Indeed, the Plot Thickens!

Okay, gang. I guess “get ready” for that confusion phase Phil spoke about, as it gets well under way.

Phil suddenly posted yesterday (and you always have to stand back and question what’s really going on when he posts stuff like this):

“Something is very wrong with the Uvalde situation.

Very wrong.

It might be worse than I mentioned last night.”

And not only did we have a viral video on tik tok, showing the fake Biden (aka “President of the United States”) getting into an Uber at the airport, with no secret service protection, carrying his own luggage… (view it here if you haven’t seen it already)– smiling amiably and seemingly not even aware about anything horrible going on in TX, or anywhere else for that matter…

We also have every Liberal imaginable, screaming out for more gun control (and, sadly, their hearts seem to really be into that horribly misguided idea), just as more and more horrific “details” about the TX school shooting are released, basically exposing how helpless all the un-armed parents, teachers, and children were…

“Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN operation – law enforcement saved their own children while parents were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed

It’s now 100% clear [is it???]that the Uvalde mass shooting was a “stand down operation,” meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could take place. The goal? Gun control, of course.

‘Uvalde police stood outside school while parents urged them to go inside during shooting,'”

…while we also have Trump (the actual President of the United States), speaking at the NRA convention in TX yesterday, saying that teachers need to be armed in order to better protect our school children. (36 seconds, below)

(Yes, it should remain legal for Americans to own a gun, but I’m not sure that arming everyone imaginable is where we need to go with this.)

And let’s not forget this:

Oh, and how about this?

From the Epoch Times:

Teacher Propped Open Door to Texas School Before Shooter Entered: Official” [full article here]

And another from Phil — includes strange news video footage:

“I’d love to hear the fake news explanation for this one. Same victim, two networks, different fathers. CNN & NBC. Anderson Cooper and Savannah Gutherie. Shocker…. Something is very, very wrong in Uvalde.”


So, I think it’s safe to say the “confusion” phase is well under way.


If you have any interest left in what is going on in Ukraine–

From ABS Military News:

“When you realize that the entire success of Ukrainian forces thus far has been solely based on Ukrop authorities brainwashing the world via Western media about “liberating all Kiev regions” — failing to mention Russia withdrew from them before negotiations and Ukrops just walked into empty villages— the western propaganda becomes even more funny as it falls apart.

Ukraine has not captured/retaken any strategic territory from Russian troops. This comes at a cost of nearly half of USA’s stock of anti tank missiles and billions of dollars worth of financial aid, mercenaries, 24/7 Intel from NATO and support by literally the entire EU and NATO.. reality is starting to kick in.”


This appears to be actual news, however it is no less confusing–

From Uncover DC:

Military Email Reveals Alleged Deceit Regarding Pfizer Jab

[…] Despite government agencies repeatedly blurring the lines between Pfizer’s two experimental mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines,” the military’s MTF guidance in the email suggests that the Gray Cap is indeed the COMIRNATY “vaccine.” As previously reported by UncoverDC related to the lawsuit Church v. Biden, the legal distinction between the two jabs—the EUA administered Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and FDA Approved COMIRNATY—is significant.  

Yet, remarkably, both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) make no apparent effort to properly differentiate between the two “vaccines,” nor do they explain which one has a Gray Cap and which one has a Purple Cap. Still, as represented in the two screenshots below, labeling data from Pfizer for the two different “vaccines” plainly indicates that its COMIRNATY jab has a Gray Cap and its Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 jab has a Purple Cap. […]”

[full article here]


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — (includes brief video footage):

Covid has been one of the most profitable products ever

A World Economic Forum panel on “Profiting from Pain” notes that an extraordinary increase in billionaires in the pharma sector is due to the most profitable product of all time: Covid-19″

And this:

Ad-hoc 23 – In conversation with Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht

Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht is a German physiologist and space physician and is professor of experimental and clinical pathological physiology.

In this interview, Prof. Hecht explains, among other things, harmful and little-noticed effects of mobile phone radiation on biological systems.

Karl Hecht has long argued that the technologization of humans must have limits. In particular, he warns against the fusion of the advancing technical possibilities with the neurological systems of man.

But he (98 years old) also rejects the use of medicines because they represent a chemical intervention in a person’s biological system. As alternatives, Hecht relies on minerals and vitamins, which would have helped him even in difficult situations.” [full interview here]

And also, here’s this from the other night:

CC CA North Interview with Patrick Wood, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, 5/25/2022 (1 hr 33 mins). Watch Here on rumble.


From Amazing Polly — Remember This When You Watch The News – shootings, poxes, war stories & more (39 mins):



I am still attempting to make progress understanding the whole digital assets/wallet thing, and sending links out to my closest friends, hoping they will make some progress, too.

So far, my ex-husband in NYC, is the only one getting back to me with any progress — but that’s exciting!! At least it’s input! Since I have absolutely zero disposable income right now, I can only listen to all the podcasts, and sort of walk-through all the demos, without actually making any kind of transaction. So it is still like a foreign language. But I’m hanging in there.

From Gila Jed yesterday — How To Avoid Scammers On Lobstr And Telegram | A Tribute to Mel and Amber (16 mins):

From Mel Carmine: Pilgrim Warrior ❤️ XRP QFS & We Delivered it in SOUL Hoodlum Style! I MEAN WE GET DOWN U Feeling Me (1 hr):

From Quantum Stellar Initiative– QSI Weekly Crypto Q&A 27th May 2022 (1 hr 30 mins):

And X22 Report snagged a Spotlight Interview with Kash Patel (but don’t expect any Q intel drops — this is safe for all audiences) —

Convictions Coming, More Indictments Coming, We Caught Them All (31 mins):

And then the regular X22 Report from last night — Durham Has The [DS] Players, Elite’s Panic, Nobody Escapes This (46 mins):


Also, yesterday, we had the closing arguments for both the Durham/Sussman trial AND the Johnny Depp Defamation trial…. awaiting a ruling now on both! (hmmm… the odd co-inky-dinks — oops!– coincidences, continue.)


And just in case you’re interested…. this stuff is AMAZING, gang!!! My latest Master Mushroom favorite. One teaspoon in my cup of coffee. Talk about clarity and focus — it is effing AWESOME:

And don’t forget!!!!!!!

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And that is it, gang!!! Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

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