I Know, I Know, I Know!!

I said I wasn’t posting here today because I have to work on the letter my friend needs me to help him write — as he goes up against the corrupt judicial system in NY State.

However, there was too much interesting news this morning, to not take a moment to at least post some of it!

And, oddly enough, this first item is timely indeed!

From President Trump:

“After handing over millions of pages of documents, perhaps more than any person or entity has ever given before, there is nothing that can be done to satisfy the racist Attorney General of New York State, failed Gubernatorial candidate Letitia James, or the New York State Courts which are biased, unyielding, and totally unfair. With rampant and record setting crime, a 42.8% increase over last year was just announced, and every other unimaginable problem, no wonder everyone is leaving the State, including businesses left and right.

This is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in history, and it should not be allowed to continue. It is a politically driven Scam the likes of which has never been seen before. If I wasn’t leading in every poll by substantial numbers, this persecution would have long ago ended. The good news is, I have done nothing wrong!”


And here are 32 awesome minutes–

Mel K & Trump DOD Insider & Justice Warrior Kash Patel On Current Events (32 mins):


Some levity, because we always need it.

Awaken with JP: How the Biden Administration Creates Policies (12 mins):


An update from Charlie Ward’s newsletter:

“Special Counsel John Durham has just provided the FEC reports detailing how the Clinton campaign and DNC broke election laws in their payments to Fusion GPS. The firm has worked extensively for clients with ties to the Democratic Party and has a long history of controversial research.

BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near-total control over the future food supply in America. Both investment firms hold significant shares in many of the world’s leading companies and can therefore wield significant voting rights.”


More on Durham from the Epoch Times:

Special Counsel John Durham Wins Key Motion in Case Against Former Clinton Lawyer

“A federal judge on May 4 granted a motion from special counsel John Durham to review documents that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other parties had claimed were protected by privilege, which means the documents may ultimately be made available to the public. […]”

[full article here, includes audio]


From Uncover DC:

Moderna SEC Filing: Massive mRNA Product Pipeline, Strategic Alliances & Risk Factors

The “Risk Factors” section of Moderna’s Form 10-K filing for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021, is alarming for anyone who received the pharmaceutical giant’s mRNA gene-therapy jab. Filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to inform current shareholders or potential investors about Moderna’s performance, the 37-page section of the 160-page filing discloses the uncertainty surrounding the company’s COVID-19 “investigational medicines” and mRNA technology in general—which the company calls “the software of life.” Other sections are equally revealing and emphasize Moderna’s unwavering goal of advancing mRNA technologies that facilitate the future development of gene-therapy medicines for myriad applications.  […]”

[full article here]


Very telling indeed. (BTW, I think abortions should be safe and legal within the first trimester, but I don’t think the Federal government should be obligated to pay for them.)

From QanonAnonymous:

“In 1994, Biden wrote a letter to a constituent bragging that he has voted against abortion funding on 50 separate occasions. Now that seems like an inconvenient truth doesn’t it?!”


From Tracy Beanz:

Election Integrity Legislation Bans Private Funding in ElectionsUncoverDC
More states have now passed laws prohibiting private funding in election administration in response to the Chan-Zuckerberg 2020 grants.”

[full article here]


A handy reminder!


As always, “Nancy Drew” uncovered some really weird stuff in DC yesterday!

“One sec, guys. There was another video of today with the Olympic Team on Fox ! This is a screenshot from it. Appears as if Sleepy, was surrounded by US Marshall’s again!!! 4 of them bad boys!!!! Oh chit!!😳🙌💥❤️ it’s going down, I’m yelling timber!!!!”


From QTSR — (long):


_When White HATS>ACTIVATE< triple agents/ Turn coats/ moles/sleepers>
( Seemingly>BLACKHATS operators)///
_ANONS/Patriots go into confusion.

ANONS/PATRIOTS fight among them selves… When a seemingly BLACKHAT/greyHat comes into the light and there no immediate confirmation.

This confusion of who is a BLACKHAT or white HAT…>WILL < continue……… And the elevated anticipation WILL bring more tension among the Patriots.

