Here Comes That Precipice!

I’m not going to post much today, because the entire world seems to be at that intense precipice that is fully clouded over by the Fog of War.

And tomorrow, I will be taking the day off in order to help a friend draft a legal letter, which will require 723% of my brain cells to accomplish. He is trying to deal with an unbelievably corrupt judicial system in the lofty State of NY. He is the second friend I have right now, who is trying to go up against the corrupt judicial system there in NY and it is a daunting endeavor indeed.

When he sent me all the legal paperwork he’s received over the last few years, I was horrified by what I read. Obvious attempts at extortion. The full scope of how rigged it was, was unbelievable.

I sent a text to him: wow. how do you keep your brain from exploding?

He texted back: It exploded 3 x

It is really just amazing how corrupt everything is, gang. He’s had to file for bankruptcy just to keep them from going after everything he’s worked so hard for over the last 30 years.

Which reminds me — the Legal Aid Society accepted my case yesterday and will assign me a bankruptcy lawyer in the next week or so. So here goes that.

Okay. Back to today.

So. The primaries here in Ohio were yesterday. And the main candidate that Trump endorsed during his recent rally here, seems to have won, but not by a landslide, as was expected.

One thing I found weird about that rally, though, is that Trump did not come out and seriously back a candidate for Governor. Although, a few months back, he did send out a statement about who he endorsed for Governor, he didn’t focus on that during the rally. He only made a comment that the Governor we currently had was lousy. And Trump talked about our Governor in the past tense.

It has been circulating for a while now that our Governor here, who was allegedly groomed by the WEF, was already under arrest. So, why he won the primary yesterday — without ever seeming to have seriously hit the campaign trail…

Interesting, all the heavy-hitter stops that were pulled out for JD Vance (whom I voted for). As if the Governor’s spot was not even on their radar, only the Senate. I find this very interesting, indeed. I wonder what’s going to happen, down the road, to explain that? Perhaps a public arrest of some kind? An arrest of a body double?

I guess we’ll see.

In other news–

We are being assured that the debacle at the US Supreme Court re: Roe vs. Wade was a white hat op meant to reveal to normies how compromised, infiltrated, and corrupt the Supreme Court has become. You’ll recall that, allegedly, Roberts and Sotomayor were both taken out a while ago, with Sotomayor having already been (allegedly) executed at gitmo. They’re saying that Roberts, though, is indeed under arrest but, like Pelosi, Psaki, etc., is being forced to act out a specific part.

This is supposedly helping to pave the way for the military to publicly take over (they have been in control since either November 3, 2020 or January 20, 2021).

Who the fuck knows anymore, right? But the white hats couldn’t have chosen a more explosive topic with which to divide Americans. It’s just so fucking ugly that I’m having trouble, this morning, remaining an active member of the human race.

I find it interesting that the same Christian Republicans who are so “compassionate” when it comes to deer-hunting season: “There are too many deer– if we didn’t thin them out, they would starve to death.” Wow ! That’s so kind of them, right? Let’s kill them and eat them so that they don’t starve! (I’m a vegetarian.) And yet, they don’t have the same compassion for impoverished women who can’t afford to feed themselves, let alone an unwanted baby, and they all risk starving to death — or worse — when abortions become illegal.

I don’t think they are simply going to become illegal. I believe this is an issue that will ultimately be moved to the state level, where the individual states will decide. I’m just saying that people, in general, make me sick.

And of course I had old-school Liberal friends texting me yesterday; friends who seem to think that just because I follow Q, I’ve become this totally alien version of myself, which only shows that they never really knew me to begin with — anyway, they wanted to find out where I stood on all this….

Where I always stand, for Christ’s sake (and I mean that, literally). I believe in the sovereignty of the human body — male and female. And I still believe that if biological men could become pregnant, had to carry a growing fetus for 9 months, had to go through childbirth, and then had to become the primary emotional caregiver for the entirety of the baby’s life without once having to put their beloved careers on hold — safe and legal abortions, early in the first trimester, would simply be an uncontested no-brainer.

I realize that a large part of this issue boils down to Planned Parenthood and the selling of fetal tissue and fetal parts, and ultimately the trafficking of organs cut from aborted fetuses that are actually still living when that happens. That stuff is a monstrosity. But I don’t think that the way to combat that monstrosity is to have a bunch of unwanted babies brought into the world. I think that only sustains the problem.

Anyway. That issue and now the hotly debated topic of who Elon Musk really is (now they say he was the son of Werner Von Braun) — that was really the bulk of the news. So I’m not posting it.

But thank you for visiting. And have a nice Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. I will not be here tomorrow.

I love you guys. See you Friday.


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