

Author of Viral: The Search for the Origin of C*vid ^^1 9, Viscount Ridley, said: “The unique mutations hint at it being an ancestral variant. So if it was sequenced in say mid-December, before anybody had identified the virus in people and started trying to grow it in labs then it points to secret samples in labs in 2019.”

A plausible ‘missing link’ to C* vid’s origins?”


We knew this was gonna backfire…

From RT News:

White House phone records seized by Jan 6 committee show NO RECORD of calls to and from Tr** p – sources say

Records seized by the Select Committee do not contain entries of phone calls between Tr** p and lawmakers widely reported in the press. (CNN)

According to two sources with access to the presidential diary that day, it contains no record of phone calls for hours after T**p returned to the Oval Office.

The Select Committee is scrambling to explain the gaps of silence in the records, by saying perhaps the former president was making calls on a private phone.

January 6 becoming a nothing burger like ‘Russiagate’?”


Okay. Now, in the OMG Dept:

First, we saw this one coming — gone, baby gone!

From Whiplash347 yesterday:

Simon Cowell Tests Positive for COVID Weeks After Breaking His Arm

And now the big OMG — finally! (Seriously gone, baby, gone, since he’s allegedly been gone for a couple of years already)

First, from RT News:

“⚡️Prince of Wales tests positive for C* vid ^^ 1 9 & now self-isolating – Clarence House confirms

Also from yesterday :

Royal C*vid scare as Queen’s health is ‘monitored’ after it’s revealed she met Charles, 73, on TUESDAY just two days before he tested positive for C*vid for a second time
The Prince of Wales tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time this morning two days after he met the Queen…”


Buckingham Palace refuses to say whether the Queen has C*vid ^^1 9

Queen Elizabeth met with Prince Charles just two days before he tested positive for Coronavirus. (Daily Mail)

Fears are growing for the 95-year-old monarch’s health as Buckingham Palace remains silent on whether the royal contracted the virus from her son.

The Queen is reportedly triple-vaccinated, so will not need to self-isolate under UK C*vid rules but will be advised to take RAT tests once a day for seven days.”


And now, Whiplash347 will decode all that:

Feb 11 = [i] Missile, CME cover for [Internet] being taken down,Abraham Lincoln transits into D.C 3 days from 14th ♥️
3 day event everything would go down before we are to get EBS.
Now look at Q720 DELTA about EBS, Power etc meaning CME control.
Look at Q64 DELTA “LIGHTS” going off
Feb 12 = N (Happy Bday Abe)
Feb 13 = S – Superbowl Event/Blockade? Postponed? Russia closing blacksea Exercises?
Feb 14 = ♥️ NO COINCIDENCE’s that this is in the PURPLE MOUNTAIN. PURPLE is CROWN/ROYAL.
Remember David Schwartz XRP/Ripple, Former NSA just told us about the SWITCH.
Look at the Delta’s above.
The Show begins just after Superbowl. Now i take that as Worldwide Televised Sitdown Event = EBS show.
Perfect event From Dark To Light.”

DELTA for today

This was a white hat operation against the Rothschilds in the UK 2017 that went wrong. Captain Mike Green was killed in a Plane/Helicopter Crash.

Now it says 2 days prior to the event and it also asks us to make memes as it does for ON THE CLOCK drops. The ending reads as if an event is set to take place that starts the STORM.

answer the questions
build the big picture
break it back down
make memes for the normies to calm & educate

so we’ll be ready for the Storm.

So you know it starts in London.
Queen death starts it
Plane/Helicopter Crash?
Missile attack like they did on POTUS?
This is going to trigger the Fake WW3 Event.
Poseidon etc etc


“Abraham Lincoln departed Springfield, Illinois, en route to his inauguration in the nation’s capital on February 11, 1861, one day before his fifty-second birthday. After a brief speech, during which many in the crowd were “affected to tears,” he began the thirteen-day journey that would take him through the capitals of Indiana, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as well as scores of small towns along the way. Upon arriving in Indianapolis, Lincoln gave a controversial speech revealing his thoughts on the preservation of the Union.

13 Days.
3 day event 10 days disclosure
Queen – Operation London Bridge
3 days closure, 10 days mourning
Bay of Pigs scenario”


And that is what I’ve got for today, gang. And now this tired gal has gotta scoot!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my conflicting messages from this morning’s breakfast- listening music!

Linda Ronstadt’s first big hit, from 1967 (written by Mike Nesmith, of Monkees fame), “Different Drum”. Along with Tammy Wynette’s smash hit from 1969 , “Stand By Your Man.” Contrast, compare. Listen. Enjoy!!


Roseanne chats with JP (53 mins):

UFO Man: Excited Family Films Extremely Bright Cylinder UFO – No Sound Noted (2 mins):


Restored Republic news update (14 mins):


Ch*r lie W *r d chats with Melissa Redpill (58 mins):



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