The Holiday Weekend is Upon Us!

Wow, what a gorgeous morning here in the Hinterlands. So far, the holiday weekend has been just splendid.

And today, would have been JFK’s 105th birthday! (Although they say he actually survived to be over 103 years old…)

Trump’s rally in Wyoming last night was off the charts. What a crowd. Overall, the whole thing seemed relaxed, empowered and really upbeat.

From il donaldo trumpo’s rumble channel–


And on a personal note– if you have never visited Wyoming, gang, you MUST. What an amazing place. Just breathtaking.

Random photo of Wyoming!


On all fronts, we are hearing that the RV is very, very close, gang, and that the QFS is well underway. Simon Parkes did an update last night, indicating that this is true and that this positive situation has also freed up Russia to really go in and finish the cabal in Ukraine. Finally.

Similarly –from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter (includes news footage):

“Well would you look at that.
Zelensky is showing signs of defeat as he says that the situation is very difficult and the Russians are continuing to move forward.
He’s now emphasizing the importance of actually meeting with Putin. A change of tune? Sounds like he’s seeing the writing on the wall. Even Sky News (sheep publication) admits that the situation is bleak for Ukraine. If you had listened to the mainstream media you would be absolutely stunned at hearing this. They told everyone how badly Russia was losing but now all of a sudden the situation is bleak?
Everything the mainstream media seems to push is proven wrong in the end.
Anons were right again.
We are literally the news.”


From Whiplash347:

“Russian Government Has Taken over Google’s Bank Accounts” [full article here]

“I told you Russia was taking over.
And the complete Crypto Sphere.”

And here’s Simon’s update (sadly, he says that most of Europe is still not awake; he indicates that 75% of France is still asleep, hence we have to deal with the fake Macron indefinitely…). (1 hr 39 mins):


An interesting post on Phil’s channel:

“Fuel was free once. Rothschild and BlackRock blamed miners strike on fuel shortages to scam people into paying for it.”


Okay, regarding the ongoing endeavor to try to learn all the ins & outs of digital assets….

If you never watched this, you must: Chosen One: The Level Playing Field (32 mins):

And also this–

How TRUMP toured the world seizing all the worlds assets (1 hr 44 mins):


BASICS– reposted by Crypto Brownie:

QSI Money Mastery # 1 with Annie Kolatkar & Emily (2 hrs):

QSI Money Mastery # 2 with Annie Kolatkar & Emily (2 hrs):


On a different topic altogether–

James Tabor: How Does the Apostle Paul Use–or Perhaps Abuse–Texts of the Hebrew Bible? (33 mins):

And some great books to read, if you haven’t already:

Paul and Jesus: How the Apostle Transformed Christianity by James Tabor

Paul’s Ascent to Paradise: The Apostolic Message and Mission of Paul in the Light of His Mystical Experiences by James Tabor


And not connected at all, but just because I’m thinking about it–

Available for pre-order, coming July 1st to the US:

Seven Psalms— spoken word by Nick Cave (vinyl only):

And don’t forget that the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds European Summer Festival tour begins on Thursday, June 2nd, in Denmark!!

Buy tickets here!!


Okay, gang.

Phil will be going live tonight at 9PM Eastern. You can watch it here on Rumble, or at Phil Godlewski on DLive.

And that is it for this fine Sunday morning. Enjoy your holiday weekend if you live State-side!! Otherwise, just enjoy your morning!!

Thanks for visiting, wherever you are in the world!

I love you guys. See ya!

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