Russia Russia Russia (Part 1)

Wow. I am having the best morning, gang. I hope it’s like that where you are, too.

Okay. Obviously, there is really only one news story today.

First, from S*mon P*rkes (yesterday and this morning):

Russian Special Forces Launching Attack Against Mafia Bases

I have been told that President Putin has just been given the Green Light by the White hats to go into Ukraine and round up the mafia who are holed up there, courtesy of the Ob a ma and B * den deals.

Russian special forces already launching attacks against mafia bases in Ukraine.

All records relating to B* den etc, are probably destroyed, but special forces have the locations and whereabouts of key cabal members…”

Deep State On The Run.

Looks like my intel was spot on…

Late yesterday the two separate provinces in Ukraine were recognised by Putin as part of Russia.

It is now legitimate for Russia to roll tanks into the two areas because their leaders have asked Russia to protect them.

Under this cover the deep state are on the run as their territory shrinks before their eyes.”


From yesterday:

NOW – Putin: Russia recognizes the independence of breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.”

NOW – Putin signs the decree that recognizes the independence of DPR and LPR regions. Separatist leaders are in the room.”

JUST IN – Putin orders Russian armed forces to enter rebel territories in eastern Ukraine for “peacekeeping operations.”

JUST IN – State Duma of the Russian Federation unanimously approved the ratification to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine as independent.

UPDATE – Russia says recognition of independence for areas in east Ukraine extends to territory now held by Ukrainian forces, AP reports.”

RT News this morning:

“⚡️Russian State Duma votes unanimously for ratification of friendship treaties, cooperation and mutual assistance with LPR & DPR


From P ep e lives matter yesterday:

“Fireworks and celebrating in Donbas after Putin recognized their sovereignty.
Wut is going on here? 🤔🤔🤔” [visit link for videos of the fireworks]


“Today is yet another no good, very bad day for the D e e p St ate and the global C a b al.

-Russia is not backing down from N A T O
-Russia has recognized the breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk
-Putin got his wins (friendly buffer states, friendly port of Mariupol, permanent realignment of his forces West of Moscow
-B * den has taken an embarrassing loss here. He looks weak and incompetent at home and on the world stage. (because he is)
-Truth Social has begun its rollout
-The polling for Dems is HORRIBLE!
-Canada overreached last weekend. It’s a massive red pill to many who were still asleep.
-There’s about a half dozen or more stories of Swamp draining that I haven’t even gotten to yet

This is only Monday. It’s gonna be a GREAT week!

Blackpillers, Shills, and Trolls are sure to be out in force in an attempt to bring us down. Don’t let ’em. Count the wins and stay positive.”


From Whiplash347 this morning:

“Anyone who thought today, February 22nd, 2022, was a very special date didn’t realize that yesterday was the day of days… 💥
Putin set the truth about Ukraine, the evil c a bal, and history in front of the world on the same day that Truth Social launches must be a coincidence – what else. But how many coincidences does it take before it becomes mathematically impossible? Now fans of the film Matrix would probably say: red pills for the world❗️”


Okay. In other news…

From “Nancy Drew” yesterday:


From ri ch ard citizen journalist:


From RT News:

Australia finally opens borders after TWO YEARS

Australian borders were fully reopened to international travel Monday, 704 days after they slammed shut amidst some of the world’s most stringent pandemic restrictions.

The border closures have hit Australia’s overseas tourism industry to the tune of $2.8bn/month, but Tourism Australia has already launched a $28mn ad campaign in North America and Europe.

Last month Australia received just 265,450 international passenger arrivals, compared to almost 10 times that amount in January 2020.”


From il don aldo tr**po on rumble:

“Mi Pierre keeps speaking that TRUTH!!!” (9 mins):


From Bonds For the Win (surety bonds):

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