Russia, Russia, Russia (Part 2)

Okay, the first page froze up on me again, so here is Part 2.

From RT News yesterday:

Italian Ambassador Dies in Freak Accident

Italy’s Ambassador to Australia, Francesca Tardioli, died on Feb 19 – apparently falling from a balcony of a house in Foligno.

“She allegedly lost her balance while leaning over her balcony,’’ Italian news agency AGI reported.

The incident took place in Tardioli’s hometown and is being investigated by police.”


Ge ne de code and Nich o las Ven iamin diuscuss N A T O, Ukraine, and human meat in fast food ( 40 mins):


This morning, I received detailed notes that I can’t share publicly regarding the US convoy of truckers heading to D C next week.

The one thing I can safely say is that it is astoundingly well coordinated!


And in still other news…

The Nick Cave & Warren Ellis North American tour kicks off next week, starting in Asheville.

Final tickets on sale now! Buy them here.

And that will be it for today, gang.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with the song “Carnage,” from the awesome Nick Cave & Warren Ellis album of the same name!! Enjoy!! (And go see a show in a town near you!!) (sadly, though, you can’t come here — the show here in Crazeysburg is already sold out, the theater only seats 14….) (Just Kidding!!) Okay, see ya!


Restored Republic news update (24 mins):


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