The Genocide Continues

Once again, a musician (or actor, artist, athlete) dies suddenly with no cause of death given.

Andy Fletcher, keyboardist for Depeche mode, dies at 60…[…]

The cause of his death has not been identified at this time […]

Andy has a vaccination card from Ontario which suggests he was vaccinated in 2021 when the first batch of vaccines was rolled out.”

Gang, I’m just sayin’….. it’s genocide and it fucking sucks.


FYI: Now that both duckduckgo and google are thoroughly compromised, I use for searching. If you use a VPN, it will ask you to prove you are human.


Okay. I actually got ALL my paperwork together yesterday for the bankruptcy case. It only took almost all day!! Yay! But we are one step closer.

All I have left to do is take a mandatory online credit counseling course (for free), which I’m happy to do. However, I’m guessing it will provide no advice for how best to manage your money when a fake plan-demic completely eviscerates ALL your earnings on ALL fronts at the same time, for going on two years…. but we’ll see. Maybe I’m wrong.

So, Phil did his livestream last night and it was very interesting indeed. Nearly 4 million viewers, btw. He makes a good proposition for the TX school shooting being not only a false flag but one that could maybe have been done by white hats. We shall see if the whole storyline continues to fall apart.

REPLAY: Phil talks about the recent school shooting in Texas, as well as his “roadways” warning a couple nights ago. (1 hr 20 mins):

And from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“More things that don’t add up.
The door was unlocked.
They just let him walk right in.
No resistance at all.
Who gave the order to stand down?
Is it normal for swat to take this long to arrive on the scene?
Another question. Did this shooter have a “therapist?”
Who paid for the expensive weapons he had?
Anons will get to the bottom of this.
It’s what we do.
We expose false flags like no one else.
Drop what you find in the chat if you find anything new.

(Added information:
Wow. So they changed the story 3 times. At first they said there was a resource officer who confronted the shooter with gunfire then they said that he didnt fire at the shooter and now they are saying there was no security guard at all and the shooter just walked right in.
Kind of a big detail to miss don’t you think?)”


Also, allegedly, Kyle Rittenhouse WON his defamation lawsuit against The View, for $22 million…

And the fact that EVERY SINGLE KNOWN COMPROMISED LEFTIST MSM outlet is claiming this is false, only makes me believe it more. We shall see.


A couple of images to take with you as you journey through your day, both having to do with TX…

From General Flynn:

From QTSR:


Once again, Americans: DON’T give up your guns!


An incredible post from Fighting Monarch about various CIA mind control techniques– from a couple years ago, but was posted on QTSR yesterday:


I grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, a satanic cesspool masquerading as a cute little town. […]” [full article here]


Also from QTSR:


Also — (long):

“U.S. faces off against CHINA & RUSSIA in what (seems 🎥) like a world war _EVENT…
( This EVENT _WILL trigger NUCLEAR clear STANDOFF///
I have WARNED of this EVENT for a year and half now coming)//

_It’s confirmed Israel has over 40 NUCLEAR warheads …
_IRAN has several from Black markets

A Majority of major Nations has thousands….

We head into the brink of NUCLEAR Annihilation… ////But I’m the END everything will be fine…..

There is a reason.. TRUMP, PUTIN, XI, MODI, BIN SALMAN are working together…
They have INSURED nothing MAJOR will happen in the NUCLEAR fronts/)))

There is a reason…. For the Scare_ EVENT…

We are inside the WAR already. WAR on food shortage, gas shortage, free speech, first amendment rights, war on misinformation, .. Many are fighting to expose vaccines, the false pandemic… The Globalists WHO unleashed the bioweapons….. Those who created the pathogens….
There are so many wars being fought now globally.. From middle east to Russia to China African military coups…
☝️ all these EVENTS Will transpire into RIOTS as markets collapse, antifa gets ready to burn cities for the summer, electric grids go down.. banks close, food shelves become empty,. ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT see ECT ECT ect ect ect…

Be strong Patriots/ANONS/ freedom FIGHTERS.. You were Warned of all these EVENTS fairly far before they happened.. You had and still have prompt time to prepare food, goods and self safety to put in place////..

We have come to the point where the DEEP STATE CABAL across the world are trying desperately to play thirty last cards..>Create War, create new pandemic, create world laws…..

The civil unrest we are in..WILL continue to grow….. As The sheep continue to sleep and become a militia for the deep state OPERATIONS lost inside MOCKINGBIRD operation dreams.

In the end



When everything is done…. humans will learn to grow fresh clean food again….. Right now Trump and white HATS in the Senate, congress and U.S. corporations are putting plans together to bring out tens of thousands of tons of fertilizer under the U.S grounds. >> Poisoning of foods by major U.S. deep state companies ( Monsanto ECT ECT)WILL exposed [ EXPOSED]>>>>

THE FOOD INDUSTRY WILL BE [EXPOSED] and connected to the CABAL/DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT ( Trump has spoken about several times )….

) WIRES;: THREE of the destroyed Food warehouses and companies that burned down were white HAT operations…

the food contained several poisoning agents/graphene OXIDE/batches of nano tech connected to biotechnology<<<

The cloud of WAR”


Just FYI, gang — this monster has been under arrest for a really long time now, if not actually already gone, baby, gone for Crimes Against Humanity.


From Phil:


More from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“So you’re telling me that the Monkey pox disease appeared right before the WHO convened to gain more power and now all of the deep state players are working overtime to take away our guns right as their great reset meeting goes on and free masons were spotted on the scene of the shooting?
We. Are. Awake.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Corona Investigative Committee Session 106: “Mapping the Elephant”

May 27 from approx. (timezone calculator (
08:00 a.m. CDT
3:00 p.m. CEST (Berlin Time)
11:00 p.m. AEST

Topic excerpt:
▫️Reenacting early childhood trauma using infection control measures.
▫️Understanding the perpetrator-victim relationship, for a transformation of society.
▫️Results of toxicological investigation of mRNA “vaccinations”.
▫️Professional athlete in American politics: for freedom and independence
▫️Perspective of an Archbishop and former diplomat of the Catholic Church on the measures, the war and current politics (1st part)

Streaming on DLive, Gettr, and here on Odyssey.


Gila Jed made a correction yesterday:

“Hey guys.

Earlier, I posted a tutorial video for opening a coinbase wallet.

This is NOT what you need..I made a mistake.

If you need to purchase XLM through coinbase. You want regular coinbase, not coinbase wallet.

I’m sorry for the confusion.

I’m gonna post the correct Coinbase app below to download to purchase your XLM.

The coinbase wallet is for crypto storage. Regular coinbase is for purchasing and trading.

So sorry for the confusion. 😌”

{She is now posting info way too fast and furious for me to keep up, so we will see how long it takes me to actually learn this stuff…but on we go}


And finally, some good news out of AZ:

From Lt. Col Wendy Rogers’ newsletter:

“I have fought relentlessly for election integrity and auditing every election. We found the fraud; now time to punish the guilty!

The film “2000 Mules” showed how a conspiracy to throw the election was executed. 

Now, the mules in Arizona have been outed- and arrests are finally happening!”

And from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“UPDATE: AZ Mules and Mulerunners

We have learned that the Arizona AG has established an outpost in San Luis.

The team has interviewed two dozen people about ballot trafficking and other election perversions.”

A caged bird giving up the name of her accomplices?
We might actually get some habbenings here. 🍿”


Okay, that’s it for today, gang.

Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. And if you live State-side, get ready for a lovely Memorial Day weekend!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


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