Everything had to be this way to keep hidden identities of WHITE HAT SLEEPERS [ INFILTRATED]
INSIDE world corporations<

Including , inside>>>>

_ There is a huge WAR inside the PENTAGON>>>& inside The CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM///





(I told you a few times now…. One of the ROTHSCHILDS was flipped and created chaos scare EVENT inside the central banking infrastructure…. And this tactic broke the system into divisions … Which created a moment of insertion …( Idea)
To create a new SYSTEM using >>>>> STARLINK ////



GASARA/NASARA Is being implemented through the world in different countries and different ways.. Not just CHINAS/ RUSSIA NEW SYSTEM
( this implementing of GASARA/ NASARA is being done in different ways through the world and WILL All CONNECT once~ EVENTS Are triggered…. END GAME<)

/// >there is a difference between the old World Central Banking SYSTEM and the New DIGITAL Central Banking SYSTEM….. There is a reason why MUSK is invested BILLIONS into STARLINK that will CONNECT world currency and run world banks together on Starlink……..////))

Everything you think you know about CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM WILL CHANGE…
( THE SAME PEOPLE ARE NOT IN CHARGE AND MANY ARE QUITTING….. & and a WAR is happening behind the scenes in the OLD Central bank system….

You will know the TRUTH when you see the NEW SYSTEM IS BACKED BY GOLD<
( there is a reason banks across the world are closing and many cryptocurrencies / banks will not register with the new Q system in the CBDC ( WHITE HATS ARE IN THE CONTROL..)///

_everything that we have been expecting of RV. GASARA/ NASARA to take down the old system.. Has happened…. But not like we thought……..

INFILTRATION<was the key

There are so many moves behind the scenes…..A WELL PLACED PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRUST only cryptocurrency That is backed by gold. ( Study!! If your an investor )// this gold is connected to the QFS….


A CRASH is still coming….
Many companies/ orgs will go under across the world who did not register to the GOLD BACKED SYSTEM…..
_ 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 EVENTS


ITS ALL A 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥
Trump was banned from Twitter
( Created a ripple EFFECT.. From investments in markets to PATRIOTS getting angry@ MSM)

And other platforms are merging into a NEW TRUTH PLATFORMS

(from what I hear… TRUMP, MUSK and even Dorsey are in on the STARLINK system.. QFS that will connect everything……)///

Was Dorsey a white Hat?

Why is he MUSKs best friend for over a decade?

The Storm ….

Not evening is clean.


The take over PLAN”


Shared by Nicholas Veniamin:

The Trump Time Travel Miracle / Operation (1 hr):


More from President Trump:

“Everyone knows the wisdom embodied in the saying “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The WSJ’s May 2, 2022 editorial argues that we should ignore the blatant fraud that took place in Wisconsin in the November 2020 election as detailed by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in his 136 page Preliminary Report issued on March 1, 2022. To ignore the fraud that Justice Gableman continues to uncover is to allow that fraud to be repeated. Justice Gableman’s Report revealed many illegal and unethical acts including Zuckerberg funded election bribery, illegal ballot drop boxes, and obstruction of evidence gathering. Gableman also revealed that the Wisconsin Election Commission shared access to Wisconsin’s registration system with Zuckerberg funded left-wing activists, disregarded Wisconsin law so that tens of thousands of nursing home residents could be exploited for their votes, and illegally encouraged Wisconsin voters declare themselves “indefinitely confined” under Wisconsin law, thereby avoiding Wisconsin’s voter ID requirements.

These issues are far from “ghosts” as the editorial board claims. Here is a link to the Report so that people can see it for themselves. I encourage everyone to read it.

The fact that the WSJ editorial board came out with this hit piece the day after the nationwide premier of True the Vote’s movie, 2000 Mules, which proves a massive illegal ballot harvesting operation took place in the 2020 election—especially in key battleground counties like Milwaukee County—is also curious. Voters know that unless we fix what happened in 2020, those who stole the 2020 election will try to do it again in 2022. Ignorance is not bliss. Sky high inflation, threats of World War III, and the invasion across our borders are a direct consequence of the stolen 2020 election. What happened in 2020 can never be allowed to happen again!”


From disclose.tv:

JUST IN – Elon Musk has secured over $7 billion in equity for the Twitter takeover, winning the backing of some of the world’s largest investors.

ALSO from disclose.tv — this was creepy indeed. Click link to watch the 3-minute video:

“NEW – US 1st Special Forces Command, a psychological warfare unit, posted a rather strange video on Twitter yesterday entitled “Ghost in the Machine”.

