How’s ANY of this working out for you?!

Jesus, gang.

Far be it from me to say “I told you so.” Honestly. I am really not that kind of person. Everybody needs to come to their own perceptions in Life however they can (or can’t or won’t). I’m not here on Earth to be “right.” I’m here to find my way back whence I came and that’s it.

If I’m on a path that makes sense to me, that rings true for me, that seems to be leading me to something I came here to understand, then I share it. Whether or not you want to be on my path is up to you. And of course it makes me sad when people I love to the moon and back don’t want to be on the path I’m on. Sometimes I’m even angry — depending on how deep my love runs.

And all that said…..

I have absolutely no opinion on Foo Fighters at all. I’ve simply never been interested in them or their music. I thought that what they did last summer — mandating that only fully vaxed people could attend their concerts — was really disgusting. And, of course, dangerous for their fans. Since we all know that, depending on which batch of the vax you manage to get, it could seriously fuck up the rest of your life and you could literally die from it.

April 15th 2021:

Foo Fighters Require Fans To Prove Covid-19 Vaccination Or Negative Test Result To Enter Alaska Concerts

June 10th 2021:

Foo Fighters Fans ‘Throw Albums In Bin’ After Band Announce ‘No Vaccine, No Gig’

November 30th, 2021:

Foo Fighters abruptly pull 2022 concert from Gophers stadium over COVID policies

Then there was also this (how’s that vax working out for you?):

July 15th, 2021:

Foo Fighters Postpone L.A. Show After Team Member Tests Positive For COVID

And sadly, today the headlines are:

March 26th, 2022:

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins dead at 50


You’ll notice that none other than Dr. Mike Yeadon is the one who replied to that. The former VP of Pfizer…

With stuff like this, you gotta wonder how much of the Foo Fighters’ touring support/ income came from Big Pharma…..

Or is it worse than that? This is where it gets too creepy:

From Whiplash347:

Eyes on the right has been exposing Hollywood satanism for a long time now.
Do you think she’s onto it again?
I know what I think 🎯

Studio 666 Official Trailer (2 mins):


Okay, on we go.

As usual, Mr Pool dropped some comms that I can’t decode for the life of me!

From Whiplash347 by way of QuantumLight1111:

“New post from Mr Pool. 👀Rub-Usd-Eur-Yuan->Gold”


I thought this was too funny.

From Tracy Beanz by way of Robert Malone:


Oh, and hey — this is funny (not):


From Phil:

“Assuming the proverbial SHIT does not hit the fan this weekend, my next LIVE will be MONDAY, March 28th on PROJECT LOOKING GLASS 🔥

By popular demand 😎”


Good news for Belize –(gotta love that fake Will & Kate, right?):

Belize starts the process to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state
Belize is looking into becoming a republic, according to reports that emerged shortly after Kate Middleton and Prince William visited the nation.” [full article here]

And this has nothing to do with the Queen’s being already dead:

Queen may be forced to MISS Prince Philip memorial & will decide last min
THE QUEEN might be forced to miss Prince Phillip’s memorial service next week and the Monarch will decide last minute.” [full stupid article here]


From Uncover DC:

Kansas Senate Passed Bill Allowing Religious Exemptions & Ivermectin Use

In a late-night session running past midnight, the Kansas Senate passed a bill that would legalize the prescription of off-label COVID-19 medications like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Known as the Off-Label Drug Bill, HB 2280 has passed by the House and Senate. It would also mandate child care facilities and K-12 public schools to accept—without inquiry or scrutiny—the religious objections of parents or guardians to vaccinate their children against COVID-19 and other illnesses.” [full article here]


From QTime Network — includes brief video footage:

“Spain 🇪🇸 12th day strike in Madrid by truck drivers against rising fuel prices.



From il donaldo trumpo — some video footage I posted about yesterday:


And also — in case you haven’t seen it yet, it went viral:

“Ok, this is funny…😂😂😂” (25 seconds):


An update from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — (this is definitely on REPLAY on DLIVE in 2 segments, for the next 72 hours):

Unfortunately, all our streams of ➥ Session 97 (“Open Secrets”) on the various platforms have just broken down one after the other while we were talking to Živadin Jovanović, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

We are working to be able to restart the streams shortly.

UPDATE: The stream is back on Dlive, Gettr and Twitch. On Odysee the stream is still not possible due to technical problems of the platform.”


From ABS Military News:

“Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Russian President Vladimir Putin focused on recent developments in Nagorno-Karabakh in their telephone conversation on Friday, the Armenian government said in a statement.
“During the conversation, they discussed the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, which is unfolding in the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers as a result of an advance by Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces. Prime Minister Pashinyan described the situation as tense,” the statement says.
The Armenian prime minister pointed out that the Russian peacekeepers need to make the Azerbaijani Armed Forces retreat to their positions. The two leaders agreed to join efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh crisis.”

Also this:

“Relatively European & relatively civilized.”


From Pepe Lives Matter:

“Anons have watched as the mainstream media hid the cures to covid, idolized mass murderer Fauci, tricked sheep into wearing ineffective masks and cower in fear for a virus with an over 99% survival rate and a cure, claim that Epstein Island was merely a work out gym, say with certainty that Trump colluded with Russia while knowing he didn’t, ban anyone who questions their narratives and cover for pedophiles and swamp creatures around the world.
And people have the gall to ask me why I don’t believe them when they command that I get in line and agree with their Ukraine narrative.
That’s never going to happen.
We literally ARE the news now.
They will never convince me to trust them again after what they’ve done.
I’ll be damned if I ever go back to thinking like a sheep and getting back in line. It will never happen again.
Thinking for ourselves is in our anon DNA.
There’s no going back.”


And that is gonna be it for now!

I’m planning on having an entire weekend close to home. I already went out this morning and got the essentials and filled the tank with gas, so bring on that EBS!! (We shall see, gang.)

I’m still using whatever “free” time I have between now & Easter to study the historical, non-theological, case of Judas Iscariot’s alleged role in Jesus’ arrest and execution. Very interesting, indeed.

And my sweet little cat, Lucie, is getting better and better every day. It is a much prayed-for miracle, gang. I am so grateful that she has chosen to remain with us.


Nick Cave sent out another really amusing Red Hand File yesterday about Nicolas Cage. You can read it here.

And don’t forget, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be at the Beacon Theater in NYC on Sunday & Monday nights, March 27th & 28th. You can buy tickets here!

Nick Cave in Brooklyn last night

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


Alan Fountain Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin (21 mins):


Restored Republic news update (21 mins):


Don’t forget tonight 7PM EDT:

Awaken with JP: She Can’t Define “Woman” – Biden’s Supreme Court Pick (12 mins):

Tonight at 9PM EDT: UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream: Interview of Dan Willis/USN Retired/2001 National Press Club UFO Military Witness

There was no X22 Report last night.

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