A Terrific Tuesday So Far!

Wow, gang. It is interesting, to say the least. The amount of videos from yesterday and this morning, each of them with a slightly different take on things but when you stand back and get the broad view, you can just see that all kinds of good stuff is coming!! Finally.

This is a tiny bit late, but I think you can still join in because it is ongoing, every Monday night for 5 weeks.

From the Convention of States team newsletter:

Tonight (yesterday) at 8pm Eastern is the first night of the five-week course hosted by Kirk Cameron, Rick Green, and Mark Meckler entitled American Campfire Revival. It’s not too late to join in on this virtual class! It’s designed to guide you through the beginnings of America, revealing its life-giving secrets and forgotten covenants, while setting the road map for defeating the darkness and stirring up a passion for liberty.
Remember, revival doesn’t die if there are enough liberty-loving people to fuel it”.

You can register for free HERE.

On a perhaps similar note…

In DC yesterday, “Nancy Drew” thinks there might have been a Convention of States event. She is investigating:

“Here are some screenshots from my live earlier, to check out some of the flags. Very interesting! This is the first I’ve heard of a Convention of States. Gonna look a little more in to it. The video was at 2:45”


From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter — link has video footage:

“Kash bought a billboard advertisement slot in Times Square and is going to run a ‘Durham Watch’ ad 100 times a day for the next week!

“What better way to go after the left, than go to the heart of the enemy’s kingdom?”



This was everywhere yesterday!

From Ezra A Cohen — brief videos of Durham entering the courthouse:

“Ghost no more”

And from il donaldo trumpo:


Various stuff from Phil:

If you have had trouble joining his chat channel, you can join it RIGHT NOW:

“Also, the Telegram chat channel is now OPEN for joining. 24 hours only.”

And a head’s up:

“Disinformation & misinformation, such as the bullshit above that’s been circulating, is what the Left/Cabal does when someone is DIRECTLY over the target 🎯

I don’t let it bother me in the slightest, and neither should you.

We are in a war. A very different war. The war is a hybrid of cyber, politcal, and dis/misinformation.

The enemy will use tactics (like the above) to discredit someone that’s really getting close to what -they- do NOT want you to know.

If you want to win this war, stick with me.

If you want to let them deter you, well, I’ll still be here when you come to your senses 😎”

And I loved what this follower had to say. She was spot on:

“Anyone else think it’s ironic that the people slinging mud at Phil , are perfectly fine with the Child Sex Trafficking Cartel ? They are silent about John Podestas emails proving John is a pedophile , they ignore the pictures of Chuck Shumer kissing children .
Yet they are SO DEEPLY concerned about some random Phil guy on the internet …
These operatives attacking Phil DO NOT care about the girl (who was NOT A VICTIM IN ANY WAY) they ONLY care about tricking YOU into thinking Phil is a fraud.
If they CARED AT ALL about exposing criminals , they would be exposing the Clinton crime syndicate and all the IN OUR FACES child sex trafficking by our OWN government …”


The replay of Phil’s livestream last night, Part 3 of Ewaranon’s series on Flat Earth (2 hrs):


Simon Parkes had an update yesterday for Connecting Consciousness members. It had some mixed responses. Simon replied:

“Dear All,

Not for the first time so many people have misunderstood my latest podcast. Please be reassured that my comments are not about the patriots or the spiritually aware, it was aimed at the millions of people who do not and will not see the truth. I am surprised that people think that I am criticising patriots or the awake and aware. I couldn’t be clearer. In my podcast I referred to people sitting on the fence. This is clearly not CC members or any patriots who’ve clearly seen the truth.

[complete message here]

And here is the video (1 hr 47 mins):


Laura Aboli had a great reminder:

“Mr Evil Schwab has done a great job with his faithful disciples. They follow the narrative like parrots!

Whenever you hear the following words run as fast as you can in the opposite direction:

  • Build Back Better
  • Agenda 2030
  • The Great Reset
  • Sustainability
  • Equity
  • Stakeholders
  • Gender equality
  • Diversity

They have hijacked these terms because they sound nice but the agenda behind them is pure evil. Don’t let them fool you.
They want us all to be equally poor, equally dumbed down, equally ill (if not dead) and equally enslaved. You will be a stakeholder of nothing and I promise you – you won’t be happy.”


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich posted some more disheartening news about the boosters:

Ryan Cole reports a striking clustering of once-rare cancers

“These are not normal cancers” – Doctors around the world are noticing that “something is wrong”

Florida physician: “I’ve seen five kidney cancers in young patients. I usually experience one kidney cancer per decade of my practice.”

Head of oncology at a large hospital: “In young people, I see maybe one astrocytoma brain tumor per year. After the introduction of boosters last month, I saw five.”

Another doctor: “My 21-year-old son got the booster. Now he has salivary gland cancer.”

Family physician from Ireland: “I’ve seen the strangest cancers after the introduction of vaccination.”


Chris Sky in Canada announces:

“This SATURDAY Edmonton!”


From Mark Steele in the UK:


From Project Veritas:

“BREAKING: Twitter Sr. Engineer Tells Undercover Journalist That “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech”; Confesses Employees at Tech Giant are “Commie as F**k”; Admits Left Wing Employees “Hate” Elon Musk “Capitalist” Takeover Attempt” (7 mins):


Once again, banned on YouTube!

Nicholas Veniamin chats with Gene DeCode — Bluetooth From The Grave  (53 mins):

And also:

Nicholas Veniamin chats with Dave Mahoney — UKRAINE NEO-NAZI CONGRESS BILL APPROVAL (28 mins):


Once again, Governor DeSantis of Florida proves he’s the greatest Governor in the USA!

From il donaldo trumpo:

Also from catturd:

“He just gets better and better.”


And that’s for this terrific Tuesday.

Don’t forget!!

Nick Cave and the legendary Bad Seeds start their European summer tour in Denmark, on June 2nd!! Check tour dates and buy tickets HERE!!

No, they don’t look like this anymore, but they DID when I first saw them in NYC in 1987!

Okay. Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Music inspired by my memories of Holly and how we always LOVED the fucking MUSIC!! (Holly was in AR and was an executive producer in the indie music industry for decades.)

From 1966, the Swingin’ Medallions, “Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)” !! Listen, play it loud, and fucking ENJOY it, gang!! Okay, I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (30 mins):

X22 Report: Durham Is Ready To Expose It All, As We Prepare To Land, Please Fasten Your Seatbelt (48 mins):

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