“We can deceive, persuade, influence, change… psywar.”

Just recently, the Department of Homeland Security set up a board to counter “disinformation” from abroad.”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺⚡️DPR asks residents to refrain from visiting crowded places on holidays May 9 and 11”


“🇸🇰🇪🇺⚡️A ban on oil from Russia will destroy the economy of Europe, – Minister of Economy of Slovakia

An embargo on oil from the Russian Federation will cause enormous damage to many countries, incl. Slovakia itself, Austria, the Czech Republic and even Ukraine, Richard Sulik said in an interview with Politico.”


More on Elon Musk —

From QTSR:


If you have 90 million followers and you talk shit About the FREEMASONS on a Tweet or about the FBI’S involvement in Twitter cover up BIDENS LAPTOP stories,.. Or Ghislaine Maxwell pedo connections to Elites and ALL who were on the LIST in court ( saying shouldn’t someone on that list be arrested )//.. Or CALLING out Bill Gates…. Or letting people post the 30,000 released Pfizer documents on Twitter ……..///

So if you have 90 million followers and they reshare that information to other platforms or share of the internet the information MUSK is sharing could easily be reaching 150 million a tweet just in U.S. Alone.

Do you really think..a person with this much power is unprotected?

(The same goes for DURHAM

They both are on the WAR PATH
but MUSK >WILL< make alot of (PLANNED) mistakes that will piss of the Heard. >That confusion will be needed in the CLOUD OF WAR”


More from Intel Slava Z:

“🇺🇸❗️During a US Senate committee hearing with Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Majorcas speaking, Senator Rand Paul asked how the executive branch plans to define what constitutes disinformation.

‘You have no idea what disinformation is. Do you know who is the main spreader of disinformation in world history? US government,’ Paul said.”


From Pepe Lives Matter:

“Think about how the “movie” is setting the stage.
We had teachers coming for our children.
We had Disney coming for our children.
We had Roe V Wade coming for our children.
Everything comes back to the children.
What does Durham know?
Epstein Island and elite pedophiles?
What occurred in Haiti? Clinton Foundation? Hillary Clinton (the queen) of the deep state committed what kind of crimes?
Crimes against children.
The stage is being set.
What if Durham brings out their crimes at the exact right time?
This is the collapse of the D party in real time.
What if you’re watching a carefully crafted movie?
One designed designed to bring about the greatest Awakening?”


“Think about it.
When Trump got into power the deep state lost Saudi Arabia. The puppet strings were cut. According to Q, Hillary Clinton tried to make a deal. Q said no.
Ukraine remained though. Ukraine had biolabs. They had human trafficking. Soros controlled the country with ease. All was well. They had Covid. They had their plans but White hats were 17 steps ahead. Call it looking glass. Call it genius. Call it whatever you like. They knew what to do.
Putin and Xi hate the Satanists. They hate the NWO. Trump steps aside from the public eye. He’s insulated. Putin can remove Ukraine from the chess board. They’ve lost their main hub.
Literally every deep state player reees. There is no second plandemic. Not yet at least. The biolabs are gone.
As Durham inches closer to arresting Hillary…Elon Musk takes over Twitter. Public Awakening is the goal. They can’t censor as easily. What will they do now. Trump controls Truth Social as a second front.
We are looking at a dangerous animal trapped in a corner. All signs point towards the Queen piece (Clinton) falling and the normies being stunned awake. NCSWIC.”


And last but by no means least!!

2 movies that couldn’t be more dissimilar! However, let us rejoice in them both!!

“Only one week until THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE screens in 37 countries globally on Wednesday 11 May.

Find your nearest screening and buy tickets now.”

‘nothing short of indispensable viewing’
Film Ink

‘an emotional, powerful experience that I can’t wait to see again’
‘undeniably powerful in its lean, stripped back elegance’
Screen Daily
The Hollywood Reporter
‘a pleasure from beginning to end’
Shot on location in London & Brighton in spring 2021, Andrew Dominik’s new feature documentary THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE captures Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ exceptional creative relationship as they bring to life the songs from their last two studio albums, Ghosteen (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) and Carnage (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis).


And that’s it for this fine Thursday!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


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